Kitty’s First Time Ch. 02Kitty’s First Time Ch. 02

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Like a child anticipating Christmas morning, Kitty had trouble sleeping that night and she was awake at the first light of dawn. She didn’t know what time Carbon would arrive, but since he worked at her dad’s office, she had to assume he would time his visit for when he could be fairly sure her dad would have left for work.

She shared breakfast with her mom and dad, but her thoughts were preoccupied with her plans for the day. She could barely concentrate on her coffee and toast, prompting her mom to ask her if she was feeling okay.

“I’m fine, mom,” Kitty replied. “I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I think I’ll head back to bed for a nap before I go to work.” Kitty worked afternoons at a local beauty salon. She swept floors, made tea and coffee for clients and sometimes was allowed to do shampoos. Leaving her half eaten toast and her cooling coffee, Kitty went upstairs to her bedroom.

Her pussy throbbed with anticipation as she thought about what would soon take place here. Memories of the previous night, pushed hard against the door while Carbon kissed and fondled her made her pussy twitch hungrily. She imagined what it would be like to have his hands on her body, and his mouth covering hers again. Moving to her bed, she laid down, her own fingers going to her breasts, pinching the hardened nipples through her light cotton blouse. She had small, firm tits that filled out her shirts nicely. She wondered if Carbon liked them, and then chuckled to herself remembering he hadn’t seemed to have any complaints last night.

Kitty closed her eyes, imagining the fingers gently twisting and rolling her nipples were his. Little sparks of pleasure shot out from the hardened buds, running through her belly to settle somewhere deep inside her, in some secret place that had never before been touched. Kitty sighed, running one hand down over her firm, flat tummy until it found the waistband of her denim skirt. She unfastened the stud button, imagining Carbon’s hand slowly pulling the zipper down and arched her back as teasing fingers slid inside the skirt and gently tickled across the top of her lacy panties.

Prolonging her anticipation, she toyed with the lace for a long moment before slowly edging the tip of one finger under the fine elastic waistband. Her lips parted on a shaky sigh and the throbbing between her legs grew more intense. God she wanted this so bad!

Long practice had made Kitty expert in bringing herself to a satisfying climax, and she could do so quickly when she wanted to, but today, she wanted to spin out her pleasure and make it last. Maybe she wouldn’t even come, but just keep herself on the edge, hot and ready for the moment when she would finally know gebze escort what it was like to have her pussy filled with a real, hard, throbbing cock. She was only dimly aware when her parents called goodbye and slammed the front door on their way out.

She lay on the bed, legs spread and her hands busy teasing herself to a slow burn of desire while she listened with half an ear for the door chimes. After a half hour of stimulating herself, Kitty was getting so hot and impatient that she thought she would have to bring herself to climax soon if Carbon didn’t hurry up.

And then she heard the door chimes ring. Quickly buttoning her skirt, Kitty got off the bed and ran downstairs to open the door.

Carbon leaned on the door frame, one elbow supporting him and he looked sexier than ever in his business clothes. He wore a dark blue suit with a paler blue shirt and tie. Dark shades covered his eyes and as he stepped past her into the house, Kitty caught a whiff of the light cologne he always wore. She licked her lips, closing the door and locking it behind him.

Suddenly nervous and shy, Kitty ran her damp palms across the back of her skirt and sucked in her breath as Carbon turned to look at her and pulled the shades off, letting her see his darkly flashing eyes.

“So…do…do you want a drink or…anything?” Kitty stammered.

Carbon shook his head, tossed his sunglasses onto a table and stepped towards her, pulling her into his arms. “Later,” he whispered and then he bent to kiss her, hard, his mouth nibbling across hers and his tongue teasing her lips until she parted them and let it thrust into her mouth.

Carbon pulled Kitty hard against him, grinding his hips against her, creating a delightful pressure on his aching dick. This little slut was actually going to let him fuck her. He’d spent a sleepless night after she’d sent him home with a raging boner the night before. His cock wouldn’t let him rest; growing rock hard every time he thought of her slender young body pinned against the door of the bathroom while he pinched her tits and let his fingers edge their way into her hot little pussy.

He had imagined taking her every which way all night, revelling in the thought of his hard prick ploughing into her tight wet hole. He had considered, for all of a minute, not showing up this morning, thinking she would have forgotten and decided to back out on him, but holding her now, kissing her and letting his hands run down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass under the too short denim skirt, he knew she was going to deliver on what she had promised last night. His cock jumped at the acknowledgement and göztepe escort he tore his mouth away from hers, walking her backwards until he had her backed up to the table he had tossed his sunglasses on. He lifted her slight weight, sitting her on the table.

