Janets dirty games with me (part 1)Janets dirty games with me (part 1)


This story (all four parts of it) contains panty-shitting, shitted-panty-sniffing, (soft) female domination, some playing with shit and very young characters. It does not contain shitting in the mouth, real fucking of minors or everything else illegal in most Western countries. If you’re disgusted or offended by scat-playing or panty-pooping or something da’like, don’t read any further – you have been warned. Whether the story has really happened or is just fiction or maybe a bit of both I’ll leave to your imagination – read it as you want. One last remark: I’m no native english speaker, so maybe the language is not the very best or the most colorful and rich one, but I did my best to provide a readable and not too boring language style. And now: let’s begin with the first part.

The story happened when I was a boy about 12 or 13 years old. At school, we had a girl at class we all thought to be a little different and out of the normal – her parents being everything but rich, and she had a mind of her very own, and no one ever saw her except from school, waht might have been because she and her family lived in a small village outside. She wasn’t what one would call a model or even a beauty but not exactly ugly as well, she just looked average. One day, we all registered the whole stairhouse smelled shitty – someone had, for some unknown reason, dumped his load in a corner beyond the lower stairs. We all thought it was that girl, Janet – the teachers went into investigation but couldn’t prove she did it, in fact, they just couldn’t figure out who was it, neither could we. The shit was removed several days later. – At class, Janet was my desk neighbour, and somehow she found it amusing to tease and trick me, sometimes I just ignored her, sometimes she got me really annoyed.

On saturdays, school was always until the 4th hour for our class, after the 4th hour, we were done for the week. Other, older classes, however, had their lessons until the 6th hour, mostly things like arts, musics – and sports.

