Jessie’s First BBCJessie’s First BBC


Jessie and I had been dating nearly two years. We met at college our freshman year and hit it off at once. She stands 5’2″ is very thin, nearly flat chested, 30A cups, and cute little hips. Her face is adorable and framed by her short, sandy blonde, haircut that she wore cut shorter in the back and longer along the sides of her face. She looked very young; at 19 she appeared all of 15. She is crazy about sex and open to most things sexual. One of her favorite things is sucking cock, and her favorite position is riding cowgirl style. She had several sexual partners before me, but she was my first. I’m not the jealous type and actually enjoy hearing her talk about previous partners. She’s never given me reason to doubt her so I don’t get jealous. The first time we had sex was in my dorm room with a party of about 10 people going on in the adjoining room. She got kinda loud and teased me that she didn’t care if they heard cause she was talking my virginity and was proud of it. She loved to tease me about being young and naive even though she looked more like my little sister.

She’s really open minded and doesn’t get jealous about other girls with me either. She knows that I think a few of her friends are hot and will tease me about them from time to time, calling them my secret lovers and such. This drives me nuts because I’ve fantasized about several of them and what it would be like to have them join Jessie and I for a threesome.

Her roommate in college and best friend to this day, is Sarah, who is absolutely hot. She’s 5’8″ long red hair, tight stomach, large tits and a perfect round ass. I love Jessie and wouldn’t change her for the world but she looks like a little girl next to Sarah. Sarah was the material of many masturbatory fantasies on campus.

One Friday after class, Jessie ran up to me saying that we were going to meet up with Sarah and a new guy she was seeing at the theater and see a movie that night. I said that it sounded fun and after a quick kiss and her grabbing my crotch and me pinching a nipple, we went our separate ways.

I drove over and parked outside of her dorm that evening to wait on her. A minute or so later, the passenger door opened up and Sarah climbed in. She was very bubbly that night and acting super flirty, telling me how good I looked and that Jessie better watch out, cause she was going to take me away from her. This was not unusual behavior for her and went a long way toward explaining why she was so popular with the guys and hated by so many girls. Just as she saw Jessie coming out, she leaned over, put her arms around me and started squirming around like we were making out. I involuntarily got an erection and was wriggling, trying to make it less obvious as Jessie walked up. She slung open the passenger door and and climbed in on top of Sarah.

“Is this a private make out session or can anybody join?” Jessie said, laughing.

“Come on baby!” Sarah shrieked, and wrapped her arms around her and planted a huge kiss directly on Jessie’s lips.

To my astonishment, this had absolutely no effect on Jessie. They mock embraced for a few seconds, arms intertwining and lips pressed together. This did nothing to alleviate my erection but I couldn’t take my eyes off of these two beautiful girls. The pulled apart and Jessie climbed out.

Sarah started to get out and Jessie said, “No, girl, you sit there, I’ll ride in the back.” and she closed the door.

As she moved to the back door, Sarah reached over and placed her hand on my crotch and gave my hard cock a squeeze.

“I saw that.” she said softly, and pulled her hand back before Jessie got back in.

My heart was racing as my girlfriend climbed in and planted a kiss on my neck. I was scared she’d reach down and grab my crotch and see how hard I was. But she sat back and buckled up. I started the car and we were off to meet Sarah’s new guy at the mall.

We arrived at the theater and stood around waiting for him for about ten minutes.

Finally, Sarah said, “There he is!” and ran off.

She ran straight into the arms of one of the biggest black guys I’ve ever seen. He was at least 6’3 and had to weigh close to 300 lbs. He wasn’t all muscle though; he seemed kinda flabby. But after shaking his hand, I knew this guy was very strong. This didn’t surprise me because Sarah had been telling us that he played defensive tackle for another university the previous year.

“Hey, guys, this is Chris.” Sarah said standing next to the huge black guy.

We talked a few minutes and decided to get tickets and snacks and take our seats. When we reached the theater, Chris sat to the left, then Sarah, Jessie and I was on the right end. Sarah and Chris talked and she giggled some. Then she and Jessie whispered back and forth some and got to laughing.

Chris and I exchanged knowing looks that said, “Women, what are you going to do?” and laughed ourselves.

The lights dimmed and some trailers began to play. Jessie and Sarah kept giggling and talking. Then, Sarah leaned over Beylikdüzü escort to Chris and said something. After a couple of minutes, Jessie leaned across Sarah, talked to Chris for a minute then sat back straight. She looked at me, holding back laughter.

