Journey of Our FLM Ch. 02Journey of Our FLM Ch. 02


(Part 2)

A New Day

When I finally fell asleep, it was around 1:00 AM and I was out. Around 6:30, I woke up with the urge to pee, and as I got out of the bed, I realized Cass wasn’t there. My ass was throbbing from the spanking I’d received, and I was in an emotional fog. As I walked to the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror and my ass was bright red and deep purple, with multiple welts in different directions.

I kept walking and was half out of it as I stood over the toilet. As I started to pee, I made a mess! I tried to cut off the stream, but couldn’t. The chastity cage! I was in so much pain I had forgotten about the cage. I quickly turned around and sat down. FUCK! The hard seat didn’t help my ass at all, so I hovered over the seat and finished.

Cass must have heard the commotion, as she appeared just as I was finishing. She looked at the mess I’d made and told me to come to the living room once I cleaned it up. After I cleaned up and brushed my teeth, I put on a robe and walked into the living room. Before I cleared the hallway, she told me to drop the robe. Shit. So, I did.

She was in her robe and sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee and on her iPad. She put it down and asked how I was feeling.

“I’m in pain, it’s throbbing more now, but not as sharp last night. Cass, something happened last night, something emotional, deep down. I can’t explain it, but I’m have a deep sense of remorse for the way I’ve been over the years, and especially lately.”

I sat in silence for a few moments before saying “I love you.”

She smiled, got up and gave me a hug. We stood there like that for a minute before she broke the embrace.

“Today is a new day Andy. The orgasm you gave me last night was easily the best I’ve ever had! It was an emotional breakthrough and I know this is the right direction for us, but you will have to trust me and obey. Are we clear?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She then told me to turn around so she could inspect the damage. She winced as she saw the carnage which was my ass, but didn’t apologize.

“You need to cancel your golf game today.”

What? No way I was going to miss my weekly game with the guys. I was in pain, but I’ll live. “Are you telling me I’m not allowed to play golf anymore?”

“No Andy, I’m not going to control every aspect of your life. But I think you need to rest today, and we need to talk about last night. Besides, you’ve got to figure out how to pee without making a mess and your friends seeing your cage.” She said winking.

The cage. “You’re going to make me wear it while playing golf?”

“Yes Andy, you will be wearing it when I feel it is necessary. And until we get through how this is going to work, it is necessary until I say otherwise. So, you need to get used to it. Fran texted me a few minutes ago and asked how you were. She said Warren would be happy to talk to you about the device, or this lifestyle if you’d like.”

“No, I think I’m good.”

“Well, the offer is there, and you will change your mind, but I won’t push it. Last night was very emotional for me too, and I never should have let things go for long as I did. Fran has been very helpful in encouraging me and being a friend. She invited us for dinner next Sunday night, I’ve already accepted.

“Are you hungry? We never ate last night and I’m starving. Go fix us some omelets and refill my coffee.”

Now, I always make breakfast, and I love to cook, so this wasn’t anything new. I was about to reach for my robe, but figured she didn’t want me wearing it, so I just walked into the kitchen naked.

When we finished eating, I texted the guys and said I couldn’t make it. I caught all kinds of shit from them. We always give each other shit for canceling.

We sat and talked about life and how this was going to be new, refreshing and fun. Fun? I’m not sure about that, so I asked about sex, as that’s obviously on my mind.

“Well, I was getting around to that. Last night’s orgasm has me feeling relaxed, wanted, loved, but also wanting more. A lot more, and I want to be fucked, not just have my pussy eaten.”

“Let’s go then!” I was about to jump up when she looked at me with that look. There was a catch, a big catch.

“Sex from now on is going to be about me. It has always been about you and that is a thing of the past. Fran said their sex life was so much more fulfilling now and they have sex all the time, because she is in the mood for it. I’m in the mood for it now, but like last night, you will follow my lead.”

She stood up and walked to the freezer, grabbing a small glass jar. She then took a bowl and filled it with water and put it in the microwave. A few moments later, it peeped and she put the glass jar in the bowl and proceeded to walk past me. I followed.

