Just the Two of Us Ch. 01Just the Two of Us Ch. 01


Sitting at the couch I was still tired from the night before, and adding that to the hangover, I struggled to keep awake. I stared vacantly out the window as my friends played the X-Box. The rain of the early morning had turned the garden into a dripping green, vibrant and misty, and it looked amazing. My friend had always had a nice garden as his mother spent a lot of time working in it to get it looking like that. But soon I wasn’t focussed on the garden any more.

My friend had just turned twenty two weeks ago and we had been going out more and more, spending the early hours of the morning at the casino in the city. He suggested that we go back to his place and sleep the night. A bit misleading really, none of us slept at all. He lived about half an hour from my place, with his parents, and his younger sister. And that’s who this story involves most of all.

As I said, I was sitting in the couch gazing into space when she walked across my view, strange at that hour of the morning. What was stranger was that she had no top on. Nothing. She was eighteen years old and fully developed, but she was one of my best friend’s sisters, and that kind of thing is territory you do not touch. So I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to her, other then the faint acknowledgement at the back of my mind that she was turning into a stunner. But here she was, parading around the backyard with not shirt on, her firm young breasts a sight to behold. I went dry mouthed and I know my face must have flushed, but luckily my friends were too engrossed in their game to notice. But she did.

She turned towards the clothesline, towards the window, hand outstretched to presumably pull off a bra and shirt. When she looked in the window and straight at me she and I both froze. For an interminably long time we stayed like that, before I broke my gaze and turned back to the television. I looked back a moment later and she had fled. Now I was definitely awake. I didn’t know what to do. She was the sister to my best friend, and I suppose I could laugh it off to myself, but he could never find out, and I knew it would be forever awkward for both of us if I came back to the house, which I could hardly avoid doing. So I waited for ten minutes or so and then went to the ‘toilet’.

I passed by her bedroom door and it was open, I could see her sitting on her bed. I kept going, went to the toilet and then made a suitable amount of noise washing up. I wanted to apologise but certainly not interrupt her or see anything more. So as I was walking back I knocked gently on the open door. She looked up with surprise and a hint of fear in her eyes and I could see she had been crying. Thank god though; her shirt was back on.

‘Hi,’ I spoke gently. ‘Mind if I come in for a moment?’ Of course she did, but we had to acknowledge what had happened and move on from it. I didn’t feel attracted to her by any means, and I just wanted to get things back to the normal ignorance that any sister of one of my friends showed the rest of us. She didn’t say anything, and just looked away, so I went in and sat on the chair next to the bed. ‘I’m sorry about staring before. It…was unfair to you. I don’t want to do anything to put your brothers and my friendship at risk, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry and that I hope we don’t have to avoid each other or anything…’ I paused, struggling to think of anything to say. ‘Maybe we should just pretend I never saw anything.’

At that she blushed madly. ‘That would be fairly easy don’t you think’ she said, glaring at me. I suppose I should explain something. My friend’s mother is fairly short, and while my friend is tall, his sister is also shorter. She’d come up to just below my shoulders, and I’m a bit taller then six foot one. Lauren is fairly petite, her body fairly light but well rounded, if that makes any sense. And, as I found out today her breasts are small and round, but perfectly proportioned to her body. Again, not something I had thought of much until now.

‘What do you mean?

‘Well, they’re tiny! How could you see them any way?’ She looked on the verge of tears again. That really knocked me for six. I wasn’t expecting her to be upset about that and it shocked me. I don’t know why, I realise that all girls usually have some kind of dissatisfaction with their bodies, but that after having seen her topless I knew she needn’t. Of course that doesn’t change her perception of her body.

‘Lauren, you have no idea-you are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. Don’t be ashamed of having smaller breasts, they look great… I know you’re my friend’s sister and so I haven’t though about you in that way before, but your body is fine.’ I sort of stammered that last bit out, feeling a bit weird to be saying this to her.

‘Really?’ she whispered, after a moment of silence. She looked at me demurely. I felt a strange urge to hold her when she looked like that, but I shook it off.

‘Yeah,’ I replied. She looked at me again, and stood pendik sınırsız escort up to face me, walking over and straddling my lap, arms around my neck. She leaned in and kissed me, lightly, on the lips.