“What’s going on?” I asked leaning close to her ear.

Se whispered back, “I’ll tell you later.” and planted a big kiss on my cheek.

The movie started and the girls settled down. About 15 minutes in, Sarah and Jessie got to whispering again and giggling. Then Jessie leaned over Sarah to Chris again. She was practically laying on Sarah, which I didn’t mind because it afforded me a pretty good view of her ass and made me think dirty thoughts about the two of them together. Then I noticed that Jessie’s right hand was all the way over on Chris’s leg as they were whispering back and forth. A man behind us had had enough by this time and announced he was going to get a manager if they didn’t calm down, so Jessie sat back straight. But both girls were obviously, barely holding it together without bursting out laughing.

I thought of Jessie’s hand on Chris leg.

We finished the movie with no further incidences and left the theater. As soon as we were out, Sarah and Jessie were laughing hysterically.

“Crazy old man!” Sarah said loudly. “He’s just jealous he wasn’t the center of attention, huh, Chris?”

“I guess so.” Chris said, with a chuckle.

“What were you all laughing about?” I asked.

At this, Sarah burst out laughing again, and was soon joined by Jessie.

“I’ll tell you on the way back.” Jessie said.

We stood around talking a little while, while Sarah tried to get Chris to come back to her dorm room and hang out. He was reluctant, but Sarah, like with all guys, got her way. They walked off to his car and Jessie and I walked to mine.

In the car, I turned to Jessie and asked again, “What was that all about?”

“Oh, god.” Jessie said, starting to laugh again. “Sarah was telling me about Chris’”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“She was telling me how big his dick is.” she explained.

“And that was funny?” I asked.

“She swears he’s like 10 inches” Jessie said. “Then she told me to ask him if I didn’t believe her. That got me to laughing. Then she said she was serious and that I should ask him; so I did.”

“You asked a guy you just met how big his dick is?” I asked, shocked at her boldness.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I kinda surprised myself by asking him. But his answer is what really got me.”

“What did he say?” I inquired.

“Chris said he’d have to show me.” she said bursting out laughing again. “Can you believe that?!?”

“Yeah, that’s kinda bold of him to say to you with your boyfriend right next to you.”

“I know, right?”

As we drove, I thought about Chris’s proposal and found myself aroused thinking of Jessie looking as the big black guy’s dick. We’re getting along great and the idea if her cheating has never crossed my mind. But the thought of her looking at a black dick just made me crazy with lust, seeing the look in her eyes as she sees another guys dick.

We arrived back to her dorm and went inside. We’d been in her room for about ten minutes when Sarah and Chris came in. Chris was carrying a large backpack which turned out to be full of beer. He popped one and handed each of us one. Sarah cut some music on and we all sat around drinking and talking.

After a couple of beers each, Sarah blurts out, “Jessie, you won’t believe how big Chris’s cock is!”

Jessie’s face turns a crimson color and says, “Sarah!” looking at me.

“Well, he does!” Sarah defends.

“Yeah, but he’s your boyfriend, and mine is sitting right here!”

“Chris is proud of, aren’t you baby?”

“You know it.” Chris responds.

“Come on, show ’em, baby.” Sarah says.

Chris stands up and begins unfastening his pants.

“Sarah! You have to stop!” Jessie exclaims.

Sarah leans over and helps Chris by unzipping his pants and pulling them down. The bulge in his boxers was unmistakable. She continued by pulling his boxers down and his cock flopped out. Jessie let out an involuntary gasp and Sarah burst out laughing.

“You see?” Sarah exclaimed with joy. “Isn’t it amazing?”

“Oh my god! It’s fucking huge!” Jessie said.

Her hand had crept to my leg and was rubbing up and down toward my crotch. This along with the sight of Sarah’s face inches from a big black dick caused me to get an erection which her hand found and began to squeeze.

Sarah noticed this and laughed again. “It looks like he’s excited about it too.” gesturing at my crotch.

Jessie laughed at this and said, “He’s, just excited cause you’re acting all dirty. You know he thinks you’re hot.”

