Kafi Has Her FillKafi Has Her Fill


I’m Claire I’m 36 years old and I live in Manchester. I’m married to Tom and we’ve been together for five years. Unfortunately our sex life has deteriorated over that period and we very rarely indulge each other now. Tom, I know, although he doesn’t know it, is having a good time with Fiona his secretary. I know her quite well and she asked me if she could have him before their first time. I have also taken to other partners and have a boyfriend Chris whom I see about once a week. Chris has agreed to me and encouraged me to seek other experiences. These are one-off encounters and I really enjoy them. One lover who falls outside the one-off is Adi a businessman from Germany. He comes to England about once every six weeks and we get together. I want to tell you about our last meeting.

It was nine o’clock on Thursday morning and as usual I met Adi for coffee at his hotel. Adi enjoys morning sessions very much. We were sitting in the lounge area generally talking about this and that and indulging in people watching.

“The older guy over there with the red tie, the one with the much younger looking woman in the check top. Do you think he had her last night or this morning?” Questioned Adi.

“Probably both by how happy she looks,” I replied. “Over by the high counter, the black girl on the stool. She’s young and very good-looking, younger than most you see here. She may be waiting for her boyfriend or lover.”

“He’d be very lucky she’s very attractive,” Adi commented.

We carried on our conversation and our people watching and I even selected one woman whom I would like to sleep with.

“Adi, Its your birthday on Sunday isn’t it?”

“How clever of you to remember.”

“Well I’ve got a little surprise for you later.”

“What is it?”

“Wait and see.”

We finished our coffees and Adi suggested we go up to his room. He always has a suite which he says gives him more room to enjoy himself.

Once upstairs we sat on the sofa, relaxed a little and enjoyed a slow snogging session with deep probing tongues. There was a knock at the door. “Ill get that it’s probably your surprise,” I said. I answered the door before returning to the room.

“Hi Adi.

My name is Kafi and Claire’s my God mum,
And we’re here together for your birthday fun.
Claire’s told me what you two get up to,
And asked if I’d like to come here and join you.

I’m just eighteen without experience like you,
But both of you can instruct me in what to do.
I know the basics which I suppose is fine,
But I want to know more to have a really good time.

I know your good to Claire and give her much pleasure,
And if I get the same it is something I’ll treasure.
Be gentle with me and I hope I can be giving,
As I have come here both ready and willing.

You may want to know some more about me’
And I’ll answer your questions willingly.
Being here with you both is such a thrill,
So Adi do with me, as you will.”

Said the young black girl from the coffee bar whom I had just let into the room.

“Wow! Claire you really are a naughty lady. Kafi nice to meet you, do you really want to be naughty with Claire and me?” Said Adi standing to greet her.

“Of course that’s why I’m here,” Kafi replied.

“Come on over, may I take your coat?”

“Thank you,” said Kafi as she handed Adi her coat.

“Why don’t you sit down with Claire on the sofa and make yourself comfortable.”

I joined Kafi on the sofa and Adi sat on the chair opposite.

“I’m just so amazed, you said you had a surprise for me, but this.”

“You like the idea then?”

“What do you think?”

“And Kafi?”

“You know what I thought of her at coffee. Kafi you knew I might have questions for you do you really not mind answering some?”

“No not at all, Ill be honest with my answers and I don’t embarrass easily.”

“At coffee I said that if you were waiting for someone they’d be very lucky as I think you are very attractive. Is it true that you are only just eighteen?”

“Yes I’m eighteen and four months to be exact.”

“That is just eighteen! You say you lack experience. Have you lost your virginity and if so when?”

“I have, eight weeks ago.”

“Wow! That recent. You were over eighteen at the time an older age these days for someone in both England and Germany, were I come from, as sixteen is the age of consent. Do you have a boyfriend then?”

“My family are from Uganda and consent there is at eighteen and I decided to respect their traditions. I do have a boyfriend Malcolm who is also eighteen and he has been my first and only.”

“Have you had him more than once?”

“Yes, four times altogether.”

“Kafi has spoken to me about it,” I intervened. “It hasn’t been very successful. He’s not very experienced and he has always rushed to get his enjoyment without considering you. For instance he’s never made you cum has he?”

“No he hasn’t.”

“What was it like with him?” Questioned Adi.

“Each time we kissed and cuddled Beylikdüzü escort and Malcolm would play a little between my legs. He then put on his condom and I helped him enter me. It never lasted very long, no more than five minutes, before he finished, rolled off me and went to the bathroom to remove the condom. He never returned to bed.”

