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Subject: Justins Dirty Secrets – Chapter 3D Please remember, Nifty needs your donations to provide these stories. I certainly have enjoyed growing up reading Nifty. You can donate fty This is my first series on Nifty. I welcome your feedback at [email protected]. Something I forgot to add to previous chapters, this is totally “fantasy”, nothing to see here. This chapter is going to be a bit longer, as it was a long day and the final chapter for Kyle. After this weekend, he pretty much never spoke to me again. He’s married now, 2 kids, and preaches at a church of his own. _____ The next morning, Saturday, I woke up pretty early. This was the first time I could remember that I woke up and wasn’t hard. Last night must of had me spent, I thought to myself. I look over, just to see if Kyle was there or if had been dreaming this whole thing. There he was, half covered by the sheet, one arm at his side, the other across his chest, and a tent under the sheet. Damn, I thought to myself, this boy is always hard. I glance over to the other side, and saw the socks he had given me still on the end table. I grab them, take a sniff, and yup…there he is…my dick is awake. I remembered our rule, no jacking off. So, instead, I get up and go into the kitchen and grab a glass of water. I made myself some cereal and ate while Kyle stayed asleep. I couldn’t help but to think about my younger brother Chris. Eventually, I would be going back home and could show him all the things Kyle and I had learned together. It is going to be his little mind, I thought. His 10th birthday was coming up soon, that would be the perfect gift, a mind blowing experience. I walked outside to the front patio of the cabin and looked down toward the lake. I think we will take the jet skis out today. Summers were always too hot mid-day to really do anything, so I thought it would be better if Kyle and I hit the water fairly early then took a break in the shaded cabin for lunch. I walked back inside and there he was, still asleep, still hard. He must have moved some while I was outside, one of his feet were now outside the sheet and hanging slightly off to the side. His head was off to one side, his hair sticking up all over the place. I got back into the bed next to him, just looking at him. Am I crushing on a guy, I thought to myself. No, he’s got a girlfriend. The thought of that made me rage with jealously. Not that he had a girlfriend. It was that his girlfriend had him. I calmed myself by thinking, she did not have him the way I have had him this weekend. Fuck her, I thought. Almost out of spite to her, I decided to gently raise the sheet off Kyle’s morning wood while he slept. There it was, hard against his stomach, symmetrically between his v-line. One leg bent up and the other straight out. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get in between his legs without waking him. So I got beside his dick and on my knees, ass in the air, and gently grabbed it. He moved one of his arms, but only slightly, clearly still asleep. I wanted to put it in my mouth. But what if he woke up, would he be mad? Nah, I thought, after what we have done so far, he might like waking up to his second blow job ever. I put it all in my mouth, down to the base and began rubbing my tongue back and forth. “Well, good morning to you too”, Kyle says half asleep. Well, he didn’t punch I thought. So I started moving my head slowly up and down his dick. “Good morning”, I try to speak but mumbling with his boyhood still in my mouth. This makes him laugh and he stretches both legs straight out. “Shelia better do this if we ever stay the night together”, Kyle says as he puts his arms behind his head and settles in for the experience. Again, Fuck her, I think to myself. But I do not let that comment distract me from my work. I pull his dick out of my mouth and start stroking it with my hand. I cup his balls with my other bring them to my mouth, licking them both – covering them all with my tongue. The smell and the taste of his slightly sweaty balls from his sleep under the sheet drove me wild. I could not get enough. “I…I’m…..I’m about to cum already”, he moans. Oh no you’re not, I think to myself, as I let both hid dick and balls go. “What the fuck dude”, he almost yells. With that, I go right back to what I was doing, stroking his dick and licking his balls. He must have thought it was an accident because within seconds he again moans “Ok…I’m….I’m….damnit dude” he yells as I let go again. “Why are you fucking doing that, just let me cum”, he is clearly getting mad. I am enjoying the teasing. I do that another two times, with the last