Last one to know, chapet to.Last one to know, chapet to.


Thanks for all the advise you have offered. I have tried to do better. I have read lost of stories on here and know that I don’t do as good as some and better then others. Everything I write is listed as fiction but they are all taken from real life happenings but some of the people, places and times are changed around making it fiction and not really true even though either I, my wife, and/or our family and friends were involved in what I write about. Please continue with your input and if enough of you continue to read the stories then I will try to continue to write the stories;

LAST TO KNOW chapter two

While we were having our late breakfast we were talking about the event of the morning. Mom ask if I was okay with all that happen so far. I told her Mom, I know I should feel guilty and ashamed about what has happened this morning but I’m not. I feel so close and so much love for all of you and I’m not talking sexual desire. True that is there but it is much more that that.

Mom ask if I would like to continue. I said YES, anything and everything you would like to do. Well mom said Tammy love to give enemas’ and as messy as we get with all of the sexual activities we are really big on keeping very clean. Might I suggest after we eat we all move to the guest bath and let Tammy do her ass cleaning then we can shower. Then if you all agree we can make this Bobby’s day. We will be here for you to use as you please except for the restrictions we have already discuses. I told her that sound good and exciting but when I got really hot I really had some kinky thoughts and I’m not sure you would go along with then.

Tammy spoke up and said you may be surprised we are big on kinky and we can always say no if we don’t like it. Okay, it’s a deal, we will try it and see where it goes. We finished our food then headed to the guest bath. I ask Mom why the guest bath and not he master. The three of them laughed and Tammy said you will find out in just a few minutes.

As soon as we entered the bathroom Tammy starting getting her enema bags, tubes and lubes out. She filled one of the bags with warn, soapy water then ask who was first. Beth said since this is Bobby’s day let him go first. I said find, just tell me what I need to do. Mom set on the clothes hamper and Beth set on the edge of the tub. Tammy laid two towels on the floor and instructed me on how to lie on one side and pull one leg to my chest. I did is as she told me and she put the lube on her fingers and coated about a foot up the tube.

Then Beth moved over and got on her knees behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I watched as Tammy spread more lube in two of her fingers then spread it around the little rosebud of my ass. She then slowly pushed one finger in my asshole to the first joint, wiggling and twisting it around a little. She removed her finger then pushed right back with two fingers.

Although what Tammy was doing to my ass was causing a little pain it was also making hot as hell. My cock was hard as a rock and I started pushing against Tammy’s fingers but she stopped me. No, no she said, that is as deep as we go until we get you all cleaned out.

Tammy pushed the tube up izmit rus escort my ass, released the clip and I could feel the warm soapy water running in my ass and filling my gut until I felt like I was going to burst. Tammy said okay pucker up and hold it in as I pull the tube out, you will need to hold it in for a couple of minutes.

After she pulled the tube out I felt like I was going to shit all over every thing but I held it in. Beth was next and it was easy to see she had been through this before. By the time Tammy was through with Beth she told me I could let go. Mom reached over and turned the exhaust fan on as I set on the commode and let go. The soapy water and shit come rolling out. Damn, the odor was awful and I though I must have really been full of shit. Tammy told me to go shower off my ass and come right back. When I got back Beth was setting on the commode and Mom was lying on the floor ready for Tammy to do her.

Tammy told me she was waiting for me to get back before she started on Mom. She said I want you to watch, this really turns Mom on and I didn’t want you to miss it. She ask if I would like to get Mom’s ass ready and handed me the lube. I covered two fingers and kneel down by Mon, pulled the cheeks apart to expose her lovely asshole.

I rubbed the lube around her ass and started to push the one finger in. Mom looked over her shoulder with a big smile on her face and to told me to use both fingers at one time. I pushed both fingers into her ass to the first joint. I moved then in and out a couple of times then Tammy told me she was ready.

I noticed Mom was breathing heavy and when Tammy released the clip and the water started flowing Mom let out a soft moan and I thing she has a small orgasm. Tammy laugh and told me, Bobby you will find that Mom and Beth are two perverted sluts and the more perverted the better they like it. As I watched Mom getting her gut filled with the fluid I ask Tammy if Mom and Beth are the perverts what are you and Dad. Tammy said I guess you could say we are we are there willing subjects.

Then I ask, how about me, where I fit in all this. Tammy said she thought it was a little soon to tell but from what she had seen so far she thought I would be on the fence. A creative pervert but willing to go along with others wild perverted ideas. I thought about that for a second then said Yep, I think you may be right.

I heard moaning behind me and when I turned to look I saw Beth with her legs spread wide and two fingers jamming in and out of her pussy as the brown water and shit flowed out of her little ass.
Tammy laughed and said, see what I mean. We both laughed as Beth headed to the shower and Mom took her place on the commode. I ask Tammy if I needed to help her and she told me thanks but she liked doing herself.

I walked over to where Mom was setting still holding the water. I kneeled down in front of her and kissed her on the lips slipping my tongue into her mouth. She moaned again and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. She reached down and took my hand and placed on her mound. I slipped two fingers into her dripping wet pussy and she let go of her fluid just as my fingers izmit escort reached their limit. She told me, do it hard baby and I pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy as fast and hard as I could.