“I can tell you, as I’m sure Claire has, that it can be better than that. I’m going to treat you as the near virgin you are and I hope Claire and I can introduce you to the many pleasures of both giving and receiving that can be gained from being fucked and fucking properly. Your satisfaction is extremely important. We wont be constrained by condoms as I always work bareback. Is that O.K?”

“Yes Claire has ensured I’m fully protected.”

“I have also explained to Kafi that what we will indulge in is not ‘love’ but the experience of fulfilling sex between the three of us,” I interrupted.

“I think that’s enough questions. I’m sure we’ll learn more as we go along,” said Adi “Kafi if your not happy with anything then please say so, Claire and I won’t be offended and if you need to know anything then ask. I’m just going to the bathroom then I’ll be back.”

Adi got up, went into the bathroom and left Kafi and myself on the sofa. “What do you think?” I asked.

“He seems very kind and considerate. I like him.”


Adi returned from the bathroom in a big fluffy white robe having already removed his clothes. “I thought I’d get us started and make myself more comfortable,” he said returning to his chair. “Why don’t you get each other undressed?”

With that I turned to Kafi and holding her face I directed my mouth towards hers gently prising open her lips with my tongue. There was no resistance as she accepted it into her mouth willingly. We were on our way and I was starting to sex up my very attractive innocent Goddaughter. It felt good, right and natural. I had waited some time for this. Kafi was relaxed and reciprocated by pushing her tongue into my mouth. I moved my hands from her face slowly moving them down her body tracing her curves until I reached her thighs. She had taken the cue and did the same to me. We parted our lips “I want you to remove my dress,” I whispered in her ear before taking her hand as we both stood up. I was facing Adi and Kafi stood behind me. She nervously began lowering the zip at the back of my red dress. Once lowered fully she eased it off my shoulders with both hands ensuring it dropped all the way down to the floor. I was now standing in my red bra, panties and hold ups and of course my red shoes.

“Mmmm very nice as usual,” said Adi from his seat.

I moved behind Kafi “Its your turn now,” I whispered easing down the zip on the side of her dark green skirt. I released the button securing the waistband and slowly eased her skirt over her hips, which allowed it to fall freely to the floor. Kafi stepped out of it, revealing a pair of white hold ups; her light green blouse masked everything else. I reached forward and began undoing the buttons down the front slowly easing the blouse backwards off her shoulders.

“Kafi you look stunning the whiteness of your bra, thong and hold ups against your black African skin is amazing,” said Adi continuing to be seated. “Why don’t you remove Claire’s bra?”

Kafi, standing in front of me reached behind unclipped my bra and removed it.

“What do you think of Claire’s little boobs then?” Questioned Adi.

“They look lovely, her nipples seem long,” replied Kafi.

“They are long that’s one of Claire’s little assets. Why don’t you feel and suck them I’m sure Claire would like it.”

My tits are only a 32A but I do make up for it with my long (at least an inch when aroused) very sensitive nipples. I was excited by the thought of Kafi playing with them. She began by gently squeezing the whole of each breast, one in each hand.

“Do they feel firm?” Enquired Adi.

“They feel smooth and soft,” Kafi replied.

“I’m sure you’ll soon have them really firm,” said Adi. “Use that lovely tongue and mouth of yours. Claire also loves to have her nipples squeezed hard.”

Kafi followed Adi’s advice. Holding my right breast in one hand she gently let her tongue lick all around it, avoiding my nipple. She then flicked her tongue over it and sucked it deep into her warm mouth. It was electric, I inhaled sharply and I let out a little moan.

“Is everything alright!”? Kafi exclaimed having released my nipple.

“Oh yes!” I replied.

Kafi returned her mouth to my nipple and as well as sucking she began nipping it with her teeth. Her other hand was not idle during this time squeezing my left tit hard and now rolling the nipple between thumb and finger. She carried on for a little while before alternating her attention between both tits. I was enjoying it and could feel a wetness developing between my legs.

“Claire I think we should see Kafi’s boobs now don’t you?”

I was ready and eager to proceed with Adi’s request. Standing behind Beylikdüzü escort Kafi and facing Adi I unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor. Kafi like me only has small tits (although hers are slightly bigger than mine at 34B) a quality in females that Adi loves. I could see from looking over her shoulder that her tits were gorgeous. They seemed firm and round with her areola protruding about half an inch above their surrounding flesh and topped off with small dark nipples. I had to touch them and reaching round I gently cupped one in each hand. They were smooth and very firm. I squeezed each nipple rolling it between thumb and finger, they were already hard. Kafi leaned sideways turning her head upwards and our lips met once again as we played tongues again.

