Jasmine Makes Three Pt. 04Jasmine Makes Three Pt. 04


It was their first reunion, two weeks after returning from tropical Mexico. They gathered at Jasmine’s for dinner and drinks to compare notes on their adventure.

“I don’t know what the most erotic part was.” Jasmine’s face flushed at the thought. “I guess for me it had to be Jack and Phillipe inside me at the same time. No offense, Jack, but Phillipe was so huge I’m so grateful you were in my ass, not him. He might have killed me!”

Jack smiled. “No offense taken. It was a privilege — and one Phillipe didn’t get — to enjoy your beautiful derriere, Jasmine.”

“You’re always welcome there, Jack.” Jasmine touched his hand and smiled lasciviously. “You have the perfect all-purpose cock.” She licked her lips.

Jack felt himself getting hard.

“That night with Phillipe and Chloe was incredible,” Susan agreed. “But there was something about letting that young hotel guy come inside our room to watch us make each other come, Jasmine, and then to have him come on my tits. That may have been the high point for me.”

“I thought he might blind you with his torrent of cum!” Jasmine’s eyes were wide.

“Ah, youth,” Jack joked.

“How about you, Jack?” Susan asked.

“That’s easy,” Jack deadpanned. “It was when young Alberto stole a suck of my cock as I pulled out of you.”

Jasmine and Susan slapped him simultaneously, smiling.

“What, our pussies are chopped liver?” Jasmine feigned outrage.

“Your pussies — and every part of you — are the greatest delicacies on Earth.”

“Correct answer, buster.” Susan smiled. “So, Jack?”

He paused and thought. “It was all incredible. But if I had to pick one, I guess it actually would be our little sex lesson with Alberto at the waterfall. And not just because of the dick sucking incident.”

The women laughed.

They sat in silence for a moment, remembering their wild time in Mexico.

Jasmine broke the silence.

“I have some news.”

Susan and Jack looked at her expectantly.

“I’ve been on two dates with someone. It’s early but it’s going well.

“That’s great, Jasmine!” Susan smiled warmly. “What’s his name?”

“His name is Michael and he’s a chef.”

“That’s so nice! Does he live nearby?”

“Close enough. It feels like we have a lot in common and he has a good sense of humor.”

“Good, because no sense of humor would be a deal breaker for you.” Jack smiled at her.

“Absolutely! That and a low sex drive.”

Susan and Jack laughed and nodded.

“How’s the second deal breaker looking?” Susan asked.

“He seems a little shy, or just respectful. We’ve only kissed so far but it was really nice. We need to consummate things before I know for sure.”

“Any man whose sex drive doesn’t go into overdrive with you has a problem.” Jack patted her shoulder.

“We look forward to meeting him, Jasmine. When the time’s right.” Susan squeezed Jasmine’s hand.

“Me too!” Jasmine beamed. “But in the meantime, it’s hot tub time!”

At that, the women bolted for the door, shedding their clothes along the way.

“Get the towels please, Jack,” Susan called over her shoulder as they scampered out.

Jack smiled to himself as he walked back to the bathroom. He couldn’t believe his good fortune to have these amazing women in his life.

Before bringing the towels out, he undressed in the living room, his cock already growing at the thought of what awaited outside.

Opening the door and walking outside he found Susan and Jasmine naked on top of each other along the edge of the tub. They were laying mouth to pussy, licking each other gently. Jasmine was on top.

“Ah, I see dessert is served!” He rubbed his hands up and down Jasmine’s back and caressed Susan’s creamy thigh.

“Uh huh,” they mumbled, their mouths busily exploring each other.

Jack squatted next to them and leaned in toward Jasmine. He squeezed her luscious ass with both hands, spreading it wide. Leaning in, he kissed her cheeks then ran his warm tongue down between them, flicking his tongue back and forth on her ass as Susan looked on from below, devouring Jasmine’s sweet pussy.

Jasmine moaned at the attention she was getting. Lifting her mouth from Susan’s delectable pussy, she asked, “Jack, please fuck me while Susan eats me.”

There was nothing Jack wanted to do more. He got between Jasmine’s legs. As Susan looked up from below, Jack leaned in and put his rock hard cock to Jasmine’s glistening vagina, then slowly pushed it in. Giving Susan plenty of room to pleasure Jasmine’s clit, he steadily pushed into her until his cock completely disappeared.

Jasmine whimpered as he filled her and Susan ate her attentively. When he pulled out of Jasmine before driving back in, Susan stroked the sensitive underside of his cock with her soft warm tongue.

