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Subject: Jasper’s Tricks Chapter Two Jasper’s Tricks: Chapter Two Hey everyone! Just a reminder that if you love all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please feel free to lend your support and send a fty/ All characters and events depicted in this story are purely of my imagination. Any resemblance to incidents and people alive or dead is totally coincidental. This is completely a work of fiction. I made it all up. In the universe this story takes place in, the characters don’t have to worry about safe sex. But in our reality, it’s always a good idea to take precautions. Please consider using protection in your own story, because any decision you make today may possibly affect your life tomorrow. Now, onto our story. Jasper turned the knob on the bathroom stall door, gently pushing it open. Sitting naked on the toilet jacking his dick, was a balding, overweight, middle aged man. The man smiled at Jasper as he opened the door. The older man spoke. “Damn, you look really good naked.” Jasper blushed. He always felt he was too small and skinny, so it was nice to have a man tell him he liked his physique. Jasper was pleased by the sight of the man sitting on the toilet. He had always fantasized about having sex with older, dad types of guys. And this dude was exactly that. “C’mon kid,” said the man. “I really need my dick sucked.” Jasper was more than happy to help the man out. Entering the bathroom stall, he sank to his knees and accepted the man’s fat cock in his mouth. With a fever, Jasper licked and sucked the man’s bulbous dick. Not only could he taste the man’s precum, but the man had a musky man scent coming from between his legs. This excited him even more. Looking down at the young man’s head in his lap, the stranger began to talk dirty to Jasper. “Ah yeah, that’s a good bitch. Stick your ass out while you suck my dick….Oh yeah, just like that…Ah, you’re a good little whore.” Jasper felt euphoric. He was naked in public, sucking a strange man’s dick in a filthy rest stop bathroom…for money. Not even in his dirtiest fantasies had he dreamt this up. The man had his hand on the back of Jasper’s head, guiding his mouth up and down on his shaft. On his knees, Jasper vigorously stroked his dick while servicing the strange man with his mouth. Impressed by Jasper’s blow job skills, the stranger decided to request further service from the young man. “How about another twenty bucks to fuck you?” Horny and aching to feel a man’s cock inside him, Jasper responded. “Yes…yes, I’ll do it!” The man smiled wickedly, motioning Jasper to stand up. The man leaned over and retrieved a small bottle of lube from beside the toilet. Squirting a generous amount into his palm, he proceeded to cover his hard, fat cock with the slippery substance. Holding the bottle forward, he gestured to Jasper to put some on his dick. As he took the bottle, the man grabbed him by his thigh, pulling him closer. As Jasper lubed his cock, the man put his hand in-between his legs, sliding two of his thick fingers as far up inside the young man as they would go. Jasper began riding the man’s fingers, fucking himself with the man’s hand. The man in turn enjoyed watching Jasper use his hand as a sex toy. “Oohhh, that’s it, kid, ride those fuckin fingers! You like how that feels?” Jasper did like how it felt; in fact, he wanted more. “More fingers, sir…please, more fingers!” Jasper panted and begged the stranger to stretch his hole even further. Pleasantly surprised by Jasper’s request, the man obliged him. Jasper shook with pleasure. As he jerked his dick, he bobbed up and down on four of the stranger’s meaty fingers. It seemed clear to him that he’d just found his new favorite fetish. The man couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling the whore’s soft warm rectum, paired with the look on his face, he knew it was time to fuck. “Alright, enough of this bullshit. Time for the real thing.” In one quick movement, he dislodged his fingers from Jasper’s hole, making him jump. Jasper moved forward in order to straddle the strangers lap, positioning his hole over the man’s cock. kaynarca escort However, the stranger had another idea. He stood up, turned Jasper around and then sat back down on the toilet seat; putting his hands on Jasper’s hips, he guided the young man until his hole hovered over his dick. “Alright kid, sit on it.” Jasper lowered his hole onto the bulbous head of the strangers dick. The man’s cock slid up inside of him, making a slight popping sound as it entered his hole. Resting his hands on the man’s thick thighs, Jasper began to bounce up and down on the strangers cock. Steadily, he began to gain speed as he rode the man’s fat dick. With his hands still on his hips, the stranger watched as Jasper’s smooth ass bounced up and down against his pelvis, his butt cheeks making a slapping noise as they landed on his bare lap. As Jasper continued to pump the stranger’s cock, his hole began to make a sloppy, wet, slurping noise as it slid in and out of him. Hearing the sound excited both men immensely. In the middle of fucking, the stranger stopped Jasper and told him to lean back against him. As he did this, the man grabbed his face and throat, turning his lips towards him so he could put his tongue in Jasper’s mouth. With his free hand, the stranger jerked Jasper’s dick as they both kissed, passionately. Wanting to change position, the stranger pushed Jasper forward. “Stand up,” he commanded. Jasper did what he was told, his hole again making a wet slurping sound when the stranger’s cock fell out of it. Now that they both were standing, the stranger bent Jasper over and shoved his dick back in the young man’s hole. Quickly, the stranger returned to the pace he had been going when he was fucking the young man on the toilet. Completely bent over, Jasper got a head rush. His entire body was drenched in sweat as the stranger used his hole. He could feel the man’s pubic hair brushing against his ass. Jasper was loving this. All he could think was how much he wished he could do this everyday for the rest of his life. Seeing his bare cock rapidly slide in and out between the young man’s butt cheeks, the stranger could feel himself getting close. