Just What She NeededJust What She Needed


This is my first BDSM story, any kind of feedback would be greatly apreciated.

“He was such a loser! He couldn’t keep it up long enough for me to even get into it!” I said over the club music when my friend Grace asked me about my most recent ‘night club score’ gone wrong.

“Oh come on Chrissy it couldn’t have been that bad,” Rachel, my other friend said.

“Really? The guy only lasted for eight fucking minutes, and when he was fucking me he was going extremely slow like he knew he had poor stamina! He did eat an ok pussy but that just isn’t enough, I wanna be fucked good and hard, and for a long time! These night club assholes have gotten on my last nerve, bragging about how good they are then when its time to put their money where their mouth is a sixteen year old virgin can do a better job. Bartender, another margarita please.”

“You know what you need? A little perspective on whats important,” Grace said.

“No what I need is a guy who isn’t a little bitch and knows how to fuck a girl right!”

“Maybe you need to change clubs or something, you’re probably picking up throwaway guys that hang around looking for desperate women,” Grace said.

“Nope, I’ve been to Hotspot, Sizzle Club, Euphoria, all with the same thing, men with strong game, but weak sex drive. They all try to be soft and sensual, I don’t want that shit, I want it rough!”

“Well maybe its you girl, you probably intimidate the hell out of them with that attitude of yours, I haven’t had any problems with the few guys I had,” Rachel said.

“If they can’t handle my attitude then I don’t want them anyway, what kind of man gets intimidated by a 31 year old 5’6” 115 lb. redhead anyway? Not a man I’d wanna fuck.”

“115 lbs? I guess you didn’t count the extra twenty pounds in your tits and ass! Is that what you’ve been telling them?” Rachel said as Grace laughed.

“Shut up bitch,” I laughed back. “They don’t need to know that, they won’t be around long enough anyway. Watch my drink I need to run to my car, and don’t drink my margarita bitches!”

I got up from my stool at the bar and made my way through the dance floor, getting bumped into everybody I passed as I made my way to the front door. This man who was sitting a good amount of bar-stools away from us got up at the same time I did, and I figured he was gonna try to hit on me, but I just wasn’t in the mood today, so when he got close enough to see me I gave him the look that says “don’t bother me” and continued out the door. I showed the doorman my stamp so he’d know to let me back in and went to the secret spot where I parked my car, through an alley behind some old buildings. It was a bit of a walk and in a weird spot, but it beat the hell out of paying $17.50 any day. I grabbed my pack of cigarettes out of my glove box and made my way back to the club, lighting up one on the way back, and smoking another before I went back into the club.

I went back to the bar to see Grace sitting my herself looking at the dance floor watching Rachel dance with some random guy. I grabbed my margarita back and drank half of it in one gulp and watched Rachel grind all over the guy to a remix of “Get Your Freak On.”

“She’s been out there since you left outside, to smoke I’m guessing,” Grace said.

“I needed one, talking about these guys really got me worked up and pissed off.”

“You really should quit that, you have enough bad habits, and stop parking so far away!”

“Its free, and I can use the extra money on drinks, unlike you two.”

“Well if you weren’t so bitchy you wouldn’t have to pay for your own drinks!”

“Oh ha-ha bitch! I don’t see you with anyone!” I challenged.

Not even ten seconds after I said that a guy came over with two drinks and held out his arm to Grace, which she took as she smiled at me. “You were saying?” she gloated as she walked away.

“HE’S PROBABLY GAY!” I yelled after her as I finished the rest of my drink.

The rest of the night I turned down the few guys that did approach me and watched both Grace and Rachel slut it out on the dance floor. Truth be told I did wanna be out there but my pride wouldn’t let me, after the way I was talking the whole night, and I didn’t wanna deal with some guy trying to get me drunk and take me home, only to be a complete failure in bed, again. When they both did come back they had a quick drink and went back onto the dance floor, but this time I joined them, I figured I might as well dance with my girls if anyone, so I did, and I lightened up a bit. When we were done dancing and went back to our seats I saw the guy from before walking towards us, but looking at me and was about to hold out his hand to ask for a dance, but before he did I cut him off.

