Jan, or Rather John Ch. 2Jan, or Rather John Ch. 2


Slowly waking up I could see the early morning sky begin to lighten. Becoming aware of my senses, feeling long, curly tresses laying across my neck, the delicate fabric of my nightgown wrapped around my body and John’s large apparition snuggled between my legs.

I sighed contentedly to myself, what a wonderful feeling to wake up too. It was not just a dream, but also a dream come true. Slowly and gently I slid from the bed looking down at John’s sleeping form before covering my lovely wife up so a chill would not wake her. Planning the day in my mind that would be as wonderful or better than last night’s.

Quietly going to the bathroom I closed the door and undressed. While preparing for an enema I noticed slight stubble on my face and body already appearing, I thought about if we could afford electrolysis if this would be a regular event in our lives. After washing and shaving my face, I smoothed most of a bottle of Nair over my body. Then douched my sissy pussy for today’s fun while the crème did its job. I had left the fake breasts attached even though they had begun to itch slightly. Upon touching them they felt more sensitive, raising my arousal.

After donning my gown and wig once more and checking myself over in the mirror I noticed only an hour had passed. I was pleased with my looks and efficiency and I hoped John would also be. I peaked in through the door on my way to the kitchen and was pleased to find her still asleep.

After starting the coffee, I began to prepare her favorite breakfast, pancakes and sausages. I had such a peaceful feeling as I went about my tasks feeling so feminine and sexy dressed as I was. Every once in while I’d catch a glance of my reflection and would shudder in arousal.

I just finished setting the table when I felt a presence behind me. Turning, I saw John leaning against the doorframe, a smirk on her face. A tingle ran down my spine as I took in her vision. Sleep tousled hair, moustache, hairy chest and a pair of boxers with a grotesquely large bulge pushing out the front. I felt faint and slightly flushed as she stared me up and down.

“Smells delicious dear,” John said walking to the table, “So good in fact, the aroma woke me up.”

“Thank you.” I replied shyly.

John pulled out a chair and gestured for me to sit. Kissed my cheek before seating herself and I felt myself blushing again.

“You look wonder this morning dear, and that blush suit you perfectly.” She said with a smile.

Which made me blush deeper and the tingling in my spine grew more intense. I watched John as he attack his food, realizing she was eating more aggressively than she usually did. Then I realized that I was taking little bites of food and eating as I had noticed Jan did when I had watched her eat dressed as herself. I looked up to find John staring at me with what seemed a knowing grin.

“What do you have planned for your day dear?” John asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t really thought much past breakfast John.” I felt a tingle when I said the name.

“Well I have few ideas,” she said pushing the chair from the table, “why don’t you come here and we’ll discuss them.” Raising her hand and holding out to me I rose from my chair and walked over. Turning my back to her, John pulled down to her lap and I could feel the fake penis nestling against my bottom. I leaned back into her and rested my head on John’s shoulder.

“Well just what do you have in mind dear?” I asked trying to sound seductive.

“I thought that since you been such a good wife to me that I’d take you shopping for something special to wear tonight.” I sat up and twisted around to look at her face, shocked, “What, your not serious are you?”

“Of course I am,” John chuckled at my fear, ” I was just as shocked as you were yesterday when you first walked into this room. I know you didn’t recognize me at first, as a matter of fact I wish I had camera so I could of gotten your expression on film as your jaw hit the floor.” I felt embarrassed as she laughed knowing she was right. I hadn’t recognized her at first. I felt cold and scared at just the thought of being in public dressed as a women and at the same time aroused by her boldness to suggest such a thing.

“I was out like this yesterday afternoon, not one person even gave me a second look,” John tried to be encouraging, ” Except for the sales girl where I bought this outfit, she even called me sir, told me my wife was lucky to have such a considerate husband.” I looked at her fearfully, “I don’t know if I can do that John.”

“Of course you can dear,” he said nonchalantly, “Just a quick trip to a ladies wear shop for something special to wear for me. Lets go find you something to put on and I’m sure once your dressed you’ll feel much more sure of yourself.” We stood up and taking my hand John led us to the closet to pick out my clothing for her planned outing. First came a black skirt cut about four inches above the knee and a dark purple silk shirt. Then out came a black garter-belt and hose konya escort from her dresser and a panty and bra set of black satin. From her jewelry box came a string of pearls with matching clip-on earrings.

