Journey into Cuckoldry – Six of the BestJourney into Cuckoldry – Six of the Best


I woke early the next morning as usual, leaving Alice fast asleep in our double bed. The sun was shining, the morning was still not too hot and I felt hungry so I showered, dressed and walked the mile or so into the nearest village and bought bread, milk and croissants for our breakfast. As I returned to the apartment with my purchases in a paper bag, my mind was full of plans for the coming evening. In less than twelve hours Steve would be here with a full day and, more importantly, two full nights to spend with my lovely wife. Alice had been very disappointed when Steve hadn’t been here to greet her though she had tried to hide the fact; we had both been really looking forward to the prospect of Steve taking my place in her bed and body for maybe a full four days. To find out he was stuck in business meetings and would be arriving two full days late had disappointed her still further – though she still wouldn’t let me touch her sexually in case it ‘spoiled her’ for her lover when he did arrive. I tried to be positive, pointing out that we still had the remaining two days and nights for the two of them to be together and she had rewarded my attention with one of the best hand jobs I had ever enjoyed. We had made the most of the previous two days and nights, with plenty of exercise, good food and sunbathing – including Alice’s first topless sunbathing, which she had taken to remarkably easily despite the presence of several young male spectators. One in particular, Mitch, the athletic, muscular, twenty-year-old Junior Olympic swimming son of our soon-to-be-divorced neighbours, had been especially persistent, using the unique vantage point of their upstairs balcony from which to watch my wife and Carmen sunbathing bare breasted. I suspected there would be a lot more topless sunbathing today as the beach we planned to visit was close to the local nudist beach. I also suspected there would be more voyeurism from our friend next door and smiled as I realised how good it made me feel to have a wife that men wanted to watch so badly and probably also wished they could fuck! I was still in this sexual daze as I entered the security code and opened the high gate to the development. The pathway to the apartment passed the long swimming pool and as I came close, I became aware of two shapes low in the water, both moving quickly. A few steps nearer and I realised that the smaller of the two shapes had long blonde hair, darkened by dampness and in fact was my wife Alice making an early start to her daily hundred lengths of the pool. She waved to me briefly, hardly breaking her stroke as I showed her the bag of breakfast goodies. The second shape was moving much, much faster and as I approached closer I saw it was Mitch, obviously doing a little training himself. I stopped dead in my tracks. The boy was a machine; low and sleek in the water, he moved at least twice as fast as my wife, apparently effortlessly, his rippling muscles parting the water as if he had been born into it, turning silently and with barely a ripple at each end of the pool. I was amazed. I knew he had been a Junior Olympian swimmer but hadn’t appreciated just how fast or how strong that would make him. Wow! I was about to take the pathway to the pool to greet Alice properly when a voice sounded from the apartment’s large glass doors. I looked round to see Carmen standing there in her bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist, waving me over anxiously with something in her hand. Frowning, I abandoned the two swimmers to their exercise and went over to her, wondering what the matter could be. As I reached the doorway she went back inside but as she turned I could see the mobile phone in her hand. “Hi Carmen,” I said cheerfully, the morning’s short walk having put me in a great mood, “what’s up?” “Morning Mister Cuckold,” she replied but without her usual ‘knowing’ attitude, “you’re going to need to be at your most diplomatic today with your little Hotwife.” “What do you mean?” I asked, putting the bag down on the kitchen worktop, she’s having a great time swimming and…” “That was Steve on the phone,” she broke in, “he’s still stuck on the project and won’t get here until tomorrow at the earliest.” “Oh no!” I said, understanding immediately. “That’s terrible news! Alice will be desperately disappointed.” That was an understatement. The original four days and nights of fucking by Steve that we had been looking forward to so much, now looked like being one day and one night at the most. “She’ll be heartbroken.” “I know,” Carmen said sincerely, “and Steve’s really upset too. You know how special he thinks Alice is. I’ve never seen him as excited with a fuck buddy before. If I didn’t know you two so well I’d almost be jealous!” “We’d better tell her soon and get it over with.” I said, looking out of the window at the pool where things had changed somewhat. Instead of the multiple length swimming that had been taking place before, both Alice and Mitch were at the shallow end, talking animatedly. As I watched, Alice leaned forward in the water and Mitch put his arms underneath her belly to support her and she began to move her arms and legs. “He’s giving her a swimming lesson,” I observed. Carmen joined me at the window. “So he is,” she grinned, “I bet