Jean and Toni Ch. 04Jean and Toni Ch. 04



Something woke Toni up. It was still early but not too early. The light outside the window was showing the early signs of the new day, the birds were just rousting the night and beginning their calls and songs. It was that, though, and it was the weekend so a longer sleep would be normal for her. She fully opened her eyes and turned onto her back.

“What are you doing?” Her mom. Her mom was lying next to her with her head braced with her bent arm. She was just looking at her. “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Just watching you.” She leaned over and kissed her. She was beaming. Her hair was a mess but she radiated happiness. “Wait there, the coffee should be ready.” She watched with wonder as her mom nearly bounced out of the room naked down the hall in the direction of the kitchen. Toni didn’t stay there, she went into the bathroom but was propping herself against the headboard when Jean returned with a tray of coffee and English muffins.

Jean crawled onto the bed and positioned herself next to her daughter against the headboard. After a few necessary sips of caffeine, Toni asked again, “Why were you watching me? Isn’t that kind of weird?”

Jean ran the fingers of one hand over her daughter’s bare thigh. She carefully rolled to the side for a quick kiss on Toni’s exposed nipple. “So … I was doing it for the same reason it isn’t weird.” Toni raised an eyebrow. It was a signature move of Toni’s, something Jean was very familiar with that said, ‘explain’. “Love. I always have, of course. This feeling is different, though. I’m not sure how to classify it … not just your mother, though … something more.” Jean paused and turned her head to see her daughter’s reaction. “Is this weird?”

“Not weird, no.” Toni put her mug on the side table and turned to her mom. She kissed the closest breast and nipple, her hand moving to fondle the other breast. She settled her cheek on the breast and found her fingers roaming down her mom’s stomach. “No, not weird. It puts my own feelings into some focus. I haven’t known what to make of what’s happening.”

Jean sighed and stroked a hand over her naked daughter’s back, then pressed her head firmly into her breast. She casually opened her legs as Toni’s fingers lightly grazed over her mound and softly delved further onto the soft lips of her pussy.

Jean continued, “You realize you’ve shared my bed every night since we started at Collins Sales.” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement of fact. Toni nodded as both continued their finger play. “This morning it hit me. Every day we are ravaged by several or all of the men and their big cocks. Every day we’re fucked, we suck, we’re exposed and groped and fondled. Then we come home and it is us … quiet and casual … soft lips, stroking fingers, probing tongues..”

Toni lifted her head and kissed the nipple she had been pressed against. “It’s like a rejuvenating ritual. I know exactly what you mean, mom. I didn’t know if I was being silly. You let me come to your bed and it felt so good … and right. I guess I just wanted to share even more with you.”

Jean kissed her daughter on the lips. It was a full, heartfelt kiss but soft. “Any regrets about what we’re doing, dear? You know we can put a stop to this or modify it if we want. You know I’ll support you and Jacob will, too.”

“No, mom. I love it. I love it all. It’s what we said when Jacob came to you with the idea. It gives us what we’ve wanted without picking guys up; it gives us what we want with security. I know it is going to evolve and expand and I am really curious and excited to find out how. The other day when Caleb was fucking me across his desk and Terrell came in and began fucking my mouth … God, mom … it was amazing.”

Jean smiled devilishly. “I have some thoughts, then.”

* * * *

The entire office was in the conference room around the six-foot diameter table. The two women had seats on either side of Jacob and his sons spread out from them. The Monday morning meeting was their routine for starting out the new week catching up on development from the past week, expected development for the coming week, and issues with clients or customers that will need handling. They also review schedules and any travel. At that point, Toni cautiously jumped in.

“Having a verbal review and comment on schedules is fine, but I could easily establish an office calendar to record the major things that others should be aware of. It can include vacation and travel. Mom and I already handle the calendars of two of you, we can just pull the information from the individual ones.”

All four of the men nodded, Jacob responded, “Excellent idea, Toni. I’ll leave that in your hands with your mom.” He paused and looked around the table, “All right, anything we missed?”

Matt shifted his chair and softly said, “Just what we talked about yesterday.” The three sons glanced at the two women. He added, “Is this the right time?”

Toni looked across to Jean and Jean looked Girne Escort at Jacob. “What did you talk about yesterday? About us? Is something wrong, something not working?”

