Lake Timberland – Day 03 Pt. 02Lake Timberland – Day 03 Pt. 02

Big Tits

Dad and I stood at the kitchen counter prepping the fish he’d caught that day for the big pot of cooking oil waiting for us outside.

“These puppies are huge!” I exclaimed, slicing my knife into the belly of a twenty-inch lake-trout.

Dad smiled proudly, “Thanks, your sister and I caught all of these at Crystal Cove.”

I was no stranger to the popular fishing hole. Crystal Cove was Dad’s favorite spot on the water, and home to most of his famous fish tales.

“You and I will go back there tomorrow,” he told me, sounding enthusiastic about it. “We’ll catch a bunch more like this, I know the exact lure to use.”

When it came to fishing, Dad knew all the tricks. He lived for that stuff and looked forward to this week of non-stop fishing all year long.

Mom overheard my conversation with Dad from across the kitchen and couldn’t help but want to give her two-cents. Stepping up behind us, she poked her head between the gap in our shoulders, “What makes you think I’m gonna give him up so easily?” she joked.

Dad turned and chuckled, “Oh, I don’t know, I figured the poor boy could use a break from his mama for a day.”

“Now why would he wanna do something like that?” Mom teased in a sweet voice, giving my butt a playful pinch.

Just then, the dryer buzzer went off, saving me from having to choose a side. Mom went to switch laundry while Dad and I continued prepping the food for the fryer. After a few minutes, Dad looked over at me and asked, “Would you mind going outside and getting that oil heated up? I can handle all this in here.”

It was more of an order than a question, so I willingly obliged. “Sure thing,” I nodded, quickly rinsing my hands off in the sink.

“Need a hand with that, Danny?” Mom asked, walking back into the kitchen with nothing better to do.

I was fully capable of completing such a task on my own, but the mischievous smile on her face told me I should accept her offer.

“Sure,” I smiled.

“Hey, Honey,” Mom got Dad’s attention.

“Yeah?” he remained facing the counter, more focused on the task at hand.

“Danny and I will be outside if you need anything.”

“All right, I’ll be out in about ten minutes with these fillets.”

“No rush,” Mom smiled, taking my hand.

I barely got the door closed behind us before Mom attacked me like a wild cougar. Our tongues danced in each other’s throats as we shuffled along the exterior wall of the cabin. I reached down and grasped her ass firmly.

“Mmm.” Mom broke our kiss. “You like being dangerous with Mommy, don’t you?”

“I love it,” I smiled, guilty as charged.

“AH-EM,” came my sister’s feminine voice.

Mom frantically spun away from me, “Jesus, Molly!” She placed a hand over her beating heart, “You can’t scare us like that!”

“Having fun?” Molly cocked an accusing eyebrow, peering over the rim of her aviator sunglasses. She was relaxed in a chaise lounger, sunning herself on the opposite corner of the deck.

“You just about gave me a heart attack!” Mom huffed.

“You do realize Dad is like, right there, right?” Molly gestured to the sliding glass door, where only she could see everything he was doing inside.

Mom gave her a sheepish look like she just couldn’t help herself.

“Let me guess, you want me to be your guys’ lookout again?” Molly smirked, seemingly up for the task.

“Actually, yeah!” Mom perked up with a renewed smile, “that would be great!”

Molly rolled her eyes, peering through the glass door at Dad, “He’s putting fish fillets into a bag…it looks like some kind of powder mix.”

I knew the process that went into breading fish for the fryer and determined that we had plenty of time before the fillets were ready for hot oil.

“Now he’s shaking it,” Molly added, instantly smirking as she realized how that sounded.

To save us from the wrath of Dad, Mom hurriedly went to the big pot of cooking oil, twisted the burner knob to open, and pressed the ignitor button. Flames shot out and began heating the oil, getting it hot and ready for Dad’s arrival.

“Warn us when he’s coming out here, okay?” Mom instructed Molly, walking back towards me with a saucy grin. Without warning, she squatted to her knees and tugged my shorts down to my ankles.

“Mom, are you sure about this?” I had to ask, worried we were being a little too reckless with Dad in such close quarters.

“We’ll be fine, Sweetheart,” she assured me, grasping my hard dick. “Just relax and let Mama take care of this.”

Despite my nervousness, Mom’s maternal soothing was like my personal kryptonite. I couldn’t deny her anything when she spoke to me with such a sweet voice.

Mom stared me straight in the eyes, feeding me a wicked little grin as she stroked the full length of my dick. Her hand twisted around the shaft, adding slight pressure on each up stroke. “Are you gonna feed Mommy another gooey treat?”