“Sorry, but I’m here with my girls, I’m taking a break from club guys tonight.”

“Geez, and you wonder why you can’t get a date, you couldn’t have sounded more bitter if you tried,” Rachel said as the guy walked away.

“Well what do you expect, I’m sexually frustrated! Maybe if you challenge their manhood they’ll finally get their act together and show a girl a good time.”

We had a couple more drinks and danced a little more until we decided to call it a night and head home. Both Grace and Rachel had dates they were leaving with but I was set on going home alone that night, and that’s what I did, I had a box of vibrators that could do the job. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, them to the parking lot and me to my secret spot. On the way to my car I felt like I was being watched, but dismissed it and got in my car and drove home where my toys awaited me.

Throughout the next week I did decide to give the club men one more try, big mistake. The first guy’s dick was so small there was no way I was gonna get off to it. I pulled out a vibrator and kicked his little dick ass out. The second guy had a nice size dick, but couldn’t fuck to save his life. If it wasn’t for me stopping every few minutes so he could calm down, I never would have came that one quick time. The last guy was the worst of all, I gave him head, and he came in my hair! After that he couldn’t even get it back up, so I kicked him out and went back to my old trusty toys which never failed me, and swore off club losers for good. Neither Rachel nor Grace had anything bad to say about their dates throughout the week, but seeing how pissy a mood I was in they didn’t even need to ask me. As usual we would wait until we were at a club to bring up how any dates we had went, and I just didn’t wanna go back to any clubs for a while, but it was sort of a tradition we had, so I went for the sake of my friends. We went back to the same club we were at last saturday at Grace’s request, and it wasn’t long before we were into our second drink talking about our sex lives, or lack there of in my case.

“I’m done with guys in clubs. Its fucking ridiculous how so many guys could be that bad at sex! How hard is it to fuck the hell out of somebody? Really? We need to change scenes because this isn’t doing it for me anymore, maybe a gym, or a coffee shop, or a mall, but no more damn clubs,” I said angrily.

“Hey why should we change? Not all of us is having bad luck like you! I actually had a great week of sex. Maybe if you weren’t so hyper you’d attract the right guys,” Rachel said.

“Why should I have to change? Why can’t I find ONE guy who can fuck me like I need to be fucked without being scared I’m gonna rip his head off if he does something wrong?”

“Because you might. Redheads have that temper that you just cant get over,” Grace said.

“Oh yeah whatever, my hair scares them. That’s a sorry excuse if I ever heard it. I’m gonna go have a smoke, order me something strong.”

I got up and walked through the crowd towards the door getting sour looks from every guy that was within hearing distance of our conversation, but I didn’t care, I wanted them all to know that they were useless in bed. I made it to my secret spot and got that feeling that I was being followed again, but looked around and didn’t see anyone, so I went through my purse to get my keys. Just as I pulled them out I get pushed into the driver side of my door and an izmit escort bayan arm goes around my neck. I tried to put up a fight, but he was just way too strong. As I was about to scream a napkin came over my face, forcing me to breathe it in, I tried to move it away, but I knew it was useless. I struggled as much as I could until I started to get dizzy and weak, and before I knew it, everything went black.


I woke up, dreary-eyed and dazed in a basement chained standing up to the ceiling and on the floor with my arms and legs apart. There were towels or something around my hands and ankles where the chains were so they wouldn’t dig into my skin, well at least he wasn’t a complete ass, but considering the state I was in that wasn’t saying much. I had a gag in my mouth and couldn’t move my arms or legs and was completely naked, my 34C’s hanging freely on my chest. I could just smell the faint scent of shaving cream and wondered what the hell he did with it, then I felt the wetness between my legs and looked down, the bastard shaved me! He shaved me clean of all my pussy hair, luckily he didn’t cut me or anything, but still, he fucking shaved me! The room was empty except for the contraptions holding me in place, a desk, and a box on the desk about 15 feet in front of me. I started to get scared and tried to wiggle myself free when I heard somebody stand up off a chair behind me.

