Kathleen’s Lovers Ch. 01Kathleen’s Lovers Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Darren

Steve. It’s Kathleen. The Wife you walked out on three months ago?

Do you remember asking me how many guys had I slept with before we met?

I should have known you wouldn’t like the truth but I’d have thought that after five years of marriage, much of it spent ‘trying for a baby’, you would have been able to cope with my answer.

Was it so terrible that you had to pack your bags and leave?

And all you heard was how many.

Not the where’s and when’s and who’s.

Perhaps you should?

Perhaps you should see every little detail?

I know you read and how much it turns you on.

Well, lets see how turned on you get by my stories?

If the thought of your Wife being with ‘all those men’ was too much for you, how will you cope with everyone reading them, one by one, on your favourite website?

Remember asking me ‘what was it like your first time?’

Well read on.

Enjoy Steve…

Kathleen’s Lovers: Chapter One — Darren

I remember being so excited I felt I like I was about to burst. My Mother had already said if I did well in my A-levels I could go away on holiday to Corfu with Jenny and her friends. My results had arrived — two B’s and a C – better than I’d hoped for and so my Mum said okay!

Until then I had led a pretty sheltered existence. An only child brought up by my Mum who’d had me late in life (my Father left when I was still a baby), I had attended an all-girls Catholic School and had never had a boyfriend.

I was eighteen years old and still waiting for my first kiss, never mind anything else!

It wasn’t as if I was unattractive. I had long straight naturally red hair which I thought caught boys’ attention but it was more likely my DD boobs they were looking at! I was a bit of a late developer but then, almost overnight, I found myself with these great big boobs, which I then did my best to cover up under baggy sweaters and jumpers.

In sixth form I concentrated on my studies and rarely went out. It wasn’t that I didn’t fancy boys, it was just that I never seemed to find myself in their company.

I had gone out twice on blind dates with the friends of my friends boyfriend’s but nothing had ever happened. Maybe there was something wrong with me.

My best friend Jenny had left School at sixteen and worked in a hair salon in our small Bedfordshire Town. All the girls who worked there went on a week’s holiday in the sun every year and, from what Jenny had described the previous year, it sounded great. Sunny beaches, lively nightclubs, lots of fun and, of course, the chance to meet boys! She had asked me to come along too that summer and now thanks to my exam results, I had earned a chance to join them.

My Mum helped me pack and waved me off as Jenny picked me up in a taxi which took us to the airport. There we met the other girls. Most were like us, in their late teens and early twenties but a few were older. One, Karen, a loud tarty-looking brunette, must have been in her late thirties and was very much the ‘leader’ of the group. Immediately she cracked a joke about the dress I was wearing and that we “weren’t going to a garden party!” This got a laugh from the others and my heart sank. I realised how old-fashioned and inappropriate the clothes I had on were and the stuff I had in my suitcase was just as bad. We hadn’t even left England and already I felt I’d made a big mistake coming.

It was my first time on an aeroplane and my first time out of the country but instead of enjoying this new adventure, I felt like a silly young schoolgirl tagging along with a much older and more ‘with it’ crowd. The hotel room I shared with Jenny was lovely and she rushed to unpack and change into fresh clothes for our first night out. I opened my case and looked down on a pile of floral dresses that I knew were totally unsuitable for the clubs we’d be going to.

I picked out the best I could find, a white sleeveless dress that went down almost to my ankles, and went down to the hotel bar where all the girls had arranged to meet.

Karen was there holding court, turned to me and said sarcastically “oh that’s lovely” which was followed by a few smirks from the others.

I felt my face redden but tried not to let them see how upset I was. We went out to a bar, then another bar, each one loud and full of young guys and girls all wearing shorts and skimpy tops. Karen had a pot of money we’d all put into and was buying outrageous drinks for all of us to drink — ‘tequila slammers’ and ‘flaming sambucas’ were a few I remember. My only experience of alcohol until that point had been a rare glass of wine in a restaurant with my Mum so this was all new to me. My head started to spin as we went onto more bars and eventually to a nightclub. The heat, the alcohol and the thumping music were starting to get to me.

While the other girls were all up dancing and screaming with laughter, I just wanted to sit down. Then I saw him.