Molly cocked an eyebrow, “Mommy?…Gooey treat?” she questioned, finding Mom and my developed love-language a bit grup seks yapan gaziantep escort silly.

Mom peered over and found Molly staring straight at us, “You’re not being a very good lookout, young lady!”

“Sorry,” Molly laughed, re-checking the window. “You’re good, he just grabbed a beer…okay now he’s putting more fish into that bag of powder mix.”

Satisfied with that answer, Mom lifted my dick to my bellybutton and literally slurped one of my balls right into her mouth.

“NGH!!” I shrieked in utter shock, making Mom let out a wet muffled giggle.

I’d never had my balls sucked on before, to say it felt good would be an understatement, it felt amazing! Her warm tongue tenderly massaged all around my testes, sending shock waves directly into my stomach. She then took it a notch further by snaking her tongue out and tickling the bridge of skin between my ballsack and asshole.

“Ohh,” I moaned at such a wonderfully odd, yet extremely arousing sensation.

I found myself widening my stance to allow her better access. I’d never had any desire to have my asshole licked before, but in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to feel my mother’s warm tongue slither out and violate my backdoor. To my surprise, that’s not what happened. Instead, she pulled away and looked up at me with glossy eyes.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked in a sweet voice, hoping that she hadn’t gone too far, too soon.

If only she’d known.

“That felt incredible!” I exclaimed, forgetting to keep my voice down.

She smiled at my answer, then peered over at Molly for a status update.

Molly checked the window, “He’s digging through the seasoning drawer it looks like.”

I knew that if anyone was going to be feeding anyone a ‘gooey treat’, then we’d better hurry, because Dad was nearing the end of his prep work.

Mom quickly stole back my attention by swallowing my cock into her mouth. She knew time was of the essence, and sucked with greed, doing everything she could to make me cum before Dad came outside expecting to have a fun family fish-fry.

I let my mind drift off to fantasy land, where istead of Mom’s mouth, it was her juicy pussy bobbing up and down on my dick, begging me to cum inside her.

Within seconds I was nearing my climax. “Ohhhh,” I moaned, “oh fuck, ohhh!”

Mom sucked harder and faster.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum, ohh I’m gonna cum!!”

She didn’t let up and I soon released an explosion of hot cum into her mouth. I imagined it forcefully spraying the back of her throat. She backed off a bit and opened her mouth, showing me how the last two spurts of jizz landed in a pool on her tongue. “Mmm,” she savored the taste, using her experienced tongue to extract the last few drops from the underside of my dick.

“Dad’s coming!” Molly warned.

Mom reluctantly stood to her feet, simultaneously pulling my shorts up. She gave my lips a quick peck just as the sliding glass door began to open.

“Who’s ready for a fish-fry?” Dad cheered, stepping out onto the deck with a big platter of fillets held in his hand like a pizza pie.

“We are!!” we all cheered in unison.

That evening we chose to enjoy another family dinner outside on the deck, appreciating all of the sights and sounds of the Rockies. Woodland birds chirped high in the pines, providing a beautiful background music as we scarfed down Dad’s famous fried-lake-trout recipe.

Dad talked our ears off all throughout the meal, bragging about all the fun he and Molly had out in the boat that day. Judging by the pictures he was showing us on his phone, it did look like a fun day. Each picture was of him or Molly holding up a big catch. I could tell by the bright smiles on their faces that they’d enjoyed their time together. Dad kept referring to Molly as ‘his lucky-charm’, which of course made Molly blush and giggle, as only one’s lucky-charm would.

“You should’ve seen her,” Dad went on proudly, “there we were, about to call it quits for the day, when who reels in the biggest catch of the day?”

“ME!” Molly chirped, throwing her hand up dramatically. “I actually out-fished Dad today! Can you believe that?”

“It’s true,” Dad smiled, giving credit where credit was due, “she was quite the fisher-girl out there!”

“I thought you weren’t going to fish today?” Mom asked.

“I changed my mind,” Molly said with a mischievous undertone. “Once we got out there, I couldn’t help but wanna wrap my hands around a rod again.”

Mom and I snickered under our breath at the obvious innuendo.

“Well, I’m sure your Dad had the perfect one for you,” Mom added.

Again, the innuendo was not lost on anyone except Dad. Yes, this was all very childish. No, we didn’t care. It was fun having an inside joke amongst the three of us. Part of me wondered if this is how all our family dinners would go from now on. Would everything just be one big sex-joke?

