Joyce at the UniversityJoyce at the University


To say I was intimidated by my arrival at the University of Arizona would be the largest of understatements. I was terrified. I had just graduated from a high school that contained less than a thousand students in it’s entirety to a school that boasted fifty thousand students across several large campuses. I was at the main campus and I was suddenly reduced from being one of the most dated of girls to a person that was for all practical purposes, simply invisible.

I was not happy, I’m not ugly by any comparison, I’m perhaps a little short, just under five feet tall, my breasts are about average, I’m not more than four or five pounds overweight according to the charts and my complexion is relatively clear but if one were to judge things by the amount of attention I received from the male population on campus one would have to believe me to be gross.

I did what I was told to do and I endured. My classes were okay and my grades were fine. I made some friends but none I would consider to be in the BFF category. I was lonely and I did not like not being at the center of attention, especially when it came to the boys.

The boys were everywhere on this campus and yet I had no contact with any of them it outside of my classes. I was not a virgin. I had been having sex for several years after giving up my virginity to one of my older brother’s college buddies. I had dated several boys in my senior year alone in high school and I was not one to hold back on sex. I knew what boys liked and I liked it too. I liked getting them to cum off and I liked it equally as well, no, I liked it much better when they made me cum off.

So here I am at this university full of beautiful young men, I’m about as horny as I have ever been and I can’t find a single cock to service me in amongst the thousands that passed before my hungry eyes. I’m trapped in this little dorm room with two other girls that seem to have no interest in anything but the library, no privacy to even masturbate comfortably. I endured.

Everything changed for me after my return for my second semester. First and foremost, I got laid over the winter break. My brother had brought a friend back from school for the winter break so they could continue to train for soccer over the break. Steve was older than my brother Ken. Steve was a senior and that made him a god to me. I made sure this boy didn’t overlook me. I wasn’t home for more than three days and I had the biggest cock I had ever got my hands on sliding into my very hungry cunt. He had brought a gross of condoms with him and I think he used them all before we returned to our schools. Steve and I had sex in the garage, in the basement, in the woods behind my parent’s home. When my parents were out he would fuck me in my bedroom. Steve was at least 7 inches long and wide as a beer can. His cock was shaped like a spear with a pointed tip. The head would slide into me easily and then the fatness of his shaft would stretch my tender young cunt to its widest. I need extra lubrication at the start of our sessions. Sometimes it just wouldn’t fit. Once he got me going I would open up and by the end after he had cum in me, he would slosh around and wiggle his cock from side to side. I felt so used when he finished with me.

As good as Steve was in bed, I knew he had little interest in me outside of it and our parting, though sad, was not painful to me. I returned to the cold and windy campus in late January with a feeling of anxiety and dread. My cunt was sated for the moment and I settled in to my schedule. Both of my roommates had changed for whatever reasons and my new roomies were both from southern Beylikdüzü escort California. They were both cute little dyed blondes that giggled constantly and smoked reefers. I didn’t use drugs and I held them in contempt for the first few weeks but their easy going manners and their quick to laugh temperament soon won me over. Before long, I was also smoking reefers and laughing at everything.

Sandy and Sally and I became best of friends as the semester turned past its mid term. We maintain enough grades to get by and we partied. Soon I was once again being courted by handsome and horny young men whose intentions were easily traced. I liked being dated and I thoroughly enjoyed the making out, stroking and fondling that went with it. I dated three boys in the weeks before finals and two of them got me off with their fingers and I made the third date cum in his pants while we necked in his dad’s car.

It was Sandy’s idea to go to the strip club. I had no interest in watching other girls dancing around in their panties but I went because Sandy pointed out; that’s where we were most likely to find horny young boys. I couldn’t think of an argument for that kind of logic. Little did I know the experience would change my life in some ways forever.

