Kendra’s First True Submission, Part 2Kendra’s First True Submission, Part 2


As I laid in bed, my mind raced quite a bit thinking about how I dominated Kendra last night. It was an interesting evening as I really used her ass more than ever before and how she was never a big fan of anal play. I played the scene over and over in my head thinking about how she took it, how wet she got and most importantly, how she never complained other than one little time. The more I thought about it, the harder I got and couldn’t fall back asleep. As I looked at the clock saying it was 4:14 AM, a new thought ran through my head. Kendra has always been sexual and doesn’t mind get awoken by me going down on her as a way to get to sex. But since I have control, I sat up in the bed and took her hair in my hand and lifted her head a little towards my cock. As she started to wake up, I used a little more force and told her, “My cock is hard and needs sucked, be a good girl and take care of me.” As she woke up, she started giving me one of her incredible blowjobs with her mouth and hand. It took her a few minutes to fully wake up and then she started to get more and more into it. I pulled her head back a little and made her look up as she took me in her mouth and said “You did great last night baby, but today is gonna be much more fun. I hope you’re ready.” Then I held her head and slowly started to fuck her mouth. I must have caught her off guard at first as she tried to keep stroking my cock, but then let go and tightened her lips. As I held her head in place, I let my hips do the work as I treated her mouth like a new pussy. I must have been worked up or enjoyed the new sensation as I climaxed very hard and shot my load deep into her mouth and heard her swallow and take it in. I kissed her on her forehead and said “Go back to sleep sweetie, you have a long day ahead of you.” And we both rolled back over and slept in until well past 9 on Saturday morning. As we woke up, I smiled and told her that I would love breakfast in bed. As she was getting almanbahis up, I said “You can make yourself something too and bring it to the bedroom, you’ll need nourishment,” and I laughed. When she got back, we laid in bed together and I said, “Honey, last night was great and tonight will be even better I promise. Did you enjoy last night?” She looked at me a little and said, “Yes I did but it was really intense. I can’t believe that I had six orgasms. My pussy was tingling all night. And I can’t believe you got those anal beads we joked about. I never thought I could take those like that.” I smiled and said, “Did you like them?” She looked back and said, “I’m not sure I’d say I liked them but they weren’t as bad as I thought, although my ass is a little sore this morning.” I giggled and said, “Good, then that’s perfect. I didn’t want you to love everything, but didn’t want to hurt you either. So today will be a lot more fun.” We both finished breakfast and I told Kendra “I invited some friends over tonight for a little party, the house needs to get ready.” Normally when we host something, we both do a lot of work to get the house ready, but this Saturday, I had something else planned. “I’m planning on watching football all afternoon, so you be a sweetheart and get everything ready. First, run to the store and get the food you need to prepare and the beer, wine and liquor, I’m going back to bed.” I smiled when I saw her get dressed and heard the garage door close. Around 11:30 I heard her return and I got up and came downstairs and saw her bring everything into the house and put it away. I surveyed what she bought and saw she did a good job and commended her for it. Then I added, “I’m gonna watch the football game while you clean.” And then I started to undress her. I heard her say “I thought I was cleaning and you’re getting me naked.” I just smiled and took off all of her clothes in the kitchen and then got an apron and put it over her and tied almanbahis yeni giriş it in the back. I smiled as I saw her there naked and just in the apron. Her large tits weren’t ever close to be covered as they hung out the side and her ass was exposed from behind. The only thing that was covered was her pussy. I smiled because I knew as much as Kendra enjoyed sex, she was still a little uncomfortable being naked unless we were having sex and I knew doing it in the daytime and downstairs would make it even more difficult for her. “Okay baby, the game is almost on, get to work cleaning downstairs and upstairs too. A few people are driving from a distance and might need to stay over if we get too drunk. And by the way, when you hear my phone alarm come off, I want you to come to the living room and check on me,” I added. I smiled as I watched her go work on some of the chores and then the alarm went off and she came over to me as asked if I needed anything. I told her I was fine but wanted her to sit down next to me and then I put my hand under her apron and started playing with her clit and started sucking on her nipple that poked out the side. She leaned back and enjoyed the sensation and as she was about to come, I pulled away and said, “Back to work baby.” I could tell she was a little pissed I didn’t let her come but she didn’t complain and got up and started working some more. Another 30 minutes later, the alarm went off and she came back. Again, I sat her down and worked on her clit with my hand and got her to the edge and stopped. This time, she complained saying “God, that’s not fair, you know I don’t like to be teased and not get off.” I pulled her knee further towards me and quickly used my hand and spanked her pussy harder than I ever have before and did it a second time and scolded her “It doesn’t matter what you want today does it? It’s what I want. I rubbed her clit very hard until she couldn’t take anymore and stopped.” almanbahis giriş For the next three hours, I kept doing it every thirty minutes. I knew her pussy had to be ready to explode but I wouldn’t let her. When she finished getting the appetizers ready, I told her she could go shower and get ready. “And honey, tonight, I want you to look extra hot. I’d like a little heavier make up and I want your tits on display and looking fabulous for all to see. And by the way, you better not touch yourself or you’ll be so sorry.” I let her go upstairs and start to get ready and when she was doing her make up, I went in and got dressed myself. As the start time was nearing, I went up behind her and kissed her neck as I looked at her in the mirror and whispered “God you look so fucking hot tonight” and my hands went down and started to massage her tits through her low cut sweater. “God I do love these tits too” and I pulled down her zipper and started massaging her pussy through her panties and got her to the edge as the doorbell rang. “Too bad I can’t finish,” I laughed as we went downstairs to let the first guests in. For the first 90 minutes or so, it was a bunch of our normal friends having a good time and drinking and chatting. Around 9, the doorbell rang again and I asked Kendra to get it. I watched from the corner as she opened the door and saw Joan and her husband there. They each gave her a hug when they came in and I looked at Kendra and smiled a wicked grin. Kendra knew that Joan was someone that I dated before I met her and I always talked about how incredible she was and she knew that I still had a little crush on Joan. I didn’t do anything with her since we were married, but thought she was hot and always flirted with her. If there was one woman that made Kendra jealous, it was Joan. When she came in, I shook her hubby’s hand and pointed him towards the kitchen and then gave Joan the biggest hug and kept the embrace a little longer and said in a loud enough voice for Kendra to hear “God you still look incredible, I’m not sure how you do it. You look hotter than you did when we dated way back when.” I went over to Kendra and took her to the side and whispered, “It’s time to test you.

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