She dropped her robe to the floor and slipped off her pink negligee. She looked amazing! She walked over to me, rubbing her breasts across my chest, as she cupped my balls. She then batıkent escort dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth, well the cage that is. I could feel some sensation, and my cock grew until it filled the void at the end of the cage. It was more frustrating than anything. She dipped her finger into her pussy and rubbed it across my lips. She teased me like this until I was begging to be released.

She walked over to the bed and sat down. As she settled into bed, she told me to sit. Ouch!

“There are a lot of new things I’ve introduced the past 14 hours. And this is another one. Fran told me about this when we sat for coffee the first time we met. It’s something she and Warren do and the more I think about it, the more it turns me on, so it’s something I insist we do.”

After a moment of silence, I asked, “What is it?”

“Do you want me to unlock you and let you fuck my wet pussy?”

“Yes, I’ll do anything!”

She smiled. “Fran told me that the rule in her house was that anytime Warren ejaculates, he cleans it up.” She let that sink in.

“That means when he ejaculates inside her, he eats it out afterwards. If she gives him a blowjob, she takes it in her mouth, and kisses him, making him take it in his mouth. When he masturbates, or she does that for him, he eats it.

I masturbated you yesterday, after you lied and told me you hadn’t. I caught your emission into this cup, and it’s something you will be consuming if you want my pussy and ever want to cum again.”

I was so horny, but I didn’t think I could do that.

She lifted the jar and said, “I’ll make it easy for you the first time, but you will do this every time you cum. You will have to eat this before you will be released. It will be easy though, since you are horny. But, when you finally do get to fuck me, you will be going down on me afterwards, unless you want five swats with the paddle Fran left for me.”

She then poured the contents, my semen, over her labia. “Mmmm. Now get your tongue back down here and show me you remember what you learned last night.

I started licking her pussy, tasting cum for the first time. It wasn’t that bad, not much different than her taste, but smelled different. But I knew that, as I’ve been jerking off since puberty. I got used to the taste.

I went to work, really enjoying making her squirm. I apparently remembered what she taught me last night, because she had an orgasm within five minutes. It wasn’t as strong, but she started to spasm again, and that’s something new. I was really enjoying this, learning more about her sexually.

When she came down from her climax, she pulled the key off her dresser and unlocked the padlock. Slowly, she eased off the cage, and I sprang into action. Which was a problem, because she couldn’t get the ring off. We alternated working on it for a minute before she went to get some ice water. That did the trick.

Once I was released, she laid back on the bed and I got between her legs. She grabbed my cock and stroked it back to a full erection. I began to push forward, but she squeezed me hard and told me to slow down.

Another lesson.

When the tip of my cock was at her entrance, I was already dripping pre-cum. She guided my cock up and down, from her opening all the way to her clitoris. Several times. Then, she guided me into her, slowly.

I took my time and then bottomed out. She had me stay there and just enjoy the sensation.

“Start pumping me, but do it slowly. Harder, but keep the same pace. Faster.”

I was on the verge of shooting, when she told me to slow down.

Too late.

The orgasm was not great, as I was trying to hold it off, but I was so emotionally charged, it just happened.

“That’s okay, we will do it again. That’s what I have planned for us today. An all-day training session on how I want to be pleasured. Now, go back down on me and clean up the mess you made.”

I looked down, and saw the creampie at the entrance of her pussy. This was different than what was in the jar. This was bright white, a thick consistency, and just a large load waiting for me. I took a deep breath and put my face down.

“Lick me, start just below my entrance, then up to my clit, then start licking everything out of me.”

I did.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and after the third pass, I couldn’t tell what was her and what was me. Whatever it was, had her bucking her hips again and then BAM! Out of nowhere, she was contracting again. More cum flowed out, but damn, she just had another one!

When she came down, she reached down and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few moments and it wasn’t long before I started feeling it stiffen again. Once I had a semi, she laid back down and guided me inside her again.

I lasted longer this time and she was still instructing. Slower, faster, harder! Again, I felt it building and blew another load. She giggled and said I must beşevler escort be hungry. I went back down. She didn’t have an orgasm this time, but I was there for a good ten minutes before she told me I was done, for now.

We both got up to use the bathroom and walked back in the bedroom. She pulled the cage off the nightstand and put the ring back on me. It was painful, as I was still swollen and not completely flaccid. She slid the cage over and then ‘click’.

