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There’s an important note at the bottom of this story for fans interested in new work from me, and a preview of my next series at the very end. But besides that, I hope you all enjoy this last chapter! Thanks for the wonderful ride, and I can’t wait to share great new things with all of you in the near future 🙂 ****************************************** Nick Evans Part 18: Get Free By Scott Goulding ****************************************** “You don’t have to do this,” Nick told Francis, holding onto his boyfriend’s hand tightly with both of his sweaty palms. “If you’re not ready, then there’s no need to put yourself through it. No one is forcing you to.” Francis took Nick’s hands in his own, looking at him silently. “I want to do this. I’m ready. And I don’t want to hide this forever.” They stood on the porch of Francis’ house, listening to the wind chimes ring their soft notes in the humid breeze. The sound of rushing water nearby broke the otherwise sluggish, summer atmosphere of the early-June morning. Nick sighed, looking towards the screen door of the McCarthys’ house. He could hear the shuffling of cardboard boxes and old newspaper. Francis had already taken the big step of telling his parents he was moving out, and that he was going to take the rest of the year to study for his SATs in order to apply to a college. They’d happily accepted that news, even telling him that he would still inherit the farm when they were gone, as he’d taken good care of his parents over the years. There was still some confusion as to why exactly he needed to move out, but Francis decided it was time to tell them exactly why he was leaving home. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with me here? That I won’t make things weird?” Nick asked him again. Francis shook his head. “You don’t need to be afraid of them. I want you with me.” Nick smiled at him. “Okay.” They went into the house, squeezing past some boxes until they reached the living room. Francis’ father put the last of the boxes overtop the others while Francis’ mother sat on the worn sofa with a cup of coffee. “Uh, Dad? Do you mind coming over here for a sec?” “Yeah, just a minute. Hey there, Nick.” “Hi, Mr. McCarthy.” Mrs. McCarthy gave him a polite nod. “How are you today?” “I’m good. How are you?” She gestured at the pile of boxes that had cluttered her house. “I’ll be better once this mess is gone,” she joked. “Are you here to help Francis out?” “Yeah. Something like that.” “Mom, there’s something I want to tell you. You and Dad.” “Well, if it’s about window you broke playing baseball–I just want you to be more careful next time.” “No, it’s not–how did you know about that?” She shook her head. “The repair bill came in the mail.” “Oh.” Nick blushed–he was the one who threw the ball that Francis had batted straight into their upstairs windows. Francis’ dad finally came around and settled himself on the sofa next to his wife. Nick and Francis sat opposite to them. Nick could feel the anxiety coursing through Francis’ body. Nick bumped his knee into his, trying to comfort him. Francis gave him a smile. “So, what’s this about? The window?” his dad asked. “No, apparently not,” she answered. “What then?” Francis took a deep breath. “Well… you two know I’m going to apply to college. And that I’m moving out.” “Well, I hope that’s why all these boxes are out here.” He continued. “But there’s another reason why I’m moving out. For the past month or so… me and Nick have been fixing up Grandpa’s old house. It’s still got a long way to go, but… we got the roof and the walls repaired. It’s liveable.” “You’ve been working on that old place?” “Yes.” “Wow, son… I’m surprised you took the time. I’m proud of you for doing that. But, we still don’t understand why exactly you’re moving out.” “We get you want privacy,” his mother added. “You’re a young man and you’re entitled to that. But you can still live with us, Francis.” “Well, it’s more than just that. I… want to move in with someone I love. So we can have privacy together.” Their eyes widened at that. “You… have a girlfriend?” his mother asked. “Francis, we understand the sex before marriage thing, but… don’t you think you’re rushing it a bit? You only just broke up with Mike’s girl…” “No, that’s–I lied to you about that. I never dated Lisa Reynolds.” They both looked shocked. “What?” “But Mike said–” “That was a cover, Dad. Lisa’s… well she’s Lisa. She had her reasons to lie and say I was with her. And I had my reasons too. I lied about dating her because I didn’t want you to figure out who I was really dating…” “Francis… you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are dating. Any girl that makes you happy is enough for us.” “That’s just it, Mom. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m not in love with a woman–it’s not a girl who makes me happy. It’s Nick. I’m… dating Nick. I love him. Nick is my boyfriend.” There was dead silence. Nick felt the blood pumping through is body, and he could hear it surging through his ears. Besides the utter silence, he could make out the squeaking of the mug as Mrs. McCarthy tightened her grip around it. Francis took Nick’s hand, grabbing it gently, before Nick squeezed it back, telling him it would be alright. His mother spoke first. “Are you saying you’re…” “I think I’m bi. Bisexual. I still not completely sure. But that doesn’t matter to me, because I love Nick. And both of us are moving in together in the old house.” Mr. McCarthy sighed. He looked down at his feet, while his wife stared at her coffee. “We were afraid this would happen,” his father said, his voice low. His mother stood up before anyone else moved. She looked to her husband, then to Francis, then to Nick. “I thought… well, we came home early one night–a few weeks ago–and heard noises… and your car was outside Nick… we didn’t know what to do so we left and came back later. I was hoping we were wrong but…” “You knew?!” Francis asked. His father still kept his gaze on the floor, quiet. His mother answered. “We suspected… we just didn’t want to believe it. We need time, Francis. Time to process this.” Francis’s father gently nodded. “The bible says homosexuality is a sin, but–” “Many other things in the bible are also sins,” his mother added. “Yet we do them everyday, without a second thought. It says we ought to not mix meat and dairy… yet this entire country lives off of cheeseburgers. And it says eating pork is prohibited. We all do that too.” “It says we can’t wear clothes made out of more than one fabric. And that we can’t cut our hair our beards. And that women can’t speak in church. Nonsense, all of it,” Mr. McCarthy said. His mother agreed. “Yes, a lot of it is outdated. And I guess… there are those who say the homosexuals are unnatural but…. if you go outside in this heat you’ll see half the horses and cows climbing up on the other males. Happens all the time.” Nick’s heart was still pounding, and he could feel Francis shaking. This was not something he’d expected to happen. Francis’ body was in overdrive, pumped with testosterone should a fight break out, should he have to defend himself or Nick, or should they have to run. But this was different. This was better than they ever could have imagined. “But have you tried… not being bisexual?” she asked. “I don’t get to choose who I love, or who I’m attracted to. This is something I was born with, not something I decided to do one day. It’s not a ‘lifestyle’ like veganism or being gluten-free. It’s who I am on the inside. And yes, I tried to pretend that I wasn’t attracted to men but, you already saw how unhappy I was as a kid. I tried suppressing it but I can’t do that anymore. It’s too exhausting, too tiring.” “I can’t hide this huge part of myself for the rest of my life,” he continued. “I’ve already done that for long enough. And whether you’re ready to accept that or not is up to you. My responsibility as your son was to tell you the truth, and I’ve done that. This doesn’t change who I am, or who I’m going to be. I’m still the same person I always was, just happier. And more free. And isn’t this what this country is built on? Freedom?” There was another long silence. Nick squeezed tighter on his hand, and Francis squeezed back. They sat there, wondering what would happened next. “You’re still my son,” his mother muttered, her voice weak. “And I still love you. We both do. But this isn’t something we grew up with. We were raised thinking one way for our entire lives and now to be told another… to just accept this all of a sudden… it’s still hard for us. We need some time to think about this and understand it all.” Francis stood up, followed by Nick. “O-okay. I get that.” His father still didn’t meet their gaze, but it was better than being yelled at. “You can take your things,” she said. “We’ll help you with the boxes.” “Alright. Thank you.” His mother nodded, giving Nick a short glance before returning her gaze to the floor. Her hands shook slightly as she set her cup down and passed Francis a roll of tape. They packed a few more things before setting them in Francis’ truck. Once they had his car full, Francis gave a final wave to his parents before the both got in. Nick gave his parents and awkward smile, though he was relieved to receive a smile back. Despite everything, he realized that Francis’ parents still liked him. “We’ll pick up the last few boxes from your place then head over. Sound good?” Nick nodded, staring through the window. “You alright?” “Are you?” Nick asked, turning back to him. He hesitated. “Yes. I think so. It went better than I thought it would.” “Me too.” Francis was quiet again, concentrating on driving. “I’m proud of you,” Nick said, putting a hand on his thigh. Francis smiled, turning back towards him. “Thank you for being there for me.” “Of course! How could I let you do that on your own?” “You could have been torn to shreds by my parents just as much as I could’ve been.” Nick shook his head. “I’d never have let you do that on your own. I just wondered whether you were uncomfortable with me being there… seeing as I’m the one you’re leaving them for.” “I could never be uncomfortable with you around, Nick. That’s impossible.” Nick grinned. “I love you.” Francis’ smile grew bigger at that. He pecked Nick’s cheek while still keeping his attention on the road. He put his hand over Nick’s, holding it tight. “I love you more.” Once they got to Nick’s house, Francis parked his truck then headed with Nick inside. They were greeted by Nick’s mother. “Almost packed?” she asked. Nick nodded. “There’s a few more things upstairs.” “Hi Mrs. Evans.” “Hello Francis,” she said, greeting him with a warm smile. “Do you need help with the boxes?” “No, ma’am. We can handle it on our own. Don’t sweat it.” She nodded, but turned towards her son. “Nick… keep the door… open, please?” He rolled his eyes. “Mom…” She bit her lip, realizing her son wasn’t exactly a child anymore. “R-right. Sorry. Uh, use protection, okay?” “MOM!” Nick felt his skin turned red, and Francis couldn’t help but laugh. “We’re just here to pick up the boxes, Mrs. Evans,” he said to her, watching