Prologue Carol and I had one more sexual adventure together, after which we had a fight. She wanted a threesome with two guys, one of which was to be me. I was to find the other guy to join us. I told her I did not want to share her with another guy. She got mad and left my apartment upset at my unwillingness to set up a MFM threesome for her. Two days later, Carol was caught fucking a faculty member in his office where she worked. She was discovered by the faculty member’s wife, who raised holy hell with the school. Word spread quickly, and soon other stories of Carol’s faculty affairs surfaced, as well as tales of her sexual adventures with graduate students she was supposed to be counseling, several of whom were married. Through a chance encounter with Jill a few months later, and over a long cup of coffee, I learned more. Carol and Jill had enjoyed threesomes with other guys besides me, including Jill’s boyfriend. In fact, after Carol, Jill and I had finished our threesome in the early morning hours, the two left me and woke up Jill’s boyfriend and had a three-way with him. Jill’s boyfriend had introduced Carol to other guys, mostly graduate students, and she not only did them individually and in small groups, but on at least two occasions did five of them at a time. All of this extra-curricula activity was during the time Carol and I were “dating” and in what I thought was a serious relationship. The signs of her additional sexual activities had been there; I either did not see them, or maybe sub-consciously chose not to see them. Carol had been totally forthcoming in telling me about her “need” for sex and the counseling she had undergone. She had been quite emphatic about liking sex. I had failed to translate her admissions into any need on her part for sex outside of our relationship. Looking back, our own sexual encounters had escalated in nature over time, from straight one-on-one encounters to outdoor sex and exhibitionism, threesomes, bondage and rough sex. I had assumed that this escalation was a normal progression in sexual play by two people who physically enjoyed each other. Looking back, it was more likely another sign of Carol’s growing need for more sex. I had wanted us to live together, but she had said no, using my need for privacy and space in which to work on my graduate degree as an excuse for her to stay in her own place. According to Jill, many of Carol’s sexual adventures took place in her apartment, and that’s why Carol wanted to have her own space. Days would go by without any contact with her. While I thought that was odd, Carol said it was out of respect for my need to do my graduate work. She turned down a good, well paying, full time job counseling teachers in the local school system, in favor of a part-time job counseling graduate students about the requirements of their graduate degree. The part-time job put her in direct contact with department faculty and graduate students on a daily basis, and gave her more opportunities for sexual encounters. Even though I had never met Jill, nor had Carol ever mentioned her, during our three-way activities, I had the unsettling feeling that the two had been together before, and probably with other guys. And then there mersin escort was that look Carol would give me when I was done pleasuring her. The look she would give me when I had cum for the second and sometimes third time and was spent and could not continue. It was the look that I had always interpreted as her wanting more; needing more sex. It did not cross my mind that she would seek more outside of our relationship. Eventually, and just as school was starting in the fall, Carol was let go from her part time job working with graduate students. She stayed in her apartment with little or no contact other than Jill and some guys who were still taking advantage of her. She reluctantly spoke with me by telephone, and although seemingly regretting her actions, she was somewhat defiant in expressing that this was who she was. She was, to use her words, an addict. Using the excuse that she had finished her academic work and obtained her degree, and that she hated winters in New England, Carol returned to California and again sought counseling. At first, we spoke by phone. Then she stopped calling or answering her phone, and I lost track of her. The last I knew, she was counseling at her old nursing program. I was angry, hurt and disappointed, and closed myself off from everything but my graduate work, seeing very few people other than my degree committee and a few close friends. That fall and through the winter and spring I buried myself in my degree writing requirements. I had writing deadlines that I had almost missed because of my relationship with Carol. I managed to get my dissertation chapter outlines in on time, as well as my first draft of all chapters. Eventually, by late spring, after writing several drafts, I had completed my dissertation and all requirements for graduation. ***** On an early spring evening, as I was watching one of the first baseball games of the new season, there was a knock on the sliding glass door of my apartment. It was Jill. With the exception of a cup of coffee with her around the December holidays, I had not seen Jill in about eight months. On this evening, she had a slightly different look than I remembered. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was her hair. Jill had a great body, was good in bed, and gave a gold medal blow job. But the stringy, wet looking hair that I recalled her having was a major detraction from her appearance. Now her hair was straight, combed, shiny, and about the same length as before but styled differently. The new hairdo, along with the scar through her eyebrow and crooked nose gave her an appealing, desirable, and sensuous look. Maybe my mind was colored by the threesome events with Carol, but it was hard to imagine that this woman had been a high school teacher, and wanted to return to a similar position after obtaining her degree. I unlocked the sliding door and slid it open. I admit to being horny, having had no sex for the better part of eight months. I admit to immediately thinking about Jill’s body and amazing talents. I admit to feeling a twinge of excitement and a rush of blood to my male parts. I let her in, looking at her fine ass as she stepped by me. Jill made it sound like this was a mersin escort bayan social visit. She wanted to see how I was doing. Of course, she could have stopped in and checked on me