“Kafi your little boobs are perfection,” said Adi still seated in his chair. “Come over here I want to get a look at your pussy.”

Kafi crossed over to Adi and stood in front of him. He reached out his arms and his hands settled on her hips. His thumbs engaged in the waistband of her thong as he slowly eased it down her legs. “You’ve got perfect little boobs and a very pretty looking pussy but I think I would like a closer look. Turn around for me so that I can see your lovely little round arse.”

I could now see Kafi’s pussy with its thin covering of jet-black hair.

“Slightly part your legs and bend forward for me Kafi. That’s it just like touching your toes.”

I took a seat on the sofa to watch Adi at work on Kafi.

Adi was squeezing Kafi’s bum cheeks. “You have a lovely firm young butt little lady but what is it hiding?” I knew what Adi would be doing. I knew he was parting the cleft in that black peach. “What a gorgeous little pink puckered rose you’ve got. A pretty, young arse hole and it looks so tight.” Adi was obviously taking a good look at it. “I wonder what else you’ve got for me between those legs of yours?”

“Are you going to find out,” replied Kafi rather cheekily but nervous at the same time.

“Oh yes,” said Adi. “Are you enjoying it?”

“Very much,” said Kafi “Its better than with Malcolm.”

“That’s good because we’ve not really got started yet,” I quipped from my seat.

“I can tell your enjoying it because your little slit is so smooth and is already quite moist,” said Adi as he was obviously sliding his finger along her pussy.

“Ooh!” came a short loud utterance from Kafi.

“Who’s got a very sensitive little clit then?” Commented Adi who had obviously made contact with her love button. “That’s really nice we’ll work on that later.”

Kafi had raised her head and was now looking at me with a big smile on her face. She suddenly bit her lip and inhaled deeply. “Kafi your cunt is so tight little one. Its nice and wet,” said Adi having pushed his finger inside her. “You smell wonderful and your juice tastes good,” he said after smelling and sucking his finger.”

Her turned her round to face him and took the opportunity to play with her tits. He reached up and lowering her face to his he began a short session of deep kissing. He moved his mouth to Kafis ear and was whispering something to her but I couldn’t hear. She turned round and came over to the sofa where I was sitting. She kneeled down in front of me and without saying anything placed her hands in the waistband of my panties and began pulling them down. I lifted my bum to ease the process and soon felt them being taken over my feet and off. Kafi was looking down as she gently stroked the wispy downy hair of my natural blonde pussy.

“Claire your hair is so soft it feels good.”

“Kafi have you played with pussy before?” Questioned Adi.

“Only my own.”

“Claire enjoys having her pussy played with. Will you play with it for her.”

“Of course.”

“Take it slow and gentle.” I instructed Kafi as I lifted my legs up parting them and resting them either side of my head to give Kafi complete, unrestricted access.

“Kafi just pull Claire’s pussy lips apart, use one hand on each side,” instructed Adi.

“Its so nice and pink.”

“I’d like you to taste Claire’s pussy. Run your tongue along her slit.”

I felt her tongue as it lightly and nervously licked my slit. “Mmmm that’s nice. How do I taste?”

“Nice. I like it. It smells good too,” said Kafi as she returned to tonguing my snatch.

“Claire enjoys having her arse hole played with. Hold her open and lick around,” Adi suggested.

I could feel Kafi’s soft hands slowly pulling my cheeks apart and her gentle tongue starting to rim my pink bud. It felt so good; I could feel my breathing getting deeper and wetness developing in my pussy.

“See if you can get your tongue up inside her arse.”

Kafi’s tongue pushed at my hole and slowly worked a little inside. She pushed it in and out sending shivers through my body.

“Lick your thumb, spit on her hole and push it up inside.”

I felt the warmth of Kafi’s saliva at my bum hole. I saw her wet her thumb and then I felt it pushing at my hole. Slowly I felt Escort Beylikdüzü it slipping inside until it was all in. She moved it gently in and out, I was being anally thumb fucked by my Goddaughter guided by my lover and I was highly aroused.

“I think you should play with her clit now Kafi.”

Kafi’s tongue returned to my snatch and she licked along it and on to my clit. I felt as though I was going to explode, it was so good.

