Kristy’s Panties Ch. 02Kristy’s Panties Ch. 02


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“Somebody is going to get lucky tonight,” she said.

“I hope so,” I smiled back.

“That is unless you don’t have any more to give,” she countered.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I was getting ready and I wanted to look sexy for you. I know how much you like me in my red panties and bra, but I couldn’t find my panties. I finally found them in the hamper. God, how many times did you cum in them?” she asked.

“I, I, um,” I stammered.

“It is ok, sweetheart. I found it really sexy, as a matter of fact, when I slid them on they were still wet so you must have cum in them this morning. I couldn’t believe how sexy I felt, wearing these panties, with your cum coating my lips. I even used my finger to scoop some off and fingered myself. I almost came, but I wanted to save it for you.”

“Oh god,” I said and I felt my cock get rigid.

I couldn’t believe she had found those panties and she was wearing them. I was sure she would freak if she knew it was Ray’s cum, not mine, that was coating her lips. My cock jumped.

The fact that she even scooped some off and fingered herself. I almost came right there in the restaurant thinking about that. I wondered how much of his cum had made its way inside her? How deep did her cum soaked finger extend inside her pussy.

Her moan snapped me out of my dreamy state. I looked at her and noticed that she had one hand under the table. Her other hand was holding a wine glass up to her face and she was looking right at me. As she took a drink of her wine, I glanced down to see the tablecloth move. Her midsection contracted and her arm moved in an undulating pattern.

I couldn’t be positive but I was sure Kristy’s short dress was bunched up in the front. Her hand looked to be moving in front. She then brought her hand upward to replace the wine glass at her mouth. I could see some white creamy liquid on her middle finger as she slid it into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back a bit.

“God, you taste so good.” She moaned.

Had the waitress come over at that moment, she would have seen my wife sucking cum, our neighbor’s cum from her fingers. She would have seen my pants tented out with the largest erection I’d had in years.

“I can’t wait for you to give me more of this for dessert,” she said, “and I’ve got something for you, too.”

We both hurried through the remainder of our dinner. Wanting to get home for the main course. After paying the bill and leaving a hefty tip for the server, we raced to our car. I held the door open for Kristy and for the first time in a long time, I checked out her ass as she climbed into our SUV. I think it was on purpose, but she took her time and pushed out her ass as she climbed up. This caused her dress to ride up and gave me a clear view of her soaked panties.

As I dove keçiören escort into the driver’s seat, I noticed Kristy was reaching under her dress and was pulling down those red satin and lace panties down her legs. I could see how wet they were and there was still cum noticeable on them. Her scent wafted up to my nose and I’m sure she could hear me pant.

She then did something completely unexpected. She lifted the cum soaked crotch of the panties to her mouth. She was licking and sucking the cum from the fabric, all the while looking me in the eyes. She was sucking Ray’s cum into her mouth and swallowing.

I reached down and stroked my cock through my trousers. “Let me do that,” she said. She reached over, undid my belt and zipper, took out my hard cock, and leaned over. I was lost as I felt her lips slide over my head and down my shaft. I was sure I was going to get into a wreck. Should I speed up to get home faster and risk an accident? Or should I pull over, safely alongside the road, and risk getting a ticked by a cop for lewd activities?

Kristy’s lips were against my pubis, I could feel my head just within her throat. This was something she had never done before. I felt my wheels make contact with the rumble strip just as my cum erupted from my cock and into her throat. I felt Kristy swallow, her throat flexing as she downed all of my cum.

We pulled into our driveway minutes later and ran into the house. She hadn’t bothered to put her panties back on and my cock hung from my fly. I was so glad that our kids were in college because we were naked by the time we reached the couch. I threw her lovingly down onto the couch and she leaned back, legs splayed.

If I was an Olympic diver, I would have received a perfect score for my dive into her pussy. I nailed the landing and there was only a hint of splash as my mouth fused to her lips. I licked her as if my life depended upon it, forgetting that I was probably licking some of Ray’s cum in the process. At that point I didn’t care. I was so turned on.

As I licked her clit, I inserted a finger into her pussy, wetting it. I then withdrew it and carefully slid it down to her tiny pucker. As I sucked her clit, I slid that finger into her backside and she moaned loudly, pushing her mound into my face. I looked up and she was twisting and rolling her nipples, hard! I’d never seen her do that before. She had played with her nipples but it was as if she was trying to pull and twist them off.

Then as I sucked her clit, my finger up to the last knuckle in her ass, she lifted a breast to her mouth. She looked me in the eye as her tongue extended and she licked her own nipple. Then, lifting higher, she brought that nipples to her mouth, I saw her teeth close around the nipples, holding it. She then let go of her beautiful, full 34dd breast. I could see the breast fall back down to her chest, but her nipple remained in her mouth, stretched to what looked to be an inch or more.