One of these saturdays, a mild but grey winter day, Janet grabbed my English book as I was packing my things together – faster than I could react.
“If you want it back you’ll have to come with me. And don’t be stupid and call the teacher to get it back – maybe then I could tear out some of the pages…”
This was a working argument since our English teacher was a very stern and strict women with a voice very unpleasant to listen to as it often got a shrieking, ear-piercing tone, especially when she became angry, no one wanted to mess it up with her, and she checked the books regularly. No student wanted to hear her seemingly endless blah-blah when she found something to be not in order, and once, a classmate had to copy-write a 1000 words text out of the book as a punishment work only for having the book a bit dirty – so you can imagine Janets treat worked well on me. After the lesson, she walked off, and I followed – I had planned to go home but she had the book. So I joined her.
“So where are we going?”
“Just wait’n see.”
We just walked up and down the floors – all our classmates had left school, only we were left, among older students who still had two hours of school to do. Finally, the bell rang to start the 5th hour. Soon the floors were empty, and Janet headed for the basement where the changing rooms for the sports lessons were. There were two of this rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. Inside, there were no lockers, only one long double-sided bench with cloth hooks put on a rack above the bench, held by two iron bars with a diameter of about 4 cm. Except of this, there was a heating, three wash basins and two or three small windows – the rooms were situated somewhat deeper than the street outside, so there where only small windows, one could see the feet of the people going by. Of course, there was an illumination in form of fluorescent tubes.
“Fine, the basement and the changing rooms. So what?! Just give me the damned book and let me go home!”
“Sssssshhhh…! You don’t want me to rip off a page off that book, do you? So just stay calm.”
She went straight to the boys changing room.
“I always wanted to peek in the boys room”, she explained joyfully to me.
“Big deal. It’s no different from your girls room, I guess”, I answered unenthusiastically. Was that why she kept my book and stole my time, just to look inside a boys changing room?
Carefully, she opened the door and peeked in.
“Good. No one home.”
“No wonder. They’re in the gym – where else should they be? And be lucky they’re off, I bet they wouldn’t be amused to have you peeping in while they’re changing.”
“D’you really think? Maybe they would love to give me a little flash of them?”
“Don’t be such an idiot. No boy can stand a girl watching him undress or dress for sports lesson.”
“I well know you silly idiots in our class don’t – maybe they would… they are older.”
“If you think…. nice for you. So, take a good look at the empty room, give me my book, and let me get the fuck outta here.”
“What? Why? We just arrived…. and there’s no one here.”
“Yes, and that won’t change ’til the end of the 6th hour. They always do the 5th and 6th hour in one piece without a break to get out earlier, as you might know.”
“Indeed? You say…? So we have this room for us alone now…”
With that, she finally completely opened the door, waved me in and closed it behind me.
“So I have to look.”
And so she kocaeli escort bayan did – only to see what I had expected: clothes and bags lying on the double-sided bench and hanging on the hooks, shoes standing around. The air was a bit miffy – you know, the air in old changing rooms when regularly students coming hot and damping from the sports lesson are changing clothes in there and there’s no real possibility to let in fresh air (the small windows could be opened only a gap, and by now, they were closed because of the weather outside). She walked around the bench one time and a second time, looking interested on the clothes and bags. A thought occured to me.
“You aren’t going to steal, are you? If you plan to steal, do it, if you must, but don’t you pull me in this story – give me back the book, I’ll vanish, and that’s it!”
“Stealing…? No… Really…. what d’you think of me? I’m not gonna search their clothes and bags… I’m not really interested in this stuff.”
“So why did you pull me down here then? I’ve got more important things to do than hanging around with you in a stupid changing room!”
“You say they won’t come back until the end of the 6th hour?”
All I could do was rolling my eyes.
“Yeah. I said so. At least they won’t come for the next complete hour from now on. Maybe they’ll close their sports lesson a bit sooner than end of the 6th hour, but they’ll have to stay in the gym for at least 60 minutes from now on.”
With that, she grabbed my arm, pulled me to the bench and pushed me down on it close to one of the iron bars holding the hook rack.
“Too bad I don’t have a rope I could tie you with to this bar. We’ll just have to imagine I had – so don’t move or back away!”
Surprised by this sudden outburst of energy, I just sat and stared at her, my head resting on the bar.
“Now we’ll get started. Don’t forget – don’t move or back away! It could get me nervous…”
“Well, well, well, I’m no stupido, I can remember what you said just seconds earlier”, I grumbled.
I got no answer. Instead, she turned so her backside was facing me now and stepped over me, her ass which wasn’t overly big but not overly small too being just a few inches away from my face.
“You thought I was the one crapping in the stairhouse?”, she asked with an innocent voice.
“Ummm…. well…. anyone thought that.”
“Now you have the exclusive chance to find out whether I did it or not!”
With that, she moved her ass even closer to my face. I just stared, not knowing what to make out of this.
“Sniff my ass. You can’t held your breath forever.”
I had, honestly, not even thought of helding my breath – but she was obviously right, even if I tried, I couldn’t stop breathing for long, so I just continued to inhale the air.
“I can’t register much outside of the normal smell of this room…”
“Ah, you’re right…. how silly from me, I still have my jeans on…. just wait, I’ll take them down.”
I heard her unzipping her jeans and, again, could only stare – was she really going to take down her jeans in front of me?
She was. Slowly, waving her butt around a few inches, she lowered her jeans so her panties appeared – I couldn’t believe she was really doing this, but at this time I couldn’t know she was just getting started. Her panties fully appeared as she took her jeans, once her ass was free, down to her knees – now I could see her panties had brown stains in them, and it didn’t take much fantasy to guess what this stains were made of. Indeed, now I could smell something: it smelled like dried shit, mixed with the smell of clothing worn some days long.
“What the…. you’ve shitty panties!”
“Good! You’re a good observer! D’you smell something now?”
“Indeed I do… smells like dried shit and clothing! You filthy girl -“
“Oh, don’t speak any further… remember your book…”
“I think you deserve a good hard spanking!”
“Do you? I don’t… and now, tell me, now that you smell something: was it me who shitted in the stairhouse?”
“Judging by the smell? How should I tell? There, it smelled shitty, and your panties smell shitty. No idea if it’s the same note, if you mean this.”
“Maybe you have to get a better look and a better smell… I’ll just lower my panties to.”
I gasped for air in astonishment – she was really going to show me her bare ass?
She was. Slowly, just as before, she lowered her panties indeed, again slowly waving her ass around. Once her panties were down, I could see her now naked, hairless ass: it had smaller dried shit stains here and there on the buttocks, and a larger, not yet dried stain in her butt crack. She grabbed behind her and pulled her ass cheeks away, giving me a perfect look of her little asshole which was partially covered with shit. Now I definetly could smell her shit – it wasn’t as bad as one would expect, and, much to my own astonishment, I felt I was getting aroused by this whole thing, but which boy wouldn’t, shit or no shit, having a girls bare ass right before his face? I had a good view of her pussy, too, but she didn’t seem to care.
“Now?”, she asked in a demanding voice. I came to a conclusion.
“Yes! I’m sure you were the one who shitted in the stairhouse! There’s no doubt you were it, it smells the same! There! Now I said it!”
“Well done! And you’re right – I did it! Did you like it?”
