Kiara’s MassageKiara’s Massage


Today I met this woman. Her name is Kiara. As soon as I saw her I had an instant erection growing in my pants. She wore tight daisy duke shorts that made her big beautiful White ass almost see through. She wore a bright blue shirt with MIAMI BEACH written in pink letters. She had big boobs (about 36D) and a nice round ass. She walked by me and smiled. I did my best to smile back. As I sat outside in an outdoor cafe watching her walk down the street I realized I had a chance to get to know her maybe. Who knows? I could even get into her panties later on.

I ran to my car and opened my trunk. “Yup I have it,” I thought to myself. My roommate Vince works a part time job at a local massage parlor to practice on becoming a future chiropractor. He has lots of benefits workin there like getting free massage products like lubricant, oils, etc. He has so much so he gives me quite a few bottles of lube and rubbing oil (the lube comes in handy with these horny college girls who like to get down and dirty). I grab my bag with my massage products and get into my car. I head out to the mall where I see Kiara walk in. I change my shirt into the massage parlor’s uniform that I “borrowed” from Vince. I even have my own name tag to put in the middle of the shirt.

I jump out and head into the mall searching for Kiara. I later find her walking into Victorias Secret and I decide to just wait for her across the mall near the Food Court. Within 10 minutes she walks out of Victorias Secret and heads out to Banana Republic, just a couple stores down. I get bored so I text Vince and give him a heads up to not show up to our room this evening bc I may or may not be getting laid by Kiara. We both agreed that if one of us brings a slut into our room to get laid the other has to find something else to do until she or they (been fortunate enough to have had a couple of three-ways) have left our dorm. Within 2 minutes of sending the text I get a reply from Vince saying, “No problem bro, I get out of work tonight at six. I’m meeting up with some buddies to go bowling. I want DETAILS tonight bro if it works!!” I smile and put my phone away when I see Kiara walking out of the store and heading towards the food court! My dick begins to grow as she gets closer to me. She heads over to the Chick-Fil-A joint and orders a milkshake. I head over to the area and sit down. Once she has her shake she heads down to sit at a table. She sits down just a few rows to the left of me and takes out her phone and starts texting. I see my chance and I get up. I take a deep breath and I walk towards her.

She looks up and sees me. I smile and I sit down across from her. She smiles and says hello. I say hi back. We started to make simple conversation and all. I eventually start to execute my plan. I turn to her and say, “So I’m a massage therapist and I give private massages to my clients. I recently just started my own private business and I’m now lookin for clients who want a private massage. I offer specialty offers like joint pain muscle treatment, full body, hot coal rocks, etc. I just got back from my last clients home and she highly approved my business. So I saw you here sitting down and I wanted to know if your interested in making an appointment today for a massage.”
She looks at me and smiles and asks, “So you come to my house to massage me?” I said yes and that she has nothing to be worried about because I’m a “professional.” Kiara looks thrilled about the idea but she looks concerned. “What are your prices?” I look at her and smile an say, “Since I’m new at this I want everyone to spread the word about my business. You get a 2-Hour Free Trial and if your don’t like my service I will offer you free 5 One-Hour massage coupons that are good for any day. How bout that?” Before Kiara even replied I knew the answer right away. Her big grin told me yes. We exchange phone numbers and we settle on a 6:30 appointment. I leave the mall super happy and I head back to my dorm to get Vince’s spare massage bed. I soon realize that he left it in his car and I’m horrified. I realized that I would need to give Kiara her massage on her bed.

I grab a few blankets and head out to my car. The time says 5:30 but I need to leave ahead of time so I can beat the Los Angeles traffic. I end up arriving 5 minutes early and I walk to her doorstep. “Damn, this house is tight!” Kiara lived in Beverly Hills in a quiet area of the community. The house was surrounded with tall palm trees and I could see the gate that led to a pool behind the small mansion. I ring the door bell and Kiara comes and answers. She is now wearing just a small sports bra with short tight yoga pants. “Hey Luke,” she says to me. I reply with a hi back and I ask her where to set up shop. I explain first that I did not bring my massage bed and I ask her where I can set up where she is most comfortable and relaxed. “Lets go to the back I have a tanning bed near the pool,” Kiara replies. We head to the back gate and she lets me inside. Sure enough her tanning escort izmit bed is right besides the pool. Kiara has a nice pool. It has a nice shallow end where you could chill on a ledge that could fit a bunch of people. On the other side is a small water slide. At the top of the slide their was a hot tub. To get into the pool from the hot tub you slide down the water slide into the pool. “This is one lovely place you have here. Nice pool and beautiful home.” “Thanks,” she says. I soon wrap up the tanning bed with white sheets and Kiara goes inside to make some fresh lemonade.

