Jenna my Mother in Law in AfricaJenna my Mother in Law in Africa

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This is an account of what went down in real life between myself and my mother in law about 4 months ago. Enjoy and please feel free to comment on the story – this is my first post, there will be more to follow as well as additional encounters.


The drive up was pleasant; small talk was made about the country and its politics, the farm and the old people as well as my son and her daughter. This trip was never supposed to happen but here I am driving 800km or 13 hours to my wilderness hunting area not with my wife but with my mother in law Jenna. I was originally planning on going ahead up North on my own as I usually do but at dinner the previous weekend the whole family decided that she should accompany me on the trip and see what it was like up there.

Jenna – is a good looker at just under 50 years she still makes head turn with a great pair of tits, a nice full 36 D and all real, no implants or enhancements. Her tits are not her only physical assets; she also has a pair of legs to drool over. She does not have a apple bottom or another type of rounded ass but she has a flat bottom which in its own right is appealing enough.

Our conversation turned otherwise half way through the border, and it started off by me saying “u know, camp is really set in a romantic setting. Its wild, no one knows u are there expect for the staff. It’s kinda like what happens in camp stays in camp” my undertone perhaps bordered on flirting but Jenna’s reply was equally flirtatious,

“we will have to wait and see what happens” she said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

We carried on with our trip in silence, I was thinking about the connotations of the comments and I felt my cock start to stiffen and strain in my underpants. It was nearly impossible to hide my erection poking into my stomach.

Jenna had seen my cock before, once when I walked out of the bedroom at home wearing only my briefs. I sat in the lounge opposite Jenna and we got chatting, I was unaware that my cock in all its morning glory was sticking out of the front of my briefs pointing up at my chin. The conversation between us hit a brick wall when Jenna glanced down and saw my 7″ fat cock poking out the front of my briefs. She kinda blushed and then ooohhed and ahhhhed a bit before I realised what was going on. None of us ever acknowledged that day we kinda left it. The next time it was my turn for a freebee, we were searching for an earring that had fallen onto the car floor, I was feeling under the front seat of the pick-up from the back and my hand felt something on the other side, it was Jenna standing on the driver’s side of the car leaning in and my hand had her by her crotch – she let me feel her up and then made as if nothing happened and laughed about it.

Needless to say I was having wild day dreams about what might come during the next 3 days alone with this woman in the wild African bush. I reminded myself that I should be cautious as she would be the type to tell her daughter (my wife) that she fucked me and would ruin my relationship with my wife.
We arrived in camp, tiered, dirty and sweaty from the 12 hour drive into camp. I gave her a quick tour of the camp whilst the staff unpacked the vehicle loaded with supplies and put our luggage into our separate bungalows.

I suggested we grab a shower before relaxing and enjoying the last hour of sunlight. As I stood there with the water running down my back I thought of what it would be like to fuck Jenna, how would she be in the sack? More reserved than her daughter? A real slut in bed? A timid creature? I wasn’t to certain how she would be. None the less I closed the taps and proceeded to dry myself. I was rather turned on and my raging hard on pressed against my stomach and pointed to my chin. I thought of relieving myself but decided that I wanted to catch the sun setting over the river with a beer in hand and got dressed and marched out of my chalet towards the fire.

I sat down and got my camp waiter to bring me a beer. I was sitting there having my 2nd beer when I hear ” it’s quite a sight”, Jenna stood there freshly showered with no make-up on, her blond hair tied up in a bun, with a pair of tight khaki shorts on and a figure hugging t-shirt which showed her fantastic tits off, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfect tits hugged her t-shirt showing them off nicely – he nipples were hard and pressed into the fabric and rounded off the picture of her standing in front of me nicely.

“Rather quite a sight, I would mind …” I stopped mid sentence releasing I was talking what I was thinking. She gave me a curious naughty look and announced she needed a drink.

We sat in silence for a long time, it was not an uncomfortable silence either; eventually we were summoned to have dinner. I had purposefully asked my staff not to start the generator so to have peace and quiet. Dinner was great, we had grilled Cape buffalo fillets served with fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes, the wine was almanbahis şikayet flowing and the conversation ranged from the bush and wildlife to material wants and desires back in the civilised world. All the while the lantern cast a yellow romantic glow over the dining table. I asked for another round and dismissed the staff and bid them good night for the evening. The champagne was taking its toll and my cheeks were burning and my inhibitions seemed to be disappearing quickly.