I gave no answer.
“Hey! I asked you something, and I better like your answer! Else, I could easily get the idea to sit down on your book…”
“Sit kocaeli sınırsız escort on the book with your naked filthy ass? Oh no you don’t!”
“Try me…!”
She took the book, opened it, laid it on my knees and started to lower herself.
“No, hey, wait…”
“Yes…?”, she said in a sweet voice.
“So what should I like? The fact you crapped in the stairhouse?”
“Hmmmm. Well… no, that’s scrap, you’re right about this. More interesting: do you like what you see now?”
“I didn’t think I’d say this just five minutes ago…”, I answered, hesitatingly. “But…. yes, it’s not so bad.”
She took the book away, then got back up and moved her ass, took it in a position it was mere one or two inches away from my nose – one careless move of either her or me, and my nose would’ve been stuck into her asshole.
“Not so bad?! What do you see now? Do you love that?!”
“I can’t see anything now, your poopoo hole is too close to my face.”
The whole thing really turned me on by now, I was just wondering how far she’d take this game. But first, she took her ass away a few inches so I could get a better look.
“And? You like what you see?”
“I can see your filthy, dirty little asshole and your cute little pussy. And – yes, I like what I see.”
All of a sudden, she moved her butt clase to my face again, pulling her butt cheeks apart, and I couldn’t do different than deeply inhale the smell of her sexy girlshit clinging to her butt crack and covering half of her asshole. It hat a strange, shitty odor… but it was the poop of a girl which really seemed to love what she did.
“So does my ass look good?”
“Yes! Yes, it does!”
“Good boy. And does it smell good, too?”
“It… it smells good!”
She straightened up and took two steps forward, the smell of her shitty ass nearly fading away. I thought this game would be over now and started to get up, but she quickly turned around and pushed me back to the bench.
“Hey! Where do you want to go so fast? We’re having such a good time now… don’t hurry!”
Then, she grabbed my school bag, searching in it for a little while. Obviously, she didn’t care the least that meanwhile, I had a good look at her hairless pussy. There was one question I just had to ask.
“Do you never wipe off your butt?”
“Only sometimes I do… you see, when I’m in a hurry or there is no toilet paper within reach or something, I just don’t wipe off – it accelerates things a lot. Last time I wiped off was… wait… three or four days ago. Ah, here we are.”
It seemed she had found what she was looking for in my bag. She pulled out the pen-case, opened it and took out my only pencil. I could already think of what was coming next…. and I was right.
“You’ve been not very nice to me today, save for the last few minutes. I think I have to give you something you’ll remember to be nicer next time…”
She turned around so her arse was facing me again, then stood so that her ass cheeks were spread as wide as possible so I had again a perfect look on the shitty butt crack and her nasty, dirty little hole. Then, she took the pen with two fingers and slowly moved the tip of it up and down her ass crack several times, then looked at me.
“Now look carefully, I guess you’ll like what comes now.”
She positioned the pen right on her asshole, then shoved it slowly but steady in. Once again, I could only gasp with astonishment, but my cock felt hard enough to rip through my pants right now (of course, that didn’t happen). She pushed the pen into her asshole until only a small piece of it looked out, then she turned it around while it was sticking inside her. After a minute or so, she pulled the pen out again – as I expected, it was covered with her fresh, sexy brown girlshit which clinged in stains on the plastic material of the pen. When she had the pen out, she turned to face me and showed me the result of her dirty little “game”.
“Now, how do you like this?”
With this words, she held the pen right under my nose so I just had to sniff on it – it smelled, of course, like shit, but it was her nasty brown girlshit, and the smell of this shit coming fresh out of her arse aroused me even more. She now looked down on me, seemingly noticing my state.
“Ah, you filthy, nasty little boy… you like that, don’t you? Just say it… I can see you have a woody-woodpecker.”
With her free hand, she got a hold on my boner right through my pants, slowly stroking it. I felt like I was in heaven now, being here in this muffy changing room, being unable to speak.
“Maybe you deserve a little special reward. Choose one of your fingers.”
I could think of what was coming next… but I decided to take the chance so I just said, “right hand, pointing finger”, pointing this one out towards her.
“Well, well… just give me your right hand, so, well, right, just stiffen your pointing finger…. exactly so.”
She took my hand and positioned it in perfect “ass height”. Then, she once again turned, showing me her bare ass.
“Now – stick your finger inside my ass just like I did it with your pen, or else -“
I could think of what she would say after the “or else” – something about ruining my book – but didn’t want to hear about that. Instead, with a quick move, I stuck my finger on her asshole, which she answered with a little cry of surprise – obviously, she hadn’t thought I would get into her game so quick. Well, some thirty minutes ago I wouldn’t have thought so, either.
Her izmit anal yapan escort asshole felt warm and soft. I started to ease my finger in – it went in well, without much resistance of her body, her asshole being well lubricated with her sexy smelly shit. I pushed further on until my finger was completely vanished inside her asshole. Inside, it felt warm, soft and moist – not exactly what I’d call an unpleasant feeling.
“Am I to turn my finger now, too?”, I asked teasingly. All she could do now was a bit of a nodding, and suddenly I understood – she was getting horny as well as me! With my thumb, I started fingering her little pussy which made her squeal with pleasure, but only a short time, then she gasped, “Turn round your finger now and pull it out.”
Well, if that was what she wanted… I turned, as told, my finger around inside her butt. Of course, I couldn’t do a 360° turn as she had done with the pen before, but I made up for it with several turns to both the right and the left. Then, I slowly pulled my finger out – as I had expected, it looked much like the pen before, having brown stains of fresh shit on it. She turned to face me, threw the pen she was still holding into my pen-case, closed it, placed it back into my back and looked at me.
“Now? D’you like this? How does your finger look?”
“It looks….. ehm…. good!”
“Ah, nice… right answer! And how does it smell?”
I took a deep sniff, inhaling the smell of her fresh sexy shit staining on my finger.
“It smells…. just…. great!”
“Good, good boy.”
Once again, she grabbed my dick and caressed it through the fabric of my clothing. I just wished she would take down my pants, too, but then, all of a sudden, she looked at her wristwatch.
“Damned! This late again? Shit… I gotta catch my bus!”
With this, she rapidly dressed herself, flicked through her bag, got out my book, threw it onto the bench, and, without a further word, rushed out of the room and was gone. I just stood there. What was that? Was that all just a naughty dream?
But then, I looked at my finger – and I got sure it was no dream. There my finger was, with brown stains on it… I couldn’t help but had to sniff it again, playing with my cock with the other hand. Then I took my pen-case, opened it and looked in – inside was my pen, still covered with girlshit. Slowly, I got my things (including the undamaged book) together… meanwhile, the shit on my finger dried, so I went to a basin to clean my finger. As usual, all I found there was some water… no soap, no towels, as I was used to it. So I just cleaned my finger with cold water. After it was clean, I couldn’t resist the temptation and brought it up to my nose… and soon noticed it still smelled like Janets sexy shit, the smell hadn’t gone. My cock got rock hard again. At this time, I didn’t know yet what exactly to do about this state of my body, so I just laid my boner in a more comfortable position and then left the room – a quick view on my own watch showed me it was a good time for it since 6th lesson was still in progress, that meant floors would be empty and no long until the older boys would left form sports lesson. A good time to leave…. and so I did, going home for this week.