Mom spread her legs as wide as she could get them and I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and continues moan coming from her mouth. Then I felt her pussy tighten up, her head tilted back and the only sound in the room as Mom’s OOOOOOHHHHH YYYYEEESSSS I felt her juices as it run out of her pussy and down across my hand. It felt different than Tammy’s squirting, thicker and slicker.

Mom was so out of it I thought she was going to fall off the commode so I used my free hand to hold her arm until she come down a little. She pulled my dripping wet fingers from her pussy and raised it to my mouth. I took my fingers in my mouth and sucked all her juice off them. Damn it was good. I thought I’m licking the juice from the same hole that gives me life. Got to be some wicked, kinky shit and I am loving it.

I helped Mom off the commode and Tammy took her place. I was walking with Mom to the shower when Tammy told me I needed to get ready for another enema. I looked at Tammy like What the fuck. She told me the first time I needed to do two back to back. Beth ask if she could do me this time. Tammy and I looked at each other, we both smiled and then nodded. Beth clapped her hands and jumped for joy.

I lay back down on the floor while Beth filled the bag. She got down behind me, lubed two fingers and slowly pushed them to the hilt in my ass. She slid her fingers in and out several times and as I looked over my shoulder at her she was smiling and her face was aglow like a child with a new toy.

By the time I had finished with my enema everyone else had their shower. Mom told me to take mine and come to the master bedroom. The three of them went ahead and I followed as soon as I showered. When I got to the bedroom door I could hear the soft moaning and knew they had started without me. When I walked in I was greeted with the sight of Beth setting on Mom’s face and Tammy was between her legs lapping up her pussy juice. They all stopped when they saw me and Mom ask what would you like to do my sweet son.

I thought for a minute then told her since all this was new to me I would like to turn myself over the three of them to do any thing and every thing you would like. If you do something that I don’t like I’ll tell you otherwise anything you please. Mom held up her finger implying one minute. She and the girls huddled together and talked for about a minute then Mom turn to me and said Deal.

Mom patted the middle of the bed and I lay down on my back. First thing they did was each took turns giving me very wet, hot kisses. Beth being the pervert she is didn’t just kiss me. She held her mouth a few inches form mine, pulled down on my chin to open my mouth a little. Then she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and let a long line of saliva slip off her tongue and into my mouth then followed up by pushing he tongue as for as she could in my mouth. I was surprised at what a turn-on it was

Then Mom straddled me face and I was looking directly into her close trimmed, kocaeli escort dripping wet pussy. I put my arms around the outside of her legs and pulled her pussy to my mouth. We both moaned as my lips met hers and I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could get it. I could feel one of my sisters kneeling beside me facing my feet. I could feel four hands on my lower legs and thigh pulling them back toward my chest.

I felt a mouth on my cock and I knew it was Tammy. About the same time I felt a little tongue lick across my asshole. LOL, that had to be Beth. Mom was humping her pussy harder and harder against my mouth as I varied from tongue fuck her, licking her lips, sucking her clit and licking her asshole.

Tammy was varying the moves on my cock and Bath had her entire tongue up my ass. I knew I was getting close to cumming and Tammy must have known it too. She stopped sucking my cock and I could hear her and Beth talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

While they were talking I had moved one of my hands around and slid two fingers in Mom’s pussy. When I pushed in and up a little I hit a spot that felt a little different and when I touched it Mom jumped and let out a loud moan. I started sucking her hard clit and massage the little spot. Mom was really humping hard and fast now.

Then she grabbed me by the my hair and pulled me even tighter to pussy and as she let out a loud grown I felt her cum hit my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could but part of it still run down the side of my mouth. Mom finely started calming down and getting back to normal.

Beth ask Mom if she could do it now. Mom laughed and said I thing just a little. I had no idea what they were talking about. Then Tammy said we are ready if you are. Mom said okay, go ahead and start.

When she said that Tammy started sucking my cock again and Beth had her tongue on my ass again. Beth stopped licking my ass and I felt two of her fingers against my asshole and she started pushing. She went in as deep as she could get then started finger fucking my ass. I could feel the cum building again and heard Tammy tell Mom, do it now. Mom said. Bobby get ready to swallow, I going to piss in your mouth. By now my mind was so fucked up I just did as I was told and started swallowing when I felt Mom’s piss hit my mouth. Tammy was sucking harder and Beth was fucking faster and I think I was cumming but my mind was such a blare I really was not sure.

My head started spinning and everything went black. It was all like a dream and I started thinking what if I open my eyes and find out this was all a dream. Then I heard Mom say I thing he is coming around, Tammy get ready. I open my eyes to see Mom kneeling brside my head and Tammy on the other side. Beth was kneeling behind her. Mom asked, you okay sweaty. I nodded and smiled then Tammy lean down and kissed me on the lips and as I open my mouth waiting for her tongue I felt a big blob of my cum flowing into my mouth and I just swallowed it down.

Beth turned and started licking my cock clean as Mom moved down and started licking my balls. I could feel a little movement in my cock but I had a feeling that it was not going to get back up right away. All four of us started slowing down and we were all soon cuddled together and all dozed off to a happy peaceful sleep.

End of chapter two

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