I set up the lube and oils and I make myself comfortable by taking off my shirt and loosening up my shorts. Not to brag but I got a nice shape. My abs are tight and my muscles are big and veiny. I’m really tan and for some reason girls dig that. Kiara walks towards the pool with the lemonade. As soon as she sees me she giggles. “Too hot or something?” “Yeah I hope you don’t mind, I just needed to cool off,” I replied. “No problem, make yourself at home,” Kiara says. She hands me my glass of lemonade. It’s sweet and refreshing. I ask her if she’s ready and I hand her towel. Kiara walks inside to get undressed and I wait. I thought about sneeking up to a window to get a look but I decided that would not be a good idea. Kiara comes back out with nothing but a towel. She comes up and I turn around while she gets onto the tanning bed. “Okay, I’m ready,” she says.

I pull her towel down to her ass and I cover it. I start by rubbing my hands down her shoulders to her lower back and I ask her if she has any joint pain or an area she wants me to focus on. She replies, “My lower back has been sore for a few weeks but it recently got better.” I tell her that I will put extra pressure down her back to make sure the pain doesn’t come back. I grab the oil and I squirt some down her back. She shutters a little and giggles. “That feels so good,” she tells me. I grin and I start to rub the oil up and down her back. I focus on her shoulders and then I slide my hands down to her lower back. I start to add more oil on her back and I start to rub her down. I start to build speed and pressure down her back with my hands going up and down her back. Kiara seems to enjoy this as she lays down softly moaning and telling me how good it felt. I continue to do her back for another half hour until I stop and move down to her legs. I started near her thighs and I rubbed as close as I could to her crotch without getting in trouble. Without her noticing I gently move her towel a little higher so I could get a sneak peek of her pussy from behind. Sure enough she doesn’t notice and I rub her legs down to her feet. I put lots of oil on both legs and I give each a good rub from her thighs to her feet.

I eventually take a minute break and I tell her to just lay and relax. I’m able to take my phone out of my pocket. I open up the camera and I slowly reach over Kiara to take a picture of her bare ass. I tell her I’m ready to start again and she opens up her legs a little wider. I take the pic and sure enough I get a full HD view of her pussy. I smirk to myself and quickly put my phone away. I grab some more oil and I start to do her feet. I rub each foot with gentle pressure. I go in between each toe and I rub to the bottom of her soles. As soon as I’m done with her toes, I start to rub her legs all the way back up to her ass. I start rubbing her thighs with rough gentle movements in circular motions. Kiara is softly moaning. Without paying attention I start to rub her the bottom of her ass cheeks and that’s when she hesitates. “Umm…is this part of the massage?” “Shit,” I say to myself. “Yes this is part of your massage. I’m giving you a full body massage. If this is uncomfortable for you just let me know and I’ll stop.” She speaks up and says, “No it feels great I just wanted to know that this was still a massage haha.” I couldn’t believe it. She just gave me permission to rub her ass down. I gently remove her towel from her ass. I put some lube this time onto her ass. I pour alot so I can rub her ass longer. I even spill some down her butt hole and she shivers from excitement. I start to rub her ass cheeks together as the oils start to spread around. I then rub her ass cheeks separately. I take a risk and I spread her ass cheeks apart. I slowly grab my hand and rub the lube from her ass hole to her pussy lips. Kiara starts to tense up a little. “Like I said if I’m making you uncomfortable let me know,” I say. “I’m fine I’m just trying to adjust because this feels so good.” I start to get a boner. I finish rubbing her ass and I tell her to turn over. Before I could turn around to give her some privacy she takes off her towels and turns around. She closes her eyes and tells me she’s ready.