Later that day, at the afternoon, I was alone in my room. Still not fully believing it all had been true and not only a horny dream, I opened my school bag, took out the pen-case, opened it and took a sniff inside – and, sure enough, got a noseful of shit smell. I looked inside – Janet had simply thrown the pen with her shit on it into the case, so now other pencils and the case itself had some shit on it, too. I took out the shitty pen and looked at it closely, enjoying the smell that emerged from it. Soon, I laid down on my bed, opened my pants and began to play with my rock hard cock – and it didn’t take long before I shot my load up in the air, for the first time in my life I got a cumshot while being fully aware of it (like almost every other boy, I had “wet dreams” before, meaning I had cumshots before this one – but I don’t count them as a “real orgasm” since when you’re asleep, usually you don’t get much joy of an orgasm, at least you don’t remember once you wake up). Wanking on the shitty games of a girl…. I hadn’t imagined my first wank being like this, but there it was, and it didn’t reduce the fun of it.

Next monday came, and with it came the next week in school again. I had cleaned the pens and the pen-case at sunday afternoon, this being fairly easy – Janets shit had dried by then, I just had to shuffle it off the pens and pencils and throw away the dried shit flakes that were left. I went to school just as usual, being curios whether Janet would say something about our little game – but, a bit to my surprise, a bit to my disappointment, she acted as if nothing ever had happened between us. The only hint were some flashes in her eyes when she directly confronted me – but I had no idea if she was to repeat the game or not, and I just didn’t want to openly ask her. At this week, we had sports, too, of course, and this way I saw the changing room again twice (once for changing into sports gear, once for changing back to normal clothing) – but no other boy from my class saw what I saw in this room, and how should they have. I inhaled the air in the room, searching for any note from last saturday – but, of course, there was nothing left in the air, it smelled just a bit miffy as always. Later, at the afternoons, at home, I had one wank or another but didn’t talk to somebody about it.

That was part one of the story. If you like, the story continues with part 2 and the next saturday… and a new nasty game by Janet played with me.

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