Nick run up the stairs to avoid his mother. “Right. Sorry. I just worry, is all.” Francis nodded, looking awkwardly at his feet before facing her again. “I won’t let anything bad happen to Nick. I love him. I’ll protect him. You can believe me.” Her voice was soft. “I believe you. It’s just my job to remind my children–including you.” He grinned at that. “Thank you.” Mrs. Evans got back to her own work before letting Francis join Nick upstairs. “Sorry about her,” Nick said to him, as Francis entered the room. “Don’t be. She just loves you.” “She’s so embarrassing sometimes…” “She loves you, Nick. That’s all that matters. Be thankful you have a mother like that. Not everyone does.” He silently agreed with Francis, stuffing a few extra bedsheets and socks into the cardboard boxes. “Do you think she’s alright with us dating?” Francis suddenly asked. Nick looked at him with concern. “Of course! Why do you ask?” “I just…. I mean I’m a few years older than you. And… well… I’m not college freshman like you. And I don’t even have a job to help out with bills.” Nick put his things down and walked over to Francis. He took his hands and lead him to his bed, sitting him down between a few boxes and piles of clothes. “The college thing doesn’t matter, Francis. We have a whole summer to prepare for SATs and by September we’ll have you applying to colleges. You study and I’ll worry about the money.” “You shouldn’t be worrying about money though, you should be at college and–” Nick shook his head. “Texas A a mixture of spit and pre-cum. Nick’s reply was no more than a powerless sigh, having succumbed to the charms of his boyfriend. “Yeaahhh….” Francis was a womanizer, and his charisma translated just as well when it came to men–especially horny, teenage boys on the cusp of manhood. Francis continued to lather Nick’s cock, then inched his way up the length of the boy’s veiny shaft. Slowly, he began to pull on the waistband of his boxers, sliding them off his perfect, smooth thighs. His raging hard-on made it hard to take off, but with a final pull, and a giggle from both of them, Francis had pulled his underwear to his below his knees. Francis stared at the boy’s beautiful cock. It was almost seven inches, and was pretty thick too. His penis was warm and pink, engorged with blood and covered in veins of its own. Nick’s erect cock wagged and bounced, spewing out a thick strand of spunk from the cloth, back up to his sensitive, red tip. Underneath, his hairless pink testicles sat, the smooth skin of his balls bunched up between his thighs. They blushed after being teased for so long, and Francis wanted to service them as well as Nick’s huge pillar. He moved his fingers up to grab the boy’s balls, rolling them in his tough fingers, and smirking as Nick’s entire body convulsed before him. The boy grabbed at Francis’ head and shoulders, trying to get through the pain of not unloading himself right then, all over Francis’ grinning face. He wanted to see his boyfriend’s face covered in his spunk, smiling as it dripped off of him, licking it from his lips like it was maple syrup–but Nick knew he had to wait. He had to hold it back, for Francis wanted to enjoy sucking him off, and he didn’t want to take that away from him. Nick held onto his load, stopping himself from blowing. He told Francis to pause for a few moments before nodding and giving him the go ahead to start again. His hips bucked as Francis worked his nuts, rolling them around before he put his stubbled face between Nick’s legs. The boy put his hands through Francis’ messy brown hair, feeling him desperately look for what he wanted. And then, Nick felt it. “Fuck!” The man’s tongue lapped at Nick’s balls, savouring his sweaty taste and the softness of his skin. Nick’s body trembled. Francis took the boy’s left ball into his lips, sucking on it gently before he tried to fit it in his mouth, nursing on his thick nut. Nick let out a soft moan, panting heavily as the combination of pain and pleasure overtook him. He threw his head back, almost falling back onto the bed as Francis’ neck careened, rotating back and forth to service the boy’s testicle. It wasn’t long before Francis withdrew, more saliva trailing from his mouth like a glutton, and worked on the other nut, swallowing Nick’s sweet boyish juices. “Oh my fucking god…” Nick moaned. He had spread his thighs wide apart as Francis pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He opened his legs to him, allowing the man to work his magic on his nuts, sucking the life from his testicles as if he was desperate to drink his sperm right from his ballsack, like some kind of cheap man-whore. Then, Francis’ face left his groin and looked up at Nick, watching the look of pleasure and desperation etched across the teenager’s face. Francis took that as an invitation and placed his hand over the boy’s wet, dripping boner. He put two fingers around his base, feeling his head with his other hand and stroking his shaft. “Uhnnn…” Nick whispered, not sure how long he could last if Francis kept up his good work. Francis then put his lips to the tip, massaging the foreskin of his head and using his mouth to suck out all the pre-cum that waited inside his shaft. “You taste good, babe…” Francis teased, in-between licks and kisses. Nick was almost unable to breath. His muscles went numb and his head pounded with pleasure. Heat spread through his toned body, starting at his dick and reaching up into his abs and hard nipples. Then, his whole body gave a violent jerk once Francis put his entire mouth down over his shaft and wrapped his tongue around the base. “Uhnn, fuck! Francis…” The man smiled as he sucked Nick’s cock, widening his mouth as his tongue rolled over his boyfriend’s pulsing veins and trembling flesh. His cock tasted sweet and salty, covered in a film of sweat and grime–all the healthy tastes of a growing young man. And Francis loved it. The stud used his big hands to massage the boy’s thighs, feeling him up and down as he moved his manly lips all across his shaft and head. He took all of Nick in, gagging every so often, which filled Nick up with pride and ecstasy. It also caused him to let out a few loads of pre-ejaculate, filling the man’s eager mouth. While he blew Nick, the stud’s own penis had gone fully stiff, poking at his jeans and begging to be freed. But he focused on Nick instead, licking up any sperm that fell out of his tip. He pulled down his foreskin and lapped at his piss-slit like an animal, slurping up whatever came out of him. “Oh God… fucking blow me, Francis. Suck my cock…” He smiled as he took the boy’s fat dick in his mouth, plunging himself even deeper and digging his nose into Nick’s pubes. He still played with his balls, holding them firmly between his fingers and rubbing them slowly, taking in the teenagers movements as he writhed and jumped on the bed, sighing out in pleasure and moaning the man’s name. He remembered the unbearable sensation he’d felt when Nick had serviced him like that for the first time, and he wanted to make sure his boyfriend was taken care of just as well. “Ohhh shit, fuck…” Nick whispered, his voice barely audible as Francis’ mouth drained him of his energy. Francis had improved significantly on his head game–to Nick’s detriment. He wasn’t sure how long he’d last if Francis was this good. His hips bucked again, thrusting himself into the man’s mouth as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting violently to every bit of Francis’ tongue. Francis’ eyes burned and his throat felt like it was on fire as he downed himself on the teenager’s wet, pulsing cock. He could feel the boy spilling his seed inside of him, and it urged him on. It tasted better to him each time he blew Nick, and now he was thirsty for it. Francis’ tongue rolled against the throbbing vein of the thick shaft, and he swallowed the semen that burst out from boy’s big pink tip. The man’s nose and face slammed hard into Nick’s hairy groin. Francis could see the boy’s arms flexing hard as he swept his hands through the man’s hair, feeling his face against his groin. Feeling the jock’s big, rough hands on his soft thighs made his boner swell up even more. Francis choked and gagged on his cock, using a hand to guide the engorged member in and out of his mouth. He could feel his boyfriend’s heart beating through his thick boner, and his erect shaft was pulsing erratically in his gullet. Francis took more of the hot, meaty pole into his mouth, feeling the soft skin tingle with heat against his tongue. The veins of Nick’s penis were pulsing hard inside of Francis. The teenager let out low moans of ecstasy as Francis went down on him, taking more and more penis. With the dick all the way in, the head now jamming itself hard on the back of Francis’ throat, the stud choked and gurgled up pre-cum, slobbering his spit all over the meaty pole. “Oh fuckkk… that’s amazing, Francis…” Francis smiled as he withdrew from the cock, still keeping the glans tight between his lips. Then, as Nick thrusted himself into Francis’ face again, the dick came hard into his mouth, jamming Francis full to the brim. Francis began cocking his head, massaging his gaping, hungry hole up and down Nick’s hard shaft. He was eager to please him. “Uhhnnnn…” Nick sighed, his mouth open and drooling with desperation for Francis’ touch. Francis’ big hands gripped Nick’s cock firmly, with his fingers tangled in his pubic hair. Nick’s veiny crotch twitched and flexed as Francis sucked him off, salivating all over his rigid, flopping member. He smiled at Nick. “Mmmmmm…” He loved watching sheer pleasure spread across Nick’s face, combined with the surprise of knowing that Francis was as hungry for cock as Nick had been so many times before. Nick’s hard-on squirted more pre-cum into his mouth, some beginning to escape Francis’ moist lips and instead dripping down his chin. “Ugghhhh… fuckk. I’m almost there, Francis. Don’t stop.” Francis nodded, pursing his wet lips and hardening his blows. He picked up the pace, going down on his boyfriend even further. Nick’s pubes grazed Francis’ eyes, and he could feel the stiff, slippery head attack the backside of his throat. It tasted salty, and it hurt to be so far down on him. But Francis’ chest ached with desire, and he wanted to finish his boyfriend off more than anything. bursa escort His carnal wish to please Nick overtook anything else he was feeling. Francis worked hard on him, using his tongue to massage the scorching hot cock-head, his leaking piss-slit and his fat, veiny shaft. His hands were on his boyfriend’s smooth, naked thighs, while his mouth engulfed the entire length of his penis. He gagged and choked on the young man’s length and girth. He forced himself down on the swollen boner, wanting finally to finish the job. “Jesus!” Nick yelled, putting both his hands on Francis’ head and pushing his face further down on his dick. He bit his lip and thrusted hard into his mouth. Francis sucked him off eagerly, tasting Nick’s sperm and feeling his cock jerk violently while Francis craved the feel of his boyfriend’s seed all over his face. Then, with a series of hard thrusts, and after