Kaley’s Incest Adventure Pt. 02Kaley’s Incest Adventure Pt. 02


Hearing my Auntie tell me that I was going to lick her pussy made me almost dizzy with lust. I had lost my lesbian virginity at 18 when my 19-year-old cousin Pauline had taught me at a family reunion. Such a pleasant memory…


It was at her Mom and Dad’s farm. She had asked me If I’d like to go out to the barn after dark. It sounded fun and exciting, to be out after dark, with no one else around.

The full moon shone through the open barn doors in the barn, clearly highlighting each of us. I could see Paulines’ eyes wide, as she gazed at me. She stepped closer, her face only inches from mine. I saw her pink lips part, is she going to, then she did. I watched, mesmerized, as her lips closed in, and closed my eyes as I felt the press against my lips. As her lips transferred heat to mine, I started to respond, the warmth of her body, and the tight embrace she had me in, felt really nice. I felt her tongue slide out, licking at my lips, almost like a polite request for entry. I responded without hesitation, I adore being french kissed, and her tongue eagerly took the invitation, as my tongue rose to greet this more than welcome visitor. We were immersed in the cocoon of our growing lust, passionate tongue-filled swirls filled our senses.

When we came up for air, she stepped back a pace and stripped. No panties or bra were in the way, her cutoffs and T-shirt were tossed onto a nearby hale bale. I drank in the vision, Pauline was a tall beauty, 5’10” looked to be 140 pounds, big luscious breasts, at least a 36D if not more, capped with very stiff nipples. I gazed at the nipples, both had been pierced, and a barbell went through each one.

She stepped up to me, and I was almost in a haze as she stripped me, and I saw her eyes drinking in my shape, I was 5’7” 125 pounds, with a nice perky set of 36C boobs.

“Nice body Cuz, now, let me teach you a great thing that I love to do to my Bomonti Escort female cousins.”

My nude body, which was being ogled by her eyes, gave me goosebumps, my nipples becoming very stiff and hard. I watched, entranced as she sank to her knees, I spread my stance a little bit, as she knelt between my legs.

“Such a pretty pussy,” Pauline purred. “I love bare, pretty pussies, I especially like to kiss them, lick them, make you feel so good. Enjoy this Kaley.”

I held my breath in anticipation, as I felt the soft, gentle nuzzles against my pussy lips, soft delicate kisses. Oh god, that felt so good, and Pauline moaned as she felt my pussy getting hotter, my cream bubbled up, and her tongue took the first taste.


Pauline got the taste of her juices, they were tart and light, and she wanted more. She was addicted to licking pussy, ever since her, 21-year-old sister had taught her, when she was 18, how to kiss and lick sweet cunts, they were so delicate, so delicious, so tasty, and every teen girl she had licked had gotten satisfied like no other, she was a pussy licking sensation. Just like Kaley was going to learn, Pauline gently pulled her labia apart, and let her tongue arrow into the opening, enjoying Kaley’s louder moan, and a gush of juices greeted her efforts. She let her tongue nudge at the clitoral hood, and her clit rose, stiffening rapidly, reaching for her tongue.


I was floating on a sensation that I’d never felt. My first pussy licking, fuck, it felt so amazing, Pauline’s mouth was making love to my sizzling cunny, it made my body thrum with need. I reached down, cradling Pauline’s head in my hands, stroking at her hair.

“Mmmmm, oh yes, baby, just like that, lick me, make me cum!”

Pauline lifted her head just for a moment, and cooed, “Oh yes Kaley, your pussy is delicious, I’m gonna make Bostancı Escort you cum like a woman!”

She quickly lowered her head back down and went at me. I felt two fingers drive up my creaming tunnel, my grunts and moans of passion were non-stop, letting her tongue tickle at my clit, I could feel her turning her fingers around, and with beckoning come here motion, she started to stroke her way along the front of my tunnel. She hit the G spot, and I growled, holy fuck, it felt so amazing.

I felt like I was about to turn inside out, I could feel the build-up, burning tingles spreading across my belly, my breasts, shocks of pleasure started to shoot through my womb, my pussy was quivering wildly. My body locked up for a split second, I felt the release, and a huge spasm exploded dead center. I screamed as my pussy burst apart, I could feel my girl cum fly, I was letting out shrieks of pleasure as my girl cum splattered Pauline’s face. I kept cumming, more hard spasms, each one shot out another jet of my girl cum, I looked down and saw my pussy spraying over Pauline’s sweet sexy face, mmmm, that just made my orgasm crest all the more enjoyable, knowing that her cousin was enjoying it.


Pauline smiled as she mouthed that wonderful flow, her face getting plastered from Kaley’s first G spot rush, she loved to bring off every pussy that was offered to her, to a glorious, squirting completion. She kept her mouth against Kaley, her tongue and mouth eagerly sucking out every drop, until Kaley’s pussy gave the last pulse, and she drifted on the glorious feeling of post-orgasm. Mmmm, now it was time to teach Kaley how to lick.


I soon found myself on my knees. Pauline’s well waxed, hairless opening awaited me.

”Just do everything I did to you baby, I’m honored to be your first lesbian lover.”

I did my best to Esenyurt Escort remember everything that Pauline had done to me, and the scent of her pink hole, red hot and eager, made me lightheaded, I grabbed her hips, pushing forward with my head, kissing up and down her slick pussy lips. Her purr of pleasure rose, and I drove my tongue into Pauline’s pink waterslide, enjoying Pauline’s loud growl of pleasure as I did so, stuffing my tongue in as deep as I could go, testing the depths of Pauline’s juice-filled snatch.

“Oh yes baby, do it, Kaley, eat me alive!”

I did so, filled with lust and eager to please, letting out moans into the soupy depths I was licking as I drove two fingers up inside her, searching for that elusive spot. I knew I had it when her body stiffened up, and she grunted, ”Keep going baby, polish me right there, make me explode!”

I could feel Pauline’s body, vibrating with the building rush, and when Pauline screamed, I closed my eyes just in time, and Pauline’s pussy exploded, and I could feel the warm jets of Pauline’s orgasm covering my face, squirting wildly, the knowledge that I had made my sexy cousin cum like that made my body tingle as I took every squirt.


The slapping sound of our bodies, the hard ramming plunges of Uncle Theo’s cock, and the grunts and cries of pleasure from Auntie Emma, masturbating wildly, drew me back from my recollections. I could feel the gathering rush.

Auntie Emma cried out, “Gonna cum, gonna fucking cum so HARD!”, her voice rising to a shout as she exploded, three fingers plunging in and out of her gushing cunt.

She stepped closer, cooing, ”Open wide Kaley, and cum!”

I did, and three dripping wet fingers were offered to me. I took them in, sucking wildly, and it took me roaring over. My mouth tightened down as my cunt bore down, and I exploded in a gut-wrenching roar, my cunt was spasming crazily, and Uncle Theo roared out, I felt the hot, liquid warmth deep inside, a rushing wave of cum splattering against my cervix, my spasms sucking it through to my pill protected womb, and on the TV scream, the actor whipped his dick out, and sprayed a sizeable load all over the actress’s asscheeks. I was glad my uncle had not followed that scene to the letter.

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