“Oh she’s awake. Its about time. Welcome to my dungeon, you can call me H. I hope you didn’t mind I took the liberty of shaving all that loose hair off, I like my pussies to be clean when I torture them.”

He had a voice that sounded deep, but also kinda muffles like he was wearing a mask or something. Since I had a gag in my mouth all I could do was mumble a response, but I think he got the jist of my insult. He walked up behind me and took the gag out of my mouth, and I wasted no time letting him know what I thought. “You stupid fucking bastard, let me go right now!”

“Not until I have some fun with you first.”

“My friends are gonna notice I’m gone and they’re gonna call the cops on you, so you might as well save us both the trouble and let me go now you little dick piece of shit!

“ Feisty aren’t we? That red hair suits you well. If they do call the cops, it won’t be for a while, and they won’t find you here anyway. You got quite a mouth on you, must be good for sucking dick.”

“I won’t be sucking your dick so you might as well let me go now!”

“Oh I beg to differ, in fact, I think you’ll be glad to suck my dick.”

I heard him moving around then he brings his hands around my head and puts a blindfold on me. He grabs my tits and squeezes them and slaps them to the point where they’re bouncing around on my chest. Its a little painful, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. I feel his lips take hold of my nipple and start sucking and biting on it, then he switches and does the same thing to the other.

“I need these nipples hard, no good sitting on your chest doing nothing.”

“You must feel real proud of yourself. This is the only way you can get a woman? By kidnapping her? You’re a pathetic excuse for a man, must have a little dick too!”

“You do have quite a mouth. You’ll see how “little” my dick is in a little bit, but first I need to teach you to show some respect for your master.”

I heard him walk past me and grab something from the box on the desk, then I heard him walk back over to where I was and behind me. “Whats the matter, didn’t find what you were looking fooooooooooooooowwww!” I was cut off as I was slapped hard on the ass with a paddle.

“Maybe now you’ll have a little more respect for your master.”

“You’re not my damn master you little dick piece of shit.” I knew it was stupid, but I wasn’t gonna let him win, I’d just have to deal with the pain. WHACK! “Ow!”

“Tell your master you’re sorry or the hits will get harder and more frequent.”

“Kiss my ass!”

“I wont, but the paddle will.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

It hurt like hell but I was willing to put up with it, not to mention after the sting went down it did start to feel good a little. Call me crazy, but I think I was starting to like this.


I groaned in pain and pleasure as the paddle made contact with my bare skin over and over, he whipped me so hard I knew my ass was a deep red, but I still wasn’t gonna give in.

“Hmm, you’re tougher than I thought, maybe I should try a little ‘shock therapy’ on you.”

“Shock therapy? What the fuck do you mean shock therapy?”

“Oh you’re about to find out. I guarantee you’ll see things my way.”

He walked past me again back to the box, but this time he brought it with him because I heard it hit the floor. I got too quiet for my liking and I heard something turn on, I tried to sense where he was but it didn’t do any good, then I got a mother of a wake up call when I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my ass that had been paddled so hard just a little while ago. “What th… owwwwwwww!”

“Who’s your master?”

“Not you you piece of shit!”

“Wrong answer.” He went to the box again and came around in front of me. I heard him laugh then felt a slight twinge of pain as he clamped something down on both of my nipples. “Who’s your master?”

“Kiss my ass you bastard!”

When the words left my mouth a felt another jolt of electricity pass through the clamps and shoot directly into my nipples, wow that really hurt, and I screamed to that fact.

“I can do this all day, who’s your master?”

Fuck you, asshole!”