his hips began to buck violently, Nick’s cock jerked and his balls crumpled. “Fuucckkk!” “Cum on my face, babe.” Nick didn’t need convincing–he’d already pulled out of Francis, unable to bear the sensations any longer. Nick’s whole waist bucked, and he pulled his dick out and slapped it onto Francis’ face. Instantly, three powerful jets of hot spunk exploded from Nick’s cock, splattering Francis’ flushed, sweaty face. The thick, salty semen slathered his skin, dripping across his forehead, nose, and chin, slowly making its way across his lips. Francis licked his mouth clean, filling himself up with the bitter saltiness as much as he could. His young, manly fluid felt so right on his face, and it tasted so good. And watching it leaking and dripping out of Nick’s’ gaping piss-slit was an intoxicating sight. Nick then stuffed himself back inside Francis’ mouth, letting the last of his orgasm fill the jock. Francis choked on his spunk, as two more shots escaped his slit and hit the roof of his mouth. Meanwhile, Nick was wiggling and writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe as the bliss of Francis’ mouth milked his cock of all it’s sperm. The sight of Francis’ stubbled, manly face now sweaty, red and covered in thick, dripping cum was an unparalleled feeling. The thought of his boyfriend sucking him off was insatiable, but now, watching his cum-hungry man desperately lap the jizz off his face was incredible, and made him feel complete inside. After a few moments of Francis continuing to slobber on his fat cock, Nick felt himself soften. He had unloaded himself in Francis’ mouth, as well as all over his pretty, manly, face. Now, him and his balls were exhausted. Nick collapsed on the bed, laying down and breathing hard. Francis cleaned the cum from his face and swallowed everything he could, then fell in bed next to Nick, tracing his fingers up and down his exposed abdomen, and playing with his pubic hair. Nick smiled and relished his touch. Once Nick had caught his breath again, he turned towards his boyfriend, admiring the dopey smile on his flushed face, and the last remaining bits of cum still covering him. “Do you want me to blow you next?” Nick asked, admiring the huge shape of Francis’ boner pitching a tent in his tight, boot-cut jeans. His man was going commando, which meant Nick could see the bulging vein of his dick, and the protruding cock-head. Francis shook his head. “Nah, I just wanna lie here for a while. With you. And if we stay up here any longer your mom will get suspicious.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah, babe. We can fool around when we get home. I just wanna hold you a bit longer…” he murmured, pressing the boy closer to his chest. Nick snuggled up to him, letting his head fall between the man’s chest and his armpit. He could hear his heart beating even through the thin cloth of his shirt, and he could smell his perspiration. Servicing his boyfriend had made Francis work up a sweat in the heat, and Nick could only imagine how sweaty they’d both get once they really got on each other back home. “I love you,” Nick whispered to him, feeling the man’s chest hair graze his cheek. His heart was still beating loudly. Francis gave him a dopey grin, digging his fingers into Nick’s body to hold him closer. “I love you more, babe.” They spent another few minutes in each other’s arms, breathing on the other’s skin and taking in the scents of their sweat, the faint cologne and the perfumed smell of shampoo on their hair. And the warmth between them was still welcomed, despite the humid air. Eventually, they got up. Nick took him to the bathroom and help get rid of the last bits of semen, then they picked up the rest of Nick’s boxes and brought it back downstairs to the truck. Nick give his mother an awkward hug while Francis waved her goodbye. Then, the two of them got into the black pick-up and drove down the road, both eager to start their new lives together. “What’s the cosine ratio, again?” Francis asked. His voice came from across the bathroom and through the open door. Nick finished pouring the warm water over his shoulders, letting it soak on his skin. He sat up in the tub, cocking his head so his voice reached. “Adjacent over hypotenuse!” Nick yelled back. “Thank you!” Nick smiled at himself. He’d have to work a bit more with Francis on memorization, but he wasn’t worried. They had the entire summer to focus on the smaller details. Nick washed his body a bit more before he heard heavy footsteps approach him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were taking a bath?” “I didn’t wanna disturb you. You looked so focused.” Francis shook his head, laughing. He eyed Nick’s bare chest for a few moments before he pulled his own shirt off. His pits were stained and there was still perspiration on his pecs and abs. He quickly unbuckled his pants and threw them off, before pulling off his boxers too. Nick giggled, watching as a buck-naked Francis, with his cock bouncing around, climbed into the medium-sized tub with him, causing the water to overflow. “You’re gonna flood the bathroom!” Nick protested. “I don’t care,” he said, pushing his way through the water to reach Nick’s mouth. He planted a kiss on him, pulling his face close. His lips breathed hot air against Nick. The teenager gently reached for the man’s chest, placing a hand over his heart. He could feel the muscle throb powerfully while his other hand cradled the man’s shoulder. He felt his eyes closing as a hand enveloped his bare waist and pulled him close. As their lips brushed one another’s, Nick felt his rough, stubbled face press against his own. They locked mouths, tasting one another and massaging the other’s lips with as much force as they could muster. Nick tasted him–the hard, bitter quality of rum mixed with a sugary-sweet aftertaste. The hand that held his waist straddled him gently, as the man enveloped his mouth. Francis gave him a bit of tongue before pulling away, letting his hand slip down the boy’s spine. “Francis….” Nick moaned, filling the man’s mouth with his own name. He let him grab his ass while his other hand cradled the boy’s neck. “You’re so sexy,” Francis muttered, grabbing a fistful of Nick in his palm. Nick giggled, letting out a short yelp as Francis’ fingers dug into him. “I was gonna cut my hair…” he protested. Francis give him one more kiss before letting go, sitting back in the tub and letting the water splash all over. He smiled at him, realizing Nick’s face has gone pink, and part of him was aroused. “I’ll do it for you,” he said. “Are you sure?” Francis nodded. “We used to cut each other’s hair at home, it’s easy,” he said. He pulled himself out of the tub, the water running down his rugged, naked body. It came down his half-hard cock, dripping off his thick, pink member. His foreskin was partially pulled-back, exposing the hot red tip. As he lifted his powerful thighs over the edge he scratched his hairy, low-hanging balls. They slapped on his wet thighs, causing Nick’s heart to pound, and his groin to ache out in longing. Francis went around and scooted in behind Nick in the tub, sitting on the very edge. He put one leg up on the edge, while his other leg came down out of the tub’s side. His thighs wrapped around Nick’s back as the boy got close enough for Francis to reach him. He felt the tip of Francis’ manhood graze his back, and it took all of his strength not to turn around and take him in his mouth. Francis was also holding back, trying to control himself. He grabbed the pair of scissors and the clippers already laid out on the counter and tried to concentrate. “Promise me you won’t mess it up,” Nick asked. Francis laughed. “I won’t. I promise.” Francis took the clipper and put the blade to the back of his head, tracing the familiar shape of his hairline. He’d spent many hours over the past month admiring not only Nick’s face, but the back-side of his head. That was, after all, Nick’s favourite position. His body pressed itself against the boy’s back and thighs, placing a hand on his shoulder, while Nick put one hand on the man’s knee. Francis reassured him it would be fine. He sensed Francis’ erection press against his back once more, and he felt the tenseness of his body in the muscles of his thigh. But once Nick began stroking his leg, he felt the man relax a bit. But the boy could still feel–and hear–his heart fiercely pumping blood throughout his muscular body. The man held Nick’s head in his hands, gently carving out the shape of his hair with the trimmers. A few stray hairs went flying as Francis cut them, and then, he felt a wave of relief wash over himself and Nick–Nick began to trust him with the clippers while Francis’ boner began to disappear. Despite how close he was to Nick, it was still awkward to sit behind him with his dick and balls hanging out. He still had a case of blue-balls from earlier that day. Francis finished trimming the edge of one side then head a bit to the side. “Move it just a bit, babe.” “Okay.” The muscles of Nick’s jaw unclenched, and his eyes began to close as Francis held him. His hand rested on Francis’ knee, as though telling him that he was happy to have him there, even though the man’s burly chest was dripping water all over his back. His knees scraped the boy’s arms and shoulders, as Francis’ inner thighs pressed against his back. Francis carved the stray hairs from his face slowly, savouring the intimate moment. His own heart began to pick up the pace, and he could feel himself stirring again. His hand crept further down Nick’s shoulder, the edges of his fingers feeling the boy’s taut pectoral muscle and now grazing his erect nipple. “Stop, that tickles!” Nick snickered. He shrugged his shoulder, getting Francis’ hand off. “Shit, don’t do that! I nearly took a chunk of your hair off.” “Be careful!” “I was! And… I know you like it when I touch you there…” he said, pushing his hand back down his chest. He reached further, letting his whole body come down over him as he kissed the boy’s neck. Some of Nick’s stray hair got on his lip and he tried to spit it off, but in the end it was impossible. He embraced him, turning off the clippers and smashing his face into Nick’s neck and shoulder as his hands engulfed the boy and began to tickle him. “Stop, stop!” Nick protested, half-screaming, half-laughing. “Make me!” “You asshole!” Nick got a grab of his arm and pulled him off, finally catching his breathe as his boyfriend relented. The splashing water began to calm and he turned around in the tub, facing his soaking wet, naked, boyfriend. “You’re a prick.” He gave Nick a smirk. “I know. But I’m your prick.” Nick reached up to his face, kissing him passionately and giving his lower lip a soft bite before he sat back down and turned around, leaving Francis and his stirring member high and dry. “Finish my hair then we can make out.” “Fine…” he said, licking his lips. He continued trimming his side, before he took the scissors and began evening out the ends. Clumps of hair fell over the side of the tub and down Nick’s back. He took the stray hair off him with his fingers, throwing it in the trash nearby. Once