Alli Rae

His breathing was heavy, heartbeat quickening, and hot sweats discomforting as he crossed the bedroom floor. He had taken care to remove his work boots before climbing the stairs and stepping upon the cream-coloured deep pile carpeting. He walked slowly and purposely, with eyes fixed upon the dressing table. He knew exactly which drawer to go to.His hands shook as he touched the handle. Before he pulled he turned to the doorway and with strained ears, listened. There was only silence, except for his heartbeat. Satisfied, his concentration returned to the drawer. An array of colours greeted him as he pulled out the drawer. Reds, purples, blacks, whites, yellows, and blues, all excited his eyes. His shaking hand scooped up a large handful of her intimate apparel. He had never bahis şirketleri seen so many varieties of knickers.Her thongs were more prominent. He dropped his handful onto the dressing table and picked up each pair in turn. Held them up in the streaming sunlight; opened them out and let his imagination run riot. How could such a small piece of material adequately cover her delicious sex? he thought. He ran his fingers along the laced edges of some of them. Some he held up to the mirror and others he stretched their elastic waist band. But for each pair he also held them against his nose. There were no feminine smells or scents; they were all clean.But he knew the difference. There was a laundry basket in the utilities room and sometimes he had the good fortune to bahis firmaları slip inside unnoticed and find a pair of unwashed panties. These did have smells and scents, not just of a woman; sometimes there were male odours. Ones worn after sexual intercourse. She had a lover and most likely more than just one.His mind was still in overdrive, thoughts racing away from him. He had an erection, one that hurt, straining against the denim material of his jeans. With one hand holding a pair of panties tightly against his face, he lowered the other to his bulge. He squeezed as he adjusted. It was time to masturbate now. There were more panties to touch; more to pick out and smell, more to imagine tightly cupping her sex, more camel-toe images to fill his head but he could kaçak bahis siteleri not wait. His impatience got the better of him.Scooping them up he placed them back into the drawer before pushing his hand to the back of it. He felt the white cotton against his fingers and drew them out. These were his favourite kind. Plain white, soft cotton against his cock. He would quickly strip and put them on and then lie down on the bed. He enjoyed that secret, secure time masturbating. Allowing his thoughts to run riot. Sexual images of another man removing the panties from her body as she raised her hips for him.With her panties still in his hand he turned around and reached for the belt of his jeans. Suddenly he saw her standing in the doorway. His loud gasp brought a smile to her face. “Here let me help you,” she said moving quickly to him. He just stood there unable to move as she quickly unbuckled his jeans, unzipped him, and reached inside his briefs. “So, this what you get up to when I’m not around?”

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