Kim Possible: In the Curse of the Demon’s Hand Chapter 2 (Shego’s Revenge Part 1)Kim Possible: In the Curse of the Demon’s Hand Chapter 2 (Shego’s Revenge Part 1)


Kim couldn’t believe what happened, that yesterday, her bumbling sweet friend Ron took her virginity and forced her to acts of carnal pleasure. Now she’s in the Middleton library looking for any clue as to how to return Ron to his normal sweet self. As she pours over the books she’s collected, her mind wanders to what happened after her encounter with Ron…

“It’s good to see you are finally up Kim,” said Ron, “You’ll notice that you are now wearing a form of chastity suit; it’s just something we came up with.”

“We? Who?” As Kim looks down her body she notices that she’s wearing a sort of golden one piece swimsuit “Yes you will not be able to remove that suit as it is practically indestructible, it also serves some other more specialized function”

Kim is suddenly startled out of her trance as her Kimmunicator suddenly rang. “What’s the zitch wade?” Kim asks a little breathlessly.

“Are you alright Kim? You look flushed.” Wade said concern in his voice.

“I’m fine Wade; it’s just that this little gift from Ron is driving me insane.” Kim said as one of her hands start to stray towards her tits she visibly shook herself as if to exert any form of control was too taxing. Kim lets out a deep breath and closes her eyes, when she opens them the look on her face told Wade that she won’t be elaborating on her statement.

“I haven’t found anything new on Ron’s arm, but I figured that maybe Dr. Drakken and Shego can shed some light on this subject as they found the damn thing; also Dr. Meredith Strange is an expert in myths and ancient artifacts, she may be of some assistance.” Wade noticed that Kim was breathing a little bit too heavy and if he wasn’t mistaken, Kim’s nipples were hard under her stylish top.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Drakken’s new underground secret lair…

“This is your entire fault Shego, if you’d been able to stop that Possible girl than I’ll be the king of the world right now!” Dr. Drakken shouts at his evil assistant.

Shego looks at Drakken with a cold fury burning in her eyes, her hands start to glow as she shouts at the furious man. “I ought Işıklar Escort to rip you to pieces you misbegotten worm!” She lashes out and demolishes a computer terminal right beside Drakken. “I quit!” and without a glance she leaves the lair and the fuming impotent man behind.

She hopped on her motorcycle and rode out as fast as she could; a few miles later she finally calmed down and the vibrations of her ride sent delicious shivers through her moistening pussy. “I’ll have to get even with Kim for this humiliation.” Shego mutters to herself, a slow sinister smile appears on her cold, beautiful face as she began to have an idea that would destroy Kim’s sanity or at the very least her confidence.

She made her way to Middleton to put her plan into action.

10 Pm as Bonnie was getting ready for bed, her thoughts wandered to what she could do to get Kim and her boy-toy Ron to break up. Who would have guessed that the looser Ron would turn out to be a hottie Bonnie thought to herself as she lay on the bed in her silk lingerie, her hand wandered to her tits and began to pinch the nipples through the sheer barrier. Her hand then inevitably went to her moistening pussy to stroke and pinch while she fantasized about a threesome with the footballer Biff and of all people, Ron. Her stroking fingers began to move faster, and her breathing was heavier. Bonnie began to shout out Ron’s name as she came. She was so distracted by her pleasure that she was unaware of a dark shape stand over her bed, and its glowing green hands covered her mouth and nose with a rag soaked in chloroform. Bonnie passed out in the middle of screaming her ecstasy, a few minutes later Bonnie wrapped in her blanket was facedown, secured tightly on the back of Shego’s bike being driven to Shego’s personal hideout.

Once inside the sound proof confines of her base Shego immediately tied Bonnie’s hands above her head in an x shaped contraption that she had built years ago. After she finished securing both hands, she then secured both legs and the waist. Shego stepped back to admire her beautiful Escort Işıklar captive’s spread-eagled form. “Time to wake up my sleeping beauty.” She said, a malicious smile curling her lips as she slapped Bonnie’s face repeatedly to wake her. As Bonnie’s eyes began to flutter open, Shego immediately stuffed her mouth with a ball gag and secured it around her head. “I stole this Machine early into my career; it controls its targets mind.” She explained to her captive audience. Shego activated the machine and millions of nanobots surged into life and began to permeate Bonnie’s skin. “Those are designed to amplify your body’s sensitivity, and also condition your brain to obey me.”

A few hours later, the imprinting process was complete and Shego began to test her new slave. With Bonnie still tied to the device Shego began to rip away her lingerie, exposing her tight cheerleader’s body. “I’ve rarely had the chance to use this power so tell me how it feels.” Shego said as she stroked her glowing green hands under Bonnie’s pert breasts. Bonnie struggled fiercely as she felt electrical shocks course through her breasts. “Do not worry my little pet, this only causes pain and no physical damage which is why I rarely use it.” Shego said, an evil grin curling her mouth. She continued to stroke Bonnie’s body, from her face to her tits, even pinching her nipples, to her belly, and legs. She would continue to do this relishing the pain she caused Bonnie, but always avoiding her captive’s pussy.

To Bonnie it felt that the pain was so intense that she would pass out at any moment. She wished that this torture would soon end but to her surprise, she felt pleasure mixed in with the pain. “You’re getting wet my little toy, and I haven’t even touched your pussy once. Do you really enjoy pain?” Shego asked maliciously though she knew that the sexual arousal was caused by her power. “Well we’ll save that little pussy for later; I have something else in mind for you.” She left Bonnie to prepare a new torture device, when she returned she positioned a mechanical dildo between Bonnie’s Işıklar Escort Bayan legs. “Do not look so frightened my pet; this metal dick is designed for your ass.” Shego laughingly said as she rammed the six inch long metal rod up Bonnie’s asshole. Tears streamed down Bonnie’s face as she felt the metal dick’s full length inside her. Shego smiled as she turned on the devilish machine.

Shego watched as the machine began to pump in and out of her captive, she then began to strip off her cloths exposing her pale skin and gorgeous athletic body. She sat on a chair and began to play with herself while watching the agony of her captive as the metal monstrosity pounded the virginity of Bonnie’s ass into nonexistence.

After a few minutes of the constant pounding, Bonnie felt herself get exited being ravished by the metal cock. “I think it’s time to really put you through your paces” Shego commented as she flipped another switch next to her. Bonnie screamed through the gag as she came the instant that the dildo emitted an electrical charge deep in her bowels. Shego got up and released Bonnie’s mouth from the gag and kissed her deeply. She then tilted the rack that bound Bonnie in place until her victim was lying prone. Positioning Bonnie’s head between her thighs she commanded the screaming girl, “Lick my pussy you worthless slut! Make me come!”

The command immediately activated the conditioning in her brain and Bonnie immediately complied, licking and sucking on the pussy in front of her face. Pleasure and pain mixed together as the metal cock continued to ravish her ass and another more intense orgasm shook her making her scream into Shego’s pussy which then triggered Shego’s own climax.

Shego lay on top of Bonnie as her orgasm subsided, her face, inches from Bonnie’s wet pussy. She got up and began to dress, once fully clothed she turned to her exhausted captive and said, “Enjoy tonight, tomorrow we begin your training.” And with those words she left bonnie on the rack, the dildo pumping away at her ass and occasionally shocking it’s victim with an electrical discharge. The torture continued through the night until mercifully just before dawn Bonnie passed out from pleasure and exhaustion.

To be continued…

Kim Possible: In the Curse of the Demon’s Hand Chapter 2 (Shego’s Revenge Part 2)

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