“Let’s go sit at the fire” I suggested to Jenna, she just nodded and said “let’s take a bottle of Jack Daniels to the fire so that we don’t have to keep walking back and forth” –

“Great ill get it and grab some ice as well” I said as I walked over to the booze cabinet and grabbed the jack Daniels and ice bucket. By the time I got to the fire Jenna was staring into the flames. She boldly asked “have you ever cheated on Susan?” I sat there shocked, how would I answer the question if I have ever cheated on her daughter…

“No” I said, “have u ever cheated on Bill” I asked directly back. “No” came the answer and we left it at that. I poured us another round and we chatted away, all the while becoming more intoxicated.

“Truth or dare? If you don’t want to answer a question or perform a dare you have to take off one item of clothing or perform an act” I challenged Jenna.

“Truth” came the answer back almost immediately. “Would u ever cheat on Bill” I asked Jenna.

Smiling Jenna said “Let’s say that if someone was persistent enough and I liked him perhaps” “now your turn – truth or dare?”

“Truth” I replied with a straight face

“same one for you, would you ever cheat on my daughter?” Jenna asked straight back at me.

I knew that this questions was coming “well I am a hot blooded male who has a massive sex drive and I love beautiful woman and I suppose I would if the right conditions all came together and I was assured of discretion from the other party without fear of being caught or hurting your daughter who I love very much”

“Truth or dare” I fired back at Jenna, “truth” was her answer. “When last were you fucked properly” I asked with a broad grin…

“Okay I don’t want to answer that one yet” she said with a grin” maybe later, now what item of clothing do you want me to take off?” Jenna replied in a matter of fact kind of way.

“Take your pants off first; I see you are not wearing a bra and at least u have your panties on so you won’t be completely naked yet” was my reply with almost bated breath.

“How do you know” asked Jenna smiling and blushing at the same time?

“I’ve been watching you; you have an amazing body that does things to us people who walk around with a penis attached to our body. And don’t tell me you don’t think that it wouldn’t go unnoticed” I replied with a wicked grin.

“Given” she said as she stood up and slowly tucked her thumbs into the waistline of the pants and drew them down to her ankles and stepped out of them in one smooth motion. I stood there admiring her long slender legs, her perfect feet in leather sandals. My eyes moved up along her legs to her panties and I studied them closely. They were black with a fine delicate lace and floral embroided pattern; it covered half her ass cheeks and then disappeared between her cheeks into her cleft. My cock throbbed in my pants and I gasped at the sight. Her pussy lips were pressed tightly against the panties and were outlined perfectly

“Like what u see?” Jenna asked blushing

“Very much” I replied

“Its rather obvious” she said pointing out my trapped erection with her eyes and then laughed.

She sat down and crossed her legs giving me an angled view into her crotch area.

“Truth or dare?” Jenna asked me,

“Dare” I replied wanting to try a different approach.

“Okay take off your pants” she dared me “I know you’re not wearing underpants” she added. “Your not the only one with wondering eyes” she finished off.

Well I was going to end up without pants anyway the way I saw it. I stood up and she motioned me over to her. I stood next to her facing her.

“Mind if I do it?” She asked

“No go for it” I replied, and with that she reach out and undid my belt and loosened my pants. She held them up and then slowly pulled them down letting my rock hard cock spring free, she stared at my cock for what seemed like an eternity and reached out and grabbed it by the base…

“Like what you see…” I asked jokingly, she answered by kissing the head of my swollen circumcised cock… I let out a loud gasp as my cock jumped to the kiss. I stood there transfixed waiting for her next move all the while my cock bobbed in tune to my pounding heart.

I reached down and caressed her, running my hand down the side of her neck and paused at the back of her neck. She looked up at me from her chair and I nodded – she slowly opened her mouth and took the whole of my cock’s head into her moist wet mouth and gently sucked almanbahis canlı casino on it.

