Ladies Lunch Club – Jenny GemsLadies Lunch Club – Jenny Gems


Blake Hardly

Amy greeted me at the door to the apartment with a hug and kiss to the cheek. “She’s ready and waiting. I think you’ll like the outfit we picked. Go on into the living room.”

I followed her directive and settled on the plush leather couch; my mind alive with visions of the woman, my all-time favorite porn star, who I was about to live out my life long sex fantasies with.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Patty Burns, my former babysitter now lover, who possesses an incredible body and an insatiable sex drive, but now I was about to embark on an explosive encounter with Jenny Gems- a retired porn star I had jerked off to thousands of times over the years.

My reverie was soon disturbed by her presence. “Hi Blake, I’m so glad you’re here.” Standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips she was an intoxicating vision of sensuous beauty and sexiness.

“Jenny,” I stood and moved to her taking her in my arms and kissing her red painted lips. Her perfume permeated my olfactory lobe seductively.

I stood back to take in the vision of Jenny Gems. “You look beautiful Jenny!” She wore a long, sheer black robe with thigh high slits. The black lace lingerie beneath her robe was obvious but obscured, a thick black satin-ribbon belt surrounding her waist.

Her face was beautifully made up, her piercing blue eyes popped through extended black eye-lashes and heavy mascara. Her long blonde locks were curled and piled atop her head in an enticing ‘updo.’ Long, dangling earrings of cultured pearl accented her perfumed neck and a simple strand of matching pearls decorated her neck.

I have always adored this woman, this adult star, and my pulse quickened accordingly.

A black stockinged leg appeared through the slit as she stepped forward and turned, giving me the full tour of her statuesque body. Her feet were ensconced in 3 inch high black and silver platform shoes.

We embraced, kissing deeply, our tongues wet and pliant, exploring the sensations a loving kiss can create. Her voluptuous body pressed against me, her breasts nestled on my chest.

“Ummm. The ladies all said you’re a good kisser Blake. I agree,” Jenny whispered in my ear. Nibbling my earlobe she continued, “What do you have in mind Blake? What would you like to do to me, with me, Jenny Gems, right here and now?”

“Oh baby, I want it all! I want to go around the world with you-loving you, fucking you, pleasuring you and making you cum over and over.”

“We’ve got all night so take your time, and don’t worry, you’re going to cum for me, and with me, multiple times I hope!”

We kissed again, passionately, before she stepped back. Pulling the bow at her waist she began parting the front of the calf length robe. “Ready to see more?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Lowering the garment from her shoulders I took in the beauty of her shapely body in a black lace, cupless bustier. The thin straps ran up and over her shoulders, garters extending from the waist length corset. Lace top black stockings were attached to the ribbon like garters, framing her naked lower torso.

A fluffy patch of pubic hair adorned her lower abdomen above her delicious looking red clitoris. I knew from her films that her clit was exceptionally sensitive and seemed to grow when stimulated. I intended to find out when I ate her pretty pussy.

Jenny dropped the robe to the floor, put a hand behind her head and gave me a very sexy pose. “Will this do Blake?”

“Oh my god Jenny, you look amazing!” My hardening cock filled my briefs seeking release.

“I’d like to see you,” she said.

“Ok, but in a minute.” I kissed her again, my hands lightly caressing her legendary breasts. Her nipples responded as I’d hoped, hardening and extending in my fingertips.

36DDD is the statistic I’d read forever and though enhanced, her big boobs were soft and pliant and were resting in my hands.

Immediately I went back and forth, nibbling, licking, sucking and fondling the breasts I’d dreamed of forever. Jenny’s eyes were closed as I attended to her bust. Her casino siteleri eye shadow was a deep blue and her eye liner extended to the corner of her eyes. She was a true beauty both past and present, and I was making love to this porn queen.

“Oh Blake, ummm.” Jenny ran her fingers through my hair as I continued suckling her luscious tits and nips.

Returning to her lovely face our lips touched lightly, her tongue flicking across mine erotically, enhancing the desire building inside me.

I reached between her legs running my fingers over and around her clitoris and through the moist aperture of her pussy lips. “Mmm, you’re getting wet for me.” I tasted her juices on my fingers.

“I’ve been looking forward to this Blake. You’ve performed masterfully with my friends and they all rave about you, your cock, and your abilities. It’s actually been a little while since I’ve made love to a man, a stud, like you.” Teasingly she kissed me, on the lips, the cheek, and my neck as she uttered these words. Her hands worked their way down to my waist, unhooked my belt and dropped my pants to the floor.

Running her fingers across the outline of my cock she knelt and kissed me through the cotton briefs. Hooking her fingers in the waistband she slowly lowered my underwear. “The big reveal…”

I popped out of the confinement of my briefs, hard, long, and thick. “And big it is! Oh Blake, what a wonderful cock you possess. I knew you were big but this is truly beautiful,” Jenny’s hands ran up and down my length, her fingertips gently measuring my length.