time Kyle is full on angry. “If you’re istanbul travesti not going to let me cum then get the fuck off and let me jack off” he says sternly. I chuckle to myself thinking, what the hell, this is coming from a 12 year old preacher’s kid. “Just shut up, you’re going to cum dude. But if you want to cum, don’t mention your dumb girlfriend while I’m sucking your dick”, I say with a smart ass attitude. I thought he was going to get mad, but I realized we both knew she was pretty stupid. Both her and her sister were dumb as a box of rocks. They were just pretty, even I could recognize that. It kind of made me laugh a little, even with his balls in my mouth. Kyle and I both had been placed in Advance Placement in school, although we were a grade apart. I put his precumming dick back into my mouth and gently squeezed his balls in my hand. This was probably the fifth time I got him to the point of cumming, I figured I might as well finish him off. “I’m getting close…please….please let me go this time….please” he begged. The begging did it for me. With that I grabbed my dick, gave it a few pulls, and came all over our sheets. Kyle didn’t notice, he was too close himself. “Ho…holy shit…holy shit…fuuuu”, with that Kyle again shot loads into my mouth. He arched his back so much it shoved his dick all the way down me throat. I could feel the pressure of your load shooting down my throat. He came hard and deep into my mouth. So deep I couldn’t taste his cum. “There’s your breakfast”, he said as if he somehow was getting me back for his torture. “I already had breakfast, this was just a small snack”, I said defiantly back to him. We both take a shower after he ate, and walked down to the boathouse. On the walk down I remember hoping that we didn’t spend too much time out on the water. Tonight was going to be our last night alone together. His dad, our preacher, was going to allow us to miss Sunday morning church, but we both had to be back in time for youth group Sunday evening. We had plan to leave after lunch Sunday. After I unlocked the boathouse, I told Kyle that we could take either the boat or the jet ski out. Kyle asked which I thought would be more fun. I told him it really depends on whether he wanted to just ride fast or if he wanted to explore more of the river. Fast he said, so the jet ski it was. I lowered the automatic ramp into water and unlatched the jet ski. It was meant for two, so there was room on it for us both and it was easy to keep upright when sitting still in the water. I baked it out of the boat house and pulled around to the pier to let him get on. I told him to hop on, but he would have to sit behind me and pretty close. He asked what he was supposed to hold onto, I told him he could either grip the sides of my life jacket or wrap his arms around my waist. He opted to grip my life jacket. I was kind of disappointed, as I wanted to feel him wrap around me, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I gunned it, as much as gas as I could give it. The nose rose slightly out of the water, angling him back. But he held on. Ok, I thought, I know what I’ll do. I start riding in tight circles, the wake of the jet skis going in circles caused a massive mound of water in the middle. I cut sharply in the other direction, angled the jet ski to head straight on the mound of water forming in the middle of the circle. As we hit it at its peak, the jet ski launched about a foot into the air, nose almost straight up. I felt him loose his grip and fall backwards off the jet skis. As his life jacket popped him out of the water he was laughing hysterically, so was I. I circle back and let him climb back on board. “I guess I’ll hold around your waist from now on”, he says as he straddles the jet skis. “Yea, probably a good idea”. He wraps his arms around me, tightly. His head resting just above one of my shoulders. He whispers, “I’m going to get you back for that later”. And for the 1,000th time that weekend, I was hard. After a bit longer riding around, he asked if he could drive. I pulled back to the pier, talked him through the controls, showed him the kill switch, and went over the basics. He got up front, I got behind him, and I wrapped my arms around him from behind. Before he could eave squeeze the throttle, I slipped my hand down and grabbed his dick through his swimming shorts. He just laughed, “later dude, not right now”, and off he went down the river. He did well for his first time but I had to take over when it came time to bring the jet skis back to its ramp. We walked back to the cabin, realizing we completely missed lunched. It was already late afternoon. kadıköy travesti “I’ll make us lunch if you want