“There, everything you need. You start getting dressed dear,” John, said kissing my cheek, “I’ll go shower and get dressed. You’ll see you’ll be perfect.” I was shaking with nervousness as I removed my gown and hung it up. More so than the day before when I was getting ready for the first time.

I had just gotten the earrings on when John entered the room. She was naked and drying her hair with that huge cock swinging from side to side as she walked.

“You look fantastic Connie,” Her smile growing wide, “I don’t know if I want to take you out now. Your so hot I’d need a gun to keep the other men away from you.”

“Don’t be a tease John.” I replied, as a wave of excite made me shiver, “You’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

“No babe, you’re really hot stuff.” She said taking my hand, “Hot enough to get me excited.” John placed a gentle kiss on my lips and placed my hand that big prick of hers. Instantly I wrapped my fingers around the girth and squeezed. I felt a tingle go down my spine and stop at my anus. Suddenly my body started to shake and my knees felt wobbly. I turned and sat on the edge of the bed pulling John with me so that she was standing directly in front with that big cock at eye level. I heard a click and felt it hum in my hands and looking up into John’s eyes brought the tip up to my lips. I kissed the very end lightly, feeling the vibrations tickle my lips and then swirled my tongue around the glands. Without breaking eye contact I sucked down half the length. We both moaned at the same time, John placed her hands on either side of my head and started fuck my face pushing deeper into my throat with each thrust.

“I’ve got a surprise for you babe,” John groaned breathing heavy as the vibrations excited her, “I was going to save it for later, but it seems you want it now. This cock is loaded sweetheart and as soon as I cum I’ve got a treat for you.” I shivered with excitement and fear of the unknown, as John’s breathing became snorts coming closer to her orgasm. Moving one hand to the top of my head she dropped the other to the large scrotum. With my hands on John’s hips I could feel a twitching start. She pulled out, with only the glands remaining between my lips. Suddenly John started to shake violently.

“I’m cumming,” John shouted, “Oh yeah, get ready babe to take my load.

At first I almost pulled my face away, then I saw John squeezing the scrotum several times as her body jerked spasmodically. Then I felt a liquid shoot from the tip of the fake cock. I was shocked; John had made the fake cock actually shoot off into my mouth. It was thick and salty and before I could react another, then another spurt erupted forcing the slimy fluid out of the corners of my mouth. I started to swallow as fast as I could and raised my hands to catch the over-flow so it wouldn’t stain my top.

“That felt great Connie,” John said as he bent to kiss my lips, “Did you like it?”

“It was a shock.” I replied hoarsely, shaking with excitement, “What was it?”

“It was my load babe, don’t worry sweetheart.” She said when she saw the shocked look on my face, “It was only egg white, icing sugar and salt.”

“You could have warned me,” I replied in mock anger, “I almost got some on my top.”

“You better go wash your face and fix your make-up dear,” John laughed, “people might give you strange looks if you go out in public with cum hanging from your chin.” I went into the bathroom; I couldn’t help but laugh at the cock-sucking slut looking back at me with a dollop hanging from her chin. I had to applaud her though, John’s formula was perfect, it looked, felt and even tasted fairly close to my own cum that I licked off her cock last night. I couldn’t wait to feel it shoot off again in my mouth. Then I suddenly felt flushed as a tingle ran down my spine and made me shiver in delight and I thought to myself, I wonder how that would feel.

Even sitting in the passenger seat as we drove downtown I felt more nervous than if I would of been completely naked. A catalog of what ifs ran through my head. Finally reaching the Mall didn’t exactly relieve my tension as John parked purposely at least a five-minute walk to the entrance.

Rushing around the car he opened the door and held her hand out to me, leaving me no alternative but to get out.

“Come on Connie, you’ll see it won’t be so bad once we’re inside.” she said smiling at my discomfiture.

The only matching footwear at the house I could get my feet into was a pair of black sandals that were slightly small and hard to walk in. So John decided that the shoe store would be our first stop.

I couldn’t help to feel that I was being stared at and a few times I noticed that a few of the men’s eyes were on me as I walked past them. John also seemed to notice.

