Janet’s Tongue Ch. 05Janet’s Tongue Ch. 05

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Roxanne smiled and breathed in a sigh of delight unable to contain her joy. Janet smiled at Roxanne’s delight, and she knew Roxanne wasn’t acting just to boost her confidence. She was being sincere.

Roxanne moved in to kiss Janet’s lips and Janet kissed her back. It was just a sensation of Roxanne’s moist lips pressing against her own, but suddenly she felt her eyes growing heavy and a sensation from deep within in her seemed to flood her head with tiny little sparkles bursting with pleasure. Her eyes closed and the only thought was the single moment happening right now and how good it felt.

Janet felt Roxanne’s tongue slip inside her mouth only to make the sensation of pleasure feel deeper within herself.


Roxanne slipped her tongue back into her own mouth and broke their bond with a string of spittle snapping back onto her lips. She could feel her body flush with warmth and hear Janet let out a sigh of comforting relief.

“I felt it. I’m sure I felt it.” Janet said, “I felt…you.”

“And I felt you, Miss Janet. You kissed me back. You accepted me and you gave back.”

“Was that intimate?”

“Do you need to ask, Miss Janet?” Roxanne smiled.

Janet smiled. It was something that was so difficult to understand, but after this simple exercise, she understood what Roxanne was trying to say. It made sense.

“Wow. I know what you mean now. I think I know what to do, but now, I just don’t know if I can do it.”

“You can. I’ve seen it in you already, Miss Janet.”

Janet thought about her VIP, Olivia. Was she like Roxanne? No. She would most likely be more like either Cat or Margritte given the description and advice she received. Thinking about Cat and Margritte, she felt herself growing smaller, then she looked at Roxanne with confidence.

“What else can you teach me?”

Roxanne smiled, “Let’s find out.”

For the next hour or so, Roxanne gave a very hands-on anatomy lesson of her pussy – to Janet. She described the phases of orgasm and how to pick up on the physical cues in a person as to how far along she is. Finally, she practically gave her a lecture on how the brain, not the clit or the nipples, was the sexiest and the most highly sensitive part of the body that could be stimulated.

“When a person’s brain is fully aroused, nothing…,” Roxanne said, “Nothing else matters. Their heads will swoon completely drunk on bliss. And when that happens,” Roxanne’s head fell back with an elated smile, “it’s the answer to the meaning of life.”

Janet laughed feeling the infectious aura arouse her. She knew what an orgasm felt like and the pleasure it gave, but nothing to the extent of how Roxanne described it. Yet, she did notice when she gave Roxanne an orgasm, it was extremely pleasurable to give another woman extreme pleasure as well.

“It’s better to have somebody else give you an orgasm than to have one yourself, isn’t it?” Janet said.

“Um-hmm. Do you know why, Miss Janet?”

Janet shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

“When you have dinner, is it better to have company, or be by yourself?”

“it depends,” Janet said shrugging again.

“Is it better to watch a movie alone, or with another person?”

“It depends.”

“Depends on what, Miss Janet?”

“On the person. If I want to eat dinner with that particular person or watch a movie with him…or her.”

“And if you did, is it better?”


“Why?” Roxanne said leading the question.

“Because…Because I enjoy the person’s company?”

“And?” Roxanne said nodding.

“I don’t want to be alone?”

“So if you don’t want to be alone, and you would want to be with another person, what are you doing with your time?”

“Sharing it with another person?”

“Bingo, Miss Janet. You’re sharing it. It’s the same with sex. You’re sharing something very intimate. How do I say this – you’re melting – mm – melding into each other. You become one blissful entity when you allow yourself to let go of yourself. I’m sorry, I just don’t have the right words to explain how you could feel.”

“That’s the reason?”

“If it’s better to share your time eating dinner with another person, or better to share your time watching a movie with another person, then why wouldn’t it be better to share an orgasm with another person?”

“As long as it’s a person I want to be with.”

“Um-hmm. Remember, you’re not hired to be a prostitute. You aren’t hired to go and fuck a stranger and leave. You’re hired to offer companionship. You’re going to have the time to get to know Olivia and what she’s all about.”

“And if I don’t like her?”

“Give her a chance mersin escort first, Miss Janet. Besides, I enjoy your company. Why wouldn’t she? I yearn to be with you. She’ll feel the same feelings I have for you.”

“You do – you have?”

“Yes, Miss Janet.”

“The note. The note you put on my hand the other day. You meant it. You felt – you had feelings for me.”

Roxanne nodded.

“I thought you were told to do that to boost my confidence.”

“No, it was my own idea. I really wanted you. Did it boost your confidence?”

“A little.” Janet said laughing with a shrug, “I mean that first day…that was before all of the salon appointments. You meant it – looking the way I did?”

“You may have looked Plain Jane – mm – plain Janet, but you’re still you, Miss Janet,” Roxanne said looking at Janet with an intensely warm gaze.