he was done with his backside, he asked Nick to turn around. Nick smiled at him, facing Francis awkwardly. His face was between the man’s hairy thighs, a mere inches away from his rising manhood. The sight of it caused Nick himself to get hard, and he didn’t think he could fight off his feelings for much longer. His thick cock was hardening, but it was still a heavy piece of wood, hanging limp between his thighs like an eight-inch serpent. Nick wanted desperately to take the pink, veiny member into his lips. Francis cut the ends of his hair, brushing it from his face and his brows, before giving him one final look. “There,” he said, putting the scissors and the clippers back on the edge of the sink. “I think it’s done.” Immediately, Nick pulled Francis into the tub, causing a large splash. Francis shouted in surprise, but soon began laughing along with Nick once the teenager pinned him against the back of the tub and climbed over his legs. Nick grabbed his face and proceeded to make out with him, tasting his mouth and feeling his hands grip him tight from behind. The water splashed around them and loose hair fell from Nick’s face but he didn’t care–he just wanted to embrace his boyfriend and savour his touch. Both the boys continued making out, while Nick’s hands began to stray across the man’s wet, toned body. He felt up Francis’ hairy chest, grazing his erect nipples while the long hair on his pecs tangled with his fingers. His mouth began to trail downwards as well, first slathering his lips across the man’s jaw and neck, before he put his mouth to his pec, flicking his tongue across his pink nipple. He put his lips around the man’s sensitive prick, beginning to nurse on his teat as though he were a child. He felt Francis jerk and fidget underneath him as Nick suckled on his tit, tasting his sweat. Then, Nick continued his path downwards. Slowly, his hands headed towards his hard, equally-hairy abs, placing eager kisses on his stomach. He licked him clean, submerging part of his face in the water in order to reach the source of his manhood. “Nick…” Francis sighed uncontrollably, giving himself up to the boy’s touch. He was at the mercy of his boyfriend’s appetite. Nick followed the prominent V-shape of his waist until he found his dense, wet forest of pubic hair in the bathwater. He continued reaching until finally, he found the hilt of what he wanted most. Then he put a hand over his dick. “You’re so hard,” Nick whispered, lifting his face out of the water to look at him. Francis bit his lip, and threw his head back. The teenager grasped his erect cock with his soft, delicate hands. “Nick…” Francis lifted his waist a bit out of the water, spreading his legs down the tub, alongside Nick’s body. That made it easer for Nick to get at him. The teenager teased him, rubbing the hot, veinous shaft up and down, and watching his big balls bounce in the water with each movement. Nick gazed at the rest of his body, admiring the jock’s muscular form. His chest was big and bulky, covered in a light brown fuzz. His fat pink nipples were hard and erect, and his six-pack of abs below clenched as Francis peered down at Nick’s face. The thick, curly bush of pubes springing out from behind his cock went all the way up his waist and his abs, creating a hot, happy trail that made his rock-hard abs looker even hotter. “Uhhnnn… Nick…” Nick took a long look at the massive, engorged cock, while Francis moaned Nick’s name. His dick was soft and wet with bulging purple veins. It was long and thick, just how Nick liked it. The huge tool throbbed violently, spewing out pre-cum. The foreskin was just pulled over half his head, and his member was beginning to turn red with all the blood gushing toward it. It stuck out of Francis’ body like eight inches of pure muscle and meat. It was fully erect now, rising to attention. “Are you hard for me?” he asked, looking up at Francis’ twisted face. He belonged to Francis now; he was his sex toy, his partner in crime, and now Francis belonged to him. He was at the mercy of Nick’s touch, and his silent begging to be pleasured filled Nick with pride. It was his job to please the manly hunk–his duty. And he he had every intention of doing so. The sensations were overwhelming, and he knew Nick was about to take him to an even higher plane.”Ugghhh… yeah baby… I’m fuckin hard for you. Suck on my cock, dude. Blow me.” Nick grinned. He plunged part of his face in to the bathwater, sticking his tongue out, and licking the fat, red head that had unsheathed from the jock’s foreskin. The man let out a loud moan, feeling the wet flesh lap at his salty fluids, as water splashed up around them. “Fuck!” Nick held the massive tool in his hands, all eight inches of thick, heavy meat. He pulled the foreskin down, exposing the throbbing, head. Even before the man had fell into the tub, Nick had been able to smell the sweet scents of dried cum, old piss, dirty sweat and the lingering aroma of freshly cut grass, old leather, and car oil. It was a manly mixture, and it drove Nick crazy. He gave the man’s head another licking, tasting the bitter-sweet remains on the his cock and swallowing whatever he found. His mouth was pursed tight around the shaft, which prevented the bathwater from getting in his mouth. All he tasted was man. Nick continued to pull down on his penis, exposing more of his dick and felt the stud tremble. “Oh fuck–keep at it, babe. Blow daddy.” Nick nodded, watching Francis writhe in pleasure as his slid up and down his shaft. Francis gave him a horny smile, closing his eyes and laughing in bliss. “That’s daddy’s good little boy. Suck my cock, baby. Suck daddy’s fat cock.” Nick felt his ass clench and his chest quiver as Francis’ low, horny voice came. He was so commanding, and he was radiating cockiness. He lifted his head out of the water, temporarily letting the man’s cock out of his mouth, though he still had his hand around it. “Yes daddy, whatever you say. I’ll suck the life out of your fat cock, tonight.” Nick rose up from his crotch to meet him. They looked in one another’s eyes–recognizing that carnal, primitive desire. Francis instantly bent over to give Nick a kiss. He tasted his own cock in Nick’s mouth, and he enjoyed the feeling of knowing that part of him was inside Nick’s gullet. Francis felt Nick’s small, trembling hands against his rigid abs, and playing in his pubic hair. Francis continued kissing the boy, feeling Nick’s boner poke into his own cock, like swords meeting in battle. Francis could sense his small, tight body stretch in order to reach him. He was desperate to feel Francis’ embrace, and the jock didn’t want to let him down. He hugged Nick’s body, feeling his bare back and his fat ass, dragging his fingers down his spine. Nick groaned as Francis did so, and their tongues met during their kiss, slathering each other with spit and sucking on one another’s lips. Then, Nick reluctantly parted from Francis’ warm mouth. Instead, he looked back down at the task before him. Francis’ dick was soaked with pre-cum and he could clearly see the vein in Francis’ dick pulsing more blood all throughout his shaft. As Nick struggled to get all of the meat in his grasp, the throbbing pink cock hit him in the face, splattering him with loose ropes of cum. “Jesus Christ,” Francis sighed, loving the feeling of his penis hitting the boy square in the face. Nick took the cock and gently hit it against his face a few more times, making Francis jump and groan in pleasure. He knew Francis went insane every time he did that. “I love your fat cock on my face,” Nick whispered to him, driven by the eagerness of Francis’ dick. And underneath the massive, swollen member were Francis’ big, hairy balls. They were hanging low, large and round, swinging back and forth like a bull’s. Francis took his fat, meaty cock and slapped it across Nick’s face. Francis moaned as stands of cum spread across Nick’s lips. Nick took the dicking like a man, trying to get the stud’s junk in his mouth. “Blow me,” Francis said, smacking him a few more times across his face before he let his pulsing member go. Nick put his small hands around Francis’ meat and got back to work. Francis breathed out slowly as Nick touched his shaft. Francis loved Nick’s delicate embrace and his eagerness to down his cock. Sure enough, after Nick got the huge thing to his face, his soft, damp lips closed around the exposed, throbbing head. His face submerged back into the bathwater, as Francis bucked his hips upwards in order to let Nick reach him. Nick was kissing Francis’ penis, using his tongue to massage the hot head and his lips to squeeze the cum out of his shaft. The warm rod in Nick’s mouth trembled with every pulse of Francis’ heart, and as he nearly got his lips to the stud’s pubes, he felt himself choking on the huge schlong. “Fuck yeah… choke on daddy’s dick, babe.” “Mmm-mmmmm…” “Shit, always you take it so good, dude.” Nick made more choking sounds, feeling the hot head of Francis’ cock hit the back of his throat. Then, Nick began to move his mouth slowly back off, pressing hard against the smooth, salty skin. It tasted like sweat and piss, mixed with dry cum and dirty underwear–all the scents Nick loved most about his man. “Yeah, eat that up. Swallow me, baby. Let me be inside of you,” Francis grunted, running his chapped hands through Nick’s soft hair. His huge biceps flexed and his veins popped as blood pumped through him. His pecs twitched and his fat, round nipples were fully hard, pointing upwards. His prominent v-lines bulged with more veins, shaking with each small movement the boy made on his cock. He let Nick work on him, but he couldn’t help pump himself in and out of Nick’s mouth, fucking his hot, wet hole like he was making love to it. His hot hole was sticky and wet, slurping up his juices and slathering more spit all across his long, meaty pole while bubbles of air came up from his mouth. It turned Francis on that in the moment, Nick was choosing to suck the man’s big cock over being able to breathe. Nick let Francis grab hold of his head. He felt himself get fucked in the mouth like a whore, his hair being grabbed tight by Francis’ fists and his muscular, hairy groin slapping itself into his face. Nick could feel Francis’ big, bouncy balls flinging themselves onto his chin and neck. He slurped up the stud’s pre-cum and his own spit, trying to take in all the salty, masculine tastes leaking out of the hunk’s thick slab of meat. Then, as the man began to slow down again, Nick’s lips spread across the head. He kept them tight against bursa escort bayan his rigid flesh, putting his tongue to his piss-slit and milking the cum out of it. He could see the jock’s balls jerk in pleasure with each flick. Francis whined again, clenching his jaw as the soft pair of lips moved further down his shaft, and the tongue vigorously covered his head with spit. “Ohh… fuck…” He put his hands through Nick’s hair, rubbing his head and pulling him closer in. Nick went down on him, moving his head in and out. Each time he tried to take all of his dick in, the head would hit the back of his throat and make him gag, and he’d cough up some