He didn’t waste any time. Whatever he was shocking me with he put it on every part of my body, sending shocks through my legs, my arms, my tits, my stomach, my ass, just about everything. It hurt but I thought I could take it, until he went back to shocking my nipples, he went one right after the other, it hurt so bad I had no choice but to give in and play his game. “You’re my master ok!”

“I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say?”

“I said you’re my damn master!”

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it? If you had said that earlier we could have saved a lot of time and punishment. Now who’s dick do you wanna suck?”

I didn’t wanna say it, but I knew what he’d do if I protested. “I wanna suck my master’s dick.”

“You mean you wanna suck master H’s dick.”

I sighed, knowing he had leverage over me. “I wanna suck master H’s dick.”

“That’s a good girl. Now suck it good, or I’m gonna have to shock you again.”

He did something with the chains and my arms now had the freedom to hang down to my sides, but it was only for me to get on my knees because that’s exactly where he guided me to, then I heard him undo his pants and grab the back of my head as he pushed his dick right into my mouth. I remembered what he said about shocking me so I made sure to do my best and sucked his dick as best I could. He had a nice long thick dick, not a size I could guess with my mouth but big enough to satisfy any woman. I slid it all the way into my mouth and pulled back just at the head and tickled it with my tongue before I took it back into my mouth, he seemed to like that because every time I did it his dick would twitch. I worked myself into a good rhythm sucking his dick deep into my throat until he grabbed my head with both his hands and started fucking my mouth. At first I was groaning and gagging, making gargling sounds, trying to keep up with his thrusts, but it started to get easier as it went along. He fucked my mouth so long my mouth started to hurt a little, and I accidentally closed down on his dick, which made him pull it out of my mouth and slapped me on the cheek with it.

“You’re lucky I was done with that, now stand up, I have other plans for you.”

I stood up like he said and he unhooked my right foot that was chained to the ground. I heard him do something with the contraption and then he hooked my ankle to it and it rose in the air, leaving me standing on one foot with my pussy spread open. I heard izmit eve gelen escort him go back in the box and then he came back to me and rubbed my ass, then he lifted my ass cheek and rubbed something oily on my asshole, which is something you only do for penetration. I haven’t been fucked in my ass for over two years, so you can imagine how scared I was at that moment.

“What are you doing?”

“Hush slave! I want this ass ready for when I wanna use it later.”

He pushed his finger in my ass in and out a few times, which felt really good, and all I thought that he was gonna do, then he took out his finger and and pushed something else against my asshole, something slicker and wider, and more painful, I knew it had to be a buttplug. It was the kind that starts off small and gets wide at the end, and he didn’t even ease it in, he just pushed it in in one smooth motion, it hurt like hell, but felt good too.

“Uuuuugh oh my god fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaah!”

He pulled it out and pushed it back in a few times before leaving it there. “There, now that wasn’t so bad was it? It was just a little buttplug!”

“Why don’t you let me do that you and you can see for yourself.”

“I don’t think so, I’m in charge here. Now be a good slave and open that pussy for me.”

I heard him walk around in front of me and step out of his pants, then he slapped his dick against my newly shaven pussy a few times then shoved it right into me. I couldn’t help myself but to let out a groan because it felt so good, and he filled me almost perfectly, but I would never tell him that. He grabbed the leg that was in the air and my hip and started fucking me hard, no build-up, so going soft, hard, just how I like it. He was ramming me so hard I could hear his balls were echoing throughout the room. I was in bliss. Usually for me to feel this good during sex its by my own hand with the help of my toys, not a man. He was driving into me hard and fast and keeping the same pace as he did all this. I was struggling trying to stand on one foot and enjoy the fucking I was getting at the same time, but I couldn’t concentrate on both. I could feel his breath on my face and knew he took his mask off, and I was confirmed when he started grunting as he thrust his dick inside me.

“Looks like my slave is enjoying herself. Haven’t had sex this good in a while huh?”