to go shower”, I tell Kyle as we go into the cabin. “Ok, is the stupid rule still in place” “Uh, yea, it’s our last night, so of course”, I tell him. “Oh yea, well we better make it worth it then tonight”, as he turns on the shower. Kyle comes out of the shower, not even bothering to wear a towel anymore. As he passed me, he tells me to shower and to wash my ass. Of course, I do exactly that. When I come out of the shower, Kyle is on the bed and taps on my side of the bed, telling me he wants me next to him. “I want to try more of what we tried last night”, he says as he turns on his side toward me, “But, you gotta swear this stays with us” “We’ve been through this, dude I swallowed your load, who the hell am I going to tell?” “Good point”, he responds with a laugh. He rolls back onto his back and spreads his legs a bit, grabs the lotion off the table, and motions for me to get between his legs. “Hold on”, I tell him, as I grab his old socks from the table on my side of the table. “Will you put these back on?” “What, why?” He asks, really confused. I told him that I like the way they smell, they smell like an athlete I tell him. “Ummm….ok….it’s kinda gay…but whatever”, he says putting them on. With that, I crawl between his legs.go insid “Ok, rub my ass like you did last night”, he tells me as he puts his socked feet on my chest. I could tell that I was precumming as I could feel his socks against my chest and that boy smell they gave. I rubbed his ass with my thumb, applying pressure – not too much – just enough to not go inside him. “Yea dude….that’s good….keep doing that”, he whispers. I looked down and could see the precum leaking from him. I take my other hand and wipe the precum from the head of his dick with my finger, quickly putting it in my mouth. “Taste as good as before”, he asks between moans. “Yea dude, keep it coming”. I wrap my hand around his dick and start stroking him. “Yea, Justin…yea….wait…wait!”, I quickly let go as I can tell he is about cum. His dick pulses a few times, but luckily nothing comes up. Whew, I thought to myself. That was close to ending early. “Ok”, he says as he catches his breath, “you know I told you I tried putting different things in my ass….I want you to put your dick in mine”. I stop what I’m doing, he looks at me as if he was waiting to see if I was going to judge him. “Wait, you want me to like…fuck you?”, I ask just to make sure I’m understanding what is going on. “I mean, no, like I’m not a bitch. I just like the way it feels when something is inside and I I’ve seen porn where guys let another guy go inside…they seem to like it”. He was stumbling over his words, as if he were trying to find some way, anyway, to make this not gay. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to lose my virginity so I didn’t push the issue. I put a little lotion on my dick, but his ankles on my shoulder, and scooted in closer to him. I put the head of dick at his hole and pushed gently. Just enough to let him know it was there but not hard enough to go in. I hear him take a breath, and with his legs he pulls me forward. “Uggghhh….”, he lets out a moan as I feel my head slip in. “Holy fuck”, I almost lost control “Hold on….hold on”, I beg him. The tight feeling around the head of my cock, the warmness, the thought of being inside this amazingly hot boy, the sight of his tensing body, the smell from the socks, I nearly blew as soon as I felt my head go inside him. “Dude”, I say as I catch my breath and regain control, “My head is in and I almost blew my load in you”. “Really, feel that good?” He asks, panting slightly. “Can you go in a little farther?” “Ok, let’s go slow… I don’t want to like cum in your ass” He pushes into me more. “Ummmm….ok….yea…ummm”, he moans as my dick slips deeper in. It seems easier going in now that the head is through. About 4 of my 5 inches is in him now. I’m rock hard and the squeeze of his ass hole is hurting slightly. A good kind of hurt. “Are you all the way in”, he asks me. His dick is almost gushing precum at this point. “Not yet”, I tell him. He grabs my waist and pulls one more time. With that, I am all the way in. “What does it feel like”, I ask him. Partly curious and partly hoping he was enjoying himself. “Yea….yea…don’t touch my dick. I’m on the edge”, he says. Wow, that must be good I thought to myself. I stayed still for a while, just resting my hard dick inside this boys ass. “Ok”, he says, “Try like moving it back and forth” I pull my dick back, almost out, bakırköy travesti and slowly push it back in. “Oh fuuuuck……yea….” Kyle moans while at the same time I let out an “Mmmm, Kyle”. He reaches up, grabs the back of my head, and pulls it down to