Jennifer SubmittedJennifer Submitted


Jennifer is 34, blonde, 34D breast with a tattoo on her left one. She is married with one child, and she works for me. I am 51, with salt and pepper hair, mustache and beard, slightly overweight and most importantly infatuated with Jennifer. After years of harmless flirting, I decided to try and take it to the next level. Would it work? I didn’t know, but I knew there was a possibility. I knew her marriage was not perfect. I also knew that when she read “50 Shades Of Grey”, it aroused her. So would she be the sub to my dom? I just had to find out. Her husband was leaving town for the weekend, so I called her into my office and found out about his trip. He was headed to Colorado for the weekend, and would be leaving at about noon on that same day. About three o’clock, I called her back into my office. “Jennifer, I need to talk to you away from work. Meet me at for dinner tonight at the Olive Garden at eight,” I told her. “I don’t know that I can,” she started, “I have to find a sitter, and I was going to…” I cut her off. “This is not a request Jennifer! You will meet me there at eight, I suggest you find a place for your daughter to spend the night.” She stood looking at me. “You can go now, as a matter of fact, go ahead and take the rest of the day off.” I reached in my wallet, and handed her a two one hundred dollar bills. “Take this and get you a new dress, and your hair done so you look as beautiful for our date as I know you can.” She took the money and looked from it to me a couple of times. “Something that shows a little leg, and something that shows cleavage would be great, now go on.” Jennifer left my office and then I watched as she shut down her computer system, collected her things and left, looking back over her shoulder in my direction as she did. I sat at my desk and rubbed my stiff almanbahis cock through my slacks. The day ended and I went home, relaxed a bit, showered and then left my house about an hour early. I stopped and bought Jennifer flowers and then headed to the restaurant. I then got my name on the list and waited. Just before eight, Jennifer walked in and I got out of my chair and met her as she came through the door. The dress was perfect, cut low on top and just off the shoulders with lots of her mounds showing. The dress was just about knee length and had a slit up the right leg to her mid thigh. Her hair was cut and styled. She was a walking wet dream! I handed her the flowers I had got for her and kissed her on the cheek; she blushed a little as I did. Just then my buzzer went off indicating our table was ready, and we were then seated in a booth. I let her get in, and slide in beside her. We ordered wine and appetizers then made small talk while we waited. The waiter brought them and then took our order. While we enjoyed our wine, I put my hand on Jennifer’s knee. I felt her tense up. I did not move my hand and neither did she. I told her, “I know you love your husband, and I know your relationship has it’s ups and downs. I also know there are some desires you have that he won’t or just satisfy for you. I don’t want to love you, that is his place, I want to satisfy those desires for you.” She looked at her wine glass but did not move nor acknowledge what I was saying, bit I saw her nipples stiffen as I talked. “Tonight is the night you give yourself to me.” I started. “You will be mine, not my girlfriend, not my lover, but tonight you will be my property, you will be my cumslut, my fuck toy, my whatever I want you to be. Is that understood.” Her breathing had gotten more rapid and she was blushing, almanbahis yeni giriş not just her cheeks, but she was blushing down to her cleavage. Still she looked at her wine glass and fidgeted with it, but she did not respond. “Is that understood,” I repeated. “Yes,” she breathed as she turned her head and looked me in the eyes. “I am yours and I will willingly do what you demand.” “Good.” I started as I put my arm around her and pulled her to me. As I did I let my hand slide inside the top of her dress and felt her nipple. As my fingers brushed across it, it hardened even harder. I didn’t think that would have been possible, but it did. As I was playing with her breast, the waiter brought our meal. He had a hard time concentrating on placing the meals while staring at what my hand was doing. As we were in the last booth and seated away from all other guest, except those directly across from us, I lifted Jennifer’s tit out of the dress, and asked the waiter if he liked her tattoo. He just smiled and said he did. I let go and as he walked away, I told Jennifer to cover it back up and enjoy her dinner. She was beet red as she did as she was told. “Have you ever done anything like that before?” I asked. “Never,” she replied. “Did it excite you?” “Yes, very much.” All through dinner, I had my hand on her leg and stroked her thigh. She was wearing thigh high hose, and before we were finished, I had reached the tops of the stockings and was rubbing her bare leg. After we finished dinner and were drinking an after dinner wine, I asked was she wearing panties. She said she was. I told her to go to the restroom and take them off and bring them back with her. When she returned, she handed me the panties which was a green lacey thong. I placed them on the edge of the table and laid almanbahis giriş the ticket on top of it; a special tip for our waiter. I had rented a hotel for the weekend and I told Jennifer which one it was, and told her to follow me in her car, so that someone she knew would not drive by and see it sitting in the parking lot. When we got to the hotel, we went inside pressed the call button on the elevator. As we waited, we started kissing and I reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks. The door to the elevator opened and we stepped inside. I then grabbed the dress bottom and lifted it off of her. She stood on the elevator totally naked except for her heels. You could see the panic in her eyes. I chuckled a bit. I leaned over and kissed her again and then looked deep into her eyes and told her, “This is just part of what your weekend will be like.” Jennifer shuddered deep and her nipples stood erect as what I said registered. Her reply was, “Yes, Master.” She was mine, now to see just how much of her she would be willing to give me. We reached the 10th floor and the elevator door opened. I grabbed her hand and we stepped out of the elevator together. As we stepped out, there was a group of six men waiting to get on. Their comments caused Jennifer to blush all over, and was a sence of pride for me. I knew how she looked, and I knew that she didn’t think she was that great. The, “Oh damn” and, “Fuck, I want that” and other words were having an effect on both of us. The door to the elevator closed as we walked down the hall and as I looked back, I saw the guys had failed to get on but were busy watching Jennifer. “Walk back and give each of them a French kiss, then come back here,” I told her. She started to protest, and I reminded her, “You are mine to do with what I want, remember. This is what I want.” She replied, “Yes Master.” She then went up to the group of men, all who looked college age and gave each one a French kiss. As she kissed each one, they took the opportunity to feel her bare tits, ass or slide a finger in her pussy.

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