Katya and Sara ReturnKatya and Sara Return


As she applied the finishing touches to her makeup and adjusted her earrings, Sara spun around and sighed at her roommate. “I honestly can’t believe that I let you talk me into this,” she said to Katya. “What the hell was I thinking?”

Katya walked closer to her friend and wrapped her arms around Sara’s neck, kissing her. First the kiss was sweet and then, it became like one of the kisses that had transformed them into a couple. A kiss of urgent passion and delicious sensuality. “You weren’t thinking,” Katya teased, her lovely accent still coming through despite all of Sara’s tutoring. “You always tell me that when I’m around, you cannot think straight.”

“You do have that affect on me,” Sara whispered as their kiss ended. She looked into the pale beauty of Katya’s blue eyes and knew that even when they were both old women, she would find those eyes irresistible. “Still, I’ll say it again — what was I thinking? I’m no model, I’m a photographer. I shoot the photos; I don’t have my own pictures taken.”

“The client asked for you,” Katya told her. “Les Printemps Lingerie is a big deal and when you came to pick me up after my last shoot with them, the owner noticed you and asked me if you modeled. When I told her no, you were my primary photographer and gave her your name; she recognized you and told me that you should be in front of the camera as well. She insisted that she wanted both of us for her next campaign and darling, let’s face it, we can still use the money,” Katya said as she sat down and poured herself a glass of wine.

“I’m not a model, that’s your department,” Sara argued. Katya sipped her wine with a sigh. Despite their having been together for a lengthy period now, Katya still could not entirely convince Sara of her own spectacular beauty. The lovely brunette had captivated Katya from the start and once she discovered how beautiful Sara was on the inside, her heart was given over to the lovely young woman. Sara had given of herself freely, helping Katya learn English, helping her acquire some of her assets back after a bitter divorce and generally, just being a friend to a young immigrant who had few in her new country. Katya’s ultimate goal was to become a Canadian citizen; she adored Toronto and her new country. Sara had teased if they got married, she would become a citizen immediately. Katya was taken aback and thrilled at the same time. She had not been sure up to that point if Sara’s love and devotion ran that deep, now she knew that it did. Sara was still coming to terms with being in love with a woman; Katya had always been very at ease with her sexuality.

Katya told her love that she wanted to be a citizen first and not acquire it so easily, but she did tell her love that after that happened, anything at all might be in the offing. Both women had been married and burned, yet neither was at all gun-shy about trodding down that road again. They knew their devotion was total and for the entirety of their time together, they had melded into a unit. Sara and Katya could finish each other’s sentences and anticipated each other’s thoughts. Even in bed, they moved in total syncopation.

“This is the craziest thing I have ever done and that includes falling in love with you,” Sara teased her love. Both women were dressed in some of their sexiest finery, wanting to make a good impression on the photographer. Their skirts were tight and clingy, short and sexy and their heels, high. Katya had not met the photographer previously and Sara had never heard of D. Travers before, despite her own reputation in the business.

“Falling in love with me was crazy?” Katya asked, an impish smile crossing her face. Sara’s lips curled in an equally lovely smile as they kissed. Both women now believed that the wings of fate had drawn them together. Falling in love had been crazy for both young women and they both basked in the insanity.

“You’re right, which still drives me crazy, you know that?” Sara sighed as they rode down the elevator. “We can use the money and I guess it will be nice to have some gorgeous photos of myself to look at when I’m old and grey.”

“You won’t get old and grey,” Katya teased as they reached the parking garage. “I won’t let you, I’ll cast some kind of spell on you.”

“You already did that, darling,” Sara shot back as they got into the car. Once Katya got more of her money, she insisted that they buy a nice car and had purchased a nice Jag XK-E, as she knew Sara had always wanted one. Her love protested, but Katya bought it for her anyway. It was the only thing that Sara treasured almost as much as she adored Katya. She fussed over it like it was a baby and refused to drive it in anything less than perfect weather, which included this day.

