Jane Takes A BullJane Takes A Bull


The Monday sales meeting was dragging, as usual, and the only thing getting me through it was the constant stream of texts I was receiving from Jane.The latest was, ‘don’t forget to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners. please get it here on time you might get a special kiss before I go xx’Jane was being picked up by her area manager, Rob from our house around two o’clock and they were off to their annual conference being held at a very swish hotel in the Midlands. I’d placed my phone on the desk, on top of my sales sheets, and I’d flicked the switch to mute but the damn thing still vibrated with every incoming text. ‘what time will you be here?’ I typed out a reply, ‘shortly!! meeting running late’ John, my immediate manager, liked to think he was a bit of a hard ass and joker rolled into one. He walked around my desk, leaned over and read my reply. “Not keeping you from anything good, are we Dave?”  A fucking blowjob, I thought, but answered, “No boss, just some errands I have to run during lunch. When is lunch by the way?” This was the first time I’d seen him glance at his watch. “Okay, I have run on a bit,” he said. “Remember what I said and have a good week. Enjoy lunch.” I sent a text to Jane while almanbahis walking out of the office to my car. ‘just left. on my way to pick up your suit’ I’d only put the keys in the ignition when the phone vibrated in my hand. A picture text: Jane naked in front of our long, bedroom mirror. That brought a smile to my face and, to be honest, the beginnings of a hard on.Jane and I have been married for twenty-six years. I was seventeen when we met and she was three years older. We hit it off straight away and were married within a couple of years. I was always very sporty: rugby, football and squash and I got to a quite a high standard, especially in rugby. But my knees gave up a long time ago and squash didn’t help. Jane was always a stunner, flitting between size eight or ten. She was five foot eight and had lovely blonde hair. We had two children but they’d left home a few years ago, so it was just Jane and I. After the children left home, I really thought we would go back to how our sex life was before we had kids. Back then, we couldn’t keep our hands of each other. Sadly, it had become mundane and sex was twice a week, if I was lucky, and usually quite hurried. I knew Jane wasn’t really enjoying it and I almanbahis yeni giriş didn’t either.Then, on a Sunday morning lie in, Jane was awake while I was still dozing, Her head was on my chest and we were having a cuddle of sorts. “Read any good books lately?” she asked and started to stroke my cock. “Strange question. No, why? I just about read the sports pages these days.” “Really?” This time, the tone had a little more edge and she was still stroking my cock. “Why the question?” I asked but thinking, what does she know that I don’t? Her hand had now moved to my balls. “Did you realise you were logged into my Amazon account the other day?” Oh shit! I tried to remember what I’d done. Normally, I’m so careful to cover my tracks. How could I have been so careless? Best blab my way through it.  “Go on then, what have I done? Not bought something with your card have I?” “Nope, but you book-marked some interesting titles? Do you remember what they were, darling?” Oh Fuck! I was struggling to remember… then it came to me; I was reading the synopsis to a few cuckold stories. And I must have put them into the basket, thinking it was my account. “Just a fantasy,” I said, attempting to sound nonchalant. almanbahis giriş “Did you read them?” I asked, not sure how this was going to finish. By now, Jane was flicking the end of my cock with her tongue. But she stopped and reached out to her bedside table. “Yes, I read them. Have to say I was a little shocked that you like the idea of me having sex with other men. But here, don’t say I don’t love you, I ordered them for you and they came yesterday.”She handed me the three titles. I honestly didn’t know what to say but we had fantastic sex that morning and for many years my powers of recovery amazed the both of us. Over the next few months, Jane indulged me in the cuckold fantasy. Before she went out with the girls, I’d lay out her clothes and run a bath for her. But, best of all, she’d let me shave her pussy. On the way out of the house, she’d say that if a guy came onto her, and she fancied him, she would have sex with him and I’d be told everything. She’d come home and tell me that she’d kissed a few guys and let them feel her up. This made me so hard and, to be honest, we were having a great sex life.Now, I’d just collected the suit and it was 1-25 and I was still ten minutes from home. I texted, ‘nearly home 5 mins”you’re not going to get your goodbye kiss!’ came the reply. I raced home and pulled up on the drive, I snatched the suit from the back seat, and it felt like an eternity while I fumbled to find the house key.

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