she’s enjoying having those young, strong arms almanbahis around her body like that. I wouldn’t mind a lesson or two myself!” She laughed. “Let her have a bit of fun. We’ll tell her after breakfast.” Carmen and laid breakfast on the table on the terrace, by which time, Alice and Mitch were sitting on the pool’s edge, still talking animatedly, their faces beaming as Carmen and I crossed the grass to meet them. “Hi Mitch,” Carmen said as we came close, “I see you’ve met Alice.” “Hi Carmen,” he replied, rising to greet us, “We’ve been training.” I stifled a gasp. From a distance I could tell the boy was an athlete, but close up his body was simply amazing. An inch or two taller than me, from his powerful swimmers’ shoulders and arms, down past a tight six-pack of a tummy to long, muscular legs, I couldn’t remember ever having seen such an extraordinary physique. Mitch was clearly aware of his attractions though and appeared to stand in just the right position to show himself off to best effect. He turned to me and offered his hand. “Hi, I’m Mitch.” “Um… Hi Mitch,” I mumbled, “I’m Alice’s…” “Friend!” Carmen cut me short, introducing me by name and totally ignoring the fact that Alice and I were married – through our matching wedding rings might have given him a clue. I wondered what she was up to but said nothing; experience had taught me that it was best to go along with Carmen’s schemes – at least as far as Alice and I were concerned. “Would you like to join us for breakfast?” she asked. “Thanks,” he replied, “but I’ve got to go to the lawyers with Mum and… him…now,” he was clearly referring to his mother’s new and unwelcome boyfriend, “I’ll be back around lunchtime for more training though,” he added, looked at Alice enquiringly. “I’ll look forward to it!” she agreed eagerly. “Great! See you later!” he called as he crossed the grass to the villa, “See you all later!” Over breakfast, Alice was bright and bouncy and told us all about her new acquaintance. It appeared that Mitch was studying Sports Science at University while he trained for the coming European Championships in Rome. He wasn’t really academic but worked hard and trained hard and was happy to give her tips on how to improve her style and maybe go for a run with her and… Carmen and I exchanged glances as she chatted away happily about Mitch then moved on to how much she was looking forward to seeing Steve alter and how hard the poor man had to work. She didn’t mention sex directly but there was a bright sparkle in her eyes that both Carmen and I had come to recognise. She was desperate to be fucked! How on earth could we break the news about Steve’s delay by yet another day? In the end the question was taken out of our hands. Alice asked straight out when we were going to pick him up from the airport that morning and Carmen was forced to tell her the unwanted news that for the third night in a row, my wife would have to do without the thorough fucking that she and I had been so eagerly looking forward to and, frankly, had travelled all the way to Spain to obtain. Alice went very quiet and I thought I saw tiny tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Her body trembled a little too but she said almost nothing while we ate then cleared the breakfast dishes. *** We spent the rest of the morning visiting a local market and buying a few souvenirs. Alice was still subdued but had automatically dressed sexily for the outing in very short tight shorts, flip flops and a tight tube top that showed a good few inches of her flat tummy. It highlighted her slim, fit, almost boyish figure but also displayed the fact that, as a result of her work regime, she now barely had any breasts at all and was obviously both braless and pantyless – something she would never have dreamed of being before Steve first seduced her in our MPV barely a year ago. This contrasted with Carmen whose large breasts were barely contained by the tight, short, dark blue sun dress she wore and whose curves it highlighted to great effect. As we shopped, both girls attracted a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike, especially when they realised – as I eventually discovered – that the outlines of Alice’s nipples were clearly discernible through her tight top. To my shame, the knowledge my wife’s sexy body was so clearly on display to complete strangers as we walked through the market filled me with an illicit thrill. Alice remained rather subdued all morning, but her mood improved after a light tapas lunch by the waterside before we returned to the apartment for another afternoon by the pool. Mitch had clearly been waiting for her to reappear because he was ploughing up and down the water with impressive speed as we arrived. Her mood improved further when she saw him and a few minutes later she had donned her smallest bikini and was swimming lengths alongside him. I sat on a chair nearby and read my book. “She’s taken it well but I can tell she’s upset,” Carmen said at my elbow. “I know how badly Steve wanted to fuck her too,” she continued, “she’s bound to be a bit out of sorts.” We watched the two swimmers who had stopped at the pool’s end while Mitch showed Alice a particular aspect of a stroke by moving her arms for her. She was giggling and smiling. “I think she’s enjoying the attention right now. almanbahis yeni giriş Let’s not crowd her. She’ll cheer