Across the gebze escort room, a tall guy in his early twenties was looking over at me. He had short dark hair, a fit-looking sun-tanned body and was really good looking. I thought he must be looking at someone else and so I glanced around to see who it was. Nobody was behind me so I looked back and he broke into a grin. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself and looked down to the floor to hide my blushes.

When I looked up again a moment later he’d gone. My disappointment only lasted a moment as I spotted him walking around the dance floor towards me.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, just a bit hot, you know” not really knowing what to say.

He asked who I was with and I pointed over to the group of girls at the bar. Karen was counting down to another ‘back-down-in-one’ round of drinks.

“Christ, no wonder you’re sitting over here!” he said and we both laughed.

His name was Darren and he was a London Policeman, on holiday with two other Policemen. I remember being quite impressed by this for some reason. In fact I was quite impressed by everything about him.

As he was talking I remember looking into his big brown eyes and thinking ‘wow, you’re so handsome, why are you talking to me?’

Every additional minute he spent asking me what I did, what I thought of Corfu and all the other general chat up lines you’d hear on holiday were putting me under his spell. His friends came over and they seemed really nice too. At last I was starting to enjoy myself when I heard Karen, above the music, screeching at one of the girls across the dance floor.

Darren noticed me wince at her behaviour and asked who she was. I told him she was the ‘leader of the gang’ and told him how she’d made me feel since meeting her. He laughed and said he’d thought she was someone’s Mother, something that cheered me up again.

Darren asked me up for a dance. He never took his eyes off me the whole time and then the music changed, slowing down. He held me close to him and I remember my heart racing as I smelt his aftershave and felt his arms around me. He put a finger under my chin, tilted my face up to his and kissed me. Slowly at first and then more passionately. I closed my eyes and followed what he was doing to me, opening my mouth to his and letting his tongue touch mine. My heart was thumping, this was so great. Everything I could have wished for and more when I was back home, imagining a holiday romance.

When we eventually stopped kissing I opened my eyes to see him smiling down at me. I beamed back. I was so elated at my first kiss and soon we were at it again. Three slow dances later, the music changed and we went back to where I’d been sitting.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” Darren asked. I looked around and couldn’t see any of the girls I was with. No Jenny, no Karen.

“Erm, okay then” I said, feeling concerned as to where they’d all gone without telling me.

We left the club and had a drink in a beach-side bar, kissing across the table and me delighting in being with this dream of a guy. After a couple more drinks Darren suggested we try somewhere else and we headed along the beach, his arm around me and my head snuggled into his muscular chest. I wasn’t really concentrating on where we were going until he stopped, looked at me and said quite casually “coming in?”

We were outside an apartment block. His apartment. I had a moment to think. Perhaps if I hadn’t been drinking, perhaps if my friends hadn’t left me, perhaps if Darren hadn’t been such an absolute hunk, perhaps then I’d have done the right thing and said goodnight but instead I gave a quiet “okay”.

My heart was pounding again as we went up the stairs to his apartment. I knew where this would lead to. We were going to have sex. I was going to lose my virginity. My mind raced, flooded now with doubts. ‘I hardly know this guy’ I said to myself. ‘Don’t do this, save yourself for the right one, the man you’ll marry, for your Wedding night’.

All these things zapped through my mind as Darren took my hand and led me along the corridor to a door which he opened and stood alongside, inviting me in.

‘Go now’ a voice inside my head said ‘you know you shouldn’t be doing this, you’ve only just met him’ but instead I walked into the empty apartment.

It was pretty small and obviously occupied by lads as empty cans of beer and worn clothes lay around everywhere. Darren put his hand on my shoulder and I turned and we kissed again. This time though we were alone and he was more urgent now, his hands drifting down my back to my bottom then bringing one up along the side of me until it cupped my breast.

No one had ever touched my boobs before and I wondered for a moment whether he’d recoil at the big bosoms that I tried so hard to hide away. I knew that everyone said boys like big boobs but I still secretly thought they were off putting. I needn’t have worried as he began göztepe escort to squeeze my left breast through my dress.

