Julia Goes Black Part 1Julia Goes Black Part 1


Julia Prezi floated down the aisle, she didn’t walk, she didn’t strut or prance, she floated. That’s what her model instructor had taught her in Milan, where she used to live with her parents. She had joined the model agency at the age of five and had done many jobs over the years, mostly on catwalks but also magazines. She would never become a top model that was clear by the time she was fourteen.She grew to be just under six feet, but the rest of her body grew too, at that age she had a perfect round ass and large full boobs, which made her a heartbreaking beauty but never a high-class model. She was disappointed in the beginning after her instructor had told her but when she realized she could still make a lot of extra cash, she was OK with it.She had been happy with her life in Italy. She had her friends, a boyfriend of sorts, and they lived in a nice neighborhood. Then her father got the news that he had been offered a position as an art history teacher at a University in the States. Julia had been glad at first, thinking New York, Miami, LA, or even Chicago.It was Cotton Hill University, Kansas, and not what she had expected. It was a small town of just over a hundred thousand souls. The heart of the community was the University which did rank high nationally in Fine Arts. The students came from all over the country and there was a large international student body too.But it was not what Julia had dreamed off or even hoped for. She was very disappointed and showed it. She hardly spoke to her parents, and she did the minimum school work as possible. Just shy of nineteen she was a freshman at the same University where her father taught.She quickly became popular with the guys and hated by the women. Her accent, her looks, her grace, everything about her oozed sensuality and sexuality. Her parents didn’t know, but she was no longer a virgin. She had lost it while they were on a family holiday in Portugal a year earlier.The barman attending the pool bar had flirted with her and given her enough free drinks until she thought it was a great idea to go for a late night walk with him. They had begun to make out and his hands were all over her but when they slid up under her dress she tried to say no. It was a weak try because his fingers knew what they were doing and in no time he was on top of her and her dress were around her waist. She wanted him, hoping it would be as beautiful as what her friends had told her.It was short, hard and completely unsatisfactory for her. Not that she knew what to expect but there had to be more to sex than some sweaty guy lying on top of her and humping, she had thought when she walked back to the hotel room. It hadn’t hurt one bit, and she suspected the guy wasn’t very big because she had hardly felt him enter her.Julia arrived at her post in the makeup department in the large store off the Highway. She had gotten the job as a hostess for a small brand of makeup after applying online. It took them about twenty seconds to call her after she had sent her CV and photos. She was to start the next day.This was her third week and she was bored. Most of the customers were women twice and sometimes three times her age, and they only looked and seldom bought anything which made her upset because her salary was partly based on commission.Leroy King walked around the pile of soup cans and stopped in his tracks. He just stood there istanbul travesti and stared at the being in front of him. He knew that it was a female human but he had never seen anything like her during his thirty-five years of life. While he watched, an elderly woman with blue hair, pink trainers and a red tracksuit approached the young woman behind the counter. Leroy couldn’t hear what they were talking about but he noticed that the younger woman looked bored, and only gave half-hearted answers to the blue haired pensioner. After a few minutes, she moved on and the young woman was alone again.Leroy came from a long line of lovers. His father had ten children, his grandfather had twelve and as far as he knew, he had eight, there might be more but none of his many ex-girlfriends had come forward.The success to Leroy’s luck with women was mostly because of his looks. He was over six feet tall, naturally muscled and only went to the gym to keep himself toned. His eyes here blue and his skin the color of milk chocolate. He also had charm and was a good listener, which women loved. That he could turn off his hearing and let the sound just drift in one ear and out the other was a benefit. He couldn’t do it physically but he did it mentally.Julia noticed the black man standing at the end of the aisle looking at her. First, she felt uncomfortable, she had heard stories, but when she took a second look she also noticed his clothes. A nicely cut marine blue suit, white shirt, a dark red tie and shining shoes. He had a diamond stud in one ear and his head was completely shaved. While she watched him he began walking towards her. “Hi,” his voice was deep and soft. “Can I help you?” “Yes, it’s a friend of mine’s birthday and was wondering what you have that she might like.”While the woman, whose name was Julia, he saw that on her name tag, went on explaining what she sold, Leroy zoned out her voice and looked at her. Her oval face was completely symmetric, which meant that both sides were exactly the same. Her straight nose ended above full curvy lips and her high cheekbones gave her an almost Egyptian look. Her hair was dark brown and naturally wavy. What caught his attention were her eyes. They had an odd color, something he had never seen before. The closest thing he could think off was caramel. Her skin was not tanned even though it was dark. Dressed in a short black cocktail dress and high heels she was a one of a kind beauty.At first, he had thought she was Mexican or from somewhere else south of the border but her accent didn’t fit. Then it hit him, she was Italian.“So, what do you think, will she like them?” said Julia. The man was staring at her again and she got a strange feeling. It felt like he was undressing her with those blue eyes and she wasn’t quite comfortable with it. “Excuse me?” she said. “Oh, sorry, my mind was somewhere else. Yes, I’ll take that, that, those, and two of these,” he said while he pointed at the items.The young woman smiled and showed perfect white teeth. She must earn a commission, he thought. “Is there anything else I can get you?” she said, her accent strong, dark and sexy. There were many things that flashed through Leroy’s mind when she had asked the question but none of them were prudent to say out aloud. “No, thank you.” She rang everything up and Leroy paid with his credit card. “Thank istanbul travesti you for your help and I might see you again,” he said when he put the card back into his wallet. “Please, come by anytime,” said Julia.She watched him walk down the aisle and smiled. His purchase alone had netted her more than the last two weeks together. She really hoped he would come back, and soon. She realized she had judged him by his color, and that made her feel bad. He seemed to be a nice enough guy. While she stood there looking after him she felt someone tug at her elbow.When she turned around she had to look down to see Mark Spencer standing there. “Hi Julia, how is it going?” She stepped back and made sure he didn’t put his hands on her. Mark was her boss and the sleaziest man she had ever met. He was a head shorter than her, with a soft body without being overweight. His small pig-like eyes bored into hers and she knew what he was thinking each time they spoke.