“Go take a shower now and then get dressed.”

“I thought we were going to do this all day?”

“We are, but we have an errand to run first.”

The water on my ass burned like lava. I was almost in tears again, but powered through the pain. I put on my underwear, khaki shorts and a polo. When I walked in the bedroom, she was wearing a sun dress. She looked stunning. I walked over and kissed her forehead and told her I loved her.

“You aren’t getting a shower?”

“No, you’ve done an adequate job of cleaning off the smell of sex from my pussy.” She winked as she said that.

“Where are we going?”

“Fran’s house”

“What? Why?”

“Do you want another spanking? Don’t question me.”

“Yes ma’am” Why would we be going over there? I don’t get it, but my ass was still on fire, so I wasn’t going to push it.

Turns out, they lived not five minutes from us, in a neighborhood I drive by every day on my way to the office. We walked up to the door and Fran opened it before we had a chance to ring the bell. They hugged and did the cheek kiss that women do.

“How are you feeling today Andy?” Fran asked as she turned her eyes to me.

“Sore, burning.”

“Cass said you had a breakthrough last night. That’s good. This isn’t about her being mean to you, understand that. It’s about giving you what you need. That’s direction from a loving wife. If she didn’t love you, she would have been gone by now, remember that.”

She continued, “You two just missed Warren. He had a late tee time today, so he just left a few minutes ago. Cass, does he know why he’s here?” She asked as she was fixing both of a glass of wine. I apparently wasn’t considered.

“No, I figured it best to wait and tell him.” Giggles

Shit, what now?

“Well, Andy, last night when I put the cage on you, I noticed it was too big. Properly sized, your tip should rest on the end of the device. That’s one of Warren’s old ones, and we have been through a few to try to find the right fit. So, we are going to look through these and find one that fits better. These are old ones we’ve tried when we first got started. I’m now glad I didn’t throw them away.”

My mouth fell open.

Before I said anything, Cass said, “Strip”

I looked around, but knew I better get moving or else I was in for another disciplinary action. I dropped my pants, then underwear. “Your shirt too” Cass said.

“You men are always so modest, especially with your little willies all locked up in cages. I keep Warren naked when he is locked, unless we have company of course. It’s a nice little reminder of who’s in charge. In fact, we’ve even been to a few nude beaches while traveling abroad. I make him wear it then too. Surprisingly, most people don’t even give it a second glance. Occasionally, we do have a couple come and talk to us about it, well, the wife anyway. We’ve also seen a few other guys locked, so it really isn’t that uncommon.

However, around here, if someone saw his cage, they may talk and that could possibly put him in a compromising position in his law practice.”

She continued, “Andy, Cass said you ejaculated twice this morning, but even still, we will be manipulating your cock and you will probably will get an erection. So, we will have a bowl of ice water like last night to cool you back down. I would say this may be embarrassing, but I don’t see how you could ever be more embarrassed in front of me after last night.

Now, it seems you have already grown a bit in your cage, I think standing here in front of another woman, vulnerable and naked has you turned on. It’s natural and that’s okay. I’m no threat to Cass, and you will never be a lover.”

Never be a lover? Why would she have said that?

She then turned to Cass and said, “Why don’t you take that cage off and let’s look through these others?”

As Cass was unlocking me, I looked at the table and there had to be six or seven devices, all different sizes. As I was taking it all in, I sprang out. Yes, I was turned on and sported a complete hard on!

“Well, you didn’t get that hard last night when Cass jerked you off. You are turned on by being exposed, aren’t you?”

“Answer her Andy, does being exposed turn on?” Cass said

“Yes ma’am”

“Cass, I’m sure you can figure out all the fun you can have with this. He’s really turned on being exposed like this. Oh, look, he is red and irritated. You do need a smaller cage, as you shouldn’t have any room to grow. büyükesat escort You are very small soft, but about the same size as Warren hard. I’ve never seen one grow that much. Warren is about 4″ soft and right at 6″ hard.”

She then took the bowl and put it under my balls and lifted. COLD!!!! Within a few seconds, my boner was gone and I was in full shrinkage mode. She then took a small cage and ring and put it on. Like last night, she was rough with the way she handled my balls and pulling my dick through the ring.