of the pre-cum he’d already swallowed. But gagging on his cock was only making Francis hornier, and it fuelled his ego. “Fuck yeah, choke on it!” “Mmmmm…” Nick moaned, feeling Francis push his huge bulb further down onto his throat. Nick’s nose and face buried itself into Francis’ long, wet pubes, and as the jock began to mouth-fuck him, the stud’s balls once again flung themselves into Nick’s neck and chin. They were long and hanging low, big and full of testosterone. Nick could see that they were just as pink as his head, sore from having been teased for so long. “I’m close. I want you to swallow, babe.” Nick nodded, determined to taste the man’s seed. Francis continued to stuff his member inside the boy’s mouth, pumping in and out of him slowly. The bouncy, meaty tool felt warm and tasty in Nick’s hole, and he licked up as much of its dirty sweat and cum as he could. He loved the way Francis tasted. “Keep your mouth on it,” Francis commanded, his rugged, stubbly face looking down at him, arousal glinting in his green eyes. Francis was almost there, and he was desperate to get his nut. The jock began to pick up the pace. He thrusted in and out of the boy’s wet mouth, holding Nick’s head on his cock. The bathwater splashed violently around them, even spilling out over the side and across the floor. Francis breathed quickly, wanting to cum into the boy’s gullet and fill him up with his spunk. He threw his head back, taking in the overwhelming sensations and the desperate, hungry look Nick had on his face, eager to drink his semen. Francis put a tight grip on Nick’s head, and began fucking his face hard and fast, and grunting with each thrust. Nick could do nothing but swallow the spurts of pre-cum that filled his mouth and try not to gag on the eight inches of rigid meat that plunged itself down his cum-stained neck. Nick groaned in pleasure and pain. The man’s dick was big and hard, making it hurt every time it hit the back of his throat. Nick put his hands on Francis’ waist, feeling the soft hairs on his muscular thighs as he took the man’s full erection into his eager mouth. “FUCK!” Francis yelled, bucking his hips upwards and invading the boy’s wet hole. Instantly, the man’s semen shot up inside his mouth. His cock jerked and his balls contracted. Three powerful jets of his hot jock-spunk attacked the back of Nick’s throat, burning his skin and filling him up. The thick fluid felt heavy and it tasted so good–sweet and salty at the same time. Nick choked on his spunk, as three more weaker shots escaped his slit and hit the roof of his mouth. Beneath him, Francis was writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe or even talk as the bliss of Nick’s mouth milked his cock of all his sperm. His baby-makers filled him, pouring down his gullet like a river. Francis panted hard, feeling Nick’s soft, damp hair between his fingers and his soft skin against his. The water splashed around them slowly. “Uhhhhnnnnn… swallow it, babe,” Francis told him, pushing his head further down onto his thick pole. Nick milked his fat penis, struggling to breath as the cum oozed down his throat. He swallowed it all of it, licking his lips for stray drops and then looked at Francis, seeing satisfaction etched across his face. He licked the trembling cock a few more times before he smiled at him, knowing he had satisfied the jock. “Holy shit…. I love you Nick.” The teenager nodded, grinning. “I know.” Francis rubbed his hairy stomach. “Come here,” he told him, letting the boy climb up onto his body and lay his head on the man’s chest. “That’s my boy,” he murmured softly. Nick rested his head on his large pecs, which were both drenched with sweat and bathwater. He could hear the jock’s heart beating wildly, and his muscles were still pumping blood throughout his body, making his veins pop and his biceps flex. They naked boys lay with each other, listening to the other breath as they calmed down, and their erections softened. Nick woke up to a gentle prod on his lower back. The touch was soft and careful, as though it regret having to stir the boy from his tender sleep. “Hey.” Nick knew his voice instantly. He smiled, curling up closer to Francis’ warm body. That’s when he realized that around him, everything was cold. His eyes opened slowly, taking in their surroundings. He was still lying in Francis’ lap, his head against his damp chest. The both of them had fallen asleep in the tub. “The water’s all cold…” Nick mumbled. Francis slowly lifted the both of them out of the tub, after slowly stroking Nick’s hair. He carried Nick out, holding him against his body, while using his other hand to hold his leg up against his waist. Water dripped off the both of them, running all across the already wet floor. Francis quickly grabbed a towel and threw it over Nick’s back, while he carried him back to their bed. He laid Nick on his back, securing the towel around his shoulders before he wrapped him in the covers. Then he went back, let the tub drain, and cleaned up the mess they made. Nick was still a bit sleepy, and didn’t remember anything after he’d blown Francis in the tub. He was surprised the both of them had just fallen asleep like that. The summer heat made it hard to keep their eyes open. “Francis, clean it later. Come back to bed.” He didn’t need much convincing. Francis came back with a towel around himself as well, covering his shoulders and chest. His lower-half was still exposed. He got into the bed with Nick, smiling like an idiot as he threw the towel off and pulled Nick in close. “You look so cute when’re you’re sleeping,” Francis murmured. “I didn’t wanna wake you up.” “I’m glad you did. Another twenty minutes in that tub and I would have caught a cold. How are you still so warm?” he asked, feeling the heat emanate off his body despite having sat in the same cold water as he had. “Come here, then. I’ll warm you up.” Nick obeyed, throwing away his towel and letting this cold, bare skin press against Francis’ underneath the covers. Francis reeled at the cold temperature of his skin, but he got over it, and held his boyfriend close, rubbing his arms, chest and back, in order to warm him up. Their legs tangled with one another’s and their knees bumped and grazed. Soon, Nick felt something else poke into his bare thigh–something stiff, hot, and wet. “Do you want me?” Nick whispered, letting his soft voice carry to Francis’ ear. He nodded slowly, spreading his big hand down the boy’s backside. Nick moaned gently, feeling him grip his ass, then stroke his thigh. Francis kissed his forehead. “Can I have you?” He nodded back, his eyes fluttering close. In a few seconds, Francis was overtop of him, slobbering messy kisses all over his mouth, chin and neck. He could feel the boy’s eager hands come around his back, scratching at his spine before grabbing the fat muscles of his ass. It felt amazing to have his boyfriend grasp at him like that, desperate to feel the man inside of him. Nick lay down with his back against the bed and felt Francis lift his legs up into the air, so that his knees met his chest. He was so dominant and eager to fuck that Nick felt his own dick begin to leak prematurely all over his stomach. Francis arms came overtop of Nick, landing on the space beside his head. For a few moments, his body was overtop Nick’s and Francis kissed him once more. Then, he came off and focused his attention on his gaping ass. His puckering hole was exposed to Francis, and he smiled happily at the sight of sweet, savoury pink. He could smell Nick–his clean, pink flesh and his excitement at what was to come. Francis’ hands trembled slightly as he opened him apart, wanting to taste his most intimate area. “Fuck!” Nick exclaimed, feeling a hot, wet tongue pierce his asshole. It felt like a velvety sponge, soaked in thick saliva. “Ohhh shit…” Francis laughed a bit, tasting the boy’s anus with his dripping tongue, while placing kisses on his warm entrance. “I love your tight little cunt,” he mumbled, speaking his words in-between the boy’s legs. “Oh god…” Francis continued licking him, spitting on his hole and then lapping at his juices. His skin tasted amazing, and his soft pink flesh was perfect for a good dicking. Francis sucked on him, pushing his ass cheeks further apart to get deeper inside him. Nick moaned into his arms, unable to control himself as the sensations over took him. The fat tongue lathering his ass with spit and entering his hole had made his body go numb. “Ohhhhh fuckkkk…” Nick moaned again, pushing his butt further up into Francis’ face. The jock liked that and spanked him as he whined in pleasure, like a bitch in heat begging to be fucked. Francis continued eating him out, moving his mouth down towards the boy’s scrotum, then back up to his sweaty hole. He was puckering in anticipation, waiting for Francis to enter him. The stud gave his hole a few more flicks of his tongue before he pressed it inside him, tasting his flesh. “Uhhhnnnn….” Nick continued writhing in bed, pulling at bedsheets and their pillows. Francis grinned, lubing him his hole up with more spit. “You taste so good,” he murmured. Nick pushed his ass further into his face, letting the jock take full control. Francis spanked him again before putting his hand up and down the boy’s crack. He licked two of his fingers then inserted them into Nick’s asshole, going slowly at first. “Oh shit!” he groaned, feeling the two large, manly fingers enter his anus. They stretched out his sore hole, filling him up. The man’s fingers were warm and hard, and as Francis pushed them deeper inside of him, Nick squirmed and shook. “You feel so good inside me, daddy,” he sighed. “Yeah? You want more?” Francis teased him, grabbing his ass with his free hand. “Yes… give me more.” Francis smiled, giving the teenager exactly what he wanted. He inserted another finger, pushing the three of them harder into him, trying to go at a slow pace. He pushed until no more could fit. Then, after he withdrew them, he pushed them back in, fucking the boy slowly with his hand. “Uhhhnn!” Francis could feel the boy’s body shaking as he rubbed his hands all over Nick’s bare back. He put his body overtop to comfort him, trying to keep him warm. Nick enjoyed the feeling of the man’s weight on him. He was being finger fucked while Francis leaned over his body, their skin pressed together. It was hot being dominated by him. Francis inserted his fingers once more, pushing into him deep, then withdrawing to fuck him with it again. “Tell me you love me, babe.” “Uhhnn… I love you…” Francis grinned, liking the way the words sounded, as though Nick was in mid-orgasm. Nick cried out his name once more, begging to be mutilated by the man’s engorged, horny cock. Francis took his fingers out and spanked the boy hard before he began to spread his own legs around Nick’s torso. His thighs were wide apart, flanking both sides of Nick’s body, in order to keep him in place once the fucking started. “I’m going inside, baby,” he muttered. Nick bit his lip, nodding impatiently. Francis grabbed his cock and began to lead it to Nick’s hole, spitting on his dick in order for it to go in as smoothly as