Kitty squealed when her ass encountered the cold marble table-top and she wriggled but he trapped her there, pushing her thighs apart and standing between her legs. Wild with lust, he grabbed the front of her flimsy cotton blouse and pulled, sending buttons clicking and rolling across the floor. Not giving her time to think, he grabbed the straps of her lacy white bra and pulled them down off her shoulders, baring two rosy nipples to his eyes and then to his tongue and mouth. He bent to circle one bud with his tongue, lathing it before sucking it into his mouth. Carbon unhooked the front opening bra and pulled it off her, tossing it aside. He let the nipple he suckled out of his mouth and moved to torment the other, his hands going to the button and zipper of her skirt which he quickly undid before helping her wriggle out of it.

Stripped to her panties on the cold little table, Kitty whimpered and arched her back, tendrils of fire racing through her from the nipple Carbon sucked on and settling in her aching clit. She squirmed, wanting more and her hands got busy, trying to get him out of his clothes. She managed to get his jacket off before she was distracted. Carbon had hooked his thumbs under the elastic of her panties and pulled them off as she wriggled her bottom to help him. He trailed his tongue over her belly as he bent to push the panties down her legs.

Kitty collapsed back onto her elbows with a gurgling cry of need when his tongue swiped its way down her swollen pussy lips and then made its way back up to find her clit. She moaned as liquid fire rippled into her belly, spreading her legs wider and opening herself to his hungry mouth. She felt slutty, spread out for him there on the table while his tongue lapped in her folds and teased her clit. It turned her on all the more and she arched herself backwards when his tongue thrust deep into her pussy, lapping the juices that flowed freely from her tight sex. Carbon’s lips clamped down around her clit and he sucked on it, teasing with his tongue and teeth. Kitty squealed bucking her way to her first orgasm, dancing on the tip of his tongue while pleasurable waves pulsed through and through her pussy, spreading into the rest of her body until she was weakened with passion.

She didn’t resist when Carbon stood up and lifted her in his arms, carrying her to the stairs and then up to her bedroom where he laid her haramidere escort down on her bed. A moment later, he joined her, pushing her thighs apart and moving to kneel between her legs. He leaned over her, taking his weight on one hand and gripped his cock with his other hand, guiding himself into her still twitching, soaked pussy. It hurt a little and Kitty tensed, whimpering as she tried to pull away from him.

“C’mon, baby,” Carbon said in a hoarse whisper. “Let me in. It only hurts for a minute.” He lowered himself on her and covered her mouth with his own as he pushed every inch of his rock hard dick into her pussy.

Kitty arched her back and groaned as Carbon thrust his cock deeper into her throbbing cunt. He pumped slowly for a few strokes, letting her get used to the feel of having her pussy filled with hot, hard cock and then clenched his buttocks and pounded her hard and fast, making her buck to meet his forceful thrusts. Kitty slitted her eyes open and looked up at him. His handsome face was twisted in a grimace of pleasure and he bit down on his lower lip as he thrust harder, his cock going deep and his body meeting hers at the end of each thrust with an audible slap.

He let one hand drop from where he held her shoulders and his thumb found her clit. Kitty squealed clenching her cunt tight around the throbbing shaft that pistoned in and out of her. Ripples of ecstasy shot from her clit to her belly and she tossed her head from side to side on the pillows, her dark hair straggling over her face. Carbon let his breath out between clenched teeth and fucked her with such force she felt he would push her head into the wall.

Suddenly with a cry, Carbon tensed, driving his dick into her and then he stopped thrusting with a shudder and spurted his hot cum deep into her pussy. He twitched a couple of times, his ass clenching and unclenching making sure he squeezed every drop into her and then he pulled out and replaced his cock with his fingers, fucking them in and out of her until she squealed and bucked, the muscles of her pussy clenching and releasing on his fingers as she came, but Carbon was not finished with her yet. Pulling his fingers out of her quim, he presented them to her to lick clean before he bent and buried his face between her thighs.

Kitty yelped as his lips closed on her throbbing clit and he sucked her, teasing with lips, teeth and tongue until she exploded again, her pussy rippling with waves of pleasure and she collapsed on the bed, panting, her skin shining with perspiration. At last, he stopped the teasing, letting her clit out of his mouth and moved up along her body to lie next to her. One hand rested on her pussy mound, a finger stirring lazy circles across her tormented sex while his mouth claimed hers in searching kisses, tongues duelling and exploring each other’s mouths.

Kitty sighed, her body still ticking and twitching here and there with the intensity of her orgasm. She’d made the right choice in letting him be her first. Carbon was a fantastic lover.

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