Soon Jasmine was getting close. Her legs began to tremble and her moans grew louder and more intense. She lifted her head from Susan’s pussy when it was impossible for her to concentrate on anything but her own sweet almanbahis agony.

Working as a team, Susan and Jack increased their intensity, Jack driving into Jasmine while Susan increased the suction on her clit. When Jack reached under Jasmine and pinched her nipples hard, her orgasm erupted and she cried out as euphoric pulses coursed through her quaking body. When it ended, she lifted her ass higher to improve Jack’s access.

Jack’s cock deep in Jasmine’s pussy, his own orgasm soon exploded, pumping cum into her as he thrust powerfully. When it subsided he pulled slowly out and Jasmine collapsed onto Susan’s body. Susan took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she opened her mouth as Jack’s cum began dripping from Jasmine’s bright pink vagina.

Jack and Jasmine moved off Susan, who turned so her calves were dangling in the warm water. Her legs were spread and she rubbed her swollen clit. Jasmine ran into the house and quickly returned with a small bottle. Jack had already positioned himself laying on top of Susan on the edge of the tub, his tongue pleasuring every inch of her pussy while her lovely breasts pressed against his skin.

Kneeling in the steamy water between Susan’s legs, Jasmine poured lube onto her right hand, covering it completely. She slid a finger, then two, then three into Susan’s vagina. As Jack looked on from inches away, Jasmine pushed a fourth, then a fifth finger into Susan, who whimpered softly.

“Tell me if this hurts at all, Susan,” Jasmine whispered. Ever so slowly, Jasmine pushed her hand into Susan’s taut vagina, holding her hand still when it was fully inside. Susan moaned, but not in pain. Jack looked on in amazement as Jasmine began slowly moving her entire hand inside Susan’s pussy.

Jack reached under Susan and held her ass tightly with his strong hands while he pleasured her clit with his mouth and Jasmine penetrated her gently with her fist. Susan writhed with pleasure and moaned louder and louder as they fucked her.

Within minutes Susan cried, “Oh my God!” as she came, showering Jasmine and Jack with her sweet juices as she squirted profusely. As she bucked wildly, Jasmine felt Susan’s vagina throbbing around her hand as her convulsive orgasm went on and on. Jack had always been amazed by the power and duration of Susan’s orgasms. He’d never seen one this prodigious.

When it finally ended, they helped Susan up and she slipped into the water. She was still panting and trembling slightly, her face flushed. The all kissed passionately as the beautiful water enveloped them.

Eventually able to speak, Susan looked at them and said, “Who needs Phillipe when we’ve got Jasmine’s magical hand and Jack’s tongue of glory?”

They laughed and sat with their arms around each other as they soaked away the glorious evening.


Several days later Jasmine stopped by to see them.

“Well, the deed’s been done! Michael overcame his shyness and had his way with me last night. Or vice versa.”

“That’s wonderful, Jasmine! How was it — if you don’t mind sharing?”

“I share everything with you two! And I mean everything.” Jasmine smiled and sat down with them on the couch.

“Well, he’s not at Jack’s Olympic level of performance, but it was really nice. He’s a gentle, considerate lover. Not too adventurous yet, but I’m hopeful that’ll come in time.”

“I presume it started in the hot tub?” Jack asked.

“Actually no. We were kissing on the couch before I could lure him into the water and we proceeded to the bedroom, where we consummated it.”

“Then he’s got the Tub of Sensuality to look forward to!”

“Among many other things, I hope!” Jasmine was happy.

“What’s his story, Jasmine?” Susan asked.

“He was married once, but not for very long. No kids. He’s had a couple of long term relationships. His work has preoccupied him for years, but he wants to get out and connect with someone again.”

“How’d you find each other?” Jack asked.

“On the Internet, of course.”

“Of course.”

“I want you two to meet him. But if Maggie’s in town, don’t bring her. I don’t want her fucking him on the dining room table while we’re trying to eat dinner.”

“Good call, Jasmine. That’s a distinct possibility. And it totally disrupts dinner.” Jack chuckled and thought of when Maggie snuck into their bed and blew him.

“Does he know about our situation yet?”

“Too soon for that. I don’t want to scare him off.”

“Right.” Susan nodded.

“Let me give it another week or so, then I’ll arrange a meet-the-friends dinner for us.”

“That’ll be great.” Susan smiled warmly.

“And we promise to behave.”

“Sure, Jack. There’s a first time for everything I suppose.”