possible. Nick grabbed his own balls with one hand and jacked himself slowly with the other as Francis entered. “Almost in,” he whispered, his voice raspy and hot. Nick closed his eyes, let out a few moans as Francis’ thick penis began to push inside him. Francis’ hands came down on his shoulders and Nick wrapped his legs slowly around the stud’s waist, the balls of his feet gently brushing against Francis’ ass. When the hot tip pushed its way inside of Nick, he let out a high moan and threw his head down on the pillow. Nick’s own erection was throbbing, turned on by the fact that his man was horny for him, and he was desperate to please him. “Oh, it feels so good,” Nick said, closing his eyes and feeling the jock’s dick throb inside of his anus. “Go deeper.” Francis pushed more of himself inside, groaning as Nick’s tight asshole wrapped itself around his shaft. His soft flesh hit the tip of his dick and made him ooze pre-cum, and made his balls hurt. He may have been drained earlier, but now his body needed something else–something much more primal, and carnal. Something inherently primitive. “Oh shit,” Francis whispered, feeling his dick pulse violently inside of Nick. “Fuck,” Nick moaned, “that’s so amazing.” “You’re always so fuckin tight.” Nick smile at him. “You’re just really big.” Francis laughed nervously, not sure if he’d be able to last for long inside of his boyfriend’s hot cunt. When he was halfway inside of Nick, he told him he was going to push harder. “Do it.” When Francis pushed, Nick squealed in pain and pleasure, but urged Francis not to stop. Francis moaned as well, feeling the twink’s heart beating through the inside of his ass. The pumping of his heart was powerful and vigorous. Nick felt the stud’s member shudder inside of him. Finally, Francis began to pull out, and then pushed back in, beginning to fuck him slowly. “Uhhhhnnnnn…” he groaned, feeling Francis’ dick tense up. “Fuck!” “Is that okay?” he asked, placing loving kisses on his neck and chest. “Yeah. Keep going.” Francis did it again, beginning to pick up the speed. He put his hand on top of the headboard of the bed, and the other on the back of his own waist, pushing himself into Nick’s asshole. He began to rhythmically pump himself in and out, feeling the teenager’s body change to each motion and listening to him moan in exhilaration. His balls slapped hard against Nick’s ass, causing Francis to grunt in pain, and making Nick whine in pleasure as their most sensitive parts hit one another. “It feels so good, Francis.” “Yeahhhh, you like that, baby?” “Yes, daddy.” “Shit,” the jock sighed. “You’re so hot. I love you.” “No, I love you more, Francis–oh fuck!” Francis thrusted into him deep, hitting the wall of his anal cavity hard. The man gave an insidious laugh of primal desire as Nick wailed in elation, blood rushing to his head and his boner. Nick put his hand to his dick and with his other, he felt up Francis’ hairy groin, pushing his way up across his torso and rubbing the stud’s rigid six-pack. His abs were hard like rock, and the soft hair over it felt nice against his fingers. There was sweat on his abdomen and as Francis picked up the pace, Nick closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, bracing through the pain. He wanted the man to enjoy himself, so he let him do whatever he wanted. Including plough him vigorously a few more times, like a rutting alpha-male claiming his mate. “Uhhnn…” Francis moaned, suddenly slowing down. “Almost came inside of you. You always get me so weak.” He leaned over Nick and kissed him, then slobbered his lips over his chin and then down his neck. He moved his face over Nick’s chest, kissing his nipple and sucking on it gently. He let the erect nipple between his teeth, pinching ever-so-slightly, in order to illicit a reaction from Nick. And the teenager loved it, enjoying the feeling of the man sucking on his tit as though he were a woman with ample breasts. He continued nursing on the boy, with his cock still balls deep inside of Nick, trembling with the intense desire to spill his seed and impregnate his mount with each passing second. Francis came back up and licked his chest, before gong back down his hard nipples, making Nick sigh out in bliss. Then, Francis moved down and kissed his abs, licking the sweat off of him and his pubes. “Take me, Francis,” Nick moaned. “Fuck me hard. I want it.” He kissed the inside of Nick’s thigh once he pulled himself half out. “Yeah, baby?” He grinned at him, beginning to push himself back in. “Uhn! Yes… breed me.” Francis huffed hot air, pulling out again and ramming his cock deep inside. He grunted in pain, feeling the flesh of Nick’s anus clench tight around his throbbing member. He continued the motion, fucking Nick nice and deep, slapping his loose balls hard onto his ass. They dangled like balls on a chain, filling with semen as Francis’ hunger for him grew. Nick cried out in ecstasy, feeling a frenzy overcome his body as his man dominated him and took him by force like an uncontrollable beast. Nick was holding onto his butt cheeks with both hands, exposing himself to Francis like a thirsty whore. Nick was unable to jerk himself off with the pain of Francis’ 8-inch cock pummelling his asshole. He could feel Francis’ body shake and his deep, erotic groans made him seem like he was just a horny teenager, trying to get damnedest his nut. “You’re so hot,” Nick murmured, feeling Francis abs with his fingers and playing with his pubes. “So are you,” he whispered back, feeling Nick’s soft, toned legs. He ran his hands up and down Nick’s bare thighs and squeezed his ass, plowing him hard with the length of his rock-hard shaft. His groin smacked into Nick’s butt, turning it red. Then, Francis spanked him, putting handprints on his fat cheeks. “Uhhn! Yeah, babe. Just like that. Be rough with me,” Nick begged. Francis’ dick rammed into him again, faster and faster this time: His cock was picking up speed and beginning to really pound Nick’s tight little ass. It was so hot, warming Nick’s body up and making the friction of each other’s skin feel even better. The fat dick penetrated Nick’s body deeper with each blow, faster and faster. Nick’s waist trembled as the raging stallion cock rubbed against his prostate and its big head hit far up his asshole with a tremendous force. The jock was humping the teenager so hard, both arms latched onto Nick’s thighs, desperate to fuck the shit out of him. He was breathing heavily against Nick’s face like a panting dog, wanting to get his nut inside of him. While their love making was often slow and passionate, this time, the both of them wanted it to be rough and vigorous–a relentless show of their undying affection. They looked into each other’s eyes as they fucked. Francis’ loose hair began to fall onto Nick’s face, brushing his skin and beginning to get soaked with both of their sweat. He kept fucking Nick, keeping his knees planted on the bed around Nick and pushing himself deeper and deeper into the boy’s tight cunt, desperate to breed him. His cock was expanding and shaking inside of Nick, loosening his walls and covering them with pre-ejaculate. He was piling himself onto the boy like a reckless bronco, sweat running down his back and his muscular pecs. Then, Francis kissed him. His spit entered Nick’s mouth and his soft lips squeezed the juices from Nick’s lips. Then, as he withdrew his cock from Nick’s asshole and slapped his hard rod against his balls, he whispered into Nick’s ear with his hot, horny breath. “Your my fucking slut tonight, aren’t you?” Nick giggled, feeling dark, erotic thoughts fill his mind. He loved it when Francis spoke dirty. “Yes, daddy. I’m your dirty little whore.” Francis grinned, laughing devilishly. “Turn around, baby. I wanna take you from behind.” Nick nodded, smiling uncontrollably. The sight of his grinning teeth caused blood to rush to his face and his leaking dick. “Yes,” Nick begged him. “Do it. Take me.” Francis helped flip him over, spreading his hands up Nick’s body and feeling his smooth, toned back. Then he suddenly pulled him close, pressing the teenager’s ass to his hairy crotch. He put his own body overtop of Nick’s, while his cock snaked in-between Nick’s legs and hit the teenager’s dick. The two hard members rubbed against each other, making the boys giggle. Francis breathed on Nick’s neck, sucking on his earlobe and kissing his body. Next, Francis’ rough hands came back around and played with Nick’s nipples, pinching them gently and playing with his pubes. “Mmmmm, fuck,” Nick muttered, feeling Francis’ hard cock rub against his own, and his big hands caress his chest. His abs and groin were pressed against his back and ass, and his big pecs were digging into him. Both their balls were loose and hanging low, bumping into each other as Francis dominated him. “Fuck me, daddy,” Nick answered, looking back at him and locking lips before saying it again, “Fuck me hard.” “Grab onto the bed,” Francis commanded him. Nick did as he was told, letting his man take over. The jock entered him in one, slow movement. Nick squealed in surprise, but more of pleasure than pain. He liked it rough, and he was eager to resume their fucking. The weight of the man came over top of him and as Francis piled on even deeper, he felt the hunk’s fingers dig into the flesh of his waist, prepping him to brace himself. Then, Francis began pounding away like a caveman. He humped him over and over, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling their room. It was interrupted only by Francis’ own horny grunts and Nick’s suppressed screams of ecstasy as he bit down into the pillow like it was a gag. “Fuck me!” his muffled voice came, as Francis penetrated him again and again, attacking Nick’s body. Each thrust from Francis pushed his leaking penis further up into Nick’s body than the last time. The man was a force of nature, reckless when it came to getting mating with his lover. “Uhhhhhhhnnnnn!” Nick moaned, throwing his head back and feeling himself get thrown against the bed by Francis’ muscular groin. The rest of his dick came in with full force–Francis was horny and desperate to fuck. “Oh god!” Nick yelled, barley able to breathe as the whole eight inches of his hard meat forced itself up into his anus, pulverizing his prostate and reaching the deepest part of his puckering hole. His cock let out a premature load, stimulated by the vigorous fucking. Meanwhile, Francis’ own thick pole slid easily inside of Nick, slicked with both their fluids. It was as hard as a rock. “Fuuuuckkkk…” Francis whispered, waiting for this dick to calm down inside Nick’s ass. He didn’t want to cum just yet. He breathed slowly for a while before escort bursa drawing himself in and out. “Fuckk yeahhhh, pound me just like that,” Nick pleaded, not wanting Francis’ ravenous love-making to stop. He needed the man to ravage his hole. Francis had his knees around Nick’s sides, with his thighs lined up around Nick’s trembling legs. He lifted Nick’s ass with each pounding, pressing it against his own groin, and then, he began fucking him hard and fast. Francis was moaning and swearing under his breath