I watched her expression as she examined me. Her big blue eyes were open wide. After jerking me hesitantly, her eyes met mine as she eased my manhood into her mouth. Her red lips engulfed my big head and her tongue flicked beneath my rigid cock. Closing her eyes she fed more of my length into her mouth. Simultaneously she jerked my dick and ran her lips up and down my thick shaft.

Slowly she ran her mouth and tongue up and down the sides of my thick dick pausing to mouth my balls, licking them lovingly.

I stared in awe as my fantasy woman fellated me with gusto. A sizable portion of my length disappeared in her mouth and down her throat. “Jenny, that feels fucking amazing,” I said. “Let me see you suck me with no hands.”

Dropping her hands she again looked me in the eye as she slid her mouth up and down my rock hard cock. Her eyes shined with delight. After all, this was only the appetizer in a multi-course meal of sex and pleasure. Holding her head in my hands I fucked her mouth carefully enjoying the moisture afforded by her sexy, painted mouth. She willingly allowed me deep access to her lips and tongue.

I wasn’t sure about her but I was extremely turned on by this initial foray with my dream girl.

“Oh my, you’re oozing pre-cum and I think you’re getting bigger Blake. You need to fuck me with this gorgeous cock!”

Pulling her to her feet I said, “Soon baby but first I need to eat your beautiful pink pussy.”

“When you put it that way…”

Standing I once again marveled at Jenny’s beauty and sexiness in her black lace outfit. My arousal continued climbing exponentially and I had to take her in my arms and make out with her luscious mouth.

She stroked me while I again fondled her pert tits and played with her pussy.

“Where do you want me Blake, the couch or the floor?”

Grabbing her around the waist I lifted her as she wrapped her stockinged legs around me. As I carried her to the couch she whispered, “This would be so hot if you were inside me Blake-carrying me to and fro while fucking me.”

“We’re getting to that baby. You know-anticipation…”

I put her down gently on the edge of the couch, crouched, and spread her smooth, covered legs. I ran my hands up and down her silky legs before bending to her moist vagina. I tongued her luscious lips, running my tongue up and down beside her pussy then through her wet slit. Pausing at the top of her womanhood I flicked her clit and sucked on it lightly.

I güvenilir casino continued my loving attack slowly licking and pushing my tongue into her cunt. I ventured further south exploring her tight, puckered anus. Touching her lightly, like a feather, she flinched then settled for my advances. “Oh Blake, you’re a naughty boy aren’t you? Hmmm, I do like that…but of course you know I enjoy anal sex.” She tweaked her clit and pulled her legs up farther granting additional access to her bottom.

I inserted my tongue in her bottom, her pussy, followed by my fingers. I had two in her twat and my pinky in her ass as I concentrated my attention on her clit. Looking up her lace clad body I could see Jenny playing with her large breasts and nipples. She ground her pussy against me breathing heavily.

Finally, with a film of her lubrication on my face I rose up to kiss her with her juices on display.

“I could eat you all day Jenny- god you’re wet!”


“But I’m ready to take you higher- you?”

Her reply, “Fuck me Blake! Fuck me with your gorgeous cock. I’m tingling all over- fill me with your manhood. I want to cum for you!’

Standing, I was still amazed at the effect her outfit had on me, her obvious desire, her willing acceptance of pleasure from a fan like me.

“Come over here Blake,” she led me to a fur rug on the floor. “It’s padded -for your knees, but first…” She knelt and guided my member to her painted mouth. Slowly she took my length almost to the hilt.

“Jenny, that’s amazing.”

Slurping, she removed me from her delicious mouth. “On your knees Blake. Put this big cock in me. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me cum!’

Without hesitation I obeyed this hot slut whom I couldn’t believe I was about to penetrate. Lining myself up I very slowly pushed my mushroom head past her vaginal lips to the wet, nurturing folds of her inner tissues.

Slowly I gained deeper entry to her tight, velvet pussy. With each thrust I gained ground until I was in to the hilt.

“Oh, Blake, you’re so big. Go slow, give me time to get used to you. It’s actually been a while since I’ve fucked anyone.” Looking me in the eyes she continued, “I’m glad it’s you. You’re an excellent lover…Oh, Oh, Oh.”

I pushed myself deeper and began increasing the sexual rhythm with this lovely lady.

She responded in kind and soon we were pumping in unison. We were both entranced in a sexual haze, our loins testifying to the pleasure of good, intimate sex. Our hearts were pounding and our grunts and groans spoke to our satisfaction.

“Let me get on top. I want to ride you Blake. I want to fuck you!” Her sexy black outfit still enhanced our coupling, my mind awash in visions of her videos and conquests while she was one of the pre-eminent stars of her day. Her enormous breasts spilled over the bodice of her bustier, her large areolas pinkish red from increased blood flow. Her black clad legs were draped over my torso, her tits in my face as she bent to direct me to her wanton snatch.