I saw sparks and white flashes before my eyes and I had to do my best to stop myself from blowing my load right there and then. Jenna then gently opened her mouth and took my cock deeper into her mouth inch by inch without pausing till there was about 2 inches left, she took a moment then slid her mouth all the way back to the head of my throbbing cock… She took another pause and then sank back down all the way down my cock right to the base taking it deep in her throat, at first she gagged but soon gained composure and started rhythmically sucking my throbbing cock.

I reached down and lifted her top to reveal her brilliant white tits that reflected a pale white peach colour in the light of the camp fire. I freed her tits from her top by pulling my cock out of her mouth and whipping her shirt off in one clean jerk. She reacted like an infant whose pacifier had been plucked out of its mouth and dived straight back taking my cock all the way in. She gagged again, causing my cock to jump in her mouth and deep in her throat… She looked up and me and saw the ecstasy and lust in my eyes.

Her eyes were all puffy and tears ran down her cheeks from gagging, realising what a turn on it was to me she immediately started bobbing up and down my cock while deep throating me which caused her to gag again and make a funny noise…

My cock jumped again at the sounds and sensation of Jenna gagging on my cock in the middle of the bush sitting at a campfire – at that moment an elephant let out a cry on the opposite side of the river. Man you have to love Africa.

Every time she gagged she made a different noise and it wasn’t even a minute later that her own hand disappeared down to her crotch area and pushed her panties to one side and started frigging herself. I was in wonderland; here I was standing with my mother in law sitting on a chair with my cock buried deep in her mouth and throat gagging whilst she fingered her sopping wet pussy…

I felt my nuts tighten and my cum start boiling from within, “I’m gonna cum soon” I warned thinking that I would be a gentleman and at least warn her. Those words set her into frantic motion of deep throating my cock whilst squeezing my nuts whilst almost continually gagging. I looked down and realised that I had her by the back of her head and was fucking her mouth for all that I was worth. She looked up at me and at that moment I blew my load deep into her and rammed my cock as deep as it would go forcing her nose into my pubic hair while pumping my cum deep into her throat. It must have been a hell of a load as she gagged seriously and almost started vomiting. Cum started shooting back out of her mouth past my cock and covered her tits in a mixture of cum and spit.

I withdrew and stood there on shaky legs not quite sure what to do next while looking at Jenna who looked like she had just vomited up 5 gallons on cum. She ran her fingers through the cum blobs on her tits collecting it and moved her hand down to her pussy rubbing my cum all over her sopping wet pussy.

I walked off to where I was sitting grabbed my drink and downed what was left of it and returned to Jenna.

“Stand-up” I said to her, surprised at how calm my own voice was after such a mind blowing orgasm.

She obeyed me and I walked around behind her and placed my hands on her tits while I fell into her neck kissing her neck up and down while rubbing whatever cum was left on her tits into her skin.

She stood there with her chin pointing to the stars and let out a litter whimper as I lowered my hand and placed in over her sopping wet pussy lips. My finger traced the outline of her swollen pussy lips up and down causing Jenna’s knees to buckle. I moved her over to her chair and bent her over it. I stood back and admired the view from where I was. I bent down and ran my tongue down along her spine right to the base of her panties while my one hand was up between her legs massaging her swollen wet pussy, my finger found her clit and I gently rubbed it causing her to buck in the chair and moan loudly.

I then moved her panties out of the way by pulling them to the side giving me access to her pussy from behind. My tongue traced out her pussy lips while my hands spread her ass cheeks apart. I looked up and saw her puckered asshole right in front my face, almost reflecting in the light cast from the camp fire. My tongue darted out and licked her asshole causing Jenna to jump and just about topple off of the camp chair.

“Oh my god that feels sooo good, no one has ever touched me there, lick my asshole” came out of her mouth between baited breaths.

