Kleaning KatieKleaning Katie


I love my wife, We make love regularly, and she blows like no other woman I’ve ever known. So why was I now in a “sauna”, dry mouthed, heart rate of 140 and a raging hard-on? Allow me to explain…

During sex, when Rachel would cum before me I would withdraw and, nuzzling all down her hot body, to that sweet, sweet pussy, the mix of her juices, my precum and our combined sweat and lick, suck and basically clean her out good before re-entering and finishing the job!

My fantasy had always been to “clean her up” after we had both cum, but, you know, after its just never the same and anyway Julie would never be up for it – So I’m here in a brothel, waiting for Katie, who is currently getting fucked like the whore she is – for me!

It took several visits before I could even tell Katie what I really wanted. The first time we met I asked how much extra to go bareback (no condom), it was a no-go, only regular customer she knew well were “permitted” that little pleasure. But She was nice and after all it wasn’t me that had to do the cuming.

Last week she suggested I come around at 8pm – She may “have something for me”.

So here I am – Horny as fuck and scared as hell.

It’s Friday night so the place is quite busy, the guys in the waiting area (7 in all) are all looking – but not lara türbanlı escort looking the uncomfortable silence, ensuring that eye contact is NEVER made, 2 girls come out – don’t know there names (Katies’s the only girl I’ve visited) they are quickly snapped up by the waiting gentlemen. Another couple of guys leave and the receptionist Anna (big lady – late forties but that’s not important) comes across and nudges me. “Katies in room 4, you can go right through” Swallowing deeply (and not the for the last time tonight) I nodded and walked the now familiar path to room number 4.

I listened for a moment at the door – checking it wasn’t occupied, knocked and went in. The room was dimly light Katie was lying slightly on her side legs together. A pretty face without being exceptional, slim, nice but not big breasts her real assets were her legs – long and tanned, and at the top of those long legs a small but dense bush. A bush that was now home to my “Something”.

“Don’t be shy now – big boy!” She said in her usual playful tones “I’ve been bad, I’m D-i-r-t-y” She drowled.

She rolled onto her back, parting those legs ever so slightly, moisture gleaming in the half light. I Undressed in record time and joined her.

I begun slowly starting with lara ucuz escort her stillettoed feet – black, pointy, very slutty – very H-O-T.

“No-time for that – Eat my pussy – its dirty – its been well fucked and its all yours”

I took a deep breath and dived-in. Her busy was thick and matted, the clit was red, swollen and sticky. I licked, gently cupping my tongue around the engorged organ, I could feel the unusually sticky fluid before I could taste it – salty, mixed with the more familiar pussy juices – not bad but very wrong – Jesus I wanted more!

Pressing down She now opened her legs fully her lips parting as she did, I took a quick look, what I saw was a cunt that had been well fucked – all red lips and wet with a trail of cum escaping and heading towards her ass. I rammed my tongue in to stop the flow catching what I could of the “escapees”. I was now working her pussy – her very wet pussy, lapping and sucking my face and chin wet from the mess. My cock was having to be restrained from blowing its load there and then, when almost as if she knew she moaned “Oh that’s nice, you’re liking that – ain’t ya? relaxing further another wave of juices flowed Her breathing intensified “Easy tiger – I’m not nearly finished with you yet! – rollover”

As üniversiteli escort instructed I rolled onto my back – hoping that she wasn’t about to deprive me of the sweet meat. With a deft move She turned, returning her pussy to my busy mouth only this time She was sitting up – facing my feet slowly grinding her pussy lips into my face.

I was working that cunt now like never before darting in and out, as far as possible another load slid down and was quickly devoured, She moaned and tightened adding her own cum juices to the mix, then began stroking my twitching cock.

“Are you enjoying cleaning me up then” (Like She had to ask) “Fuck yeah” I replied

“Then why not do it properly? – it wasn’t just my cunt that was fucked!”

The penny dropped – the juicy trail from early lead directly to her ass – pulling her cheeks apart I sent my tongue in. That tight hole had retained Everything. The flood gates opened when my tongue dived in, cum poured out, ran over the sides of my tongue onto her cheeks.

Chantel began fingering my cock, stroking her long nails up the shaft – I worked even harder, lapping like a fiend, She bent down – forcing me to hold on to my prize, and began sucking my cock. As I lapped up her filth She sucked me – HARD.

I exploded in no time at all – the cum of my life, not letting go of that sweet ass until every drop was drained from her and from me.

We spoke briefly afterwards, the 2 guys who left shortly before I came in were regulars of hers. They would fuck her together – one in each hole. She knew it would be perfect for me.

We were destined to meet again.

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