Jacob reached over and patted Jean’s closest hand, then softly grasped it. “Yes, we talked about you two yesterday. The boys and I frequently get together for a BBQ and beer. We like time together that isn’t at work even if we sometimes still talk about work. And, yes, the conversation went to you … the two of you. But far from anything being wrong. Very much on the contrary. To be honest, we anticipated some occasional opportunity of sex, to be blunt, a quick suck or fuck. Your … both of you … your willingness and openness and enthusiasm has astounded us. You have given us sex, indulged in exhibitionism at our suggestion by remaining naked, but you’ve also come in early or stayed late a couple of times to finish projects.” He glanced at his sons. “We didn’t expect this … this devotion to both sides of the job. We didn’t think we would get efficient, effective help in running the office. You should know that and at some point, we’ll figure out how to reward that effort.”

Jean smiled, thanked them, said how much they both enjoyed the real part of the job and working for them. Then, “We talked this weekend, too.” She looked at Toni who nodded her approval. “You’ve given us some preferences for our dress: mini-skirts or dresses, thigh-high stockings, and heels.”

Toni interrupted, “Or not, like no bras …”

Jean chuckled, “Yes, exactly, we don’t mind and think it is fun, but we’d like some flexibility on that.”

Jacob immediately agreed, “Absolutely! We’re just pleased you will do it, all of it. It doesn’t have to be every day.” Little did he know what the women really were thinking.

* * * *

Once again they are sitting in the car outside the office getting themselves ready for another big step. This one was their own making, though. When they had asked for some flexibility, they didn’t mean more conservative dress some days, they wanted to have more fun with it since the office never had visitors unless it was planned ahead around a client visit to meet with a local customer.

“Ready?” Jean looked to the passenger side at her daughter.

Toni was looking at the office door smiling. “This feels so wicked. Yes, ready.”

They exited the car and strode across the parking lot to the front door of the office. They had long ago agreed to dress in similar outfits, if not identical. What anyone would see now would be similar light coats that hung to just above the knees. A close examination might note stockings by the sheen in the sun but, otherwise, it would be the 4″ heels. Inside the office, they encountered Matt returning to his office from the conference room with a refilled mug of coffee.

“Is there a forecast for rain?”

Neither of them answered. They turned to the coat rack by the door and slipped off the coats with their backs to him which prolonged a moment longer what they were wearing.

“Holy Shit! What are you …?”

That was pretty much the reaction they were looking for. It also brought out Jacob from his office. The women turned and strutted to their desks between the four offices. Both were wearing white baby-doll negligees, quite sheer, with only a single tie in front holding it together. The gap below the tie was quite pronounced and displayed the very sheer thong underneath. They were braless, of course, and their nipples showed prominently through the material. They wore white thigh-high stockings with heels.

Now Jacob said it, “Holy Shit, indeed.” That brought out Caleb and Terrell. Jacob added, “When you asked for flexibility, we just assumed we had pushed just a bit much and you wanted some relief. Damn … you wanted to push it further. This is why you verified that visitors never came unless we knew about it.”

Toni gave a little curtsy by holding the sides of the very short negligee to the sides. “It’s been fucking and sucking for us every day. Sometimes we spend several hours naked at our desks after.”

Jean sat down at her desk and powered her computer up. “It just seemed logical to have a bit more fun with it.”

Matt said, “Well, speaking of fun … Jean, could I see you in my office, please?”

Toni muttered, “Ooooo … so early.”

Jacob said quickly, “Toni …” He turned to his office. Toni knew exactly what he intended.

He waited for her just inside his door. As she passed provocatively in a negligee in the office, he used one hand on her upper back to firmly guide her to the back of one of the guest chairs in front of his desk, then pressed down. She obediently bent over bracing herself with her hands on the back of the chair. He pushed the bottom of her baby-doll to her waist and pulled the thin thong down her legs. She smiled to herself, parted her feet wide expectantly, heard the movement of clothes behind her until she felt the bulbous head of his cock Kıbrıs Escort sliding between her spread thighs. She had been lubricating since leaving home dressed like that but now was very wet in anticipation and expectation. She tilted her pelvis to avail her hole even more to him and moaned deeply when the cock pressed and spread her pussy as it entered. She loves (that might not be a deep enough expression) the now familiar feel of these big cocks spreading and stretching and filling her pussy. She gasped when he pulled the inches he was in until just the head being inside before forcefully driving most of it into her wet and ready hole.