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Here it comes….aaahhh! With one last hard thrust, the stranger unloaded his cum in the young man’s hole. In turn, Jasper could feel the man’s warm, wet jizz begin to run down the inside of his leg. The stranger stood with his cock inside Jasper for a minute. Then, realizing that the young man would probably do anything he asked, the stranger gave him one last order. “Clean my dick off,” he said. Jasper wasn’t positive, but he thought he knew what the stranger wanted. Without missing a beat, Jasper got back on his knees and took the stranger’s cock back in his mouth. He could taste the man’s jizz, mixed with sweat and his own juices. The stranger loved watching the young man clean his cock. “Yeah boy, that’s it. Taste your own ass.” Jasper sucked the stranger’s dick until there was no cum left on it. Satisfied, he sat leaning against the partition of the bathroom stall. Still rubbing his balls, the stranger complimented the young man, “You’re a great fuck, kid.” Jasper smiled, “Thanks Mr.” Not knowing the man’s name, he tried to be as proper as he could. The stranger smiled back as he picked up his pants. “What’s your name?” Jasper answered the man, “I’m Jasper, sir.” As they both walked out of the stall, Roger was surprised by the young man’s manners. He felt he didn’t encounter many young people like this anymore. “You come out here often, Jasper?” As he began to clean his butt at the bathroom sink, he answered Roger. “This is my first time.” Roger looked surprised. He figured the young guy might be a pro, considering the way he fucked. He continued to leer at Jasper as he put his shorts back on. Remembering that he still owed the young man, Roger pulled out his wallet. “Deals a deal,” he said, pulling out a fifty dollar bill. Jasper politely took the money. “Thanks, Roger.” Jasper couldn’t believe it, he had just turned his first trick. Part of him felt a little ashamed, orhanlı escort while the other part of him felt really turned on. “You know, son, I live a couple a counties over. I know a few other guys like myself. Their wives don’t put out enough for them anymore and they’re looking to get their nut. They don’t care who it is, long as it’s a hole. Unfortunately, there ain’t no whores in our area. You be interested in helpin em out?” Jasper felt like he should be offended, but really, all he could feel was excitement. “Sure…how do I do that?” Roger found the young man’s innocent nature to be sweet. “Just give em your phone number. The guys text you, then you meet em out here.” Make sense?” Jasper thought it did. To him, suddenly he had a way to get laid, and the means to make a little money at the same time. He actually didn’t even care if he got paid, but it would definitely still help. Jasper agreed to giving Roger his number. Roger grinned when he took his digits. “Yeah, I doubt the guys will mind parting with fifty bucks once they have a go at you.” Right before they both went their own way, Roger asked his new young friend a question. “Hey kid, you gonna be here next week? Same day and time? Feeling good about seeing Roger again, Jasper answered him. “Sure will,” he responded. Roger tipped his cowboy hat at Jasper. “That’s what I wanna hear,” he said. Jasper had been out on his bike longer than he thought. Though he had been with Roger at the rest stop bathroom for only about an hour, the rest of the day had quickly flown by. As he rode his bike, he began to peddle fast. He knew he had to try and get home as soon as possible in order to finish his chores and start dinner. Approaching the dirt road that lead to his house, his heart sank. He saw his father’s pickup sitting in the driveway. Damnit, he thought. Why was his dad home so early? It wasn’t even five o’ clock yet. Walking into the house, he saw his father standing in front of the stove. Even though the TV was on in the living room, he could hear him humming as he cooked. This made him hope he was in a good mood, and that he wouldn’t be angry that Jasper hadn’t done his chores. At first, Brian seemed to be in high spirits. “Hey son!” I hope you’re craving tacos tonight.” Then, he turned and saw Jasper. Brian stopped in his tracks. The expression on his face changed from delight to dismay. He stared at his son, looking disheveled and wearing only a tiny pair of athletic shorts. Brian tried to hold back his anger. “Is that how you went outside today? You look like you’re naked!” Jasper was crushed. He hadn’t meant to disappoint his father again. Trying to think of what to say next, he attempted to defend himself. “It was hot outside and I had a shirt on, but then I lost it and…. ” I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT, JASPER!” Brian had yelled gruffly at his son. “Just go clean yourself up…put some