The club was located in a run down old manufacturing section of the city and housed in a reused old cinder block, flat and square building. An ugly structure by any measure made worse by being covered in garish flashing white lights and tasteless neon depictions of large breasted dancing women. Parking was conveniently provided behind the building so as not to announce the presence of it’s occupants to the world. And the door in the back really served as the main entrance.

Inside was something else. Inside the building pulsed to a throbbing PA system that any Civic Center would have to envy. The music coursed through my body and made me want to dance. It made me want to sway and shake, it made goose bumps on my arms and tingly sensations in my genitalia. The walls were covered in velvet and the ceilings draped in soft, shiny materials that rippled cloud like as the air from the speakers they covered breathed music down on to and through you.

The bar area acted as a funnel that walked you down into the dance area. There were 5 dance stages with girls appearing on each of them and dancing within inches of the eager faces of the boys and men that pressed eagerly up as close as they were allowed. Burley bouncers sat on raised chairs making sure no one did anything stupid. I was surprised to see that we were not the only non dancer females in the room. Some of the other girls were dates, some obviously gay, and there were other pods of well dressed college girls drooling at the boys drooling at the girls.

And then there was the money, cash flowed everywhere. All the girls on the stages were draped in it. The men and boys carried handfuls of it. For us work study minimum wage earners it was a jaw dropping sight.

“I could do that” Sally offered. “I can dance better than that fat slut” She smirked pointing to a chubby black haired Latino girl. “God Joyce, you would look way better than that cow that’s on that stage if you wanted” She said to me. Yes, I thought, yes I would. I went and asked a bartender how a girl could get hired. He smiled and pointed over to a group of men sitting in a booth. “Go and ask Willie, He’s the guy with the red shirt on” I went to table and introduced myself and asked for a job dancing. Willie looked me over and said. “Sure, come back tomorrow at 9 AM and talk to me then, you look like you could make Beylikdüzü escort some money here”.

So the very next day I began learning the strip dancing trade. The other dancers were for the most part kind and helpful. There was some friction as there always is with girls. We are a catty group of creatures. I chose to overlook the little spears and arrows thrown in my direction and instead focused on doing my new job.

Within a few weeks I was working the early shows on the slow nights and by the time semester ended I was getting myself into the later shows and even some work on the busy weekends. I was making some serious money and so I decided to stay in town and work the strip club over the summer.

By June not only was I a feature, I was allowed to venture back into the VIP lounge. Only a few of long time and high seniority girls were given that privilege and I found out why as soon as my eyes adjusted to the darkened interior of the room. I could make out couples and small groups nestled into the lightly veiled cubbies that made up the room. The sound of flesh being manipulated was clear. In this room the music was reduced to background allowing the sounds of sex to reverberate clearly. Willie led me to a cubicle where a group of well manicured and suited men sat. “These guys wanted to talk to you personally” he said with a smile and turned quickly leaving me looking into the smiling faces of some sex hungry men.

They introduced themselves and it was clear Benny was the leader of this pack. He pulled me onto his lap and started kissing and fondling me in my skimpy outfit. I felt his boner through his pants and it felt very big. After a few minutes of making out he pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was at least as big as my fathers cock, perhaps it was bigger. I could barely get my hand around its girth. We agreed on fifty dollars to get him off and I eagerly bent to my task. Benny must have been hot from watching and hearing the sex all around him because he came off fairly quickly. I carefully caught his ejaculate in a towel so as not to damage his expensive suit. We settled into some drinking and stuff and Benny and I seemed to hit it off pretty well. Benny was probably my father’s age. Certainly he was of his generation. Yet we were able to party together like we were all the same age. Benny was a regular, he made a lot of money. He told me he ran a string of aeromechanics schools in the city. Benny and his crew were alright. The next weekend he came in he asked for me early and I was glad enough to see him. I lap danced him and when he swelled with desire, I offered to relieve his load as I had done the last time. Benny wanted more, he wanted me to suck him off. I told him it would cost him double. He just laughed and pulled out two fifties placing them carefully in the middle of the table. “Go for it Joyce, suck me” he hissed wetly into my ear. It was a challenge to get that cock into my mouth. Not only was the tube long and wide, the head on it was even bigger. No spear point here. The mushroomed head was enormous. Benny was a freak of nature.