like a teenage boy having sex for the first time, unable to believe the immaculate sensations overtaking his erect penis. Nick was groaning hard, screaming at him to keep going. He didn’t want this to stop. Francis’ huge cock pounded him again and again, ramming him up his asshole. The throbbing shaft shot pre-cum inside of him, and Nick could feel it inside, slushing and squirting as the huge cock head came back again for more. Francis was so deep inside of Nick that he could feel the twink’s heart begin to beat even faster. Nick felt as though the man was no longer stabbing his bladder with his enormous cock, but now, he was getting at the boy’s stomach, causing his belly to bulge outward. And he loved it. The bed creaked and rocked hard under both their motion as Francis grabbed Nick’s bright white ass and slammed it against his tanned stomach, rubbing the fat globes and spanking him. “Uhhhnnn, yeah, fuck me like that, daddy!” Nick barely muttered, unable to talk while breathing so hard. Francis couldn’t say anything. His groans and heavy breaths were loud enough to tell Nick he was enjoying every minute of pumping his big cock inside his tight little ass. Francis began thrusting hard and fast again, his eagerness renewed as Nick moaned his name. He slapped Nick’s ass repeatedly, and then put his hands against Nick’s soft back, grabbing him by his shoulders and using it to push Nick hard against his dripping member as they fucked. Nick almost yelled as the friction of Francis’ hot dick rubbed the inside of his ass. There was a fast jerking motion that slammed Nick harder into the bed as Francis pounded him even faster. The rough fucking was just how he liked it–dominated by his man, and being used to get him off, while Francis tried his best to get his boyfriend’s rocks off as well. Being ruthless with each other was the best kind of sex–masculine and intensely passionate. Nick yelled in ecstasy as Francis groaned in pleasure. He let out a horny laugh and then kissed Nick’s bare shoulder, pulling his head back by gabbing his hair, and then kissing his face. They breathed on each other, feeling their bodies mold together, slipping and sliding against the other’s sweat. Nick was in heaven. He could feel the giant cock fill up his ass while Francis’ thick pubes pressed against his cheeks. His big balls smacked into Nick’s own as he moved his waist in and out. The pre-cum of Francis’ dick leaked inside of him, and allowed the cock to move faster and harder. Nick arched his ass, wanting to give his swollen, aching balls breathing room, but it didn’t help. He was close to finishing, and his body wasn’t going to stop the pain until his balls were completely drained. But as he lifted himself, Francis pushed Nick hard against the bed, fucking his boyfriend with wild, primitive instincts and pure power. “I love you so much,” Francis said, leaning close and breathing into Nick’s ear. He squeezed Nick’s ass, holding onto it like a peace of meat. Nick smiled, moaning as he did. “I love you, Francis.” “Yeah, you like that? You like my cock?” “Yeaahhh daddy…” Nick groaned, feeling the thick meat tear in and out of his hole while Francis gripped hard with his big fingers. “I love your big fucking cock,” he said, lying on the bed as the hard, hotrod expanded his anal cavity and ripped through his entire body. Francis was humping hard, pounding his piston-cock in and out like a pendulum. He didn’t say a word, panting quickly with short, shallow breaths. Sweat began to drip off Francis’ face and fall onto Nick’s neck. Francis slicked back his hair, using his sweat to keep it in place. When Nick looked back to his lover, all he saw was Francis’ head coming up and down, his fat, pink lips wide apart and his deep green eyes narrowed down on Nick’s face as he panted for air. His freckled face was flushed pink, and sweat ran down his forehead and sharp cheek bones. The sound of the bed creaking, and the stud’s balls smacking against his ass, echoed across their room. Francis’ desperate humping and his hard, heavy breaths made his arms shake, and his legs weak. The horny, manly look he had on his face made Nick’s gut prickle, and the feeling of him making sweet, desperate love to him–with his body holding tight to Nick, and his back stuck against Francis’ bulging pecs and his rigid abs–was becoming too much for Nick. Francis took his neck and started kissing him, pulling his head gently back by pulling on his hair again. He slobbered passionately across his chin and mouth, before feeling the boy tremble beneath him as he began to reach his orgasm. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Nick exclaimed. His cock was rock hard between his legs, hitting the mattress each time Francis pounded him. “Yeahhh, cum for me, baby,” his low, horny voice came. It was like a rumbling of thunder, deep and powerful. “Cum for daddy,” he sighed. “I fucking love you.” Nick’s balls had been aching the entire time, squashed in-between his dick and Francis’ hard, muscular groin. But right then, he felt them sear in pain as they pushed a load of sperm up through his waist and into his dick. His member throbbed, jumping up into the air and shooting watery jets of cum all over their mattress and pillows. The stream of hot, sticky semen continued, leaking across Nick’s cock, thighs and the bedsheets with thick, salty strands. Some caught Francis’ hairy thighs as the teenager ejaculated, coating his legs in his boyfriend’s spunk. “Uhhhnnn! Oh fuck!” Nick exclaimed, feeling his ass tighten. Even as Nick came, Francis continued pummelling Nick’s hole, humping his ass and thrusting his cock deep inside him the entire time. He enjoyed the feeling of his boyfriend’s cum splattered across his hairy thighs, as though it were a badge. “Arrrrggghhhh!” Francis groaned, feeling the twink’s ass clench hard against his cock, milking out every bit of sticky pre-cum inside the walls of his meaty flesh, and squeezing the dick’s veins shut with an impressive force. The muscles in his massive thighs cramped, and a shudder ripped through his spine. But despite the pain and overwhelming, numbing pleasure, Francis couldn’t stop himself from pumping in and out of his mate. Nick’s ass shook and squeezed Francis’ dick, which got the stud over the top. His hips bucked and his muscles flexed violently. The head of his cock flared, and his foreskin pulled tight down around his shaft as he delivered one last, powerful blow into Nick’s tight, throbbing cunt. With a huge jerk, his loose, low-hanging pink balls jumped. His groin convulsed and his dick turned numb with euphoria. “I’m cumming for you,” Francis said weakly, barely able to get his voice out. It sounded raspy and subdued. “Cum inside of me, baby,” Nick said back, feeling Francis’ balls contract. He cooed against Francis’ face, leading his man to climax. He wanted Francis to feel good. “Fill me, Francis.” “Aww, fuck!” Francis pushed himself up onto Nick, squishing his whole body against the bed. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing. But nothing dripped out of his hole–Francis’ dick was too big for anything to escape. The jock kept thrusting, his thick hairy legs pressed against Nick and his hard nipples digging into his back. He kept Nick’s ass on his groin, still holding onto him, fucking him slowly and deep. He clung to his boyfriend, his lover, his mate; their faces pressed onto the other as they made out. Francis’ manhood continued twitching and jerking inside Nick’s deepest, most private parts. They breathed heavily, taking in each other’s scent like inhaling forbidden perfume. They were each others’ drugs, their vices and their venality–their weakness. And they were addicted to each other in the moment, relishing in the taste of their mouths, and the feeling of Francis penetrating Nick, and making sweet love to each other, whether it be all over the bed or inside the other. Francis began to soften inside of him, feeling Nick relax under his embrace as the throbbing pain of sex began to subside. Despite the agony of receiving all of Francis, Nick loved every moment of it. It swelled through his body like no other kind of thrill or joyous feeling, and knowing that he had serviced his man and gotten him over the edge was a more than a satisfying reward. He relished in the thought of having made his boyfriend loose control and cum. When he finally let go, Francis pulled his dick out. Nick grabbed some of his cum as it dripped out, and licked it eagerly, tasting the jock’s warm spunk and swallowing what they had made together. Francis looked at him, his face covered in sweat, matted hair, and his freckled cheeks blushed with red. It brought out his green eyes, making the glint of joy sparkle even more. “Holy shit, babe. That was fucking amazing.” Nick nodded, smiling at him with his own pink face. He admired Francis’ stubbled face, while the man looked back to Nick’s gentle curves, the soft pink lips, his long dark lashes and the bright grey eyes beneath. “You’re always so good,” Nick murmured, sporting a stupid, dopey smile as the last surges of euphoria drained from his body. He turned around, facing Francis with both their dicks still leaking. Francis laughed a bit, grinning like a perverted schoolboy who’d heard a dirty joke. “I’m only as good as the person I’m with.” Then he kissed him again, the cum on Nick’s lips mixing with his spit and their mouths slobbering against each other. Their dicks had both softened now, though still swinging and brushing against his partner’s. They both lay on the bed, wet, breathless and sweating, with Francis holding Nick in his arms as the boy lay his head on his beating chest. “I love you,” Francis whispered to him. Nick’s face curled upwards in a smile. No matter how many times he said it, hearing those words never got old. It always felt like hearing it for the first time, like he was receiving his first kiss as a boy or was being touched by a lover between his legs for the first time. “I love you more,” he answered. They stared up at the roof of their shabby cottage, admiring the work they’d done together over the last few months–though it was mostly Francis who’d done all the hammering and glueing. Nick had just handed him the tools that he’d needed. But Francis insisted that they’d still done it together all the same. “What are you thinking about?” Nick asked, noticing some distance in his deep, green eyes. Francis blinked, looking back down at Nick’s pink, flushed face. He grinned. “Nothing. Just… thinking about our life here. About spending the summer together in this place. And our lives after that. How it might change.” Nick couldn’t help but smirk at that. The realization that this would be their reality–living together as a couple–still felt like a dream to him. The fact that this was now their life was still an idea that almost seemed out of their grasp. But somehow, they’d made it. Nick was sure that the significance of them spending their time together in that house would dawn on him soon. And he had the whole summer before him to deal with Francis’ childish, immature ways–all the things Nick loved about him most. And vice-versa. “I