It was my turn to turn crimson at this. My cock jumped involuntarily at the idea that Sarah was checking out my cock, to which she laughed. She then surprised me further by grasping Chris’s cock, Beylikdüzü escort pulling back his uncut foreskin and licking the head slowly. She looked right at Jessie and I before wrapping her lips around it and sucked it deep into her mouth. He moaned as she started bobbing her head in and out sliding her tongue along the underside of his massive prick. She placed her hands on his ass and used the leverage to take as much of his cock as possible. He dug his fingers into her red hair and thrust into her mouth, gagging her slightly.

Jessie was, at first, in shock of what she was seeing.

“Oh god! Sarah! Stop it!!” she protested.

But Sarah was not deterred by Jessie’s complaints. If anything, she seemed more determined to show off. Sarah began to take more and more of Chris’s cock until it was mostly down her throat, which was no small feat.

As we watched the beautiful young girl suck on his thick black cock, I felt Jessie’s hand rubbing on my cock. At first, she rubbed just through my shorts, but then her hand worked it’s way under them and to my bare cock.

Feeling like this might be an opportunity, I unzipped my pants to allow her easier access, which she took advantage of. She stroked my cock as we both watched Sarah continue to suck Chris’s. Jessie’s reaction was surprising to me. As I said, she’s not a sexual snob but she never indicated that she’d be open to any kind of group sexual activity. I was thinking how lucky I was getting to watch Sarah and get a hand job when Jessie surprised me by leaning over and taking my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven. I wasn’t getting blown by Sarah but I was getting a blow job while watching her give a blowjob, which was the next best thing.

The two girls made eye contact and began to laugh, each with a mouthful of dick.

Chris looked up at Jessie and I and said, “Hell yeah, look at her suck it. We got two regular sluts here, boy.”

Sarah pulled Chris’s cock out of he mouth and said, “Yeah, baby. Were just two horny sluts.” and started sucking again.

Jessie looked at me, I guess to judge my reaction this. She pulled my cock out with a popping sound and smiled at me before licking my balls and then up the length of my shaft and swirling her tongue around the head.

I looked back and forth between Jessie sucking my cock and Sarah sucking Chris’s. Sarah certainly had more to work with and her skills looked amazing. She would alternate between fast up and down motions sucking her cheeks in and then swirling sucking motion just around the head as she jacked his long shaft.

After several minutes of the girls sucking us, Chris spoke again, “Let’s swap up, boy.”

I looked at him in disbelief.

“What?” I said, obviously perplexed.

This was something I had not expected and was totally unprepared to handle. He was pulling Sarah’s head up and motioning for her to come to me. Jessie looked up at me, expecting me to do something.

“Nah, man. This is my girlfriend.” I said to him. “We don’t swap like that.”

Sarah was up and beside Jessie.

“Go on, Jess. Give it a try.” she said. “He cock is so big. If you don’t like it, we’ll swap back and it’ll never happen again.”

Jessie looked at me again, wanting me to stop this. I was at a loss and didn’t know how to proceed. I didn’t want her going to this strange black guy. But at the same time, this might be my only chance to get sucked by Sarah. Either way I didn’t want to seem eager about it.

“Jessie, I don’t know.” I mumbled. “We should talk about this first.”

“What’s to talk about?” Chris asked. “Let your hoe come suck my cock and my slut will suck yours.”

“It’s ok Jess.” Sarah encouraged.

Jessie reluctantly stood and walked over to Chris, who had removed his shirt and was sitting on the couch with his cock standing erect. Sarah was down on her knees pulling my shorts and boxers the rest of the way down and had my cock in her mouth within seconds.

An involuntary moan escaped my lips as she effortlessly sucked me in all the way. Jessie looked at us and I could see hurt in her eyes as she watched Sarah bobbing up and down on my cock. She sank to her knees and took hold of Chris’s big cock. With a final look at me she turned and ran her tongue up the underside if his big cock and wrapped her lips around his head.

I sat mesmerized, as the beautiful girl, who most every guy on campus wanted to bed, sucked my cock and my beautiful small girlfriend knelt before the biggest black guy I’ve ever met, sucking his big cock. She began to develop a rhythm of sucking the head and stroking his shaft. He moaned as Jessie’s mouth worked his cock.

Sarah continued to suck my cock in and out, massaging my balls as she did. She was amazing and I was about to explode within a couple of minutes. She sensed my orgasm coming and slowed her motion to keep me from cumming. Slowly, she continued licking and stroking as I watched Jessie suck Chris’s huge cock.