long before this, if that was the real reason for her visit. She wasn’t dressed in any particularly seductive way, wearing only a light spring jacket, jeans, a sweater, and some flat shoes, and no discernible make-up. Then again, she didn’t have to dress in any alluring way; she was one of those women who would look good in anything. She eased into a chair, accepted a beer, and carried on a normal conversation. Yet there was just a tic of uneasiness, apprehension or even nervousness. I expected some awkwardness, given our history and mutual relationship with Carol, and thought no more of it. I wouldn’t say we were friends; certainly not day-to-day friends. Our whole relationship, even if that is what it can be called, was based on Carol, a sex video made by Carol, in which I briefly appeared, and one threesome experience. Indeed, I had only seen Jill twice before this particular evening; once with Carol in our small group sex romp, and once at the campus coffee shop. But here she was, sitting in my living room, acting as if we had known each other for some time and expressing her concern for my well being. But for the slight air of tension in the room, this would, indeed, seem be a social visit. Neither of us gave any clue as to what we were thinking, discussing instead our respective studies and writings, finishing our graduate studies, the winter weather, our looking forward to spring, and other similar mundane topics. Jill had a second beer. “I broke up with my boyfriend,” she told me. There it was. The general topic of the afternoon had been raised and was now out on the table for discussion. “What happened?” I asked, sounding sincerely concerned, but not really caring. It wasn’t just one thing. He had fucked Carol without telling her. He had fucked Carol with two other guys without telling her. And, he had fucked other women, some of whom she knew. And then there was her need for time to herself to get her studies concluded and her own writing completed. Even absent his infidelity, she didn’t think the relationship was going anywhere. “How about you?” she asked. “Are you seeing anyone?” Now we were into our little dance; circling around, probing, asking questions, refining and nearing the real topic at hand. “No. Not really. I’ve buried myself in my work trying to get everything completed on time and approved,” I told her. “It’s been a long winter.” “Me too,” she indicated. “It’s been a very long winter.” “Hmmmm,” I thought to myself. Jill was here to see if I was okay, even though we had only met once in seven months, and that was only to discuss Carol; her hair was done a new way, amplifying her attractive appearance; there was a slight nervousness about her; she had broken up with her boyfriend; and, she had spent a long winter by herself. “Can I interest you in another beer?” I asked. I got up to get us both a beer, and she followed me into the kitchen. “You’re not trying to get me drunk, are you?” she asked with a little laugh as she held my arm with her hands and leaned escort mersin into me. “Of course I am,” I told her with a laugh. “Have another beer!” She put one hand on the small of my back and held it there as she took the beer from my hand, and we walked back into the living room. This time, she sat on the couch, not the chair. Jill quickly brought up the subject of Carol, and she tried to explain their relationship. Jill always considered herself to be aggressive when it came to sex; that is until she met Carol. “I’m as horny as the next girl. But Carol was horny one hundred per cent, all the time. She was insatiable. Was there anything she wouldn’t do?” The question hung in the air, sort of emphasizing the subject matter of sex. “Can I use your bathroom?” she asked. “Sure. Right over there,” I said, pointing out the downstairs half-bath. Jill grabbed her handbag and walked to the bathroom. I checked to see if she needed another beer. She did not. She had almost a full can. But I grabbed another one for me. Jill emerged from the bathroom, braless, her tits swaying back and forth under her sweater as she walked to the couch. I guessed that her panties, if she had even worn any, were now in her handbag. Our verbal dance was over. She was making it pretty clear that she was here to get laid. I stood and asked her if she wanted another beer, even though I knew the beer in her hand was almost full. Her eyes quickly glanced at the bulge in my pants, as she indicated that she could use another beer. She followed me into the kitchen, placed her beer on the counter, and pushed her soft tits and a hard nipple into my arm as I opened the refrigerator door. She put her hand on the door and pushed it closed, telling me that she had reconsidered and didn’t need another beer after all. I put my hand around her waist as I closed the refrigerator door, and gently pulled her towards me, looking for her reaction. Jill pushed her body into me, rose up on her tip toes, gave me a big, open mouth kiss, flicked her tongue over and around mine, and let out a low moan. “I’m glad I came to see you,” she said before we kissed again. This time I was the one to bury my tongue down her throat as I cupped her ass with both hands. We stood in the kitchen kissing, pulling each other close and grinding our bodies together. I squeezed a breast; she rubbed my restrained cock. “Can we go upstairs?” she asked in a whisper. I took Jill’s hand and walked quickly to the stairs to my bedroom, pulling her along as she reached for her hand bag. There was no teasing, groping, or playing. When we reached my room, I pulled my shirt over my head and, in one swift motion, removed my pants and underwear. My hard, swollen cock popped out and waggled for Jill to see. Jill removed her sweater letting her tits flop out, bounce, and then stand out straight and proud. Her brown nipples were stiff and extended. She unbuttoned and removed her pants, and as I had suspected, wore no panties. Her pussy was smooth and glistening. Nothing was said. We kissed again, one of those wet, messy, passionate kisses. Then Jill simply sank to her knees, took my hard shaft in her hands, licked the head a few times, and slid my manhood into her mouth, sucking on the sensitive head and stroking the shaft. It had been a while since I had experienced a blow job. I felt the warmth of Jill’s mouth, the slight roughness of her tongue, and that wonderful feeling of pleasure as she consumed my cock. I tried to think of other things.

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