“Don’t f-flatter yourself, ugh, I could do a better job with my t-toys, ugh, oh fuck!”

“I doubt that. I bet you don’t leak this much when you’re fucking yourself.”

He was right. I didn’t leak anywhere near as much as I was now. I could feel it running down my legs as he slammed into me over and over, in fact I started to get the feeling I was getting an orgasm. At the angle he was fucking me my clit was exposed just enough for him to just graze it with his dick as he shoved it into me, and that was enough. Bad date after bad date had built up in me and it was all coming out in what felt like would be a massive orgasm. I gritted my teeth as my body was slowly overcome by an orgasm I’ve waited what seemed like forever to get.

“What are you doing? I didn’t give you permission to cum on me! You better not cum!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oh my fucking goooooooooooooood!”

Too late. My leg shook and my body convulsed around his dick that was no longer pumping into me, but just sitting there as I came all over it. I’m not a squirter, but I felt like I was at that moment as so much cum ran down my leg I knew there would be a puddle. Finally coming down from my high, I just stood there, in complete euphoria, taking in what felt like the greatest orgasm I’ve had in a while. If the chains hadn’t been holding me up, I’d be a sloppy mess on the floor.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum, slave! That just earned you a new punishment!”

I didn’t care. I felt so good at that point I’d put up with anything he threw at me and call him whatever he wanted just to feel something even remotely close to that again.. I heard him do that laugh he does again and felt what had to be cold leather graze across my pussy. He took it off then it went quiet for a minute, never a good sign, then it hit my pussy head on with a loud SMACK!

“Ooooow! Oh god that fucking hurt!”

“Its supposed to hurt, that’s why its called punishment slave!”


“Ow! Oh fuck, ow! Ow! Ow! Oooooooooooooooow!”

“Stop talking slave! No I’ll make you stop talking myself.”

I heard him walk behind me again and a few second later he was tying the gag back around my mouth, now I couldn’t see or talk. Once it was on he went back to whipping my pussy.


“Mmmmmm owmmm ooo god mmmmm,” was all I could mumble through the gag.

“You gonna be a good little slave now and only cum when I tell you to?”

“MM-hmm, I’gll be a goog slllll.”

“You better be, or I’ll bring this back out. One more just for the hell of it.” SMACK!

I flinched as he hit me again, but was glad it was over. He undid the other chain on my ankle and then walked away. I heard him slide the desk across the room and behind me, then he did something with the contraption again and now I was laying on the desk with my arms still bound. He chained my other foot to the thing so now I was laying on my back on the desk with my arms and legs above me, like I was a roasting pig. He moved the desk forward and now I was suspended in the air supported by my hands and ankles, and then I felt him pull me towards him.

“Remember what I told you, you better not cum until I tell you!”

I nodded my head in agreement and he pushed his dick back into me. I was sensitive before he started fucking me from all the painful stimulation he applied, but after cumming like I just did it felt a whole new kind of good. Have you ever had a powerful orgasm and then keep fucking afterwards? No, you usually stop, well in my case I did, combine that with the fact that good sex just didn’t exist for me and maybe you’ll get how I was feeling. He held on to my thighs as he rocked me back and forward on his dick. Being suspended like that in the air kinda made the whole experience that much better, being weightless as you’re in the air being fucked adds to the force you can be pounded, and he was definitely taking advantage of that. He reached around my legs and grabbed on to my tits, which still had the clamps on them and kneaded them in his hands as he fucked me.

“I will admit you do have some pretty nice tits, for a slave.”

“Mm-hmm mm-hmm, nice bmmmg titss massstr,” I mumbled.

He didn’t let my tits go as he stretched my pussy out with his fat dick every time he shoved it into me. Here I was having the best fuck of my life and I don’t even know who’s doing it. Who is he? He can’t be someone from the club, those broken dick bastards don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but then who else could he be? A random stranger who just happen to snatch me? I couldn’t place his voice, so I would have to resign to the fact I may never know who it is, and just enjoy it while it lasts. As I said that he started picking up speed and rubbing on my clit, it was getting to me fast and I could already feel another orgasm coming, but I didn’t want any more punishment, who knew what he would do this time. He saw my face contort and must have guessed that I was close to another orgasm.