Janet cooed, “You’ve been nothing less than kind and considerate. You’ve taught me a lot in a short time. I am very grateful to all you and the women have done for me,”

“So you’re going to let me fuck you, right?” Roxanne said finishing Janet’s thought.

“No. That’s not what I mean. I mean, yes, if you want to, but I mean I’m grateful, and I would like to repay all that you have given me.”

Roxanne sat up and lifted Janet’s chin and smiled, “I know what you meant. You’re welcome. I am happy to have given you any help that I had to offer, but it’s about time you got ready for your appointment.”

They both rose to their feet and dressed with Roxanne touching up her make-up.

“Are you nervous, Miss Janet?”

Janet nodded.

“That’s good. It means you’re concerned about doing a good job. I think you’ll do great.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I’ve enjoyed my time with you, Miss Janet.”

“You’re too nice.”

“If you say so, Miss Janet,” Roxanne said with a smile and they walked back out into the living room.

Before Roxanne reached the entrance door, Janet said, “Roxanne?” and she turned to face Janet.

“You know, if you want…you can…you know…fuck me. If you want.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Miss Janet.”

“But you want to, don’t you?”

“Very much so, Miss Janet.”

“Then why don’t you want to now?”

“Because that’s not how it works, Miss Janet.”

“And how does it work?”

Roxanne smiled, “You’ll figure it out.”

She turned back to leave when Janet caught Roxanne by the wrist, “Wait.” she said and turned Roxanne back to face her, “Thank you. For everything.” she said and stood on her toes and kissed Roxanne on the lips.

The kiss was just lip to lip, but they lingered together for a good length of time until Janet broke off and saw Roxanne’s smitten expression on her face. There was a bit of shock and awe with a lot of yearning in her eyes when Janet moved in close once more and kissed her again slipping her tongue into Roxanne’s mouth.

Roxanne’s hands were down at her sides and instantly her hands balled into tight fists as she let out a muffled moan. Janet broke off leaving a long trail of spittle between their mouths. Roxanne breathed in and put her hand to her lips feeling where Janet’s tongue had just been.

“Your tongue…it filled my mouth.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been told I have a long tongue.”

“Don’t apologize for having something wonderful. May I see?”

Janet opened her mouth and pushed out her tongue – long and thick – touching the bottom of her chin and then raising it up touching the tip of her nose – all to Roxanne’s amazement – before slipping back into her mouth. She smiled and shrugged slightly embarrassed.

Roxanne could still feel Janet’s tongue back inside her mouth again and pictured it touching the back of her throat or slipping deep inside her pussy, which made her skin flush with warmth. She bit her lip to contain her desire hoping more than ever that Janet would say the magic words.

“Olivia is going to be completely satisfied,” Roxanne said.

“I had a good teacher.”

“Shall we, Miss Janet?”

Janet nodded and they headed out of the apartment. Janet led the way down to the garage and stopped by her car.

“Is this your car?” Roxanne said.


It was an ancient, black Honda Civic with body damage on the right side. Not only did it look like the side scraped against a wall, but impacted into the right front, and the headlight was smashed.

“Don’t worry. It should get me to where I’m going.” Janet said.

Roxanne looked at it with a sour look and when she looked at Janet, even with her simple plain Jane dress, she looked so much classier than the car.

“Come on, Miss Janet. I’m going to call mersin escort bayan an Uber for you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry,” Roxanne said and requested an Uber pickup on her phone.

They went back up into the apartment common area and saw the landlady sweeping up the grounds. She looked at them with a mean look. Roxanne said, “What the fuck are you looking at? Do your fucking job and mind your own fucking business!”

The landlady turned away still angry. and Janet just followed Roxanne in awkward silence. When they left the common area, they stopped at the nearest street corner.

“I’m excited for you, Miss Janet.”

“I wish I had the confidence you say you feel in me.”

“It’ll come. Just let it, Miss Janet.”

“Do you know anything about this Olivia?”

“Not personally. I’ve heard the name pop up from time to time in the office.”

“And you’ve placed other people to spend time with her?”

“Yes, but you’re the first woman.”

“I am?”

“That’s a good thing, Miss Janet. She won’t have anything to compare you against.”

“That’s true.”

“But, she also may have high expectations, to begin with.”

“Thanks, Roxy, for reminding me,” Janet said, sarcastically. Roxanne laughed, “Do your best and you’ll be fine, Miss Janet. I can’t wait to hear your results. And there is your ride. You don’t have to pay or tip him. It’s already paid for.”

The Uber pulled up along the curb and stopped.

“Thank you again, Roxy. For everything.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Janet.”

They looked at each other for a moment waiting for the other to say something, but nothing was spoken.

Janet then got into the back seat of the Uber and looked at Roxanne again. She saw those yearning eyes again and a look of anticipation. She waved bye to her, but instead of Roxanne smiling as she usually did, she looked like she was expecting a different response and then waved back just before the car drove off.