“Everything is fine, why?” “Do you know who that was?” he said, pointing at the black man standing in line to pay for his other purchases. “No.” “Leroy King, he owns the town’s only night club. The students have made him a millionaire.” “Oh, I had had no idea.” “Well, stay clear of him. He is a womanizer and treats them like shit,” said Mark, spitting out the last word. “Thanks for the advice but now I have to do some inventory,” said Julia and turned away. Mark gave her ass a good look and wished he could ram his six-inch cock between her ass cheeks.Ever since she had been hired, Mark had had a crush on Julia. Actually, it was more of an obsession with her. He knew deep inside that he had no chance getting into her panties if she even wore a pair, but that didn’t stop him from fantasizing about what he would like to do to her and that led to some very strong orgasms in the employee bathroom, where he often jerked off. ********After she had eaten dinner with her parents Julia went up to her room to choose the clothes she would wear the next day. After trying on several outfits she decided on a pair of black shorts that showed off her ass and on top she would wear, a white tight blouse that you knotted above the navel. When she was done she hung the clothes on a hanger and walked naked to the bathroom. In the wall size mirror, she checked out her profile and grabbed her ass cheeks, making sure they were firm. Then she turned so she was facing the mirror and cupped her C size boobs with her hands. She loved feeling the weight of them in her hands and as she gently caressed them until her nipples grew hard.Julia had learned from a friend back in Milan about the pleasure of masturbation and she did it at least ones a week, usually before bed and in the shower. She got into the tub and turned on the shower head. Then she adjusted it so the water reached her as she leaned against the wall at the other end. She used her fingers and gently pulled her pussy lips apart.When the stream of water hit her clit she gasped with pleasure. Within a minute she was moaning and finally she ended up sitting in the tub, breathing hard from the orgasm that had just washed over her. She stood up and then used an expensive soap her mother had bought her for Christmas and a bath sponge. After washing the soap off her body she shaved her pussy so there was just a thin landing strip about two inches long.When istanbul travesti she crawled into bed that night, she thought about the black man she had met. What was his name? Then she remembered, “Leroy King,” she whispered before closing her eyes. That night she dreamt that she had sex on a beach, but it wasn’t with the barman in Portugal. It was a stranger, an older stranger and he took her hard against the soft sand. ********“What’s up, girl?” said Jenny. “Not much, how are you?” said Julia. They had met outside the entrance to the campus and now walked together towards one of the buildings. The day was sunny and warm, and there were several students lying on the grass around them taking in the sun in groups of just talking. Jenny was the closest thing to a friend Julia had on campus. They shared several classes together and had the same taste in music and movies.Jenny was a lot shorter than Julia and her skin was white. Her baby blue eyes were kind, but she had a mean streak to her if you got on her wrong side. Her hair was blonde and cut short above her shoulders. She usually wore jeans and a sweater and didn’t bother much with makeup. She was pretty but no beauty.“What’s the name of the club in town?” asked Julia as they walked up the steps to the music building. “Glory, why?” “Have you been there?” Jenny stopped and turned to her friend. “Why? Are you thinking about going?” “Maybe, if I can find someone to come with me.” Jenny grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the rest of the students walking around them. “You have to be twenty-one to get in. Do you have a fake ID?” she said when they were alone. Julia laughed. “Look at me. Do you think any bouncer would try to stop me?” She was right, thought Jenny. Her friend was beyond good looking. She could easily pass for twenty-one. “I know what you mean, but what I have heard is that the card everyone because they are afraid some under aged person will sneak in. If there was a police raid they could lose their license.”“Mm, you have a point. What if I knew someone who worked there?” Jenny’s eyes grew wider. “Who?”Julia made sure no one was close and then leaned down and whispered. “Leroy King.” “You are shitting me! How do you know him?” Julia cleared her throat. “Well, I don’t really know him, but I met him yesterday. He bought some things from me while I was at work.”Jenny checked her watch. “C’mon, we are late for class. We will talk about this later.” ********At that exact moment, Leroy King rolled over on his side and put his hand on the firm ass that was attached to his latest conquest. Her name was Nina and she was twenty-two. She was strikingly beautiful but sadly she had not been gifted with intelligence. Leroy didn’t feel like having breakfast with her and listen to her going on about her shopping trips and friends. He gently slid a hand between her thighs and when his fingers touched her pussy she moaned a little and turned over on her stomach. Her face was amazing, he thought, as long as she kept quiet.Leroy moved on top of her and using his legs, spread hers enough so he could push his cock against her cunt. When he felt her lips against his cockhead he slowly began to push harder. It took a while but when he slid inside her she opened her eyes. “Oh my, this early, baby?” she said, her voice whiny and high. “Shh, just enjoy it.” “Mmm,” she moaned and was quiet.Leroy pushed his hands under her ass and then began to thrust in and out of her until he pulled out and let go of his cum. It landed on her tummy and she giggled as it ran down her sides. “C’mon, up you go. I have to work,” he said. She looked hurt. “But I thought we could have breakfast?” “Sorry, no time.

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