It was tighter, but as I came back to normal size, it was more comfortable.

“This cage was sent by mistake when we ordered it. It’s only 1 ½” long, which would never fit Warren. I thought it was a joke when we opened it, as I didn’t think men’s penises got that small.”

I started blushing again when she said, “Well, I know you grow to a normal size when aroused, but you do have a very small willy when soft.” Giggling again.

I looked over at the table and saw one that was about 5″ long, like it would take my cock hard. She saw me looking and said, “I see you found my ‘teasing cage’.”

Cass asked, “What’s a teasing cage?”

“Well, that’s just something I call it. It’s larger than his regular cage. Like the one Andy had on, he could grow, but not all the way. As you see, the cage is somewhat open, allowing for limited stimulation. I use this when I want him locked, but still want to fuck. I’ll sit on him and put this inside me, slowly fucking him. His cock strains at the cage, but he can’t be fully erect but can be stimulated. This can go on for as long as I want. Even if he does cum, I still have the hard steel, warmed by his cock, to fuck. It drives him wild, especially if he cums, because I keep going and it has an over-stimulation sensation on his cock. He begs me to stop, but that’s part of the fun.”

I was so turned on hearing that, but unlike the other cage, I couldn’t move in this one.

“Looks like this one fits better, no expansion, but looks like Andy likes that idea.”

Cass asked, “Doesn’t the stud and lock hurt?”

“No, I sit reverse cowgirl and they never touch me. It drives Warren wild! He gets to look at my pussy being fucked and my ass. Warren loves my ass. Cass, take these sizing rings, and these other devices if you want to play around, but leave my ‘teasing cage’, as I think I’ll be using this later tonight.” She said as she winked at me.

She continued, “Measure him over the next week or so and then take the average measurements and send them to the place I told you about for the custom cage. It will be much more comfortable and he will be able to go days, even weeks without any irritation.”


“I don’t think weeks will be necessary Fran, I couldn’t last that long without sex!”

“Who said you would have to?” Fran said.

“What do you mean?” Cass asked.

Fran had this smile and then proceed, “Warren is a cuckold. I have a lover I see on occasion and have mad, raw, animalistic sex with him while Warren is locked up at home. When I return, I re-establish my role and give him a ‘re-establishment’ spanking.”

Looking at me, she continued, “It’s not like the one you received last night, but it gets his attention and reminds him that I am in control of our marriage. We have a ritual we do, which I’ll not go into now, but he loves hearing details about what I did while I was out. After I’ve teased him to the point he may explode, I unlock him and we have the most amazing sex. There is just something that happens to a man like Warren, knowing his wife is off fucking another man. It’s primal. There is a competitiveness that can’t be explained and the best part is I get thoroughly fucked by two men in one day.”

I looked over at Cass, and she was blushing, but had this look of desire as well. I couldn’t help but be turned on myself, but the tighter cage would allow no movement

“The day we met at Starbucks. I had just left my lover’s hotel and stopped to get that latte before I went home to Warren. Me being two hours later than normal had him beyond being on edge. We had the best sex that night.”

Cass finally spoke up, “Why didn’t you tell me this before? I mean, you said this improved your marriage, not a way for an affair!”

“This isn’t about an affair Cass. You’ve read up on all of this and cuckolding is a natural progression for most couples. Besides, I’m not saying you will have a lover like I do. Whatever works for you and Andy is what this is about. I’m just pointing out that this works for us and I get better sex out of him after I’ve been with someone else.”

“Someone else? How many lovers do you have?” Cass asked.

I was just standing there, getting turned on at the idea. I know I shouldn’t, but the thought of this was stimulating. I almost forgot I was still standing in the middle of Fran’s living room with nothing on but a steel cage around my cock.

“I have one regular lover. He doesn’t live here, but is in town on business every few weeks. I see him then. We’ve missed each other here and there due to scheduling conflicts, but he is my regular. He knows Warren knows and that Warren is at home locked up while we are having our fun.

Now when we go on vacation, I have the freedom to be myself. So, I’ve taken a few lovers. In those instances, Warren is there, watching.”

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