I’m not going to try and tell you I was a virgin at this. As I mentioned in my previous story, I had been sucking on my brother’s cock for several years and yes I did suck many of my high school dates. I liked the taste and feel of cock in my mouth. Yes, I still do like the taste and feel of a man or a boy’s cock in my mouth but this thing wasn’t like any other cock I had sucked. This man was big, very, very big.

I wanted the money, I wanted to suck this cock, I wanted to please Benny so I started to stroke Escort Beylikdüzü him and lick the pre cum off his cock head. His friends Carlos and Bill pulled their chairs around to watch me work. Gradually I was able to get his head into my mouth and as I had long ago learned to relax my throat muscles and breath only through my nose, Benny was able to force a third of it into my mouth. He was gentle, I think it surprised him that I didn’t gag and I could sense he was close to cumming. He fucked my head in a gentle rocking motion and then hold me by the back of my head tightly, he released his semen into my throat. His manness was hot and I could feel it throb as his testicles pumped his cum directly into my belly. I needed to swallow badly and I worked my face off of his softening cock. My breath came in ragged gasps but I heard Benny thanking me again and again.

Coitus was not allowed at the club. It was okay to give and get handjobs and blowjobs were encouraged but under no circumstance would the club allow insertion. I’m not quite sure why that was but the rule forced me to agree to go to Benny’s home for intercourse. I can’t say that intercourse with Benny was all that great, at least not for me. Benny seemed to enjoy it but for me having something that large stuffed into you wasn’t all that great. I would loosen up after a while. I’m not small down there, I’ve never been what you would call tight but it was a chore having that much flesh inserted into your vagina.

It wasn’t long before Benny began to tire of just having sex with me. He began to invite his close friends to join us in bed. I didn’t mind the attention. I liked have several pairs of hands stroking and caressing me. It also gave me a break from Benny’s huge tool. Often he would just jerk himself off watching his friends repeatedly mounting me. A few nights I took on four or five different guys while Benny watched and stroked his massive cock. I liked it when Benny would cum on me. He came off a lot and it was hot. He came off on my tits, my asshole, my clit. I liked him cumming on my clitoris the best. I would use his hot ejaculate to rub my self to orgasm.

The peak of craziness came as summer came to a close. There was a circus in a small town to the south of the city and somehow Benny had met up with a little person that worked there. Benny was crude and he thought this was hilarious. He asked me if I would have sex with a midget. I said, for the right price I would fuck a trainload of them. Two nights later I show up as usual at his house and there are three little people in his living room. Benny pulled me aside and offered me $1000.00 do fuck all three. I looked at the small men and I smiled. “Sure, why not.” Benny had invited several of his buddies and business partners and there were even a couple of wives in the room to watch me take on the circus troop.

The little men undressed and I started by sucking their cocks. Two of the men had 6 or 7 inch cocks which looked bigger on their small bodies but I’m pretty good on knowing cock size when I have them in my mouth. The third man, who called himself King, was significantly bigger. He was both long and wide although he lacked the crowning mushroom head on his cock that capped Benny’s magnificent tool. I could not get more than half of his monster into my throat. I got on my hands and knees and let each of the little men fuck me doggy style until they squirted in me. The audience cheered the little men on as each of them nutted. I never got an orgasm that night but I took the money and left a happy girl.

I lost touch with Benny shortly after classes resumed. He was getting into some bondage stuff that was a little too freaky for me. I don’t like pain and torture. I’m not against it, I just don’t like it applied to me. I went back to the strip club and I must say I enjoyed the rest of my college experience just fine….Just fine.

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