clothes on…dinner will be ready soon.” Brian angrily turned around and went back to cooking. As tears began to fill his eyes, Jasper quietly ascended up the stairs. Looking over his shoulder, Brian watched his son. He noticed his knees were scuffed, and there was some kind of dried fluid mark down the inside of his leg. Closing his eyes, he tried to ignore thinking about what it was. Later that night, Brian lay on his bed in his underwear, thinking about his son. Where had he been today? What was he doing? He didn’t seem to have any direction and he worried about where his life was going. Since he’d always been a good student and kept his grades up, Brian figured he’d get into a good college for sure. Then the day came when Jasper told him he hadn’t applied to any schools at all. Brian had been left speechless. He just didn’t understand what his son was thinking. And then, there was the other thing. He’d always sensed that Jasper was gay. When he was twelve, Brian had taken him swimming at the public pool. While there, he couldn’t help but notice how he looked at one of the lifeguard’s. That whole summer, he talked about the guy endlessly. At first, he thought Jasper just wanted to tepeören escort be like him. But it didn’t take long for Brian to realize that what Jasper actually wanted was to be with him. Brian had tried to be accepting of his son. However, the lessons he had learned regarding gay people growing up in the church had not made it easy. But as he lie on his bed, he started to admit to himself the real reason he was having trouble accepting Jasper’s sexuality. It was because deep down…he realized he was attracted to him. Brian had known he was gay since puberty. He remembered his first crush growing up was his best friend, Kevin. They had known each other since grade school, when they had both been involved in youth football. He remembered how they had experimented together, sexually. One night, when they were in junior high, he and Kevin had a sleepover. They took their clothes off, then quietly played with each other’s dicks. It was the first time he’d ever cum in front of another person. But the next day, Brian had felt ashamed. According to his church, being gay was a sin. Plus, he knew people in his small rural town wouldn’t approve of it, so he pushed his urges away. He had gotten the opportunity to leave his small town when he went away to college. Being 6ft tall and weighing 180ibs, he had accepted a football scholarship at a state university. When he graduated, he had tried living life in a city far from where he came from. Over the years, while living there, he had a few one night stands with other men. But again, each time, his guilt overcame him. When he turned thirty-five, in an effort to get away from all sexual temptation, he decided to go back to his rural town life. That’s when he met Claire. He had loved Claire, but their relationship had mostly just been a very close friendship.They had only had sex a few times during their two year marriage, and being that they already had Jasper, they never talked about having anymore children. After she died, it had never occurred to him not to continue taking care of their son. Even though Jasper wasn’t his biological child, he’d always felt like he was his true father. And while he was growing up, he’d honestly tried as hard as he could to be a good dad. But sometime around Jasper’s seventeenth birthday, Brian started to see him differently. Visually, his body began to look more…enticing. Now that Brian was forty-three and Jasper was an adult, he couldn’t help but think about how their relationship was changing, and if by any chance it was possible for them to be together, romantically. Brian put his hand inside his underwear. As he began to stroke his dick, he started to think about walking in on Jasper in his bedroom, nude, with his finger in his ass. Brian fantasized about his eighteen-year old son. He got excited thinking about touching his smooth toned body. He wondered what Jasper would’ve tasted like, had he put his tongue in his hole. He contemplated getting out of bed, taking his underwear off, and walking across the hall to his son’s bedroom. Once inside, he thought about climbing into bed with him, naked. Would he like that? Maybe he wants the same thing I do? Maybe, he wants me to fuck him as much as I want to? In that instant, Brian stopped himself. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about his son that way. He got out of bed and pulled his underwear off. But instead of going into Jasper’s room, he sat at his desk. Opening his laptop, he navigated to his favorite porn site. On the screen were videos of men, shoving various sized toys up their assholes. Brian loved watching the handsome, young, muscular guys play with their eager holes using huge dildos, vibrator’s and sometimes, even their own fists; watching them fill their gaping assholes as they climaxed in ecstacy. Brian lubed up his dick. Leaning back in his chair, he watched the men on the screen put on a show for him. And though he tried hard not to fantasize about his son, Brian couldn’t help but pretend Jasper was one of the naked young models, playing with their assholes just for him. If you enjoyed reading chapter two, come back and find out how Jasper’s life as a sex worker unfolds, and how Brian copes with his lust for his son. Please feel free to email me with any praise, critiques, or ideas you may have. I always appreciate thoughtful feedback.

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