‘Thank you.’ She suddenly became self-conscious and began to stammer and stumble over her words. ‘I’m sorry-I shouldn’t have-oh…..I didn’t mean to…’ I leaned in and impulsively kissed her back, a bit longer and more intense then the last, cradling her slender body with my arms around her back. She moaned lightly then broke the kiss, breathing hard. She flushed and looked down. I extricated myself from around her and tried to sit up.

‘Sorry, I just-‘ I didn’t get anything more out then that because Lauren lunged forward and mashed her mouth against mine again, kissing me passionately and wrapping both her legs and arms around my body, curling herself against me. I brought my hands to circle her, one hand cupped under her smooth buttock to draw her closer, the other behind her head as we kissed.

We broke away from one another and I moved her off me before standing up. I was conscious of the fact that I was at my friend’s house and had been gone to the ‘toilet’ for a long time. I looked at her and saw that she was clearly unsure of what to do; for all her beauty she was young, and it showed.

‘I don’t really know what to say Lauren. That was…amazing-but we shouldn’t do anything. Even if we want to. I’m sorry-if you need too, call and we can talk, but I don’t think we should do this again.’ I was about to turn and leave, but paused, moved by the look of yearning in her downcast eyes. I stepped over and kissed her lightly once again. ‘I’m sorry.’

I left then, returning to the lounge room and sat back down, the others basically ignoring me they were so engrossed in the game they were playing. I didn’t see Lauren again for the morning, and I left about two hours later, still tired but confused over what had happened. What should I do? I found her stunning and arousing like no one else, but there were a few problems with any sort of relationship with her. Firstly was the simple fact of her age; she was only eighteen and I was about to turn twenty-two. That was a little strange, to feel such a strong attraction to a younger girl really. I had never had sex before, not uncommon for guys my age, but she was so much younger that it seemed kind of wrong.

Of course the main problem was that she was the sister of one of my best friends. It was a kind of taboo to do anything with a mate’s sister. I once heard a guy say that unless you’re going to marry them you steer clear or you lose your friend. I certainly didn’t plan on marrying her by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. So I had a bit of a dilemma on my hands.

Oh well. Time would tell.


The next day I still didn’t know what to do. I had slept the night before, mainly because I was so tired, but I was still awake and trying to decide. I didn’t have to wait all that long. Just after lunch my mobile rang. I answered, not knowing the number but obviously suspecting who it was and I was right. Lauren’s voice came over the phone, uncertain and shy. My heart jumped up to my throat and stayed there.

‘Hi. Umm…I think I want to see you again. I know you said we shouldn’t when you left yesterday, but…I really liked how you made me feel’ she finished limply.

‘Lauren, I want to too. But while what happened yesterday was wonderful and I’ll always remember it, I really think that we can’t do anything more.’ She was silent for a while before speaking again.

‘I know that I guess, but…I haven’t really had to speak like this before but…you made me feel-horny. I need to see you again. I-‘ she paused again and drew in a deep breath. ‘I want to be…touched by you again. It felt so good. Please.’

I was taken back when I heard those words coming from her mouth. The urgency behind them was palpable. ‘Okay. I-it’s not really right, I know, but, yeah. I want to see you too. How do you think we can manage it?’ She made me want her as well, the way she was so desperate to see me. But it would be hard to arrange a place to meet without it seeming suspicious. I wasn’t sure, but maybe she’d have some ideas.

‘I don’t know,’ the relief and happiness in her voice clear to hear, ‘Maybe we could try to rent a hotel room…or meet at a park just to ‘talk’ I suppose. It might be harder then I thought…’ she finished with a puzzled tone. ‘I hadn’t thought about that much.’

Neither had I. I thought the idea of a hotel room might work, but I wasn’t sure. I had just got a new job, but hadn’t been paid yet. Maybe in a week…but I didn’t know if we wanted to wait that long. In the end we decided to rent a hotel room, and would split the bill. So I went to work to find a room in the city next weekend, and one that was nice but not too expensive. Eventually I found one at pendik yeni escort the Hilton. Of course, you hear the name and think it will be expensive but it had a good deal at the time and was not the presidential suite by any means, but quite nice all the same.