Dad babbled grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan on with more tales from the lake. The more he talked, the more I could tell how much he loved this place. In a weird way, I wondered if I was actually doing him a favor by keeping Mom so distracted. This way he could focus on what he loves most: fishing.

“Anyway, enough about me,” Dad said, after realizing he’d been talking about himself almost all evening. He looked over at Mom and I, “How did your guys’ day go? I see you got your tent set up.”

Peering down at our campsite, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked at that moment in time. The evening sun was setting on the horizon, casting an orange hue out across the lake water. Our tent looked like a romantic hideaway, glowing like a lantern. I smiled knowing that in a few short hours, Mom and I would be bedding down together in that beautiful place.

“It actually went up a lot faster than I remembered,” Mom told him.

“Did you guys have any trouble finding it?”

“Not really,” I answered, “it was exactly where you said it was in the shed.”

Soon, the sun fully disappeared over the horizon, making it too dark for us to see anything. So we brought the party inside, along with our empty plates. Mom and I went to the sink, making quick work of the dishes while Dad flopped down on the couch, exhausted from the day’s activities.

“How do I post all these pictures online?” he asked, scrolling through his phone. Dad was new to social media, and not exactly tech savvy, so Molly giggled over to the couch to offer him her assistance.

“Come on, I’ll show ya,” she held her hand out, nodding her head in the direction of his bedroom where they’d both have room to lie back comfortably and go through the pictures together.

“Oh, um, okay,” he took her hand, standing to his feet. He quickly looked over at Mom and me, “I guess I’m off to bed,” he chuckled, “night guys.”

“Night, Honey,” Mom blew him a kiss.

“Night, Dad.”

Mom waited for his bedroom door to click shut before turning to me and playfully bumping her hip into mine, “We hot tubbin’ tonight?”

“Only if we can cuddle after,” I quipped, as I playfully bumped my hip back into hers.

“Oh yeah?” she giggled quitly, reaching up and tickling my waist.

My hands immediately shot up out of the sink water in defense mode. I eyed her vulnerable ribcage and went in for the kill. She squirmed in delight as my hands tickled their way to her chest, copping a feel of her braless boobs through her thin tank top.

“Mmm,” she quietly surrendered, letting me fondle her mature mammaries.

I appreciated their squishy texture as I hoisted the sag out of them, feeling them softened in my palms. “I absolutely love your boobs!”

“Shh,” she giggled, reminding me that my father was in the next room over.

She glanced back at their bedroom door, then took a half step backwards, giving me the universal ‘shh’ sign. She crossed her arms in front of her torso and swiftly pulled her tank top up and over her head.

“Oh God,” I gasped quietly, watching her naked boobies wobble into place. She giggled, and dropped her tank top to the floor.

Unable to control my animal-like instincts, I dove face first into her cleavage, burying my nose in soft tit-flesh. I reached up and slid her nipples between my fingers and that’s when I felt my t-shirt being pulled off. I withdrew my hands and leaned back, letting her quickly pull my shirt off, before diving back in.

“Ohhh,” she murmured as my lips latched onto her nipple, nursing like a hungry infant.

I swirled my tongue around her areola, making out every bumpy detail. Suddenly, I felt my shorts being tugged down, so I reached for hers and tugged those down too.

“Mmm…let’s take this to the hot tub,” Mom smiled, stepping the rest of the way out of her shorts.

I detached from her nipple, more than willing to go anywhere she wanted to take me.

She giggled at my eager grin as she reached down and grasped a firm hand around my swollen shaft. “Come,” she ordered in an authoritative voice.

Tugging on my dick like a leash, she pulled me out onto the deck, leaving our discarded clothes lying on the kitchen floor next to our sink of unfinished dishes.

Out on the deck, Mom snatched her half-empty bottle of wine off the patio table on our way to the tub.

I crawled into the water first, reclaiming our bench seat for the third night in a row while Mom poured herself a glass of wine then crawled in right after.

“Is that seat taken?” she giggled, pointing down at my lap.

“Actually, I was saving it for you,” I played along, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her down to me, causing water to splash up in our giggling faces.

Settling in comfortably, Mom wriggled her naked ass in my lap, which sent a spark straight to my cock and caused it to twitch and pulse.

“Mmm…someone’s grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort excited,” she teased as she felt my naked boner pressing firmly against her ass crack. She reached into the water and pulled her delicious cheeks apart, allowing my dick to slide safely between her buns. “There, that’s much better!”

“Mmm, I love your tight ass, Mom.”

She playfully clenched her butt cheeks, “My tight ass loves you too, sweetie.”

I shuddered at the sensation, “God! It feels so good when you do that!”

“Do you remember our game from this morning?”