“Remember what I told you slave, you better not come!”

He purposely sped up frigging my clit as he fucked me, testing me to see if I could hold out. It was hard, holding in an orgasm I so badly wanted to let out, while getting slammed over and over. I moaned and tried my best to think of something else, anything else, like all the losers before who couldn’t fuck to save their life, but it always came back around to me being tied up and having the fuck of my life. Whenever he could tell I was close he would fuck me that much harder and flick my clit that much more, almost trying to force it out of me, but it was that right there which helped me fight off the orgasm as much as I wanted to let it happen, I’m stubborn, he wanted it to izmit otele gelen escort happen, so I wouldn’t let it.

“That’s a good slave, now its time to see how that ass feels.”

He slid his dick out of me, to my relief and disappointment, and moved the desk so I was laying on it again. He unhooked my legs one at a time and chained them back to the floor, then worked the machine or whatever it was again so my arms were now free, then he chained my hands to the desk, forcing me to bend over and rest on my elbows, I was leaning over with my ass sticking in the air.

“Now that’s a good look for you. Looks like you won’t be needing this anymore.”

He grabbed the buttplug that was still lodged in my ass and slowly pulled it out, making me groan in the process. I felt his hands on my ass and then his dick as it probed my asshole. He put the head to the entrance, worked it around a little, then pushed it right in.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oommmmgooood!” I moaned into the air.

He slid the rest into my ass slowly, thankfully, since he was bigger than the buttplug, and kept going until he was bottomed out in me. I grabbed the only thing I could, the edge of the desk as he quickly went to work pounding my little asshole for all it was worth. My ass cheeks were clapping off of him as he fucked me, making the same clapping sound his balls made when they slapped against my pussy, but louder, maybe that’s why he wanted me shaved. The last time I had a dick in my ass it was over two years ago, and from what I could remember it wasn’t this big, or felt this good, however ironic that is. I loved the way it filled me up completely every time it slid all the way inside me just before pulling out, I had almost forgotten how great it was.

“Slave loves getting her ass fucked doesn’t she?”

“Mm-hmm, I lovve gettinggg mmmmy assss fukkd maztrr H,” I said through the gag.

“I knew you would, you like getting spanked too, don’t you slave?” SLAP!

He slapped my ass with his hand and I could feel it jiggle from the ricochet. As much abuse as he did with the paddle earlier, his hand didn’t feel like anything, so instead of it hurting like he probably thought it would, it felt good, just as his dick in my ass felt good.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes mmaztrr mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned.

He was really doing a number on my ass, fucking it and slapping it, and it felt incredible, I couldn’t get enough. Every time he shoved his dick all the way inside my ass I wanted to scream, to be filled like that is indescribable. I would be his slave whenever he wanted if he could fuck me like this all the time, but I knew I would never find out who he was, and he wasn’t gonna tell me since I was blindfolded and he has a mask on, or did have one, but it didn’t stop me from hoping. Just as he got going fucking me faster he took my hair in his hand and pulled tight on it, causing me to throw my head back. I LOVE my hair pulled when I’m being fucked. Combine that with slapping my ass and fucking it and I have an orgasm waiting to happen. I couldn’t have had better timing because when I said that he went back to working on my clit. I held it off the first time, but I knew I couldn’t do it a second time. My moaning and groaning got louder as I tried to hold off another orgasm he was trying to force onto me.

“Mmm my little slave wants to cum doesn’t she?”

“Mm-hmm, I wanna cumm bad, plesce let mme cuum mmaztrr!”

“Please let me cum, master H.”

“Plesce let mme cuummm mmaztrr H!”