We spoke each night, talking about nothing really, but just chatting. We decided that I’d pick Lauren from the shopping centre at one thirty on Saturday, and she would tell her parents that she was staying the night at her friend’s place. Her friend’s parents were supposedly dropping her off and collecting Lauren’s bags from the centre and then they’d see a film.

I drove past and saw her waiting; she had smsed me and told me they had gone five minutes ago. She dumped her bags in the boot and got in the front seat. I said hi, and we drove out of the car-park to get to the freeway. We chatted, but did not kiss, just in case someone could see us. We were pretending that she was my sister and that our parents wanted to go on a holiday, not leaving us at home because the last time they did we threw a party and left the house a mess. As we stopped at the lights, waiting to turn into the hotel there was no one around, so we turned and kissed, passionately mouthing at one another. The lights changed and we drove off.

‘I’m glad we’re doing this Lauren. It’s a bit weird but it should be great. That certainly was.’ I looked over at her and smiled.

She blushed and looked down. ‘Yeah, it will be.’ Smiling she looked back up. Her eyes burned with a fire, grinning as she continued. ‘It’ll be really great.’ I laughed and stopped the car, getting out and taking the bags out before handing the keys to the valet. We went inside, chatting amiably while waiting in line for the reception. We checked in and signed the forms before getting in the elevator. There was an elderly couple in the lift as well, and so we just stood and looked around at the décor, very nice. They stopped on the third floor; we were alone in the lift for the next six floors and were all over one another.

I kissed her and drew her to me, her slender frame pressed against my body, wrapping our arms around one another. She felt so good, we both moaned into one another’s mouths as we kissed. I slipped my tongue in between her lips for the first time, probing lightly and crushing her body to mine. The elevator pinged and we broke apart hurriedly, stepping back and picking up our luggage. There was no one in the hall and we passed three rooms before we reached our own, number six seventy-one. I opened the door and walked in, staring for a moment at the quality of the apartment.

Lauren wandered in and went from room to room, smiling and exclaiming at how good it was. I put the backs down and went up behind her as she stood at the window and looked out at the view, embracing her and moulding her body into mine. I nuzzled at her neck and kissed her lightly as she turned in my arms.

‘This is great, it really is! I want to stay here all weekend. We don’t need to go anywhere else do we?’ She leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. I smiled and shook my head.

‘No, we can stay here all weekend and I certainly want to.’ But that didn’t mean I knew what to do now. The tension kind of rose in the room and I knew we were both nervous. I also knew that I would have to make the first move, but not yet. ‘Did you want a drink?’


Now we sat, quiet and reserved, each of us trying to build up the courage needed to make the first move. Sitting side by side on the couch I had finally had enough. I turned to Lauren and spoke.

‘This is starting to get silly. I really like you, and this is my first time as well, so I’m nervous too.’ I reached over and cupped her face in my hand. ‘Let’s go to the bedroom and we’ll take it very slowly. I won’t hurt you.’ She nodded wordlessly, and I picked her slight body and carried her out of the room and placed her gently on her feet in the bedroom. She stood there and watched as I leaned in to kiss her softly on her lips, and then she began to respond, her arms coming up to hold me. I stepped back and pulled of my shirt, revealing my lightly muscled body, that of a frequent rock-climber. She smiled and ran her hands over my chest, and I waited. She stopped and then I leant in to kiss her again.

Laughing nervously she ducked out from my embrace and stood back. ‘It’s my turn to show you now. Not that you haven’t seen it before.’ I held my breath as she started to unbutton her top, each button revealing more of her smooth skin. She dropped the shirt to the floor and stood there self-consciously. I released the air from my lungs and moved forward, captivated by the sight of her breasts encased in the lacy fabric of her bra. I ran both my hands up her sides and up her naked back pulling her close to me and crushing her breasts against my chest. I kissed her slowly and leaned back.

‘You are beautiful. I…can’t believe I’m here, and that you want sancaktepe escort to be with me.’ She smiled and dropped her eyes, blushing bright red. I kissed her again and then knelt down in front of her, looking upwards.

‘Go ahead,’ she whispered, staring into my eyes. I reached behind her and slowly unzipped her skirt, dropping it down her slim legs, her toned skin silky to the touch. She shivered at my touch and I stared straight between her legs, at the small patch of hair covered by her sheer panties. She looked at me anxiously, searching for approval.