“What konyaaltı escort I tell you babe,” she said with a grin, ” every man in the place has got an eye for you.” I could feel myself getting flush as we entered the shoe store.

“Can I help you with anything?” a dumpy looking salesman asked.

“Yes you can,” replied John, ” my wife needs a new pair of heels to go with her outfit before we can go to dinner.”

“Of course sir,” he replied, “I’ll be more than happy to help out. If you’d just like to have a seat so I can size you properly.” He turned his oily smile towards me before leading us to the line of chairs in the center of the shop. He pulled a stool in front of me after I sat down and reached for my ankle. I shivered as he firmly but gentle held my foot up and removed my sandal. He placed my foot on the cold steel and adjusted it to find my size. I noticed of he used every opportunity to look up my legs and when I raised my foot to place it back on the floor his eyes grew wide. I’m sure he must have seen all the way up my skirt to at least my stocking tops if not more.

Sitting beside me John smiled in amusement, ” He seems to have seen something he likes dear.” I turned red with embarrassment, ” I hope he doesn’t see touch much.”

“Don’t worry dear,” She said with a chuckle, “it’s probably the only thrill he gets in life. Have fun with it, let him have a good view.” I couldn’t believe that John was actually suggesting I give the old man a flash. Before I could say anything else he had returned with several boxes.

“I’m sure we’ll find something here the lady will like.” He said sitting once again on the stool.

I noticed his face was slightly redder in shade than before. Once again he took hold of my ankle and placed it on the stool in front of himself and slid his hand up my calf before reaching into the first box, sending a shiver up my spine.

Taking my foot again he forced my leg a little higher and slid the shoe onto my foot then repeated the process with the other. He took every opportunity to look up my dress. Looking down I noticed that he was starting to show a bulge in his slacks.

I could hear John’s breathing getting heavier beside me and I was having trouble controlling my own. I began to feel flushed and faint as I realized I was turning myself on by teasing this shoe shop lecher. Looking over to John, she smiled at me and seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and feeling.

“Would you like to walk on them first?” He startled me, standing before holding out his hand to help me up.

His gentlemanly gesture seemed to thrill me for some reason as I took his hand and stood. I could see in the mirrors that his eyes were riveted to my ass as I walked across the shop to feel the fit.

“They’re perfect,” I said returning to my seat. Hoping to get out of the situation before something really embarrassing could happen.

“Well at least we should see the others he brought out to show you Connie.” John said with a sinister look on her face.

“I don’t mind at all,” The salesman intoned and I’m sure he didn’t.

“Are you sure we have the time?” I asked John with pleading eyes.

She smiled at me wickedly and replied, ” All the time in the world sweetheart, all the time in the world.” We ended up spending almost an hour and I tried on several more shoes than what Frank, as he introduced himself, originally brought out. It my sound funny, but I actually began to enjoy teasing him, with John’s encouragement and getting very hot myself, as the bulge in Frank’s pants grew larger and larger. After selecting three pairs of shoes and a new purse, Frank had me sit one more time to replace the original pair back on. I suddenly felt really daring and decided to give Frank a thrill of his lifetime. While my shoeless foot rested on the stool between his legs and he reached for my new shoes, I rubbed my toes along the length of his penis. His body jerked and then shivered, I looked at John to see the amazed expression on her face. She raised her brows and smiled at me as I tried in vane to repress the tremors shaking my body.

Outside the shop John said in amazement, “Wow baby, you really shocked both of us in there. I bet he’s washing out his shorts right now.” We both laughed.

“Let’s go get a drink, I need a break before we go any further or else I’m gonna rape you right here.” She said with a smile.

As we went to the bar I realized that my nervousness had been replaced with an exaltation of joy. Not only could I do this but I felt a power growing in me knowing what I could do other men. I squeezed John’s hand and looked into her eyes, “Thank you sweetheart.” I said to the puzzled look she gave me.

“Why.” She asked.

“For giving me Connie.”

“Don’t you mean giving us, Connie?” She said with a smile.

The rest of our mall excursion was pretty much uneventful, except for the uplifting feeling I got every time some one referred to me as konyaaltı eve gelen escort Miss or ma’am. I noticed more men and also a few women ogling me, but instead of the nervousness I had felt before a felt an excitement growing inside me spreading through my body until I felt like I could orgasm with just a touch to the right spot.