I was now pushed against the wall, kissing him back frantically and getting more and more turned on. He broke away and, taking my hand, took me into his bedroom. Two single beds greeted us. He sat down on one, taking me with him and then we both lay down, kissing as we went. He began to squeeze my boobs again murmuring ‘fantastic tits’ before pulling down the straps of my dress and then my bra. He pulled them from their bra cups, looking at them before lowering his head to kiss and suck my nipples.

No one had even seen my boobs before and again I panicked to what he might be thinking. I have large pink areola, which stand out against my pale skin, but only tiny nipples. Sometimes I would look at them and compare them to the topless girls in the newspapers and think they weren’t quite right. Would Darren feel the same?

He muttered “oh yeah” as he switched from one boob to the other and I thought ‘wow, he must like them’ (“God, how innocent I was then?).

After a few minutes of doing this, he stood up, pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt — a really sexy sight. I lay back breathing heavily, my boobs exposed with him unable to take his eyes off them. I realised I should be getting undressed too and wriggled out of my dress and shoes. Lying there, just in my white panties, I looked up at Darren stepping out of his trousers. Beneath them he was wearing a pair of white trunks with a very noticeable bulge in them.

He lay back down alongside me and we began to kiss again with his hands returning to my boobs. He pinched my nipples between his finger and thumbs, lightly at first and then more roughly. This was really doing it for me and I could feel myself redden all over. It was at this point I realised how moist my pussy had become and that I’d been squeezing my legs together in my excitement.

My heart was pounding, I could feel waves of heat rolling off my skin and now, not content with kissing and sucking my nipples, Darren was kissing his way down my chest to my belly button. His hands brushed over my panties onto the top of my thighs before he continued kissing his way down to my, by now, damp panties.

He placed his mouth over them and I could feel his hot breath through the fabric onto my slit. ‘Should I stop him?’ flashed a thought.

‘If I ask him to stop then I’ll still be a virgin and then I can still be a virgin when I get married.’

I remember thinking that while I lay there in my panties while this handsome young man gently pushed my legs apart with his hands and lowered his face down between my legs.

I didn’t stop him.

“That’s it baby” he said as I lifted my bottom off the bed.

He hooked his thumbs around my panties, pulled them down my legs and threw them aside.

“There” I thought “I’m naked now, nothing to protect me.”

He lowered his head between my legs and I raised mine a little to see what he was about to do. I couldn’t see anything but felt contact with my pussy.

‘Is he kissing me?’ Oh God he’s using his tongue I realised.

‘He’s licking me. He’s licking my pussy!’.

I think to start with I was so shocked that someone would do that to me that I couldn’t really enjoy it. I’d heard girls talk about boys ‘going down on them’ but couldn’t believe that this was it — it was really happening to me. Thankfully Darren wasn’t about to stop and soon the long licks he was giving me, from my vagina up to my clitoris, were starting to take effect.

He brought his hands up to where his mouth was and gently pulled my labia apart, allowing him to lap away directly at my clit. God it was really intense, better than when I masturbated in bed at night back at home. One of his fingers then moved to my vagina and he pushed it a little inside. It made me jump with the sharp pain it caused.

“Ow!” I said, immediately hoping I hadn’t spoilt the mood.

I heard him chuckle to himself and say quietly “jackpot”.

“At least me still being a virgin isn’t putting him off” I smiled to myself as I realised he knew my hymen was still intact. I had never put anything inside myself before and my Mother had warned me against using tampons as they would “damage my tender membranes” or “take my maidenhead” (what a wonderful old-fashioned expression, I still laugh now whenever I hear it) but also knew that losing it would be painful.

He withdrew his finger and went back to licking me, again spreading my delicate labia with his fingers and exposing my clitoris to his tongue.

The regular motion across my tiny nub soon had me breathing rapidly and I began to feel my orgasm build. I shut out any doubts about what I was doing from my mind and started pushing my hips up to meet his movements.

“Oh God yes” I moaned and then started to come. My legs were shaking as he seemed to push his tongue haramidere escort even harder against my clit.

“Oh god yes, yes… fuck yes!” I said, lost in the ecstasy of what he was doing to me (even swearing for me back then was very rare too!).

I remember then lying back, eyes closed, panting like I’d just run a mile, my head spinning with the intensity of the orgasm that had just shot through me. I felt Darren’s head rise and I opened my eyes to see him smiling up at me, his face glistening from my wet pussy.