“You mean this game?” I gave her ass a flex, flex, flex.

“Yep!” she giggled, quickly returning a clench, clench, clench.

And just like that, our silly game of Simon says went back and forth for the next little while. Each passing turn brought on a more complex sequence and surprisingly, I was keeping up, until Mom overloaded my short-term memory with more than it could handle, clench, clench, clench, relax, clench, relax, clench, clench, relax, clench, relax, clench.

“C’mon! How am I supposed to remember all that?”

“You tell me,” she teased.

I grinned, feeding her ass a, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex…

“WRONG!!” she eventually cut me off laughing, clamping her tight ass around my shaft like a vice, “you lose!”

“What, was that not it?”

“Nooo,” she giggled. “You’re a goof!”

Just then, we heard the sliding glass door open, and out stepped Molly, wearing Mom’s skimpy bikini that she’d borrowed for the day.

“BUBBLES!” Mom and I sang in perfect harmony.

Molly quickly reset the bubbles on her way to the tub, then climbed into the water, also reclaiming her seat for the third night in a row. She didn’t even notice our lack of swimwear until she got settled in and finally looked up at is.

“Ugh! You guys are insatiable,” she said, as she saw Mom’s tits jutting out of the water and staring straight at her.

“What?” Mom grinned innocently. “This is what I wore most of the day.”

Molly rolled her eyes, then directed a question at me. “Let me guess, you’re wearing the same outfit?”

I nodded shamelessly.

Molly giggled, then quickly remembered something, “Speaking of…I saw it today!”

“Saw what?” Mom scrunched her brow in wonder, before realizing the obvious. “Wait, you mean, your dad’s…”


Mom’s eyes widened, “When!?”

“In the boat,” Molly grinned, recalling the recent memory. “He wasn’t hard or anything, and it was only for like a thousandth of a second.”

Mom shook her head in astonishment, then motioned for Molly to continue.

“He was standing to pee out of the front of the boat like he always does,” she explained, grinning at her own cleverness. “I waited ’til he finished peeing, then quickly leaned over for just a peek, which caused the boat to lean, and Dad fell sideways in his seat, then, BAM, there it was.”

“Oh my God, Molly!” Mom chided, failing to hold back an amused smile. “What did he say?”

“Nothing,” Molly answered, thinking back to the encounter, “other than to apologize a bazillion times. Gosh, you should’ve been there, he was so embarrassed.”

“I’m sure he was,” Mom giggled, picturing Dad’s famous deer in the headlights look. “Well, was it everything you imagined it would be?”

Molly blushed, giving herself away.

“I can’t believe you actually had the guts to do that, young lady!” Mom playfully scolded.

“I know,” Molly giggled, “Alyssa was so jealous when I told her.”

“Wait…” Mom paused, wondering why Molly would share this information with anyone, “You told Alyssa?”

“Well, yeah, she’s my best friend, we tell each other everything.”

Mom’s eyes widened in horror, but Molly quickly calmed her worries, “Relax, I don’t mean everything. I didn’t tell her about you two, just the thing about Dad and me in the boat.”

“Oh…okay,” Mom seemed relieved, but then asked, “Wait, why would Alyssa be jealous?”

Molly giggled again, “Alyssa has had the hots for Dad, for like, ever.”

Mom just shook her head giggling before changing the subject. “Truth or dare, Molly?”

“Um…” Molly considered her options. “Truth.”

Mom was quick with a question, “What’s your kink?”

Molly scrunched her brow in confusion, “My kink?”

“Yeah,” Mom nodded, “like what’s something weird that turns you on? Everyone has one little guilty pleasure.”

“You mean, like, how Danny gets off on your dirty panties?”

Mom giggled, “Yeah, exactly like that.”

“Hmm,” Molly paused to think about it, “I really like cum. Does cum count?”

“Yeah, cum counts,” Mom nodded, beginning to wonder if Molly was actually her clone, rather than her daughter. “I like cum too.”

I knew from my experience earlier that morning, when Mom had talked me into ‘trying my own brew’, as she called it, that cum didn’t actually have much of a flavor. Therefore, Mom’s and Molly’s kinky love for cum, had to either be a texture thing, or the simple fact that it erupts from a man’s balls. I chose to believe the latter.

“You should see how big Danny’s cum loads are!” Mom blurted out, which actually got Molly’s attention.

“Really?” she asked. “How big?”

Mom grabbed her wineglass from the edge of the tub and using her index finger, she indicated a line a quarter of the way up the bowl of the glass.

“Yeah right!” Molly scoffed, “that can’t be true.”

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