I’m standing in complete utter shock as I look her down. She is completely naked. Her breasts are huge! She has round small nipples that were erect. Her pussy was sexy! Her pussy was shaved and had a cute little birth mark on her lower pubic area. My izmit escort hands start to get shaky as I pour some oil down on her chest. I start to rub her shoulders and neck. I quickly start to go lower. I quickly reach the breasts and I rub them down gently as I head down to the stomach area. I start to pass her stomach down to her front legs. I do the whole leg rub down again and I do the front feet. Kiara is quietly grunting to herself as I grab more oil for her breasts. I start to massage each tit separately. Kiara is groaning. I start to massage her tits faster and faster. I squeeze them together and I work my way down to her belly. I start to rub her belly with my hands on her thighs and my thumbs moving up and down. I even finger her belly button for a little while. Once I’m done I grab some lube and get my hands ready to massage her cunt. I start by rubbing her pubic area with one hand and her lower cunt with the other. “Ohhhh…that feels so gooooddd….ohhhh yea keep rubbing there Luke….uhh!!” Kiara is moaning louder and louder. I start to massage her pussy lips. My finger slips it’s way into her cunt and that’s where something amazing happened. Kiara stared at me in shock as some hot wet liquids came flowing out of her vagina. And it wasn’t my lube! Kiara just had an orgasm! It then clicked inside me that this was no longer just a massage!

Kiara grins at me and says, “Look at what you did to me haha!” I look at her grinning. “Did you like that little twist I added to the massage?” She starts to giggle. “You bastard! I knew that wasn’t part of the massage, you just wanted to get into my panties didn’t you ha?” I laugh. “Hmmm…maybe. Did it work?” Kiara looks at me and sits up. She stands in front of me and wraps her arms around my neck and whispers into my ear. “Maybe”…..Kiara reaches in towards me and our lips meet. I was in shock. Kiara was doing all the work while I stood frozen. Eventually my common sense and lust came back and I started to kiss Kiara deeply. She put some tongue in my mouth and I got the memo. We both started to play with each others tongues in our mouths. I then started to stick my tongue down her throat as far as I could. Kiara tried to do the same. Finally we broke our kiss and I started to take off my pants. Kiara was filled with lust and lost her patience and yanked off my boxers. My 7 1/2 inch cock sprang out and stood firm. Kiara right away got straight to work with it. She pushed me down onto the bed and started to give me a hand job. She thrusts hard from my shaft down to my balls. “You like that baby?” she asks in a sexy voice. All I do is grunt out in pleasure and she goes harder on my cock. She stops and puts her mouth onto the tip of cock. Kiara licks the tip like a popsicle and eventually starts to put my dick deep in her mouth. She thrusts my dick in and out of her mouth while playing with my balls. She stops and starts to lick my ball sack and grabs my sack softly with her teeth. At this point I’m starting to get the feeling of an orgasm coming so I stop her. I get up and she lays down. “Eat my pussy Luke…fuck me!” I did not need to hear her say it twice. I quickly put my face down to her pussy. I open her lips up and I stick two fingers into her pink cunt. Kiara starts moaning furiously and starts breathing heavenly. I finger her tight snatch faster and faster. Kiara starts to play with her boobs while I finger her to an orgasm. I release my finger from her pussy and I put my tongue down to her pussy. I stick my tongue into her pussy and I start to furiously lick her up inside out. Kiara can’t take it no more and she wraps her legs around my neck and screams as she shoves her pussy in my face. “I’M CUMMMING!!!” she yells. As her juices squirt onto my tongue, I lick it all up. Her cum tasted like sweet nectar. I put my nose down to her crotch. Her pussy smelled like lavender and vanilla. I lick her pubic area. She smiles. Kiara gets up and puts herself in a better position. It was time for me to insert my dick into her.