The drive to the photographer’s studio was a very short one and Sara could barely keep the butterflies in her stomach still. The camera loved Katya, she herself had Ankara bayan escort taken far more photos of Katya than any client needed. She could not turn off her camera when Katya was in front of it, Sara almost felt as if it was a crime not to capture each second of Katya’s eerie blonde beauty. Though she knew her love considered her equally beautiful, Sara didn’t feel as if that was ever going to be possible. Katya was her goddess personified and Venus herself would have placed a distant second in Sara’s eyes.

D. Travers had a studio far smaller than Sara’s own, but it seemed to be very tidy and had lovely, natural lighting. When the two women entered, Sara looked around for this young hotshot who had been so highly touted by Katya’s lingerie client. She called out the fact that they had arrived and when D. Travers walked into the room, both Sara and Katya gasped in surprise.

The photographer both had assumed would be male was anything but. D. Travers was a tall, lovely black woman who stood at least 6′ tall in the stiletto heels she was wearing. As Katya was constantly telling Sara she could model, the same could have been said of Miss / Ms. / Mrs. Travers. She had an incredible, regal beauty and several models that Sara had photographed could not have even broached this woman’s loveliness. She also walked with confidence and you could almost see the taut, lean muscles of her body beneath the ultra-sexy pinstripe business attire she was wearing. Sara introduced herself and then, Katya while trying hard to focus. Only Katya herself had impressed her in such a fashion.

“You’re staring,” Katya whispered, nudging her lover in the ribs.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it,” D. Travers laughed, having overheard Katya. “I’m Diana Travers and welcome to my studio. Please make yourselves comfortable, we’ll have some wine, shall we? I always like to relax before I shoot someone, get to know them.”

“I do the same thing,” Sara laughed as they all sat down on a comfortable leather couch.

“Excuse me?” Diana cocked her head in confusion.

“When I photograph someone, I sit and talk with them first, it helps them to relax and I get better photographs,” Sara explained. Diana obviously was not aware that Sara herself was a photographer, so she introduced herself again, with her full name, Sara Jordan. Diana’s hand flew to her mouth.

“Oh my GOD, I had no IDEA. I love your work,” Diana gushed. “Your models are so sexy and you make them look so natural. Why aren’t you lensing this campaign?”

Katya laughed at Diana’s enthusiasm. “When I posed for La Printemps last time, Hillary noticed Sara and assumed she was a model. I tried to explain that Sara isn’t a model, she is my girlfriend, but the more I explained, the more insistent Hillary became that she wanted both of us in her next catalog — a blonde and a brunette,” Katya concluded.

“I can see how that would be appealing,” Diana nodded. “Oh God, I’m going to be so nervous photographing you — you’re so much more accomplished than I am. I’m probably going to be asking you for pointers all throughout the shoot,” she told Sara.

“I won’t mind,” Sara told the attractive young woman. She eyed the studio as a fellow professional. It was well laid out, had nice, natural lighting and it looked like all of Diana’s equipment was top notch. “From what I can see, you have everything in order, all you’d need. I doubt you’ll need a lot of advice from me,” she said to Diana.

“All the same, I’m going to pick your brain,” Diana smiled. “I think we should always be willing to try and to learn new things.”

“My girlfriend and I feel the same way,” Katya grinned. She thought that in a way, that was the way that she and her love had come together. Both had grown together as friends and when the time came for them to be lovers, they had not run from their feelings, but embraced them whole-heartedly.

“That’s twice you’ve called Sara your girlfriend,” Diana noted. “Do you mean girlfriend as in friend and roommate or as in lover?”

“The latter,” Katya smiled, squeezing Sara’s hands. “We started as friends, but a romance blossomed. It’s still new to the both of us, but we are girlfriends in every sense of the word.”

Diana smiled at both of them. “I normally wouldn’t do this, but I hoped that was the case. I was attracted to the pair of you from the moment I laid eyes on both of you. If I may be so bold, when the shoot is over — might we three all have a little bit of fun?”

Sara gasped and was about to say that she possibly couldn’t when Katya drew her to one side. The lovely blonde looked deep into Sara’s eyes as she held both of her hands. “Before you say anything darling, I want you to think about this. I can tell that you are attracted to Diana. I, also, find her stunning. I would not love you any less for making love to her and if the same holds true for you, why shouldn’t Escort bayan Ankara we partake of this little adventure? After all, is not life meant to be lived with vigor? We’re both young and if we are to be honest, both of us know that if we were not together, we would accept Diana’s offer.”