his shoulder. Now he is on his back, his legs are to either side of me, my dick inside of him, his dick pressed against my stomach, our chests together, and my head next to his ear. I could feel the sweat from his hair, hear his breath, his moans now directly in my ear. He wraps his arms around me, squeezing me into him. I could feel his precum on my stomach, as his dick rubbed against it. As I moved my hips, moving my dick back and forth in his ass, his precummed lubed dick rubs against my stomach. “Keep going”, he whispers into my ear. “Don’t stop…please….don’t stop”. He began to breath even heavier into my ear. I reach one arm around, putting my hand on his sweaty wet hair, the other hand on his waist. His dick sliding between our stomachs. “Justin….I….I’m…I can’t hold it”, he moans. “Let it go”, I whisper into his ear. His grip on my back tightens, he picks his legs up and wraps them around me, pulling me deep into him. I feel his dick pulse and a warm load shoot between our stomachs. “Ahhhhhh…..fuuuuuuck”, he yells so loud I was afraid my grandparents would hear him a 100 yards away. Just as he begins to yell, I shoot deep inside him. I bury my head into his neck, which muffles my moan. I can smell the sweat from his neck as I squeeze him. Cumming hard, I realize I am actually cumming in him – making me cum even harder. I realize I was holding my breath through the climax, breathe I tell my self. I take a deep breath and nearly collapse. Laying on top of him, his load between us, my spent dick still inside him, I start to relax. Both of us quivering. Both of us panting for breath. I lift up my head and look into his eyes, which are barely open. “Did you….did you just cum inside me ass”, Kyle forces out between his breath. “Sorry, yea…I couldn’t stop myself.” “I could feel it when you came”, he tells me. I pull myself out of him, leaving him leaking my cum onto his half of the bed. I rolled over to my side, still trying to catch my breath. Kyle pulled off the socks he put on just for me, and handed them back. “These are for you”, he says. “You’re cum is like still in me”. I couldn’t tell if he was turned on by that or just trying to process it. “Yea…I mean…that was the best cum I’ve ever had”, hoping that was somehow encouraging to him. “Yea, honestly, I have never had a better nut.” He says back. I breathe a sigh of relief that he isn’t freaking out, while also pretty proud of myself for giving him that. “Ugh, there’s cum on my side of the bed, and I want to sleep now”, he says as he scoots closer to me. “I can share my side” I was laying on my side, facing his side of the bed. He turned so that his ass was right up next to my dick and pushed against me. Sharing a small sliver of the clean side of the bed. I push one arm under his pillow and place the other around him, under his arm pit and holding his other hand. Holding him as he was the little spoon. Before I could say anything, Kyle was asleep. My load sitting inside him. His load still on my stomach…between my stomach and his back. This was paradise I thought to myself. I push my head against his neck, his hair still sweaty against my cheek. I thought about him at his basketball games, hanging out with his friends, with his girlfriend, knowing that no one will ever know him like I know him now. What am I feeling right now, I asked myself. Am I in love with this boy? Fuck, I can’t have feelings. I was quickly asleep. When I woke the next morning Kyle was not in the bed. As I looked for him, I noticed his tennis shoes were gone. He must have went for a run. A couple of hours went by and he didn’t return. I went to the boathouse, he wasn’t there. I walked up to my grandparents house, not to alarm them I said nothing, but he wasn’t there. Just before lunch he came back to the cabin. Sweaty as if just back from a run. As he came in, all I got was a “hey”. He quickly packed all of his stuff, except for the socks he gave me, and said “we better go, we have to get back to church on time”. The ride home was silent. He didn’t show up to youth group that evening. From then on, all I ever got from him was the occasional “hey”. I tried to talk to him several times, but he wasn’t having it. I was devastated for months. So much so, I chose not to go on the next mission trip with the church. After several months, I came to the realization that he struggled with the same religious guilt that I have. Except, he gave into it. He convinced himself what we did was wrong. He convinced himself he could never do that again. Although, he never told anyone what happened that weekend, I never really had a conversation with him again.

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