Jasmine hugged and kissed them before heading out the door.


They gathered at Jasmine’s a week later. Michael didn’t know about the menage et trois and Jasmine asked them to keep it between themselves for now.

Michael was handsome almanbahis giriş and in good shape. In his late fifties — Jasmine tended toward somewhat younger men — his hair was graying and just beginning to recede. He was on the quiet side and was probably nervous to be on display for Jasmine’s friends. He told them how he’d been raised in a fundamentalist family but escaped so he could be his true self. He did have a good sense of humor and they had a lively conversation around the dinner table. Jack and Susan liked him.

They were surprised when Jasmine, as she cleared the table, raised the possibility of a dip in the hot tub. Maybe it was part of her screening process. But Susan and Jack intended to keep their promise to behave.

Michael looked surprised, too.

“Sorry, but I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“Don’t worry, Michael. California banned the wearing of bathing suits in hot tubs years ago.” Jasmine laughed. “Anyway, I’ll make it nice and dark out there. And I’ve got big, soft towels to boot.”

“Well okay then.” Michael smiled awkwardly. He was trying to be a good sport for Jasmine.

Jasmine took him by the hand. “Come with me and we’ll change. You guys can change in the guest room. Towels are in the bathroom.”

Jack and Susan gathered their towels and took off their clothes in the guest room.

“I hope she’s not jumping the gun,” Susan worried.

“Jasmine’s smart, baby. She probably just wants to see how he reacts to dipping his toes in the water, so to speak.”

Susan and Jack wrapped themselves in towels, went out to the tub, and slipped into the steaming water. Jasmine had the lighting lower than usual.

Jasmine and Michael weren’t far behind. He looked a little more relaxed, probably from talking with her privately while they took off their clothes. Jasmine pulled off her towel with a flourish, tossed it on the deck, and stepped into the tub. Michael was more discreet, taking off his towel with his back to them, then backing into the tub before turning in the water and sitting close to Jasmine. Susan and Jack sat across from them.

As usual, the women made no effort to hide their breasts under the water. Michael made a concerted effort to keep his eyes up above Susan’s gorgeous breasts and pink nipples. Jack made no such effort when it came to Jasmine’s luscious tits, which rested in their usual place on top of the water.

“This is so nice, Jasmine. Thanks for inviting us and letting us meet Michael.” Susan smiled sweetly at Michael, whose gaze at her dropped lower for a moment.

“The water feels particularly great with this cool air tonight.” Jasmine raised her long arms in the air, lifting her beautiful breasts for all to see, albeit in the dim light. The coolness was hardening her nipples.

“It is nice and I’m happy to meet you guys. Jasmine’s crazy about you.” Michael was relaxing. Jasmine put her arm around his shoulder.

The couples sat across from each other and talked quietly through the rising steam. Eventually they decided it was time to leave the tub and bring their evening to a close.

Susan and Jack got out first. Jasmine was pleased to see Michael looking at their bodies as the water poured off their skin and they dried and wrapped themselves in towels. Maybe he was loosening up. She kissed him and he kissed her back.

Back in the house, Jack and Susan dressed and met Jasmine and Michael at the door, still in their towels. They said their goodbyes and exchanged hugs, vowing to have another evening like this soon.

In the car, Jack mentioned seeing Michael steal a glance at Susan’s breasts.

“I know. But it sure took him long enough!” Susan winked.

“I’m sure he’s just being polite to Jasmine. I admire his fortitude.” Michael squeezed Susan’s thigh. “I can’t keep my eyes off your body for an instant.”

Susan smiled and put her hand on his thigh as they drove home.

Back at Jasmine’s, the minute the door closed behind Susan and Jack, Michael pressed her against the door and kissed her hard. Surprised and pleased by his assertiveness, Jasmine felt his cock pressed against her. Apparently hot tub time had lit a match under his libido, as she’d hoped it would.

Their towels fell to the floor and Jasmine dropped to her knees. Michael’s hard cock was pointing at her and she took it into her luscious mouth — a first for them. He moaned and held the side of her face tightly as she moved expertly up and down his shaft. Lifting his cock, she licked and sucked his balls, then took in his cock again, eliciting louder moans as he pulled her in with his strong hands.

He pulled out of her mouth and stood, his rock hard cock glistening. There was no leading him to the bedroom this time. Michael turned Jasmine and bent her over the couch, her hands supporting herself on the cushions. He spread her long legs and ran his hands from her calves, up her toned thighs, to her ass, which he massaged powerfully, spreading her cheeks.