Sara smiled softly and nodded. That was Katya’s gift, she was both pragmatic and spontaneous. Very little affected Katya, she could bend like the willow, yet was sturdy as an oak tree. She linked hands with Katya and returned to Diana’s side. “I think we’d be agreeable to a little fun after, yes,” Sara told the stunning photographer. “Or even before, it might put us in the mood,” she winked at Diana.

“Oh gosh, I would, but I doubt I’d be able to focus a camera after,” Diana giggled nervously. “Okay, let’s finish our drinks and then, you two can go and change. I’ve got some ideas for what I want to shoot. Oh, incidentally — Hillary said that you can both keep all of the lingerie for yourselves after the shoot is completed.”

Katya clapped her hands. “See darling, there’s another reason you should be glad you accepted this job. Not only will you make wonderful money and get to play with another incredible, sexy woman, but we’ll both add to our collection,” she laughed. Sara and Katya never tired of purchasing lacy finery to tantalize the other with. The duo finished their drinks and went to change. Sara decided that she would get rid of her butterflies by focusing on two things — her desire for her beloved Katya and the seduction of Diana. She would think of seducing the dusky lovely with each and every photograph and hope that it projected itself on film. Katya merely needed to smile to be exquisite, Sara knew.

Sara’s earlier prediction proved to be accurate, she didn’t need to provide a lot of pointers to the young photographer. Diana had good instincts and a vivid imagination. The catalog was meant to showcase the beauty of both models and the lingerie itself, while having some fun and erotic play. There were naughty teacher outfits, schoolgirls, bustiers, teddies, merry widows, stockings with decadent boots and even naughtier stiletto heels and endless assortments of lacy and silky undergarments. Sara continued to focus on seduction and if Diana wasn’t turned on by all of this, Sara herself was. She used Katya as her own muse and followed along in her lover’s footsteps. The stunning blonde seemed to have a flair for this and whichever way she turned, the camera seemed to favor her. Diana didn’t have to prod Katya at all and they were through the session in far less time than any of them had planned for.

The young lovers looked at Diana and then, back at each other. Both had been so focused on their work and their posing that they had not noticed Diana had removed her jacket. Underneath her well-tailored suit was a body equal to their own, the beauty emanated from underneath. She had a vibrant beauty and for only the second time in her life, Sara wanted another woman wrapped around her. Fortunately, she had the other woman with her and she knew Katya’s attraction to Diana mirrored her own. There was no rush to start anything, the three stunners had all the time they would ever need.

Sara couldn’t help herself, she stared at Diana with undisguised admiration. Although she had photographed a vast number of beautiful women in her career, she had only been involved sexually with one — Katya. As Diana moved towards the bed she used for boudoir photos, Sara watched the way her body undulated sensually. She looked over at Katya and her blonde girlfriend was her usual calm and collected self. She knew that Katya possessed the same desire for Diana as she did herself, yet she wasn’t letting it show on her face. If someone had played poker with Katya this afternoon, they would not have been able to tell whether or not she was bluffing.

“You two are keeping me waiting,” Diana purred in a soft tone as she slid on to the bed. All the woman now wore was lingerie that was equal to the sets worn by her two models. Sara found herself wondering why Diana herself didn’t pose for the catalogs. She found her legs a bit wobbly, but she made it to the bed and to Diana’s side. The gorgeous black woman wrapped her arms around Sara’s neck and kissed her, sucking on her offered tongue. Sara was almost afraid that her heart would burst through her chest, she knew her pussy was already soaked and her nipples stiff as erasers.

Katya joined them on the bed, wearing a white chiffon negligee, Sara thought her baby looked like a goddess. She turned Diana to face her and demanded equal time. Sara had underestimated the visual appeal of the two women together, it was almost devastating to watch. If Sara had thought she might be at all jealous, those thoughts had vanished in a puff of smoke as she watched Katya lower Diana on her back on the bed. Diana also wore a light color, Bayan escort Ankara a cream colored bra and panty set that set off her dark skin exquisitely.

