Kim Ch. 02Kim Ch. 02


Several months have gone by and Kim and Libby see each other on a regular basis. They enjoy going out together and spent the weekend together at various places. A few weeks after they started together, Kim changed the setting in her profiles on disabled dating sites to straight instead of bi-curious. She wanted to see what it would be like to have a man in her life. She and Libby had talked about it and Libby changed hers also.

One day as Kim was looking through her mail there was a reply from a male to her profile. She opened it and looked at his profile. He was a year younger than her, lived in the same area and was a right arm amputee. She answered his mail but nothing came back for several days. When an answer did come Kim felt he seemed to be on the shy side. They exchanged mail a couple of times and finally Kim asked if he would like to talk on the phone. He said yes and sent his phone number. He said his name was Al.

Kim tried the number and Al answered. She introduced herself and he seemed both surprised and glad she had called. They talked for a while and then Kim asked him why he had put his profile on line. He was quiet for a while and then said he was shy and did not think any girl would be interested in a one armed man. He had run across the site and thought he would try it. Kim asked him if he dated much and he said no, he was from a small town with a small high school and the girls were outnumbered by the boys. After graduation he went to a junior college and had to work all the time to be able to afford it. He had been hurt in a construction accident and that was why he was in town.

Al asked Kim several questions about what put her in the wheelchair and Kim explained all about her issues. He seemed really interested in learning about her and seemed to come out of his shell. They had talked for some time and it was late so they said good night and they would talk again. He called the next night and they talked for 3 hours. At the start he was reluctant to talk about his injury but he finally told her about it. His right arm was totally gone including the shoulder joint. It had literally been torn from his body and had happened less than a year ago. He was afraid for anyone to see it as a lot of damage was done to the area and he had just finished the final skin graft a couple of months ago. He had been right handed so that added to the problems.

He asked several personal questions about Kim and her abilities and she said to him that they should meet in person and he could see her. He finally agreed and they picked a place, time and date. It happened to be the same place Libby and she had met. Kim picked the same short skirt to show her legs off and snug blouse and vest. Again she was braless and would see how things went to decide if she would take it off or not. Kim arrived first and waited outside for Al. He arrived and had wash slacks and a nice short sleeve shirt on. The empty sleeve just hung down the side. He got a bright smile on his face when he saw Kim waiting in her wheelchair. They went inside and were shown to a table.

Kim remembered he had been right handed and was probably having trouble doing things with his left hand all the time. She was sitting on his left side and the first thing she did was cover his left hand with hers and told him that all he had to do was look at her and it was obvious she needed help doing some things. She looked him in the eye and said never be embarrassed asking for help. It is a lot better than looking foolish doing something you cannot do. If you ever need help with your meal or anything else, ask me, nothing is too personal. I will be doing the same of you. He looked relieved at her words, took her hand and squeezed it and said thank you. The server came and took their order and he seemed to relax.

Kim said alright, we are together in person you can ask me anything you want to know about me, nothing will be too personal. And I am going to do the same with you. You can go first. Al seemed to have questions ready and without hesitation he asked where her level of feeling stopped. She explained that polio was not like a spinal injury, she had full feeling throughout her body. But like a spinal injury her legs were totally paralyzed from her waist down. She had no movement in them. He obviously had been looking things up on the computer which she thought was very good. He said then you can go to the bathroom normally. She said yes she could and decided to save for later that she also catherized herself at times.

She then asked him how he felt about his arm. He looked down at it and said it was ok and not the end of the world. He was learning to adjust and it would just take time. Kim asked when he was going to get a prosthetic. He said he did not think he would get one, he did not want a bionic one and using a hook prosthesis would be very hard with all that was missing he had been told. Al then asked her if she could or ever did walk. She said no she never had and was ok just having lara kendi evi olan escort to use her wheelchair. She had grown up with it and it was natural to her to be that way.

She asked how he felt about being with her since she was in a wheelchair and obviously very crippled. He said it was no problem and blushing said that he thought she was very beautiful. He said he would be proud to be seen with her. Kim thanked him for the complement. He said how about me and my missing arm. She frowned and looked over at the empty sleeve and said oh, I hadn’t noticed. They both laughed and she said it was no problem at all. Their lunch came and Al followed her advice and asked her to help him get his sandwich in more manageable sizes. She did so and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. They ate with just chit chat going on and after they were done Kim asked Al if he would like to go for a drive with her so they could talk some more. He enthusiastically agreed to.

On the way out Kim suggested they use her van this time and Al had no problem. He watched closely as she went through the process of getting into the van with the lift and then latching her chair down behind the wheel. He was in with his seatbelt on as she did this. They drove around the down town area and Kim asked him when was the last time he had been out with a female. He looked at his feet and said 3 years ago. She asked him why it had been so long and he said he was just too shy. She said he did not seem to be shy with her and he said yes, he had noticed that. She was just so easy to be with and talk to.

Kim decided this was as good a time and place to reward him so she pulled over and removed her vest. He looked at her and said wow. She said thanks for the complement and put her hand on his arm. He then asked about her spinal curvature (scoliosis) and did it hurt. She said no it did not hurt; it was just uncomfortable in some positions. She explained how the polio had weakened the muscles in her upper torso and they could not hold her vertebra straight so it curved to one side. She surprised herself and him by asking him if he wanted to see it sometime. He instantly said yes he would.