I enjoyed her mammaries hanging over me kissing and tonguing her wondrous nipples.

Perched upright she engulfed my manhood, writhing and grinding, lifting her wet womanhood up and down and using a circular motion with her shapely hips. Grabbing my hands she placed them on her bountiful breasts.

Jenny was an alluring vision, the lace top stockings attached to the garters emanating from the bustier, her big tits in my hands, the expression on her beautifully decorated face one of deep satisfaction.

She was in command, riding my engorged cock, pausing to let me pump her then resuming her march toward the peak of gratification. Suddenly she gasped as her body shook with orgasm. “Ohhhhh!”

“Turn around Jenny, I want to watch your ass bob up and down while we fuck.”

With a gazed look on her face she complied. I held the long, spike heels of her platform shoes watching her rounded ass bounce on me, the garters snug against her curved bottom.

The varied angles of my penetration into her love canlı casino nest had me reaching for the summit of our love making. “Baby, I want to cum for you. You’ve got me on the edge and I need to explode.”

She was shaking herself as I confessed my needs.

“Oh, Oh, Oh. God you’re good Blake. I’ve cum twice now.” Raising herself up she turned and lay next to me. “Cum in my mouth love. Let me taste your seed. I want to watch you jerk off and finish on me. Show me how you cum to my videos.”

I kissed her lips and tits then perched above her. “Whatever the lady wants!”

I played with my cock, desperately seeking release. Then, the floodgate opened and I deposited spurt after spurt of spunk on her extended tongue, on her beautiful face, even on her dazzling hairdo. Excess semen escaped the sides of her mouth dripping to her slender neck.

“Oh- Oh! Oh my god…” swallowing, she said happily. “Oh my Blake, you have a tremendous cum shot. That was amazing. But baby, we’re not done yet. My ass needs some attention if you can go again?’

Her eyes sparkled and she had a devilish grin on her face.

Kissing her cum covered lips I lightly scraped the remaining ropes of jizz from her face, feeding it to her hungry mouth and watching as she swallowed this too. “Jenny Gems, my lord I never thought this could happen in a million years! Give me a few minutes to recover.”

“Just goes to show, when you know the right people…”

“Patty would have loved that!”

“Don’t you worry, I have hidden cameras catching our every move. I’m going to want to relive this as well. Now, about my bottom?”

Jenny returned her attention to my withering manhood putting my cockhead back in her mouth. Lubing her hands generously she stroked and sucked my cock, rubbing my balls gently.

Watching her in action I began to achieve her desired result, another massive hard on. Reaching full attention I eased myself from her continued love attack by kissing her wet, red lips. Our tongues clashed sexily and I knew I was ready for more,

Returning to my knees I reached between her legs running my lubed fingers across her vagina, her anus, then inserted my middle digit back in her pussy.

“Ummm, you seem to have the feeling again?”

She reached up and removed a couple of barrettes from her curled blonde hair and let it fall sensuously to her shoulders.

‘What a beauty,’ I thought as I gazed at her face, her corseted body, the expectant look in her big, blue eyes.

Silently I turned her to her knees and moved behind her. Generously lubing myself I shoved my big, hard cock back into her pussy, doggy style. As I fucked her I poured lube on her pretty round asshole and slid my thumb in without hesitation.

“Oh, baby, that’s it, that’s good. Get me ready for that big dick. Get my ass ready to be fucked!”

Positioning myself at her anal opening I slowly, very slowly pushed against her outer ring. Surprisingly, my head gained access quickly and I was able to reach additional depths without resistance.

“Oh, oh. Fuck my ass Blake. Fuck me like a ragdoll. God I’ve missed this,” she growled looking back over her shoulder.

Her encouragement egged me on and I was soon able to slide freely in and out of her butt. I held her waist above her heart shaped ass and closed my eyes as I probed her with my prick.

A series of images of Jenny Gems fucking a stable of well hung porn studs flooded my mind, aiding the growing passion in my loins and cock.

“Oh Jenny, I’m getting close again…” As I said this she began bucking against me.

“Fuck, oh fuck-cum in my ass Blake, shoot your load in my nasty, slut ass!”

Always the pleaser, I reached my climax and unloaded my second orgasm in her wanton asshole.

Collapsing onto her back I reached for her big tits. Squeezing them with authority I regained my composure.

Lying together on the floor Jenny remarked, “Oh Blake, no wonder Patty gushes about you. That was…well, that was marvelous.” Reaching down she felt my cum begin to drain. “Look, your anal cream pie appears to be ready.”

With a naughty look on her face she dipped her fingers in the cum flooding from her bottom.

With aplomb she scooped the first surge into her mouth.

“Blake Hartley, you are one naughty, sex stud…and I love it!”

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