“I dream of experiences like this,” Diana breathed as she and Katya kissed. Katya nodded in response, still playing it cool. Sara moved in behind her lover and started her own play. She decided that if she could inflame Katya, it would likely be passed on to Diana and everyone would benefit. Sara’s heat was almost an inferno. Watching Diana and her blonde darling together was almost like an erotic movie, but this was no film — it was a live performance!

Sara’s slithery tongue licked all over Katya’s body from behind, even going so far as to rim her lover’s ass. Some would have considered that very dirty, but not Sara. Any kind of play with her Katya was allowed and there was nothing dirty about it. She loved the taste and fragrance of the sexy blonde and knew whatever she did to Katya, her lover would redouble it. As Katya and Diana twisted about the bed, their breasts mashed together and their tongues clashed. Just as quickly, the two women disengaged. Now Diana was hovering over Sara’s mouth and lowering her shaved cunt to Sara’s face, while her adored Katya was showing Sara that she took a back seat to no one.

Sara didn’t want to focus too much on Katya or on her own pleasure. Her tongue slithered along the groove of Diana’s pussy. The two lovers were entertaining a new companion and Sara decided that the focus should be on Diana. Diana’s honey flowed on to her tongue and she noted how different her new lover tasted from her previous love. Diana’s sweetness was a bit spicier and thicker. She was also more guttural and vocal in her praise than Katya. The sexy black woman was grinding her cunt on to Sara’s face and Sara, rather than being intimidated, was giving it her all. Of course, Katya’s talented lickings were spurring her on to new heights.

Diana fell away from the duo, panting, her body slick with perspiration. “You two are incredible,” she gasped as she kissed them both, Sara and then, Katya. “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed sex this much — ever! Do you like toys?”

Sara wasn’t overly fussy on toys, although Katya enjoyed being fucked with a strap-on every so often. Diana went into her wardrobe and got out the biggest double dildo Sara had ever seen. She saw Katya’s face light up as their new playmate brought it back to bed. In a matter of minutes, the two sexy bitches were joined together and grinding their bodies erotically. Sara wasn’t about to be left out, this was supposed to be a threesome. She lowered her own pussy to Diana’s face and was rewarded with a tongue that equaled Katya’s in skill. There were three nasty lesbian bitches in this room and the fragrance of pussy was everywhere.

Sara watched from her vantage point as her lovers fucked each other. It was apparent that Diana wasn’t the type of lover who liked to take things easy. She and Katya were really grinding their bodies together. Diana’s athletic and powerful frame was really giving Katya a workout. Despite the heated fucking, Sara still could not summon up one little speck of jealousy. Why should she be jealous? Diana’s tongue was thrilling her pussy and she had cum so many times, she had lost count. Katya wasn’t doing anything that Sara herself didn’t want to do and there had been no sneaking around, no duplicity. In this room, thrashing about like sex-crazed animals, all three women were on the same page.

“Holy fuck,” Diana managed to moan between licks of Sara’s sweet muff. “I had no idea when I started today that I’d end up bedding two such hot bitches as you two. You could both wear a girl out, although I’m not throwing in the towel yet,” she laughed gaily. Katya moved away and the dildo fell out of her dripping cunt. With an evil wink to Diana, she grabbed one end of the toy. Sara shrieked and tried to escape, but it was no use. The thick cock entered her cunt and then Diana’s pussy was in front of her. She had no choice but to accept her fate as Katya moved the cock in and out of her. Toys might not have been her favorite choice, but Sara had to admit that Katya was doing a good job of screwing her. She might have to re-think her position in the future.

Her pussy felt so stuffed, none of the men she had ever been with prior to her relationship with Katya had filled her so well. She tried to forget her own pleasure and pleasure Diana, but it felt so fucking good that it was a struggle. She licked and played with the black woman’s incredible body until she heard a plaintive wail and saw the telltale signs of orgasm. Then Sara allowed herself to climax before both women pounced on Katya to mix things up yet again.

It was late in the evening when the three women finally ran out of steam. Diana ordered pizza for all of them and poured wine while her guests packed up their lingerie. Sara extracted a promise from Diana that she would pose for her — and soon. Sara’s naughty mind already had the shoot all mapped out. As Katya and Sara drove their way home, Sara knew that what she had planned for Diana’s picture sets would make this day look like a church picnic.

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