“Did you like that?” he said laughing.

I laughed too, in fact I don’t think I could have been happier.

I thought to myself ‘wow, so this is why people go on and on about sex so much.’

Darren slid up the bed and across my body so he was lying on top of me. We kissed again and I felt for the first time his hard cock against my leg. And it was hard! I hadn’t expected it to feel quite like that and Darren sensed my nerves.

“You okay?” he asked. I nodded and smiled, thinking he was asking how I was but no, that’s not what he meant.

He shifted himself between my legs, his cock lying against the slit of my pussy.

He lowered his arms and placed his hands against my thighs, holding them and drawing them up so my knees were alongside my boobs. My pussy was totally open now to his cock, something I realised too late to do anything about.

Thoughts rushed through my mind. ‘Oh God, this is it. He’s going to do it. He’s going to have sex with me’. I hesitated to even think the word but it flashed in my head ‘he’s going to fuck me!’

I looked up at him, his face inches above mine, not in the dreamy way I had moments before but now all of a sudden very frightened. He also looked very different. Not the smiling giver of pleasure who had come up from between my legs but someone with a look of concentration on his face, about to do something important, something he didn’t need distracting from.

His hands moved to the sides of my bottom and I felt his hard cock slip down to the entrance of my wet vagina. I looked up into his face, almost pleading with him to change his mind but then his hands tightened their grip and his hips thrust in towards me.

“OWW!” I cried very loudly. A sharp pain shoot through me like he’d cut into my pussy with a knife. I could feel his cock inside me and it bloody well hurt! He thrust again and again I cried out but he wasn’t stopping.

“Oww, that hurts, that really hurts” I finally said as he thrust in for the third time, his cock now fully inside me.

He stopped and said into my ear “Yeah I know, I know it does.”

I wondered for a moment what he meant. Was he concerned for me and the pain I was feeling or didn’t he care and was just telling me that I was stating a fact?

I could hear the pleasure in his voice though, the same breathless ecstasy I had after he’d licked me to orgasm.

As much as a pussy stung, and it wasn’t so bad now he’d stopped moving, I couldn’t be so cruel as to tell him to stop could I? And besides, I knew as this was my ‘first time’ it was always going to hurt. Maybe it would get better?

“It’s okay” I said “Go on” not wanting to ruin the moment.

He brought his hands behind my shoulders and began to move his cock in and out of me again. I didn’t want to cry out again, stopping him and spoiling it for him but I couldn’t help it — it was so painful.

“Ohh, ahh, oh God ahh” I said, unable to keep it in.

Thinking back though, I must have sounded like a porn star. No wonder he didn’t stop!

He thrust his cock deep into my pussy with long, hard strokes, kissing me and moving his hands down to my boobs, squeezing them as he fucked me. I’d love to say I was in ecstasy too but it was far from that for me. It was like a cut that was being jabbed over and over and I was doing everything I could not to push him away.

Then he started to thrust into me faster, his cock really pounding into my sore hole. He hands moved down and gripped my hips, pinning me down and pushing my legs right up to my shoulders.

“AHH, AHH, AHH” I shouted, unable to hold back for much longer. It was too much, I was going to have to stop him when I realised he was coming.

“Oh fuck baby” he said, his hands pulling my hips towards him, his cock buried deeper than ever.

“Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck”as his cock released his come into me.

Could I feel it jerking inside me?

Could I feel his spunk inside my pussy?

Or was I imagining it?

A few thrusts more and he slowed and then stopped, keeping his cock deep in my aching hole. His face was glowing and I felt delight for him.

‘Look at him’ I thought ‘ look how happy I’ve made him. I must be good at this!’

He looked down at me, grinning like a cat that’d got the cream.

“That was good” he said, his breath ragged “really good.”

I smiled and kissed him, forgetting the pain as I congratulated myself on being such a good lover.

He withdrew his cock from me and we lay alongside each other, with me running my fingers through his hair. With the lights out and our arms wrapped around each other, we should have both gently fell asleep but while he seemed to drop off almost straight away — no small talk or cigarettes — I lay there in the dark, my mind full of thoughts.

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