up soon.” For the next hour or so, Carmen and I sunbathed on the secluded part of the terrace. Carmen was unashamedly topless and again and asked me to help apply sun cream to her tummy and breasts as before. If anything, I enjoyed the experience even more than the previous day and lingered over the task, though I did feel a little awkward massaging my wife’s best friend’s breasts without her being there. I was amused to see there was another dark damp patch on Carmen’s bikini bottoms between her thighs when I had finished and wondered whether she was human after all. Alice however seemed untroubled by this when she and Mitch joined us half an hour later. The boy seemed thunderstruck to find Carmen bare-breasted and for a moment couldn’t drag his eyes away from her browning boobs. To my amazement, my wife immediately took off her bikini top too and asked me to rub her with sun cream again right in front of Mitch who, judging from his astonished expression, apparently couldn’t believe his eyes. This I did, though I felt more than a little awkward about rubbing her breasts in public, but when all was finished the girls lay back topless on their sun beds. My job done, I went into the house for a round of drinks before rejoining the group and for another hour or more we all soaked up the sun – and a couple more drinks – before we heard Mitch’s mother calling him from the balcony of their villa. I looked up to where the voice had come from and took in the woman who stood there calling. Mitch’s mother was probably a little older than me but still in great shape. She did however look very dishevelled and from the deep frown of disapproval on her son’s face, I guessed that she and her new boyfriend had been having wild afternoon sex; that this was a routine thing; and that he clearly disapproved of it. That would explain his constant presence in the pool, I reasoned. It couldn’t be easy being a young man sharing a house with a sexed-up middle aged couple, especially if one of them was your own mother! Carmen had clearly come to the same conclusion. “We’re having a barbecue tonight,” she told him as he made his apologies and began to leave, “you’re welcome to join us.” His face lit up almost in relief and a smile shone out. He glanced up at the balcony next door where his mother had been joined by her much younger boyfriend. His arms were around her waist and he was kissing the back of her neck. “Really? That would be great!” he said, meaning it sincerely, “When should I come round?” “Any time!” Alice immediately replied then, as if realising she had been a bit precipitous, “after nine.” “See you later then!” he smiled ironically as he ambled back next door. “See you… and thanks for the tips!” my wife called after him. *** “Are you very disappointed?” I asked Alice a little later in our bedroom. She had just come out of the shower after our nightly telephone call with my parents and the kids and was about to get ready for the evening’s barbecue. “Of course,” she replied, towelling her hair dry, a second towel was wrapped around her slim body. It occurred to me that I hadn’t actually seen her naked for nearly three weeks but I assumed it was all part of her plan to ‘keep keen and clean for Steve’. “I would have though you would be too after we’ve come all this way,” she added. Irritability was becoming an increasingly familiar sign of her sexual frustration, which after a sexless couple of weeks at home and the prospect of a third sexless night here must be reaching new heights. “I know,” I replied, not rising to the bait, “I’ve been looking forward to it and fantasising about it for weeks. The thought of seeing you with your legs spread again and Steve’s cock inside you had been driving me crazy!” “Please don’t talk like that,” she pleased, “it only makes it more difficult to do without him.” “Sorry,” I said guiltily, “perhaps if I used a condom you could at least let me try to help…”I began but she cut me off short. “Don’t!” she paused, breathing heavily, putting the towel on the bed and taking my hands in hers. She forced out a smile. “You’re a wonderful husband. I love you madly and don’t want to hurt you, but…” she seemed to be searching for the right words, “but when it comes to fucking me, well your cock just isn’t big enough for me anymore and you’re nowhere near good enough at using it for me. I’d rather wait another day and be fucked properly than have to put up with second rate sex now and risk ruining it when Steve does get here!” The words were harsh but I had seen for myself the difference she felt between having sex with Steve and doing it with me. There really was no comparison and I knew it. “I’m sorry CB but you know it’s the truth,” she added, shrugging, “I suppose Steve’s spoilt me now.” The erection stirring in my shorts seemed a pathetic waste of time now. I tried a different tactic. “What about your toys?” I asked. “They usually help.” “I didn’t expect to need them,” she replied, “so I didn’t bring them.” I looked at her surprised. These days she seldom travelled without at least a slim clitoral stimulator in her handbag. “Well we both expected me to be getting fucked senseless by Steve every day, didn’t we?” almanbahis giriş she continued, “Why on earth would I want an electric cock when I thought I was going to be getting a lot of the real thing?” She was actually shaking with sexual