Kitten BunBunKitten BunBun


When my neighbor asked me to check on her cat while she was out for the weekend, I didn’t expect it to take very long. The cat was litter box trained and could feed herself so there wasn’t much for me to do except make sure nothing had gone wrong. It turned out to be much more involved than that.I let myself into the small apartment with the spare key my neighbor had given me. To my left was the living room, sparsely furnished with a couch, a bookshelf, and a TV. To my right was a kitchen. Directly ahead of me was a hallway leading back to the bedrooms.”Hello?” I called. I was about to walk down the hallway when something peeked its head out of one of the bedrooms, then quickly went back in.”Kitten? It’s ok, you don’t need to be scared,” I reassured the nervous critter. “I’m a friend.” I waited for a moment. Nothing.Not wanting to scare her, and not having anywhere else I needed to be, I walked over to the couch in the living room and had a seat. I wanted to give the kitten a chance to warm up to me. I decided to wait her out.The couch was against the front wall and I was able to see a few feet into the hallway. I pulled out my phone, not sure how long this would take. But after a few moments, I saw two little cat ears bobbing istanbul travesti down the hallway. I was not prepared for what they were attached to.It was a woman, sauntering toward me on all fours. My jaw dropped open as surprise and lust overwhelmed me. She had straight black hair, fair skin, and impossibly voluptuous curves. She wore nothing but the kitten ears, black-rimmed rectangle glasses, a black collar with a name tag, and a cow-print bikini that struggled to contain her flesh. Her sad eyes examined me, but I was distracted by the bouncing of her heavy tits as she swayed back and forth.She stopped about midway to the couch and cocked her head to the side. Still too taken aback to say anything, I mindlessly rested my fingers on the erection bulging through my jeans. As if satisfied, for the time being, the kitten woman sat back on her thick haunches and licked the backs of her hands.As I watched her bathe herself, my fingers slid beneath my waistband and I caressed the front of my shaft, especially enjoying the thick cleavage made by her ass and thighs. The tip of my cock was already sticky with precum. The kitten ceased her bathing and turned her attention back to me, her eyes fixed on the slow movement istanbul travestileri of my hand beneath my jeans. She returned to all-fours and continued her sultry journey toward me.She stopped again about an arm’s length away from me and I could finally see the name on her dangling name tag: BunBun.I smirked. “Hello, BunBun.”She mewed in reply.”Your, um…owner asked me to check up on you,” I continued. Only now did I realize how vigorously I was playing with myself and withdrew my hand from my pants. “Is there anything I can do for you?”BunBun didn’t respond. Instead, on all fours, she pushed her side against my legs and rubbed past me. My jaw dropped at the jiggly juiciness of her ass and thighs as she rubbed past me. She turned around and did it again. After the third time, she stopped and looked at the empty seat next to where I sat on the couch.”You can join me up here if you want, BunBun,” I said as I patted the cushion. With grace and litheness that surprised me, she sprang up and landed on her hands and knees on the couch facing me. The jerking motion made one of her jiggly tits pop out of her bikini top, but she made no attempt to put it back in. She raised herself onto her knees and cocked travesti istanbul her head to the side again, her hard pink nipple protruding into the air.BunBun was fixated on the bulge in my pants. Her expression didn’t register positivity or negativity. She just seemed curious.She lowered herself to her elbows to take a closer look. Her ass waved in the air and I was again mesmerized by the thick cleavage of her thighs. My attention as BunBun softly batted at the front of my pants with her fingers.She looked up at me and mewed, licking her lips. Hoping I understood what she wanted, I unclasped my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled my jeans and boxers down just far enough for my cock to bounce out. Her eyes locked onto it as it stood rigidly.Slowly she moved her face closer to inspect it. She looked at the front, the back, and raised herself to look straight down at the slit in the head. A droplet of precum pooled in the hole.BunBun purred and let her tongue hang from her mouth. Ever so slowly she lowered her head until the tip of her tongue lightly touched the tip of my cock. She raised her head again and a string of precum connected her tongue to the head, not breaking until she licked her lips again.Satisfied with what she tasted, BunBun’s mouth flew back to my cock and vigorously sucked, bobbing her head with abandon and flicking her tongue across the slit of my cock. I laid my head back as my eyes rolled back in my head.“Oooh,” I moaned. “BunBun’s such a slutty kitten.”

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