She decided to drive up to the lookout on the side of the hill where you could see almost the entire city. She parked and was surprised that no one else was up there. Yes, it was still daytime but she did not think they would be alone. They looked at the view for a while and then Al suggested they move to the rear seat. Kim smiled and said good idea. He went first and she undid her chair and turned around to him. As she got close he asked her to stop and could he please look at her legs. Kim said of course you can. She locked her chair and pulled her skirt even higher. He asked if he could touch and she said please do. He lifted one foot from the foot rest and the shoe fell off. His hand covered the foot and moved up her calf. He remarked how soft and flaccid it felt with no resistance. She said yes there was no muscle mass to be felt.

With only one arm and hand he rested her foot on his knee and moved his hand higher up her thigh. Again he remarked how soft and smooth it felt. He gently squeezed it and felt the bone. Kim’s hands rested on the wheelchair wheels and she made no effort to stop whatever he might decide to do with his hand. Her leg had twisted to the side slightly and she did not know if he could see her pink thong but did not care if he did. He noticed that her foot had folded over completely and her toes were resting on his leg. With no muscle tone everything was flaccid and could be moved in almost any way the mover wanted. He continued to move his hand around her leg but did not notice how aroused Kim was becoming.

He lifted the footrest up and let Kim’s leg back down from his knee. It just hung there with the toes pointed towards the floor. He lifted her other longer leg up onto his knee and again used his hand to rub all around her leg. He bent this leg outward a little more than the other one and she knew that this time he saw her thong and it now had a wet spot on it. He looked at it for several seconds, looked up at Kim blushing, and looked back down at it again. Al then lifted the other foot rest up and let her leg down hanging free, moving on its own for a few seconds. Again the toes were pointed straight to the floor. He pushed both of her legs and watched them swing around. He finally looked up at Kim and said sorry, but I have never seen anything as sexy as that. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

It was a little cramped in the back of the van and Kim asked Al if he would take hold of her legs and guide them over with her as she transferred to the seat. She showed him how and she made the transfer, Al watching closely how she did it. She was sitting on his left side and took hold of his arm and hugged it, pulling it close to her knowing he could feel her breast pushing against it as she did so. She let loose lara otele gelen escort of it and he put his arm around her on her shoulder. He leaned down and kissed her and she kissed him back. With her twisting to kiss him, his hand slid down and she reached around with her right hand and put his hand up on her breast squeezing his hand around it. When they broke the kiss she asked if that was the first breast he had ever touched. He said yes and she said good, you are the first man to ever touch my breast. They grinned and kissed some more.

They kissed for a while and she let him continue feeling her breast. She thought he sure seems to be coming out of his shell and was glad. They talked for a while longer then Kim told him that she needed to get home. He moved her legs back to her chair as she transferred her rear to the seat but left them swinging with the foot rests folded up and Kim did not alter that. He moved back to his seat and Kim got behind the wheel and locked her chair in. On the way home she asked him if he would like to come to her place for dinner on Saturday night. He said yes right away and should he bring anything. She said no but there was one thing she should warn him about. At a stop light she looked him in the eye and said she was going to ask him to show her his shoulder. This did not seem to bother him as much as she thought it would and he said ok.

She drove him back to his car and they kissed good bye. Kim added a little bit of tongue this time. She watched him get into his car looking at the empty sleeve on his shirt most of the time. It aroused her very much to wonder what it looked like. That night he called her and thanked her for the lunch and great afternoon. He said he was looking forward to being with her on Saturday. She could tell he wanted to ask her something so she prodded him to not be afraid and ask whatever he wanted. He said ok and did she remember what she said when he had his hand on her breast. She said yes she did. He finally asked if she was a virgin. She laughed a little and said yes, she had never been with a man and no man had ever penetrated her. She asked if he was a virgin and he said yes, he had never even been close to another naked woman. Kim then asked if he was afraid to be with her and he said no, not at all. Kim told him she was glad. The rest of the week passed quickly.

Kim prepared some things to have for dinner on Saturday morning and told him to be there about 3 and they could get some sun. She took a shower, shaved her legs and pussy and got dressed. She put on a tank top, and very short skirt. No underwear. When the door bell rang she answered the door with both of the footrests on her chair up and her legs dangling. As always her toes pointed to the floor and just cleared it. She opened the door and saw the surprise on his face as he saw her. She backed out of the way and closed and locked the door after he was in. He bent down and kissed her and told her how sexy she looked. Kim said thanks and was happy he phrased his complement that way.

Al was dressed in shorts and a polo shirt. The empty sleeve was folded in and the obvious missing shoulder and arm was evident. Kim suggested some cold lemonade and that they go out on the patio. They sat in the sun and made small talk about what had gone on during the week. Kim finally said that with the good sun today she wanted to get rid of her winter white and was going to strip to get more sun. Did Al want to join her? He thought for about 5 seconds and said last one naked has to put the sun screen on the other. He kicked his shoes and clothing before Kim could even react. She laughed with him, noticing that he had no under shorts on, and removed her tube top.