“Lick it and suck on it.”

Kafi obeyed and began working my clit with her tongue and mouth. My breathing increased and I was moaning out loud.

“Don’t stop Kafi make Claire cum.”

“Oh God yes! Don’t stop.”

Kafi was good and was working my clit hard. I then felt something pushing at my arse hole. Kafi was returning her thumb. This was too much for me to take and I suddenly felt that feeling in my stomach as a huge orgasm hit me.

“Oh fuck yes Kafi I’m cumming!” I screamed.

“Lick up all her juice, taste it all.”

Kafi kept going until I’d stopped shaking. She gently removed her thumb lifted her head and smiled at me. I smiled back. I hadn’t cum like that in a long time.

“Well young lady that was pretty naughty, I think I’d like some attention from that mouth and tongue of yours now,” said Adi.

Kafi got up and moved over to Adi. “What would you like me to do?” She said.

“I’d like you to kneel down here and suck my cock for me. Do you think you can do that.”

“I’d love to give it a try.”

“Have you sucked cock before?”

“No never.”

“Claire I think some of your advice may be required. Claire’s a very good cocksucker. Why don’t you kneel down and open up my robe to start with.”

I’d recovered from my climax and crossed over to Kafi as she eased Adi’s robe apart. His still slightly flaccid cock and large balls with a mass of dark hair could be seen. “Adi has a really nice cock big and fat, you’ll enjoy sucking it I’m sure.”

“He hasn’t got a head like Malcolm.”

“That’s because he’s not been cut and still has a foreskin hiding his head. If you hold him and pull the skin back from the tip you’ll see that he is like Malcolm underneath.”

Kafi wrapped her fingers around his cock and gently eased his foreskin back revealing his purple head. “He’s much bigger than Malcolm,” she said in surprise.

“I told you he was big, but it’s your job to get him even bigger. I think you should have a taste of him. Run your tongue all around his head and along his shaft make him wet with your spit.”

Kafi followed instructions and began giving Adi’s head and shaft a good licking. His cock was shining with her saliva.

“Wrap your fingers round his shaft, wank your hand up and down his length, make sure you pull his foreskin backwards and forwards.”

Kafi eased her fingers round his shaft but they didn’t meet. Adi has a big cock he’s six and a half inches long and has a girth of just over seven inches. She was slowly wanking his meat and he was enjoying it as he was now at full erection.

“Squeeze him tight at the base and work your hand up. Have a look at the little eye in his head. Can you see that shiny juice? You’ve made Adi produce pre-cum, lick it off him and taste it.”

“Mmmm it tastes good I like it.”

“Now slide your mouth over his head. Good, see how far down his shaft you can go. O.K bob your head up and down his shaft.” Adi was purring with pleasure at Kafi’s actions. “Adi likes having his balls sucked. Suck one at a time into your mouth very gently then roll them around. That’s right, Adi’s enjoying your warm mouth on his balls.”

As Kafi continued her attentions to Adi’s cock and balls I decided to explore some more of her. I ran one hand along her anal crack and underneath along her snatch. Her pussy lips were smooth and moist. My other hand caressed the short thick hair of her mons before venturing down to meet my other fingers in her slit. My rear fingers sought out the entrance to her love hole before I slowly inserted my middle finger slowly and deeply into her cunt. My front fingers worked their way to her hard little clit and started gentle stroking and squeezing. It didn’t last long when Adi intervened.

“Kafi you’ve got me really hard. Claire how wet is Kafi?”

“Very wet.”

“Right then Claire help Kafi to sit on my cock. I think she’s ready to be fucked.”

I stood up and helped Kafi to her feet. “Face Adi and kneel either sides of his thighs. That’s it now lift your bum up. Good, I’m going to place Adi’s cock at your love hole, if you press down his shaft will slowly slide up your cunt and fill you up. You ease down at your own pace.” I placed Adi’s cock at the entrance to her cunt having gently rubbed it along her slit. She pressed down and his head slid into her, he was stretching her wide. Kafi was biting her lip and concentrating intently as Adi’s cock slowly disappeared inside her. Soon the black skin of her buttocks was resting on the white skin of Adi’s thighs, her cunt had swallowed all of him. She looked at me with a contented smile. “I think that feels good. Now raise yourself up and down, fuck Adi’s fat cock.”

Kafi started to fuck Adi. Slowly sliding her cunt up and down his cock. “That’s it little one you’re so tight around my cock it feels so good,” said Adi.

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