‘It’s wonderful Lauren. Can I…touch you?’ She nodded and I stretched my hand forth, trembling and lightly brushed her with my fingers through the fabric. She jumped at my touch, and then trembled with faint pleasure at the tingling my stroking was causing.

‘Oh…keep going, it feels-kind of funny, but nice. Can you…put a finger inside me?’ she asked tentatively. I nodded, my mouth dry and I reached both hands up and put my hands on either side of hips, fingers on the straps of her panties and gently pulled them down, sliding them to her feet.

‘Do you want to sit down?’ I asked, motioning towards the bed.

‘Yeah, I guess so.’ She moved over, wearing only her bra, and sat on the edge of the bed. I smiled at her and leaned up to kiss her tenderly. I leant down and brushed my fingers along the inside of her legs, making her contract them as she shivered. I moved them in small circles, getting closer each time and ending up after a minute or two stroking the folds and edges of her vagina.

‘Uhh…stop teasing me-please just touch it…’ she shuddered with frustration. I did, reaching in further and lightly rubbing my fingertip along the inside of her folds, pulling softly and exploring, slowly working a finger inside of her as she became moist. ‘Huh…ohh that…feels-good, oh…’ I looked up and saw a strange look on her face; screwed up with a mixture of pleasure and concentration, she was beginning to breathe heavily. I laughed as I continued to lightly move the first few joints of my finger within her.

‘I hope it’s nice. I haven’t done it before, so tell me if you like something. Or if I’m doing something wrong.’ She was softly panting, her breath coming in short little gasps as she looked down.

‘It’s fi…ohh…fine, just keep-doing…doing whatever you…are’ she moved her hips up on the bed a bit and laid herself back, staring at the ceiling. I concentrated on the warmth around my finger and moved it in a little deeper, sliding it in a bit at a time and wiggling it around a bit more. I had a thought and grinned to myself. Slowly, keeping my other finger moving, I put a finger from my other hand on the bottom of her slit, pressing just inside the folds and moving it up and down in one place quickly.

‘OHHH!’ she cried out, panting faster, and I kept going more and more, getting cries of encouragement. ‘Huh-huh-ohh…pleas…don’t-huh-stop, ohh…’ I smiled to myself and looked up as I worked on her, seeing her tight young body writhing about as she clutched at the sheets and was surprised to see a faint sheen of sweat on her chest and face.

My hands were starting to get sore, but I figured that if I stopped she’d probably bite my head off, so I kept going, trying to get her to come for the first time in her young life. At least the first time at another’s hands. She cried out and groaned deeply, I slowly began to insert another finger into her soft snatch, edging it in and slowing my other finger. I got the two in and moved them in and out, gradually increasing the pace. She had slowed her breathing as I slowed, but now picked it up twofold, and then I moved my finger that had been below, rubbing fast, up higher and slipped the end of it into her as well, moving it in as my other two pulled out and rubbing them quickly against her warm cleft. She cried out loudly, moaning hard as she clenched around my fingers, arching off the bed and humping herself onto my fingers, clenching her legs closed on me. I kept them moving, slower now. She sluggishly came down from her first orgasm, still breathing heavily.

I sat up and pulled her upright and hugged her to me, kissing her as I went. She smiled, looking at me and a happy, satisfied face, beautiful. I looked past her at the clock.

‘Damn. That took over twenty minutes; I could have sworn it was only five or ten at most.’ I smiled, looking at her happy face. ‘I think it was worth it though, even if I can’t feel my hands anymore.’ We laughed and hugged again, kissing quietly and whispering to one another. She felt so soft and supple, her whole body nude except her bra, the skin tight over her body and smooth when pressed against me. I kissed her once more and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She giggled and shifted her weight so I could reach better. I fumbled with it for a moment before it came unclasped and sat back as it fell forward down her arms.

I watched as it slipped down her slim brown arms and once again lost my breath as her breasts were revealed to me again. Close up they looked even better, were that possible then before. I loved the small mounds, firm and perky with small but puffy nipples, slightly darker then the light tan covering her whole body, with a small areola to match. She was stunning.

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