(After a long pause and me moaning in agony) “Ok slave go ahead and cum.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee! I’mm cummmmmmmmmnnnn!”

I didn’t spare any time as I came hard, maybe harder than the first time. My hands gripped the desk so hard I thought I’d leave dents in it as I came from having a dick in my ass for the first time in years. My legs were shaking, my insides were on fire, pussy juice was running down my legs, I was in my own world. I dropped my head and let my orgasm take over my body as he kept drilling my asshole.

“Slave have a good cum did she? Master’s dick feel good inside that slutty ass?”

I couldn’t respond even if I wanted to, I was too lost in ecstasy. I just let him use me and pound me like the slut he turned me into. When I finally came back from my orgasm I noticed I was getting fucked a lot harder, and H was grunting a lot more. I also noticed my legs weren’t chained anymore, and my arms were tied behind my back. I also still had the blindfold on, but I didn’t have the gag anymore.

“You want my cum slave? You want my cum all over your slutty body?”

“Yes master H I want your cum all over me! Cum all over my fucking body!”

“Get on your knees slave! Get down,” he grunted as he pulled his dick out of my well fucked ass.

I got down on my knees like he said and listened to him grunt for a few seconds, then I felt spurt after hot spurt of cum hit my chest, my tits, then my face. A little of his cum dripped down to my lip and I snaked it in with my tongue, savoring the salty taste produced from a great fuck. It felt so good on my skin and was a welcomed climax to what turned out to be the best sex of my life.

“Look who turned out to be a good slave.”

“I still wasn’t the best sex I’ve ever had.” I still had to be a bitch, its kinda in my nature.

“I doubt that, slave. I have half a mind to fuck you all over again, but I have other things to attend to. If I catch you acting like a crazy bitch to anyone you see fit to again I’ll have to bring you back here and discipline you again, and you don’t want that do you?”

I made a face like I didn’t care, but I secretly hoped he would bring me back. I had never been so sexually stimulated or dominated before in my life. I think I found myself a new fetish, seemed like the perfect fit since I liked to be fucked hard and dominated, the pain was a little much, but I could work around that. I heard him walk away from me then he came back in front of me and knelt down.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit, just like before.”

I wondered what he was talking about, then I remembered how I got here in the first place. Not a moment later I had another napkin to my face and I was breathing in the same stuff as before, and again just like before, everything went black.


I slowly came to after being forcefully knocked out for a second time and realized I was sitting in the driver seat of my car. It was parked in my secret spot just like normal, my clothes were back on, albeit a little messed up, but they were on, and my purse with everything in it was there. I looked at my watch and realized over four hours had passed since I left the club to go to my car. I checked my phone and saw ten missed calls from Grace and Rachel. I knew since the club still had about two hours before it closed that they were still in there. I got out, refixed my clothes and my hair, and made my way back into the club where surprise surprise they were still sitting in the same spot drinking.

“You bitch, where the hell were you? We’ve been calling you for hours!” Rachel said over the music.

“I had to make a little run for a while,” I said, but knew there was no chance they’d believe it.

Grace sized me up and sniffed the air around me, opening her mouth wide when she figured out why I had been gone. “You had sex didn’t you? And since you’re not bitchy it was good sex wasn’t it?”

I didn’t say anything, but they took it as a yes. I ordered a drink as they both sighed in relief.

“Its about time, that’s just what you needed girl. Now maybe you can stop being a hard ass to everyone here and give another one of these guys a try,” Rachel said.

I already knew who I wanted to give a try, but I had no idea who he is, or how to find him. Then it hit me, H said if he caught me acting bitchy again he would have to discipline me again, I only acted bitchy when I was in the club, which means that he was here too! I was closer to finding out who it was, or at least closer to getting another amazing fuck, but I had no idea who to look for, or where to look. There was only one way to lure him back out, and I smiled to myself knowing what I had to do.

“I’m fucking done with men in clubs!”

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