used to think about that a lot,” Nick murmured. Francis hesitated. “So did I. Although, I usually tried to forget about it.” Nick’s hand stroked the man’s prickly cheek. He turned towards him, looking up at his long, pretty lashes. “You don’t need to do that anymore, Francis. You’re free here. We’re free. We can be whoever we want. Do whatever we want.” “Doesn’t it scare you?” “Huh?” “Being on our own here? Not knowing what will happen tomorrow? Like–the future. Doesn’t it ever intimidate you?” The faint tremble in Francis’ voice alarmed Nick for a moment, until he realized that perhaps it was not fear, but instead, excitement. Eagerness. There was still a glint of joy in his eyes, and his breathing had slowed. Nick could feel his boyfriend’s heart relax underneath the warmth of his chest. “Of course it scares me. It scares everyone. But you can’t let fear run your life–whether it’s fear of the future or of other people. The best you can do is live your life to the fullest and stay true to yourself. Being scared is completely normal. But we should be thankful we both have someone to go through life with–someone we love. And that’s what’s exciting, I think–going through life, the unknown, together. With someone you love and who loves you back. You might not know what will come but having that special person by your side to be there, and go through everything with, makes all the difference.” Francis’ eyes crinkled, and he tightened his grip around Nick’s naked body, pulling him closer. He planted a kiss on his smooth cheek, stroking some hair from his face. “How can you be so young but so wise?” he said, his eyes wide in amazement. Nick laughed, hitting him softly on his stomach. “Shut up,” he giggled, grinning, “I’m almost the same age as you.” Francis let his fingers dance over Nick’s abdomen, causing Nick to jerk and shake as the man tickled him. “STOP!” Francis planted multiple kissed on his head–his forehead, nose, lips, chin and neck, before grabbing his body again and bringing him tight against his own. Their damp, warm skin pressed on one another and stuck together like tape, or plastic melting on a hard surface. Their naked legs intertwined with the other’s, their hands feeling each other all over the place, while their toes teased the other, their knees bumping, hair in their faces, fingers crawling, genitals smushing, armpit hair stuck to the other’s, embracing in long, endless kisses until they ran out of breath. And even then, they were reluctant to part. “I love you,” Francis told him, as if he hadn’t already sad it thirty times that same day, “more than anything in the world.” Nick already felt himself becoming aroused again–and he knew Francis was willing and able to go at it again. Their summer together would be exhausting, ceaseless fun. “And you are my whole world,” Nick said back, his breath a hot aroma on Francis’ lips and nose. “My big, fat, stupid-idiot of a boyfriend-world.” Francis slapped his ass, grabbing a fistful and causing Nick to jump, grinning through his teeth. “Say that again, you ass,” Francis teased him, biting his lip. “And daddy will have to punish you,” he spoke in a deep, silly voice, while making an absurd face. Nick laughed, pushing off of him and trying to rid himself of the unbearable heat. “Shut up. Daddy better get me all his laundry before the dry cleaners close,” he teased. “I have to drop it off before six. They close early on Mondays so unless you wanna spend the summer completely naked, you better get packing.” Francis stroked the boy’s smooth, bare thigh before sitting up in bed. “I can live with being naked.” Nick rolled his eyes, beaming. “Well, we need something to wear when we get groceries, at least.” “I’ll take u shopping in my boxers, I don’t care.” “Well I do!” Francis nodding, still laughing. He gave in. “Fine, fine, I’ll give you my shit.” He got up out of bed, walking across their room as Nick stared, admiring the man’s perfect, nude body. He couldn’t get enough of his broad shoulders, his rippling muscles, the shape of his back and the curve of his body before it came down in a straight shape around his waist. The high perk of his ass, the pink, blushing skin and the tough build of his muscular, hairy legs–he was perfect. But as Nick watched him move, he realized none of those things really mattered to him. They were all physical, aesthetically-pleasing things. But they really didn’t matter. He liked the way Francis moved–the way he walked, how his arms swung, his heavy footsteps, the dip of his shoulders and even the way he scratched his balls every few minutes. Nick loved Francis for him, and for the way he treated him. Not for his body of his good looks. All of those things were a bonus on top of everything else. He loved Francis for Francis–not the person he was on the outside, but instead, on the inside. “Stop staring at my ass,” Francis teased him. Embarrassed, and still giddy, Nick pulled the messed-up sheets over himself and covered his face. “Shut up.” Once Francis realized Nick wasn’t looking, he went into their closet. He walked past the framed documents on their wall–Nick’s high school graduation diploma, Francis’ high school graduation diploma, and Nick’s acceptance letter to A V I R I L I T A S: Cyrus is the sixteen-year-old heir to the city of Quivira. However, with his abusive uncle intending to sell his virginity to the highest bidder, and with every male guard eyeing the prince’s developing body, Cyrus is forced to escape the city if he is to survive and hope to one day grow up to be the man his father was. A run in with a burly mercenary named Logan promises a chance of freedom, and the opportunity to discover who he is, as well as to learn things a growing teenage boy ought to know. While on the run from his uncle, Cyrus encounters dangerous foes, irresistible men, and develops a special bond with his protector, Logan. Cyrus has to learn how to use his gifts if he is to outsmart his enemies and hope to one day defeat his lecherous uncle. On top of all of that, if Cyrus is to win the heart of the man he desires, he must use his charms to master the art of seduction. Preview of V I R I L I T A S Chapter 1 by S.C. Goulding Cyrus clenched his teeth as the guard’s fingers dug into his wrists. They didn’t care for Cyrus’ safety, nor his comfort. They pulled the boy along the humid stone corridors, his bare thighs scraping the pavement, until they reached the courtyard of the palace. They brought him under the shade, much to his relief. The relentless sun felt worse on his pale skin than the fingers digging into his arm. Though, had he not resisted so much, or run away twice, the guards might have been nicer. They lead Cyrus past the servants, the few gardeners, and the pool at the far edge of the yard. Dust was in the air, and the pool was the only escape from the harsh southern weather of Quivira—-the capital of Virilitas. Now, however, the guards pulled him up the sandstone steps of the east villa that sat at the edge of the royal grounds. The flat stone building—-the pool house—-overlooked the ocean, where stray leaves from the palm trees of the royal garden would usually fall down to the sands below. Cyrus was able to see past the stone walls for a moment, looking to where children played on the beach, and where men and women bathed in the cool waters, and where a few rebellious teenagers would sometimes visit at night to fool around with one another—-Cyrus had spent many a nights listening to the gentle moaning coming in through his window. How he wished to be on the beach now. The guard pulled the 18-year-old with his powerful bicep one last time before throwing him at the king’s feet. The king seemed relatively unbothered and for the first few moments, his gaze lingered on the naked boy who was feeding the king olives. The boy’s body was thin, but still muscular and bulky in the right places. He must have been a guard-in-training—-the king’s favourite piece of eye-candy. The boy serving the king had a body similar to Cyrus’, though he knew himself to be far more well-developed than the servant. “We found him at the whorehouse, your grace,” the first guard muttered, his voice unwavering. He aimed a kick at Cyrus’ exposed buttocks. That got the king’s attention. He turned slightly in his chair to face them. His legs were spread wide, and he wore nothing but a satin loin cloth, which was wet and clung to his body. It didn’t leave much to the imagination as to what was between his powerful legs. The cloth was embroidered with gold thread, matching the long golden chains that hung across his bare chest, and the plates of forgotten fruit nearby. He wore six ruby rings—-to match the red of the cloth, and cuffs on his wrist that were studded with more expensive gems. The king was a strong man—-he boasted an impressive figure for a man of forty-two and his hairy body, along with his trimmed beard, gave him the utmost look of virility and strength. His hair was a dark, dusty grey, and his beard, and the fine hair that covered his legs and torso, had also darkened from what was once a deep, golden blond. The fine jewellery that adorned his body were rightful prizes in his eye, for they matched the numbers of scars, cuts and gashes that lay hidden under the coarse hair of the king’s pale, white body. They had faded over time but the king remembered each one as if he’d stitched them that morning. “Which whorehouse?” he asked. Cyrus stared at the floor, still on his hands and knees. There was water all over the ground, surrounding the king’s feet and still dripping off of his calves. He watched it evaporate in the intense heat, despite them being in the shade of the open building. The king must have gone swimming earlier. He wondered how many whores he had taken with him in the pool. “Gregos, your grace.” There was a moment of silence. Then, the king waved a finger and the nude servant-boy was gone. Three other young men in the back of the airy room, whom Cyrus hadn’t noticed, also disappeared. The first guard pulled Cyrus up to his feet, gripping the muscle in his arm with ease. The guard was a great deal larger than Cyrus and the king, and every movement caused the veins in his muscles to protrude and bulge. “Bring him to me, Andros.” Cyrus clenched his teeth. He knew what was to come. The guard, Andros, pushed Cyrus right up to the king, past the tables full of exotic fruits and wines. The sweet aromas of food and drink dissipated, giving way to the king’s powerful stench of sweat and other bodily fluids. “Strip him. Take everything off,” the king commanded, spreading his legs further apart. “I’ll discipline him myself.” ✦ ✦ ✦ More of this preview is available on my blog. Full chapters of Virilitas will be posted to Nifty starting this fall. Like this story? Then don’t forget to donate to Nifty to help keep more stories like these posted online. Copyright � 2017 by Scott Goulding All rights reserved. This work is copyrighted by the author and all commercial use is prohibited without permission. No part of this work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author.

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