Her kızılay escort teeth raked the nipples as it pulled from her mouth, She bit harder to hold it. I knew it must have been painful, but it looked like she was in raptured pleasure. Just then, with my finger in her ass, her nipples in her own mouth, I felt her pussy pulsate. My mouth, face, the couch were flooded with her juices. She came harder than I’ve ever seen her and along with it was a noise I’d never heard before. It was as if all the wind in her lungs was exhaled at the same moment her pussy flooded.

Kristy fell back. She looked to be passed out and if it wasn’t for the slight rise and fall of her breasts, I would have thought she was dead. I thought we were done for the night, but then she rolled over and got on her knees. “I have to feel you inside of me.”

“Where?” I asked.

“I don’t care, just get inside me now,” she replied, “but if you’re going to use my back door, you need to lube me first.” She reached back and spread her ass for me. She rarely let me fuck her ass, but tonight was special and I could tell she was feeling naughty.

As she spread her sexy ass cheeks, I brought my tongue to her hole. I rimmed her until she was loose and lubed and then brought my cock to her hole. As I lined up, she pushed back, driving my cock deep into her asshole in one thrust.

“Oh, GOD! Yes,” she exclaimed. “Fuck me.”

That is what I did. I’d like to say I lasted for hours, but I lasted just long enough for her to cum again before filling her ass with my cum. I then carried her to our bed where we slept naked, not moving throughout the night.

* * * * *

I woke up before Kristy the next morning and fixed breakfast and coffee for us. Kristy came down in a cute sundress and we ate breakfast. As we sipped our coffee she said, “I’m going to go to the mall and do some shopping. I’ve got some things I want to get.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, now that I know how much you like those silky red panties, I’m going to go get some more even sexier ones,” she replied. And with that she jumped up, grabbed her purse and keys and was out the door, leaving me with a growing erection.

I was heading to the bathroom to take care of that erection, when the phone rang. It was Ray asking if I’d like to come over for some coffee. Although I’d just had a cup, I accepted and found myself at Ray’s patio table moments later.

As we drank our coffee, Ray asked how our night went.

“It was incredible, but you’ll never guess what happened,” I said. I then told him how as a way of turning me on Kristy had grabbed the cum soaked red panties Ray had shot a load in and had worn them to dinner. She thought I had jacked off into them and that it was a turn on, having my cum right against her pussy all night.

“Oh my god, you mean my cum was against Kristy’s body all night?” Ray asked.

“Yup,” I told him.

He then told me he had a confession to make as well. kolej escort He went on to tell me how he had seen us come home, racing to the front door. He saw the living room light come on but not go off, so he ventured over and peeked into the window that is hidden behind the shrub, but looks right into the living room.

“I saw the entire thing. I saw you licking her pussy and her cum as she bit her own tit. I saw you rim her ass and then fuck it. I’m sorry about the cum that is on the side of your house. I shot twice.”

“You saw Kristy completely naked?” I asked.

“Yes, she is incredible,” Ray said. “I’d love to cum in her panties again and smell her cunt on them, but I can’t afford to pay that much.”

There was something about the way he said, “smell her cunt” that completely got to me. I told him that Kristy had gone to the mall to purchase some more panties and maybe I could sneak him some to cum in if he wanted.

“Oh, yes, I’d love to do that.”

I told him I would bring him some as soon as I could but in the meantime, I could get him a pair of everyday panties if he’d like and I ran back home to grab a pair.

* * * * *

That afternoon Kristy showed me all the different panties she had purchased. “Victoria Secret was having a sale on panties, 7 pairs for $32, for Valentines. I got 14 I hope it is ok.” She showed me the collection of lace and silk, bikini and thong she had gotten.

I jokingly said to her, “You know there are guys that would pay top dollar for a pair of worn panties. You could sell them for way more than you purchased them for if you were to wear them first.”

“You’re kidding. No one would pay for a pair of soiled panties.” She replied.

“Oh but they would.” I told her. “If they had your smell on them, guys, and some girls too, would pay triple what you bought them for. All you have to do is wear them. And I know this is way out there, but if you cum in them, they pay even more.”

“You aren’t serious,” she laughed,

“I am and I can show you online.”

I told her to go get on a pair of her new panties and I will get my laptop. She was to wait in bed until I get set up. When I got there she was wearing a Jade green thong and nothing else. I had her lay on the bed in a sitting position with legs spread so the laptop could be placed between them. The laptop was open to a site called Scented Pansy, which lets women sell their undies. Some even showed pictures of them wearing.

I went from page to page, touching the crotch of the Jade thong each time I went to a new page. I could feel Kristy getting wet. I told that I would sell this pair if she makes herself cum in them and she moaned.

Kristy then spread her legs wider and brought a hand to her crotch. I could see her nipples hardening.

“Rub that pussy,” I whispered in her ear. “Can you make yourself cum?”

I then reached over and pinched a nipple hard, making her jump. I removed my hand but she looked at me, “No, don’t stop, do it harder.”

I then pinched hard and she moaned. I was sure it must hurt but she only said, “Harder, do it harder!”

I did and she came. She then slid off the thong, gave it to me and rolled over and went to sleep.

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