We did find a lovely white dress, haltered and low in the back. The hem reached to about six inches above my knees and some more lingerie that seemed to please John. A satin blue teddy with black lace trim and a short matching satin robe that just covered my bum.

On the way home John dropped another bombshell. He suggested we go out to supper and maybe a nightclub afterwards for some dancing. It really wasn’t too bad of an idea after surviving the mall, though I wasn’t very sure about the dancing part. She told me of her second idea after we got home. It nearly made me faint, but I guess it was my own fault for giving John the idea by my actions in the shoe store. But I’m getting a little ahead of my story though.

During the drive John and I couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Her hand kept running up and down my hose covered thigh pushing my skirt up until she reached my panty-covered crotch. I could feel precum dampening the gusset as my body shivered with excitement. During this time I amused myself by rubbing the length of John’s fake cock as it stretched down her inner thigh. I thought it would be nice to take it out and suck on it on the way home but we both agreed that it might just be a little too daring in broad daylight. Every once in awhile John’s body would quiver and I knew she was having trouble maintain her composure while she drove. By the time we arrived at home both of us were flushed with excitement breathing hard.

We managed to get the front door shut before John tossed the packages onto the living-room floor and pulled me to her.

“You got me so hot,” John growled into my neck sending tingles down my spine, “I’m going to fuck you right here.” My knees felt weak so it didn’t take much for John to force me to the floor so that I was staring at the huge bulge in his slacks. I could see his hands shaking as he pulled the snap right off in his haste and pulled that big cock out and rubbed it on my face.

“Get my cock wet for me slut,” she moaned, “Get it nice and wet before I shove it all up your sissy pussy.” Spurred by his words I attacked her prick with vigor. Slurping as loud as I could, knowing it would increase John’s excitement as she forced it deeper into my mouth.

“Stand up bitch.” She ordered. Then dragging me to an overstuffed chair she pushed over the arm and flipped my dress over my back. I felt my panties forcibly tugged down to my knees and then John started to spank my upturned bottom. After about ten blows to my reddening cheeks I felt that big dick raining blows in my ass cleft. Each one contacted with my anus sending sparks up my spine until my body shuddering out of control.

“You like it rough don’t you slut?” John snarled.

I’ll I could do was groan as then I felt her tongue stab directly into my sissy cunt a few times to spread her saliva. With none of the gentleness she showed when first entering me last night I felt that prick poised, barely touching my opening. Then with all the force John could summon, she drove at least half the length straight into me.

I screamed at first, but it wasn’t with pain, but ecstasy as I ejaculated into the arm of the chair. Every movement of John’s hips brought quakes of pleasure surging through my body. I could feel the telltale vibrations and the quivering of her hips when they made contact with my ass. I lay helpless, in total bliss as John pummeled me from behind until she gasped and shook as she began to orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” she shriek, “I’m gonna shoot it up your ass slut. Here it comes.” I could feel her hand working between us as she drove the fake cock as deep as possible before the first squirt erupted inside me. My hips bounced and my whole body shook as I felt another. John pulled out and splashed a few more volleys across my burning cheeks before I rolled off the chair arm falling to my side on the floor.

Listening to John’s labored breathing I sighed contentedly and felt the cold air attack my openness as her cum drained onto my inner thigh. John crawled over to kneel above my head and rubbed the tip of her cock across my lips. Without thought my lips parted so I could lick at it.

“Yeah baby, that was the greatest.” John breathed hoarsely, “I saved the last drop for you slut.” As it slowly dribbling from the tip to land on my tongue I savored her seed and sucked the end into my mouth to get it all.

“My pretty little cum slut.” She said before laying down beside me a wrapping her arms around me to cuddle in the after glow of our orgasm.

After we had caught our breath and my body stopped quivering John dropped her second bombshell of the day. Leading up to it very indirectly and sneaky.

“You really had me turned on in the shoe store Connie.” She said pulling me closer and bit lightly at my earlobe.

Moaning in response I said, “Yes, I was feeling pretty turned on also. I think that’s what finally helped me over the nervousness I was feeling when we first went out today.”

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