She asked him to come over and help her out of her skirt. He sat close to her and she lifted her bottom and he pulled the skirt off. After she sat down she asked if she could look at him. He turned his right side to her and she was a little taken back at the damage. It was still red in several areas and she asked if it still hurt. He said no, the pain seemed to be over. She asked if she could lightly touch it and he seemed surprised she would want to but said yes. Kim ran her finger around the outside of the area and then into the indentation where the shoulder joint had been. She then kissed the area. Al then realized she was not turned off by him but accepted him for how he was just, as he now realized, he had accepted her. He reached over and they hugged each other.

Now that that was over, they looked over each other. Al realized that what he saw was causing him to get hard and was embarrassed. He tried to hide it but Kim pulled his hands away and said thank you for the complement. She told him she was just as turned on as he was and he seemed to relax. Next she said she would like to get onto one of the lounges and he moved her legs over as she transferred. He grinned at her and spread them a little as he put them down. He lara rus escort got on the lounge that was facing her and spread his legs. She asked if he could see how wet he had made her and he said is that what that is.

Just as they got comfortable Kim said sorry she forgot to put the sun lotion on him. He got up and sat by her. She rubbed lotion all over him, and at the end, even ran some up his hard penis. She noticed he was uncut and his foreskin was covering the head even though he was hard. She started to put some on herself but he took the bottle and started applying it to her. As he got close to her breasts he looked with raised eyebrows into her eyes and she nodded yes. He applied the lotion to them and then had her lean forward so he could put some on her back. She noticed that as he was putting it on her legs he became noticeably harder and longer. He was not super thick but quite long. As she watched his penis bobbing around she thought that would be what she wanted to take her virginity. She also wondered if he would take the lead or if she would have to.

Al remarked again how soft her legs were and how good they felt in his hands. He got back on his lounge and they enjoyed the sun. After about 20 minutes Kim said they should turn over and Al watched how hard it was for Kim to do so. He also realized how much it turned him on to watch her struggle. He wondered if he should talk to her about it and decided he would. After another 20 minutes Kim said it was time to get out of the sun and she was going to shower, did he want to join her. Saying that was a silly question he helped her move her legs over to the wheelchair and they went inside. Kim did not seem to mind he was there and transferred to the john and peed and back to her chair and into the shower. Al moved her chair out and sat beside her. She showed him how she had to put a belt around her chest to keep from falling while she was washing.

She started soaping him up and then as she touched his penis he came. She had not really intended for it to happen and Al seem ashamed it had happened. She quickly told him she had wanted to do it for him and he relaxed some. She said you can do me later if you want. Al soaped Kim and when he was doing her back, he used his finger to trace the curve in her vertebra. He then rubbed her back with his hand while he soaped it. Kim said his hand felt good there. He rinsed her off still feeling the afterglow of all that had happened. He brought her chair back in and again helped her transfer. She knew that he knew she did not need the help, it was just that he could feel her legs more often.

They had forgotten to bring their clothing in with them and so Kim suggested they just stay naked. Al said if she was going to force him to do that, OK. They laughed and hugged each other. Kim said she was ready to eat and they went into the kitchen. She had fixed spaghetti, a salad and garlic bread. She hoped she could get away with her plan. She knew the spaghetti would be hard to eat for Al with only one hand. She wanted to feed him as thinking about it had made her very hot. She hoped it would not embarrass him and he would go along. She had him go ahead and sit down and start on his salad. He did so as she served the spaghetti which she had not cut but left it in long strands.

She sat her wheelchair along side of him and simply told him she would like to feed him that it would be a big turn on for her to do so. He looked at the spaghetti and then her and got a big grin and said sure why not. She kissed him and reached down and found him getting hard again and said I see you think it is also. He nodded his head. She fed him a few bites and then as she was eating some of hers, he put his hand between her legs and came back with a couple of wet fingers. He said I see you weren’t telling a lie and he licked his fingers off.

They ate their dinner and Al helped get the dishes into the kitchen. They put them in the dishwasher and then Kim asked him what he wanted to do. He asked if they could sit out on the patio for a while, he had never been up this high to look out over a city. They went out and looked over the rail. Al was very quiet and Kim finally asked him if anything was wrong. He remained quiet and finally looked at her and said he was surprised at several things about today. He was surprised at how well they had gotten along. That she was so easy to talk with, that had never happened with other girls he had been out with. That she was so open with letting him see her body. That she was not turned off by his missing arm. Finally that he was embarrassed by staying hard around her and that she would think badly of him.

Kim told him she did not think badly about that, in fact she took it as a complement that he was not turned off by her being in a wheelchair and her distorted body. She said he should understand that women, at least this one, liked to see and enjoy looking at men just as much as men did looking at women. She was sorry that what he was going through with his arm had to happen. She then admitted to him that she found it a turn on for her to look at it. Kim asked him if her crippled body turned him on. He said yes it did. He did not know how to handle that and was glad she had told him how she felt about his arm. He felt better knowing he was not the only one with those feelings.

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