Kiara looks at me with lust. She licks her fingers and fingers herself. “Fuck me Luke!” I grab my cock and I rub some oil on it. I rub oil on Kiara’s pussy too as I slowly guide my cock to her pussy entrance. My dick slowly opens up her pussy as I slide in deeper down her vagina. We both let out huge grunts. Kiara is moaning louder than ever. “Fuck your so tight!,” I grunt. “C’mon baby fuck me! Fuck me hard!,” she shouts. Once I’m fully in her I start to thrust back and forth. I pick up the pace and I start fucking her faster and faster. Kiara is screaming at me to go faster. I start going faster and deeper into her pussy. I calm her down by playing with her boobs and putting my tongue in her throat. Kiara is groaning while trying to swallow my tongue. We fuck in the position we are in for awhile. I then slip out of her pussy and I sit down. Kiara gets on top of me to fuck in cow girl position. She grabs my cock and guides it into her pussy and once I’m in, I take off! Kiara rides me as she bounces harder and izmit kendi evi olan escort faster than ever. Kiara moans, “Ahhh…fuck meeeeee….fuck!!!! Shove your dick harder into meeeee….is that all you got??? FUUUUUUCCCKKKK MEEEE!!!” Inspired by her dirty talk…I start to fuck her deeper and faster. I slap her ass while I start to kiss her again. I eventually slow down and grab her ass cheeks when I feel like I’m close to coming. “Why’d u stop???,” she asks. “I’m real close to my orgasm.” She looks at me with panic, “Luke you can’t come in me I’m not on the pill and you aren’t wearing a condom.” While she talks I feel my dick start to shrink inside her pussy. I’m bummed out. “I really wanna cum in you,” I said. Kiara looks at me with concern and that’s when it clicked in me. I immediately grow a devious grin and I ask her, “Ever tried taking it in the ass?” Kiara looks at me with a wide look of shock and surprise. “I’ve never had anal with a guy, but back in college my roommate and I fucked around. We took turns shoving our dildos in each other’s asses. That’s the only anal I’ve ever got.” As soon as she told me this my dick started to get hard again inside of Kiara and she felt that. She giggles, “what did I say haha.” “So wanna try anal?,” I ask her. She smiles and replies, “Lets do it. Wanna fuck me in the pool?” I’m super excited and I reply with a “Fuck yea!” Kiara grabs me by the cock and guides me to the shallow end of her pool where the ledge is at.

We get into the water onto the ledge and we sit down in the pool. Kiara eventually gets on her fours and puts her butt in my face. I’m so horny that I take a finger and I finger her asshole. Kiara starts groaning in pleasure. I put my face up close an I lick her ass up and down. I kiss her butt cheeks and then I stick my tongue in her butt and swirl it around. Many people say it’s gross. But her ass didn’t taste so bad. I mostly tasted the oils I put in before but I ignore it. Kiara is surprised by this new kind of feeling and she has another orgasm! Me approaching mine, I quickly end our rim job and I grab my dick. “You ready?” I ask. “Put it in babe…fuck my ass!” was her reply. I quickly lubricate her ass one last time and I slowly put my dick into her ass. Her ass is so tight that I felt like I could not go in further. I start to push deeper in slowly. It took me a few minutes but I finally was able to fit my entire cock inside Kiara’s ass. Kiara is groaning softly and looks like she’s about to faint. “You ok?” I ask. “Your just so big it feels so tight!” She looks at me and tells me to start fucking her. I slowly start to push in an out of her. We are both moaning. I finally felt that we were both ready to pick up the pace. I start to fuck her faster than ever. Her ass is bouncing back n forth as I fuck her ass. I slap her ass cheeks till they’re red and I bend over her squeezing her boobs from behind as I fuck Kiara harder and harder. I start to get that tense feeling for an orgasm and I knew that this time their was no escape. I was gonna cum any second! Kiara is screaming as my orgasm quickly approaches. My legs start bouncing in the water and I grunt loudly. “All FUCK!!!!” I start cumming uncontrollably deep down into Kiara’s ass. Kiara screams as rope after rope of cum goes spitting down her ass. I can’t stop cumming! It’s almost as like I was taking a piss down her ass. Finally my orgasm starts to settle down and we both are groaning and breathing heavily. My cock slowly shrinks and pops right out of her ass. When my penis comes out, the leftovers of my semen start to drizzle out of her ass like a small water fountain. I fall back into the water exhausted. Kiara stands up and limps her way towards her house. I watch her as her ass sways back and forth every step she takes. I chuckle to myself. Damn! I could not believe I just fucked this Goddess! I felt like the luckiest man alive!

I soon walk out of the pool and walk to the tanning bed to get my clothes. Kiara comes back out with water bottles and towels. She hands me a towel and a bottle and I gladly take both. I dried off and put my clothes back on. I soon realize that Kiara is starin at me. “What is it?” I ask her concerned. She laughs. “You aren’t a massage therapist after all huh?” I grin and tell her the truth. I’m a horny college stud that loves to have fun with horny girls. Kiara just laughed. As I stood there I stared at Kiara who was still naked. She started to gather her clothes and head inside. I packed up all my massage supplies and placed them in my car. I went back into the house to say goodbye to Kiara. She was now wearing a tiny bikini sitting on her couch on her phone. I went up to her and sat down beside her. “Luke, that was so amazing what you did with me today. I not only got a great massage, I had the best sex I had with anyone in a long time so thanks for that”…she leaned in and gave me a long passionate kiss. We stared at each other and smiled. I had to leave but we promised each other that we would be fucking each other soon. With that, I left back to my dorm.

This is where the story ends….for now.

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