I ran my tongue around her puckered little rose-bud back and forth teasing her, making her hips buck back and forth. My hand was back at work busy rubbing Jenna’s swollen protruding clit; she started bucking in the chair as if she was possessed. I could see her orgasm building with her thighs almanbahis casino shaking and her pussy started literally pouring her sweet pussy juice down her thighs. I carried on licking her asshole savouring the nastiness of the situation; I could see her asshole pucker and relax and jammed my tongue right into her tight asshole. This sent her over the edge with her ass bucking up and down whilst I continued rubbing her clit while my tongue fucked her asshole…

She went into a violent orgasm which caused her to throw her head up to the stars while she bucked and shook as if she was having a fit, Jenna literally fell off of her chair and landed on the raw concrete on her knees with most of her weight resting on her chest on the seat of her camp chair. There she was on her knees on raw concrete lying face down on her camp chair while she heaved heavily from her orgasm.

I stood behind her and grabbed my cock stroking it, I’ve had anal sex before with three different women but all were one night stands and I was sceptical if Jenna would allow me into her ass.

“I’m going to fuck your ass” I said to Jenna, I felt in full control over my mother in law who was on her knees in front of me panting from what I had just done to her.

“Be gentle, I’ve never had anal sex” she said and slowly ran her hand over her ass and stopped at her asshole, she then started cramming two fingers into her asshole. I watched as they went in slowly until her knuckles disappeared into her tight asshole.

I lowered myself onto my knees behind her and placed my swollen and throbbing cock head at the entrance of her pussy. I gently pushed in sinking my full 7″ into her sopping wet pussy without pausing. I felt her tight pussy holding my cock tightly and start pulsing.

Jenna screamed out “oh fuck” as she started climaxing almost immediately. I kept my cock buried in her pussy and didn’t move savouring her pulsing climax. As her climax subsided I slid my cock out of her pussy and pulled her fingers away from her asshole.

I rested my now lubed cock against her virgin asshole and started applying pressure. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get my cock in when Jenna suddenly relaxed and my throbbing cock slipped into her very tight asshole.

She immediately let out a scream “ouch – ahhh fuck its sore”

“Must I stop?” I asked

“No it feels so fucking good, give it to me slowly” she panted back at me.

I waited for her ass to relax before pushing in slowly. Jenna was very quiet and I was worried that I was hurting her more than she would let on.

“Are you sure you are okay to go on” I asked tentatively.

“Ahhh fuck just fuck my ass” she replied.

Now what a lady wants a lady gets so I happy obliged and sliding my cock in and out of her asshole with slow small strokes at first and pretty soon I was fucking Jenna for all that I was worth with my balls slapping her pussy as I pounded her ass.

I stared down in wonderment at the beautiful site in front of my eyes; there was my cock in my mother in laws ass. It was stretching her to the point of splitting her in half. Her ass was so tight on my cock the sensation was almost a turn off.

“Yes fuck, oh yes fuck my ass – come on fuck me harder. I know my daughter won’t let you near her ass so fuck mine for all you are worth”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I proceeded to fuck her properly. I could feel my own climax building again and she sensed I was near – my eminent climax set her own orgasm off and she started climaxing again. I thrust a few more times before my cock exploded in Jenna’s tight ass sending blob after blob of hot cum shooting in her ass. I almost blacked out and if it wasn’t for me being able to lean on Jenna and grab the arm rests on the camp chair I probably would have fallen over.

We both stayed in our positions with my cock still inside Jenna. I was enjoying feeling her anal contractions as my cock started softening. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass and we both let out a moan as I was freed of her ass.

“Let’s go and shower and clean-up” I suggested.

“I think that’s a good idea” came the reply.

And with that I grabbed my rifle in one hand and Jenna’s hand in the other and we walked to the shower leaving our clothes behind. Jenna still had her panties on but they were sopping wet with a mixture of my cum and her pussy juices.

“May I wash you?” I asked as we stepped into the shower, I had my hands on her hips.

“Please, and can u get a few plasters and some anti-septic cream, I’ve got some serious roasties coming my way thanks to you” she said with a smile.

“Hey not fair you made me do it” I said tongue in cheek. “Where to from now” I asked.

“Well let us make this our dirty weekend away and as you said what happens in camp stays in camp”, “I can’t afford to let this get out to anyone, plus we could utilise each other when we need back home as long as we keep it on the low down” Jenna was now standing in front of me while I soaped her back – her reply came with a tone of sincerity in it.

“well sounds like a good plan” I said to Jenna. “now come here” as I moved right up close to her pulling in behind her and pushing my soapy cock between her soapy ass cheeks.

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