frustration. I couldn’t bear to see her like this. I took her in my arms and kissed her on the forehead. She put her arms around my waist and nuzzled my chest. “I’ve turned into a real Slut, haven’t I?” she asked softly. “Who’d have thought I’d be in this state just because I can’t get fucked for a few more days?” “It’s the expectation,” I replied, “we built it up too much. Besides, I wouldn’t have you any other way.” “You are good to me.” she murmured into my armpit. “I love you, Alice,” I told her truthfully, wishing there must be some way I could help her. *** Later that evening I stood on the terrace at the barbecue, momentarily alone. It was still warm but the intense heat of the day had passed and it felt very pleasant indeed. Steve’s absence meant that, for the next few hours at least, the Alpha Male badge had been pinned on my unlikely chest. Given my Cuckold status within our foursome, it wasn’t a position I had been expecting but as the main, possibly only duty was to cook the meat on the barbecue I rose to the challenge, donned an apron over my summer trousers and polo shirt and picked up the tongs. Though I say it myself, I’m a great barbecue cook and was in the early stages of cooking the chicken when Mitch came across from his mother’s villa and joined me on the terrace. Even I could tell see how very attractive the girls would find him in his close fitting trousers and short sleeved, open-necked white shirt. He had brought a six pack of cold beers, one of which he opened and gave to me and for a short time we talked in a manly way about the cricket test match that was taking place. I could tell he was a nice polite boy, but could also tell had a lot more ‘street wisdom’ about him than Carmen had suggested. Alice joined us a few minutes later and I’m sure I heard Mitch take a sharp intake of breath. I took a small one myself. My lovely wife had dressed simply and naturally in a short red cocktail dress and almost nothing else. Her long blonde straight hair was loose and had been brushed until it shone, cascading over her tanned shoulders like a golden curtain and she wore mid height red heels at the end of her long, bare legs. From the absence of visible lines, I guessed that, as usual, she was not wearing a bra and had chosen either thong panties or none at all. Mitch came over all tongue-tied as she kissed him and then me on the cheek. “I’m so pleased you made it,” she said, beaming at him, “Carmen needs more olive oil so I’m going to the shop,” she told Mitch and me, laughing. “I think she’s just sending me out of the kitchen so I don’t get in the way.” She looked at me and grinned. “It looks like she’s got you working hard too,” she said then turned back to Mitch. “Care for a quick walk?” Mitch, still apparently deprived of the power of speech, allowed Alice to take his arm and direct him down the paving path, past the pool and out of sight on their way to the development’s small grocery store. As I watched them go I noticed Alice’s arm slipping further through his and her body rubbing lightly against his side as they manoeuvred their way through the sun beds and out of sight. “She’s finding it hard, isn’t she?” Carmen’s voice made me turn sharply to see the She-Devil close by my side. “Is it that obvious?” I asked. Unusually for her, Carmen was dressed in a short white cotton dress with a red belt instead of her usual dark blue or black attire. Once again it hugged her womanly figure, highlighting her almost voluptuous curves and showing the real woman that she was. Her dark hair had been curled then pulled back into a pony tail revealing large gold hoop earrings underneath that matched her gold necklace and bracelet. Her finger and toenails were a full, rich red colour not unlike blood giving her the ‘gypsy’ look that was so attractive. “To a close friend, it is obvious,” she replied, “though I doubt Mitch will realise she’s nearly desperate to be fucked.” She thought for a moment. “She wouldn’t let you help…” “No!” I interrupted, “she said the way she was feeling, I just wasn’t up to the job.” “Well we’d better keep my news for the morning then,” she said cryptically. “What news?” She sighed. “Steve just called to say he can’t get away until Sunday after all. By the time his flight arrives you will have gone and he’ll probably not get to fuck her here at all.” “Carmen!” I almost shouted, “that’s terrible. She’ll be so upset!” “I know! Steve’s gutted about it too. Your little Alice is his favourite fuck buddy by far and he had some new and interesting ideas about what to do with her too!” “We can’t tell her tonight,” I insisted, “she’s so excited about him coming tomorrow. I couldn’t bear to ruin her evening.” “So let’s tell her over breakfast and have a great time tonight!” When Alice and Mitch returned from the shop accompanied by much giggling, I wondered just how many glasses of sparkling Spanish Cava my wife had drunk while getting changed because she seemed to find the pathway through the sun beds difficult to negotiate again and had to hold Mitch’s hand for almost the whole journey, their bodies colliding every time she slipped on the wet tiles. The two of them sat at the table with freshly filled glasses and chatted while I cooked the meat and Carmen made preparations in the kitchen. Well that was the plan at least.

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