Janet sat back for the long drive thinking about Roxanne, specifically why she didn’t want to have sex with her even though she said she wanted to. Perhaps she saw it as an offer of charity rather than a sincere offer. But if she said she ‘very much so’ wanted to have sex, Janet couldn’t believe that she would turn down a willing offer. She didn’t know why and closed her eyes thinking about it for a minute or so more until she fell asleep.

“Miss? Miss?” the driver said rousing Janet awake, “We’ve arrived.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Janet said looking out the window seeing they were in a driveway to a very large house.

Janet opened the door and stepped out thanking the driver once more before he drove off. She walked up toward the double door entry – looking down the street realizing that affluent homes lined both sides. She looked down at her dress trying to straighten out the wrinkles once more and feeling how frumpy she must look in a place like this. The thought of being a prostitute sailed through her mind again as it seemed that was her sole purpose for being here.

She rang the doorbell and heard the deep gongs of Westminster chime inside and soon heard footsteps approaching. The door opened and a woman with chestnut hair – probably in her late twenties or early thirties stood in the doorway – wearing a dark-colored business suit.

“You must be Janet, right?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’m Jessica. Nice to make your acquaintance.” she said holding her hand out and Janet shook it politely, “Please come in.”

Janet stepped inside the marble foyer and followed Jessica into a sitting room, “Olivia should be arriving shortly, so please make yourself comfortable in the meantime. Would you like anything? Tea? Coffee? Water?”

“Oh, um…no thank you,” Janet said and sat down on the plush sofa.

“Olivia will be here shortly. The restroom is just down that hall and if you need me, I’ll be around.”

“Thank you.”

Jessica smiled and before she turned to leave, Janet thought she noticed her eyes giving her a once over, but it could’ve been her imagination. She looked at the décor as she sat back on the sofa. The room was finely furnished with matching sofas and a solid walnut coffee table in between. There were large art books on the center of the table. The walls had a grass-grained earth-toned wallpaper that made the room feel very warm and cozy. She sat back on the sofa letting her body sink into the deep cushions. She closed her eyes feeling how comfortable it felt when she heard the door open in the foyer as well as a woman’s voice with a southern accent speaking rapidly. The footsteps came closer until she saw who it was.

“Olivia Merchant~!” Janet escort mersin thought, “She’s the governor’s wife.”

They made eye contact and Olivia immediately stopped talking on her phone and Janet quickly stood up.

“Yes, that’s fine. I’ll talk to you later.” Olivia said and hung up.

“Hello…ma’am,” Janet said.

Olivia knew what she was getting, but actually seeing Janet was much more impactful than she had anticipated. She looked very young and her mannerisms even seemed childlike. Her petite frame and her slender legs made for quite a little package topped with doe-like brown eyes.

“Hello. What was your name again?” she said with that distinct southern accent.

“Janet. Ma’am,” she said with a slight curtsey.

“Have you had dinner yet?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Then let’s eat. Jessica?” she said calling, “Dinner for two in the dining room if you please.”

“Will do,” Jessica said from the other room.

“This way, please,” Olivia said holding a guiding hand directing Janet to the dining room.

They walked into the dining room and Olivia sat at the head of the table with Janet just next to her. A man wearing a suit stepped in and set up a dinner place setting in front of both ladies and then asked, “Any particular beverage you would like?”

“Pelligrino, please, Andrew,” Olivia said.

“The same, please,” Janet said

“Right away,” he said and stepped away.

Olivia looked at Janet who glanced back nervously trying not to keep eye contact for very long. Janet knew who she was. She was prettier than the photos taken in the newspapers.

“So, do you know who I am?” Olivia said.

“Yes ma’am. Olivia Merchant. The governor’s wife.”

“And what do you know about me? Be honest.”

“I know you’ve been in the news.”

“Go on.”

“It was that scandal.” she said but didn’t see a change of expression on Olivia’s face, “your husband cheated on you in public.”

“And what do you think about it?”

“I was…disappointed,” Janet said trying to pick her words carefully.

“Disappointed about what?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think,”

“Disappointed…about what?” Olivia reiterated.

Janet heard the slight anger in the tone of the words, but her demeanor was still quite calm and in control.

“I was disappointed…as a woman. I wanted you to leave him, not stand by his side. I mean no disrespect, ma’am.”

Andrew came back and poured two glasses with sparkling Pelligrino. Olivia’s eyes never left Janet’s face for even a moment until the man stepped away again, and then took a sip from her glass.

“I know from your perspective, that’s what we ladies should do. And you’d be right. The truth is, he didn’t cheat on me.”

“You mean, you knew?”

“Yes. Just like he knows what I’m doing right now. The real problem is that he got caught in public so he had to say what he did, and I have to look like the supporting wife.” she said and sipped from her glass, “What the public doesn’t know is how different our lives are from theirs. It’s supposed to look normal like everybody else. Married. Kids. A happy childhood.”

“That’s not real?” Janet asked.



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