Jasmine felt his head between her thighs, almanbahis yeni giriş then his hot tongue feverishly exploring her wet pussy — another first for them. She moaned with pleasure.

“Let me get something from your room,” Michael said softly. “Don’t move.” Jasmine had no intention of moving. She was right where she wanted to be.

He was back in an instant with a bottle of lubricant. Still bent over the couch, Jasmine spread her legs wider.

Michael dove back into her pussy from behind with his tongue, then moved up to her ass which he spread with his hands. Jasmine squirmed at the sensation of his tongue pleasuring her ass. This guy has more tricks up his sleeve than I gave him credit for, she thought.

He poured lube onto his index finger and pressed it to her anus, reaching around with his other hand to caress her clit. Jasmine shuddered in anticipation. Michael very slowly pushed his finger into her welcoming ass, until it was fully inside.

“Do you like that?”

“Uh huh,” she managed. She loved the feeling of fullness as he simultaneously pleasured her clit.

He slowly slid his finger out then added a second and pushed them into her even more slowly. Jasmine gasped softly but out of pleasure. She loved feeling his weight on her back as he fucked her ass with his fingers, his hard cock pressed against her lower back.

After moving his finger in and out for a time, Michael removed them and put more lube on her ass, and on his cock.

I see, Jasmine thought.

She felt his erect cock press against her, then gradually into her. One hand on her hip and the other reached around massaging her clit, Michael very slowly pushed his hard cock all the way into her ass. She moaned and pushed herself up against him.

Michael very gradually began moving faster inside her and thrusting harder. Jasmine’s swollen clit grew even harder at his touch as his hips slapped against her ass with each deep thrust.

“Fuck my ass hard, Michael,” she begged.

He was happy to oblige and in fact couldn’t stop himself. He slammed his full length into her over and over. She cried out deliriously as he rubbed her clit furiously.

Jasmine came first, screaming “Oh God!” as waves of ecstasy streamed through her body as Michael penetrated her fiercely. Once her orgasm faded, he held her by her hips and fucked her roughly until he cried out moments later as he came.

After their momentous orgasms, they lay together bent over the couch, utterly spent. As his cock softened he withdrew it slowly, then massaged his cum onto her ass as it dripped from inside her.

Regaining their composure, they stood facing each other naked and kissed passionately.

“Well aren’t you full of naughty surprises,” she whispered in his ear.

Two can play at that game, she thought.


“He bent you over the couch and fucked your ass? Is that a fundamentalist thing?” Susan joked.

“Right? He was on me before you guys even got to your car in the driveway. He made me cum with his hand while he did me from behind. It was amazing. He’s not quite as shy as he seemed.”

“I’ll say. Wow.”

“Maybe he’s part of our tribe after all.” Jasmine nibbled at her salad over their lunch.

“I did notice him checking out your tits once and then giving you a good look as you climbed out of the tub and dried off. I guess the whole scene lit him up.”

“It tends to have that effect.” Susan smiled suggestively. “Your hot tub should get landmark status and a plaque — ‘Come to bathe; bathe to come.'”

They laughed.

“Our next hot tub night should be interesting. Maybe I should start having Jack prepare my ass for a workout.” Susan squirmed on her chair.

“That would be advisable. Your ass is pretty much irresistible, Susan.”

A woman sitting at a nearby table choked slightly on her soup.

“Oops,” Jasmine whispered. “This conversation could send an eavesdropper to the emergency room.”

They giggled softly.

“Can you guys come over on Friday? Michael’s free.”

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”


Michael seemed more relaxed at their Friday gathering. He forgot his bathing suit again.

As they finished dinner, Jasmine made her hot tub announcement and pointed to a pile of towels on a table in the adjoining living room.

“Since we’ve all seen each other naked, I figured we could dispense with the separate undressing rooms and get to the tub faster.”

Michael didn’t balk at the suggestion.

Standing together in the living room, they took off their clothes. Fighting their urges, Susan and Jack behaved and didn’t tear each other’s — or Jasmine’s — clothing off. Everyone matter-of-factly took off their own clothes. Susan took a discrete look at Michael’s body — and liked what she saw. While the others took their towels in hand and walked naked to the hot tub, Michael wrapped his around his body. Still a little shy, she thought.

It was another beautiful early fall night as they slipped naked into the tub, the couples sitting across from each other in the bubbling water. Jasmine had the lights a little brighter.

After talking for half an hour, Jasmine moved in front of Michael and sat between his legs, her back facing him.

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