Jessica Ch. 02Jessica Ch. 02


I awoke the next morning with Jessica still on top of me. I didn’t want to disturb her so I lay there awake thinking about last night. I couldn’t believe my aunt had introduced me to someone so beautiful and so great at sucking my cock.

The door to the dorm opened suddenly and it awaked Jessica. We both stood from the floor and looked at who I was assuming to be her roommate. I was right. She stared at us in shock as we were still naked but tried our best to cover up.

Her roommate quickly closed the door and I reached for my pants. I put on my pants as Jess grabbed her panties and t-shirt. Jess then introduced me to Jasmine who was still shocked. She just stood there and stared at Jessica.

I looked back at Jess and realized why she was staring. Jess had my dried cum all over her face from last night. She noticed both of us staring and began to blush. I leaned in and whispered what we were looking at and she ran to the bathroom to wash her face.

As she left, Jasmine finally spoke. She told me that I was the first man she has seen with Jessica. She also said that if I ever hurt her that she would kill me. Right away I knew I would like Jess’s roommate.

Jess came back into the room and walked up to me. She told me how wonderful she thought last night was and asked if I wanted to do something more tonight. I told her I was happy to but wondered about Jasmine. She overheard us and said it would be okay, she was going out again anyways.

It was going on noon and we still hadn’t eaten anything, turned out Jasmine hadn’t either. I finished getting dressed as did Jessica. The pendik otele gelen escort three of us went out to lunch and I couldn’t help but notice Jasmine staring at me constantly.

We finished our meals and just sat back to talk and relax a bit when Jasmine asked what we did last night. I was completely surprised by the question but even more surprised by Jessica’s answer. Without missing a beat, Jess told Jasmine how we had dinner with my aunt then how we proceeded to lust for each other our way up to their dorm. She then told her how she sucked me off until I came in her mouth and how we fell asleep on the floor.

Jasmine loved the story and after Jess was done explaining she asked an even bigger question. She asked her how big my cock was. I couldn’t believe how straightforward she was being and I couldn’t believe how quickly Jessica answered. Jessica casually said that there would be only one way to find out. She then winked at Jasmine.

Jasmine cooed at Jess and looked me in the eyes and said she couldn’t wait to see it. She then got up and left. I turned to look at Jessica and she was just smiling a toothy grin. I stood up and she did too and we left the restaurant.

We walked back to my dorm so I could shower and change clothes. Turned out Jessica wanted to take a shower too so we decided to take one together. I snuck her into the bathroom and then into one of the showers. She undressed first and I could feel myself getting hard. She stepped under the warm water and I undressed. I stepped under the water behind her with a rising pendik rus escort erection.

She giggled when she felt my cock rest against her ass as I hugged her from behind. When I released her, she turned around and brought me in for a deep kiss. As we kissed, she began stroking my cock and by the time are lips parted I was at full strength.

Jessica stopped stroking me and whispered that she wanted me inside her. My heart jumped. I nervously said okay knowing that both of us were virgins.

She bent over so that her ass was pointing to me. I stepped up behind her and slid my cock along her slit, waiting until she said it was okay to put it in her. She gave me the okay and said to go slow. I did as I was told and inserted the head of my cock into her pussy. She moaned as I did so and while I pulled it out.

I began to penetrate her again but this time pushed in until I was up against her hymen. I paused, waiting for a response. Jessica said she was ready and so I slowly pushed through as she let out a little whine from the pain. Once I was through I paused again and just left my cock in her pussy. She said the pain was subsiding so I slowly started to pull out a little then push back into her.

She began to moan from my actions and I picked up the pace. I could tell she was still in a little pain but luckily I was damn close to cumming. I told her I was close and then pulled completely out of her pussy. She turned around and started to jerk my cock. After a few jerks, I began spewing my load and most of it landed on her tits. We were still under pendik sarışın escort the water though and my sperm was washed away almost immediately.

Jessica stood up and kissed me again, her tongue playing with my own. We parted lips and I asked her how I did. She said that even though it hurt it was a wonderful experience and that she was glad it was with me. I sighed in relief and she just laughed. She asked how my first pussy was and I told her that it was great and that I can’t wait until I get in there again. She laughed again and called me a naughty boy as we finished showering and caressing each other.

I looked into the bathroom to make sure the coast was clear and it was. I grabbed Jess’s hand and led her back into my dorm room. She was using my towel to cover herself but as soon as we shut the door behind us she dropped the towel to the floor and jumped up onto my bed. I could feel an erection rising again but didn’t want to push things so I just got dressed.

I looked for something for her to wear and found a pair of sweatpants and one of my smaller t-shirts. She put the sweatpants on without any underwear and the shirt without a bra. I smiled at her as I noticed how baggy the sweatpants looked on her but she didn’t care. We both got on my bed then and I flicked on the TV. It was switched to AMC which was showing Gone with the Wind.

I began to think of today’s occurrences and how lucky I had become to not only be dating this luscious woman but to also be sexually involved with her.

Then I thought about Jasmine and how Jess said that there was only one way to find out my size. Then I remembered that Jess asked me how my first pussy was. I turned to look at her and asked her what she meant about both cases. She smiled and said that her and Jasmine have eaten each other out and it was only fair to share my cock with her. I just said that was fine by me and we went back to watching the movie.

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