“Oh … my … God … sir. Thank you … thank you … thank you.” She looked over her right shoulder at him, her long ponytail falling over her left shoulder.

Jacob couldn’t help but smile. It was what he and his sons had talked about. Talked about in wonder, really. It was maybe a common fantasy to have occasional sex in the office with a slut secretary. It was the stuff of porn stories and videos and daydreams. To do it once would be a fantasy fulfilled but this … this was beyond daydreams and fantasizing. And, she was thanking him for fucking her from behind in his office. An occurrence he has enjoyed every day with one of them since they started. And, she was thanking him.

He pulled his cock slowly out nearly all the way and enjoyed the feeling she gave him. Both the women were active in the fucking. Even in this position from behind, Toni was not motionless just taking it. Her pussy clamped around his cock as he pulled, then she pushed back toward him as he thrust back into her. The effect was wildly stimulating. For both, he was sure.

The door to his office was open, of course. There was no need for hiding. What happened in the office was no secret and was now evidenced by the extremely provocative garments of the women. The only provision was getting the work done. He sensed more than saw or heard a presence at the door. Jacob turned to find Terrell leaning on the jam watching, his hand casually stroking his crotch from outside his slacks. Jacob jerked his head with a smile, inviting his youngest son to join them.

Terrell had his slacks open and his equally big cock in one hand as he knelt on the chair in front of Toni. With her eyes closed and mouth uttering sounds of passion and lust, it was the touch on her cheek that aroused her from her deep state of lustful euphoria. She saw the black cock head at her face and opened her mouth wide without looking up to see who it belonged to. The women accepted and desired all four of the men equally with the same passionate enthusiasm whether it was being fucked or kneeling between their legs to suck them.

The two men, father and son, found a comfortable rhythm to sliding their cocks into her from both ends. She, like her mom, was taking their cocks deeper into their mouth and throat over the weeks. They were not yet fully deepthroating the entire cock but the men were not about to mess up a good thing by becoming too dominant or demanding.

Jacob was fascinated by her other hole, though. As he grasped her hips and thrust into her, his thumbs pulled her ass cheeks apart to expose her tight asshole more fully. He slipped a thumb into the crack and robbed the closed opening. He purposefully moved the thumb down to her drooling pussy, coated it with the leaking juices, then brought it back up and pressed at the opening and watched it slowly yield to the pressure. He pressed his thumb inside her ass to the first knuckle.

“Do you do anal, our slutty secretary?”

She pulled her mouth off Terrell’s cock, looked up at him, then back over her shoulder at Jacob as he continued to fuck her pussy and probe her asshole with the thumb. “You … you … you’re … too big … sir. I … I would … be … scared.” She then filled her mouth with cock, again. Asked and answered, apparently. And, trusting.

Jacob moved his thumb in and out of her asshole. The muffled sighs, groans, and moans escaping from her cock-filled mouth increased with the motion of the thumb in her other hole. He could feel her body’s arousal peaking. He could feel her pussy and asshole not just clenching but beginning to spasm. He could feel her impending orgasm cresting inside her.

“Would you do something for me, Toni?” He knew this was the time.

She moved one hand to grasp and stroking cock and pull her mouth off it but never moving her mouth more than a breath’s distance away from it as if she feared it might disappear. She gasped out her reply, “Any … thing … sir.”

“We want to fuck all your holes. Don’t you want that, too? Don’t you want to give us all three holes?”

Her orgasm was right there. It was about to crest and his words were pushing her closer and closer. “Yes … sir. I want … I want … you to … have me … have everything … to use me … fully … completely.” She moaned loudly as her body trembled with the Magosa Escort nearness of her climax. “GOD … I’m … I’m going to … to cummmmmm. Yesssss … I want … everything … use me … use me … how … you wanttttttt.”

He pulled his cock to the opening of her pussy and withdrew his thumb to rest on the outside of her asshole. “Nooooooo … please … please, sir … fuck meeeeeee … pleeeeeasssssse.”

He smiled at his son, “Then, you’ll train your ass, your mom’s too, for us to fuck?”

