Kissing is FunKissing is Fun


Luke was woken up by touching. Gentle, tender, slow. He was lying on his side left side, facing the wall, a hand running around his back and up and down his bicep from whoever had fallen asleep beside him. He’d been at a college party, had gotten hammered, and crashed in the first empty bed he could find. While he normally slept naked, he felt it better to leave his boxers on this time. At some point a girl must’ve found in the same bed, and was now rubbing him up. In his still mostly-asleep state of mind, he couldn’t be bothered pushing her away, and it felt nice, so he let it continue.

The rubbing continued, and the longer it went, the more of him was touched. The hand went from his back to his side, then over his hip, then back up again, before it gently pulled at his shoulder, pulling him onto his back. Still too tired to open his eyes, he groaned softly, to no affect.

He felt lips press against his, gently. They lingered for a moment, pulled away slightly, then pressed back again. It lasted barely 3 seconds, but he wanted more. He made to reach out with his left arm, to pull her down, but fingers interlocked with his and pushed his hand back down, while a torso lay atop his, his right arm trapped around her body. Her strong, heavy body…

Before he could process this, another kiss, this time harder, more passionate, a hint of tongue sliding between his lips, a slight scratch of stubble rubbing his chin.

His eyes snapped open to see a man hovering over him, holding him down, smiling as he leant in for another kiss. Luke’s eyes went wide and he tried to pull away, but he was too strong. The arm holding his didn’t budge, and Luke’s right arm was in such a position that the only thing he could grab hold off was the man’s arse, which certainly wouldn’t help him.

He turned his head away, but the unnamed kisser transferred Luke’s left hand to his own left hand, so it was now being held above his own head, leaving the stranger’s right hand free to pull Luke’s chin towards him. He was gentle. He used just as much force as he needed to overcome Luke, but slowly and methodically; a delicate turn, instead of a quick pull. “Shh” he said softly, before leaning back down and kissing gölbaşı escort Luke again.

Despite his mental protestations, despite being straight, he kissed him back. He didn’t want to, but his body apparently needed to. The lips pulled away, then kissed along his jawline, adding a soft suckle with every peck. After the third one, Luke moaned. The lips were on his again in an instant, the tongue probing back inside his mouth, the free hand rubbing down Luke’s side. Luke moaned into the kiss.

He couldn’t help it, the stranger was simply too good at it. Every time he locked lips with Luke, it was the most tantalisingly erotic moment of his life. The first two were simply great kisses. Everything after that was even better, and the added taboo of being seduced by a man someone added to the arousal. His dick had certainly noticed, and was straining against his boxers.

His new friend noticed, and smiled, before running his hand down, and without hesitating, plunged it inside the waistband. He didn’t touch his privates though, only ran fingers around them, through his pubes and down the tops of his thighs. It drove Luke crazy with lust. He wanted to ask for more, but the tongue was back inside his mouth before he could speak.

Without even meaning to, his right hand suddenly clamped onto his arse, pulling him closer. The man began to softly hump Luke’s leg, his erection pressed into his hip. Still his hand kept up the teasing inside of his underwear. Luke’s moans were coming constantly now, and he was putting just as much passion into the kisses as what he was getting. Here he was, a straight man, making out with another man, and he had never been more turned on.

Without warning, the weight on him lifted, and the man shifted so he was on his knees between Luke’s legs. He grabbed at Luke’s boxers, then very slowly began to pull them down. He locked eyes the entire time, giving Luke the most seductive look he’d ever seen. Throwing the boxers aside, he crawled forwards, grabbed Luke’s arms, and held them above his head, one crossed over the other, then resumed his kissing.

After a few seconds, he began his humping keçiören escort again, but because they were now in the missionary position, his cock was rubbing against Luke’s, making him gasp in arousal. As the rubbing continued, Luke felt wetness on his stomach. Either he, or the other, or maybe even both, were leaking precum so much that it had dripped down.

His kisser sat up suddenly, dropping his hands down run his fingers along the inside of Luke’s thighs, teasing him as he had before, making Luke’s hips dance, chasing the hands he so desperately wanted wrapped around his cock.

A finger from each hand, only one, touched the base of his cock on either side, and gently ran up the length of it. He sighed. Then more fingers, tickling his cock all over. He sighed again. Over and over.

He felt a pressure below his groin, and without even meaning to, he raised his hips. The pressure grew, and he realised what was happening just as the man’s cock penetrated him. His eyes snapped open again, and saw the man who was now his lover smiling at him, saw him leaning down, saw him drop out of eyeshot as he began to kiss Luke’s neck.

Whatever pain had first occurred was gone, as arousal came back. His lover began to push, to penetrate him deeper, but it was so slow, so loving, the pain never came back. Soon he was all the way in, and Luke’s cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt.

A man he didn’t know had crept into his bed, and with almost no words, seduced him to where he now had a dick in his arse, and he was so horny he thought he might cry from emotional turmoil.

The lips left his neck, travelled up his jawline, and mashed against his, and the glorious kissing started up again. Luke moaned into the kiss, and even pulled his legs up to wrap around him. He suddenly felt very feminine, and he was embarrassed to learn it turned him on even more. This man’s sexual domination had not just turned Luke into his conquest, but a conquest that was grabbing at his arse, and moaning like a whore as he pulled out.

Luke panicked at first, thinking it was over, but his fears were quickly put to rest as the pulling out kızılay escort changed to the pushing him, and his lover began to make love to him. The kissing never stopped as his anal virginity was taken, and as the hard cock slid in and out, Luke’s moans turned into whimpers.

He’d often wondered if gay people actually did like receiving anal. Now he wondered how they ever left their bedrooms. The divinity he felt inside his arse had spread to his entire lower torso and groin, and a pressure began to rapidly build, and he gasped in surprise and looked down at his cock.

“It ok baby, I want you to cum, so do it for me. Cum.”

Luke did. The pressure detonated a bomb that had been ticking for the last half hour, and drops of cum spurted out the head of his cock as an orgasm flooded his body with pleasure, making him quiver all over. The man never stopped, and in a matter of seconds, Luke was cumming again, moaning as if he was in pain, but in fact the furthest from it. “Oh god, please don’t stop, keep going, please, keep going”.

Unfortunately, he did stop. But only long enough to kiss him deeply and passionately, then look right into Luke’s eyes. “Did you like me making love to you?”

Luke violently nodded his head, clawing at the man’s bum, trying to get him to start again.

“Well I’m not going to anymore.” He leaned down, so he was right up to Luke, then whispered in his ear. “Now I’m going to fuck you”.

Before Luke had a change to respond, his lover started up again, this time with power and speed, pounding his cock into Luke, pulling out gently, then pounding back in again. Luke gasped so hard he nearly choked, and his eyes rolled back into his head. The angle he was being fucked meant his prostate was being rammed every thrust, and precum was dripping out of his dick, with the occasional spurt of actual cum, from yet another orgasm.

He felt the cock that was turning him gay grow thicker, and the thrusts grow rougher, the suddenly, the most amazing feeling deep inside him. Tiny pulses of pressure, warm and wet, as his lover’s cum shot inside him. He moaned and writhed around on the bed as cock and cum both brought him to heaven, until eventually, the thrusting stopped, and the man lowered himself down to Luke’s face, kissing him just as erotically as he had been the entire time.

Pulling out, he rolled over, breathing heavy, Luke doing the same. The fatigue of being fucked caught up with him all at once, and his eyes drooped, and he fell back to sleep, dreaming of a man so good at kissing, it turned him gay.

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