Then Sarah stood up facing the other two Escort Beylikdüzü and pulled down her shorts, giving me a wonderful view of her perfect, pale ass. I stared at it in awe as she sat down on my cock which was pressed back against me between her ass cheeks. I moaned as my cock slid between her ass cheeks. She began rocking back and forth sliding her ass along my hard cock.

Chris pulled up on Jessie’s shoulder and had her stand. She turned and looked at us and I saw more hurt on her face. But Chris was pulling down her shorts and panties and pulling her back to his lap where she sat quietly. He turned her to face him and pulled her face to his and kissed her. His hands began to explore her body and fondled her small breasts.

Sarah pulled off her shirt. I stared at her soft, fair skin and couldn’t believe my luck to have this gorgeous girl nearly naked on my lap stroking her ass against my cock. She told me to unhook her bra, which I did quickly, and she was then totally naked in my lap. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to cup her big tits from behind. Her nipples were erect and I gently twisted one with my fingertips. She moaned and rocked her ass faster against my cock.

Chris had Jessie’s shirt and bra off by this time and was sucking her nipples greedily. One of his hands was between her legs, massaging her shaved pussy slowly. She had her small hands on the back of his head and her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lip, enjoying the sensation.

Sarah’s rocking motion was getting faster and I felt myself nearing orgasm again, but she didn’t slow. Chris lifted Jessie and was attempting to get her to mount his big cock, but she was resisting allowing him to penetrate her.

She looked up at me and saw my hands holding Sarah’s hips as she bucked on my cock. While our eyes were locked, Sarah’s movements pushed me over the edge and I began to cum in her ass crack, against my stomach. Jessie turned back to Chris, grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. She lowered herself down and took the first couple of inches, then slowed. As my spasms subsided, I saw I had a clear view of his big cock stretching her pussy as he penetrated her. Sarah stood up and walked over to them and began helping Jessie lower down on his cock.

“Go slow, Jess.” Sarah said. “He’s a lot bigger than you’re used to.”

“Yes he is.” Jessie replied, cutting her eyes toward me.

These statements cut me. Hearing the two girls talk about how much bigger Chris was than I made me realize for the first time that Chris has much more to offer, sexually, and that I wasn’t enough to properly satisfy Sarah, and to be honest, Jessie either.

Sarah reached down and started rubbing Jessie’s clit as she continued to slide down on Chris’s cock. It was about halfway in and there was still almost 6 inches left to go. Jessie was continuing to bite her lip, this time in discomfort of taking something so big into her tight hole.

Sarah was now holding Jessie from behind, her perfect tits pressed agains Jessie’s back, her hands exploring my girlfriend’s body. Her hands went up and down her stomach and breasts. Down to her thighs and up to her pussy, where she stroked Chris’s shaft still not inside Jessie.

Jessie began to rock slowly taking more and more of his cock, but not yet all the way. Chris moaned as her pussy worked up and down his massive dick. Her movements quickened and she began to pant and moan as she started to cum on his cock. She relaxed against him as her body was racked with spasms of orgasm and Chris’s cock slid deeper inside Jessie’s body.

As she relaxed completely, Chris effortlessly lifted her off of his cock and turned her around to sit on him reverse cowgirl style. Sarah reached down and guided his cock inside Jessie’s pussy again as he lowered her down. Her eyes flew open as he penetrated her again. She hissed as he slid almost all the way inside of her pussy. Sarah knelt down and began rubbing her clit again as Chris began to bounce her up and down on his cock. Jessie held Sarah’s head to steady herself as Chris bounced her up and down. She was quickly again at the edge of orgasm as Sarah leaned forward and began licking Jessie’s clit. This pushed her over the edge and again, my girlfriend was cumming on his big cock as her beautiful redheaded roommate licked her pussy.

Chris lifted her again and set her on the couch beside him. He stood and positioned her onto her hands and knees and got behind her. He held his cock and popped her across the ass with it. He backed up and slid it up and down her wet crack finding her opening. He then pushed forward, penetrating my girlfriend again and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto his cock. She squealed as he finally penetrated her fully. I did not see how she could take all of his enormous cock, but every inch of him was now inside my girl’s body.

He looked massive behind Jessie’s tiny frame. His huge belly flopping and pressing against her ass and lower back.

His thrusting got faster as he pounded her harder and harder, slamming his cock all the way with every thrust. Sarah was rubbing up and down Chris’s big body and kissing on his chest as he fucked Jessie’s cunt. Jessie was thrashing and vocalizing her pleasure while taking his cock deep inside her.

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