“OH GOD … YESSSSSS … YESSSSS … just fuck me. We’ll be your 3-hole sluts. Double us … triple … us. Use … us. We’ll … train … our asses … just fuck meeeeee!”

He did. He slammed his cock fully into her pussy and his thumb into her ass. And … she exploded violently and loudly.

“No panties … what happened to your thong?” Jean’s desk was further inside the office between the office doors for Jacob and Matt so easily saw Toni exiting Jacob’s office.

Jean was standing at her desk, clearly just arriving from being used by Matt and Caleb. Toni looked down at her mom’s crotch. “Well, mom, given the cum and juice soaking your thong, it’s as if you don’t either.”

Jean looked down and giggled. The thin, sheer thong material was indeed soaked and plastered to her pussy, clearly showing her lips and slit underneath. Jean intercepted her daughter and kissed her on the lips. “I have a slut for a daughter.”

Toni slipped her fingers into her mom’s thong and brought out two fingers slick with the juices from her pussy. She sucked them. “If so, it’s because I have a slut for a mother.”

They kissed again, then simultaneously added, “Isn’t it wonderful?”

Just then Jacob came out with Terrell. “I’d love to stay and view some girl-on-girl action but Terrell and I have something to do. We’ll be back in an hour or so.”

Jean touched her computer and checked his calendar. “Did I miss a meeting, sir?”

“No, this is something that just came up with Toni. Has she talked to you, yet?” Jean looked at her daughter and shook her head. He stopped and reached between Toni’s thighs to stroke her messy pussy, then brought his fingers up to her lips which she parted and sucked the moisture off. “You need to talk to your mother, young lady.” Toni nodded and blushed.

When they left, Jean said, “Toni?”

“He was fucking me with that giant cock and he had a thumb in my ass and … what was I supposed to do?”

“Toni, what are you talking about? What were you supposed to do about what?”

Toni blushed and looked down to mumble, “Anal …”

“Anal?!? With those cocks?”

Toni looked up, “I know, right? That’s what I said. But … but … he pulled his cock almost out and I was sooooo close and … and … and he had his thumb in my ass and …”

“And what?”

“He said he wanted us to be their 3-hole sluts and he wanted us to train our asses for them. Mom, I was so close to cumming … so … I guess I said yes if he would fuck me and make me cum …”

Jean rolled her eyes. “You are such a slut.” Toni looked down sheepishly. “So, how are we going to open up our asses for them? God, it’ll be like putting a fence post up our ass.”

Toni looked up with little girl eyes, “I figured you’d think of something.” Jean rolled her eyes, again, then sat down at her desk.

Not long after, the front door opened and the sounds of the road outside tumbled in. Jean glanced from her computer monitor as she heard Toni. “Welcome back, sir. That didn’t take as long as you thought.” Then, she heard Toni’s next comment and looked up again. “You went shopping, sir?”

Both Jacob and Terrell looked back and forth between the two women. Terrell exclaimed, “Damn, dad, the office is sure a better place to come back to since these two were hired.”

“That it is, son, that it is,” Jacob said as they stopped between the two desks in the open area. “Ladies, we come bearing gifts.” He looked at Jean. “I trust you and your daughter have now talked?” She nodded and blushed. “I do like this look, ladies. Seeing your nipples harden is rewarding. Based on the recommendation of the store owner, we have some training aids for you. You know what training aids, right?” More blushing from the women.

Terrell and Jacob began pulling out items and placing them on each of their desks. This talk, of course, brought Matt and Caleb out of their offices. Whether they knew ahead of time or not, they quickly caught on to what was happening.

“First, the introductory size.” Small butt-plugs were placed on their desks. “Then, the intermediate size, and the final ‘this should be open enough’ size.” The women looked stunned at the three packaged butt-plugs sitting blatantly on their office desks. “We have some lubricant for each of you … and … oh yes …” and they each pulled out a vibrating egg, “… we thought this might help provide some distraction for you.”

The guys stood watching and the women sat stunned. Finally, Terrell said, “Aren’t you going to try it?”

Jean exclaimed, “Now? Here? At work?”

Jacob chuckled, “You came to work in sheer negligees and have already been fucked. Your nipples are clearly erect and I would bet your pussy is creaming right now. Toni assured me and all I had to do was make her cum.”

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