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Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 85 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. In fantasyland, sexual transmitted diseases don’t exist. In real life, play safe. Feedback is always welcome. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 85 It was a warm evening in May and Jamie had gone for a walk after school. His route took him past the rows of grape vines and he was about to turn back when he saw two figures erecting a tent in the field by the small stream. Curious, he headed towards them. Bicycles and rucksacks lay next to the tent. Getting close, Jamie saw that there were two men. He heard them talking and realised they were English. They seemed pleased that they had erected the tent in such a pleasant spot and one spoke of a bottle of wine chilling in the stream. “Hello!” Jamie called out. “Do you have permission to camp here?” The two men turned in surprise at the sound of Jamie’s voice. “This is my uncle’s land,” Jamie explained. He looked the two men over as he spoke. He guessed they were in their thirties and thought they were quite handsome. “Sorry, we didn’t ask permission from anyone. We couldn’t see a house anywhere around,” the taller of the two men said. “It’s behind those trees, beyond the vines.” Jamie pointed. “You can just see the roof of the barn.” “Can we get permission if we go and ask?” The same man asked. “We only want to stay one night.” “If it’s only one night, it will probably be okay. Where are you from?” Jamie replied. “We’re from England�from Exeter to be exact.” The man held out his hand and said, “My name’s Jim and this is my friend David.” “I’m Jamie.” He returned the handshake and turned to the other man and held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you. What brings you to the south of France?” David smiled and said, “We wanted a break somewhere different and we both love wine so France seemed like a good choice.” Jim put an arm around David’s shoulder and added, “France with its ideals of liberty and equality has always appealed to us.” “I love France,” said Jamie. “I’ve been here almost a year now and can’t imagine moving back to Britain.” “We’ve talked about moving to France but it’s a big step,” Jim said. “You are a couple?” Jamie saw the look of fear cross David’s face and quickly added, “Don’t worry. I’m okay with that. In fact I have met lots of men who like other men here in France. I like men too, not girls.” “You mean as friends�?” Jim hesitated. “I mean only men – well, men and boys – turn me on sexually.” Jamie grinned. “Oh!” David looked both surprised and relieved. “But you’re so young.” “I’m nearly fourteen,” Jamie replied defensively. “Old enough to know what I like.” “Of course you are,” said Jim. “I knew that girls didn’t turn me at your age.” “Shall we sit down and talk? Jamie suggested. “I don’t meet many men from Britain.” “Sure,” Jim said. “Go and fetch that bottle of wine, will you David?” Jim fetched a bag and pulled out plastic mugs, a tub of olives and a packet of potato crisps. “I don’t suppose you want wine but we have some bottles of water.” Jamie shook his head and looked at his watch. “Nothing for me, thanks. I didn’t realise the time and need to get back for dinner now. Can I come back and chat with you later?” “Yes, if you want to,” replied Jim. “We bought ham, cheese and other stuff in the last village we passed through for our dinner so we escort won’t be going anywhere.” “That’s good. See you later.” Jamie waved and hurried back to the farmhouse. *** Jamie returned to the temporary campsite with slices of homemade apple pie for Jim and David. “I told my uncle about you camping here and said it was okay as long as you didn’t light a fire. We’ve not had any rain for a few weeks and everything is very dry.” “Thanks, Jamie�and this pie looks great,” Jim responded. “It’s very kind of your uncle to send us this food,” said David. Jamie grinned. “My uncle has a great cook – another queer guy like us – and he makes delicious food.” He watched the pair eating and then asked, “How long have you two known each other?” David looked at Jim. “About ten years, isn’t it?” “Yes, ten years this coming July,” replied Jim. “We’re very happy together but it’s not easy for us being a couple in England. The law may have changed but people’s attitudes haven’t changed much.” “That’s a shame. I want to marry my boyfriend one day,” said Jamie. “You have a boyfriend?” David looked amazed. “Aye, he’s a few years older than me and he lives in Sweden,” Jamie said. “He is coming here for a long holiday quite soon.” “Wow! Your family is happy with that?” asked David. Jamie nodded. “Aye. My dad and my uncle approve of us having sex.” David almost choked on his last piece of pie on hearing that. Jim thumped his back and said, “They don’t think you’re too young for sex?” “Oh no! I’ve been having sex for ages�nearly a year,” replied Jamie. “But only with my boyfriend since February when I visited him in Sweden. We just kissed and cuddled when he was here last time.” “So he wasn’t your first?” Jim was amused at Jamie’s very open attitude. Jamie giggled. “No, there were a few before him�and a few since.” Both Jim and David raised their eyebrows but said nothing. Jamie could see they wanted to know more so he went. “Since we live far apart and can’t meet often, we have agreed that we can have sex with other guys sometimes. I don’t think he does but�well, I’m always horny.” Jim laughed. “I remember what it was like being a horny teenager. But sadly it was virtually impossible to meet other guys for sex then.” “That’s a shame,” said Jamie. “So do you have sex with others or only with each other?” “That’s a very personal question,” replied David. “I know but well, I thought�if you wanted to�we could have sex together,” said Jamie. “I am horny and you are both hunky guys.” “You want sex with us? We’re both old enough to be your father,” said Jim. “I’m 37 and David is 36.” “I’ve always liked older men,” Jamie grinned in reply. “Sex with boys my age isn’t as much fun. And look�” Jamie stood up and thrust his crotch forward. “You have a tent and I am TENTING too.” The two men laughed at Jamie’s terrible joke but they kept their eyes on the bulge in the boy’s shorts until he spoke again. “So which of you likes to fuck?” “We both do. We’re versatile,” replied Jim. “Great! That means I can get fucked by both of you.” Jamie smiled back at the men. “I don’t think having sex with you is a good idea,” said David. “You’re a cute lad but it’s against the law.” “Nobody is going to know! Please�it will just be our secret,” begged Jamie. Jim looked at David. “We might never get another chance to have sex with a schoolboy. He clearly wants it.” “I’m really not sure�” David was hesitant. He looked at Jamie who quickly dropped his shorts and briefs to reveal his rock hard 4 inch (10 cm) cock. “I really, really want to be fucked,” said Jamie. “And I have been told that I have a nice bum.” He spun round to show the men his small but izmit escort bayan well-rounded buttocks and then bent over and pulled his arse cheeks apart to display his hairless crack and pink puckered hole. “Fuck me, please.” “We can’t say no to that,” said Jim. “I’m up for it even if you aren’t, David.” “Great!” Jamie straightened up, kicked off his sandals and then stepped out of his shorts and briefs. Pulling off his t-shirt, he was now totally naked in front of the two men. “Come on, hurry up. I want to suck you first,” he said. It was a hot evening and the men were wearing only t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. As Jim started to undress, followed shortly afterwards by David, Jamie looked them up and down. Jim was dark-haired and 5ft 9in (175 cm) tall while David was fair-haired and 5ft 10 (178 cm) tall. As their t-shirts came off, Jamie saw that both had some hair on their chests but he didn’t really regard them as hairy. As keen cyclists, they looked pretty fit. Jamie licked his lips when he saw the bulge in Jim’s briefs. “I hope it’s not too big for you,” said Jim when he pushed down his briefs to reveal a stiff cock which was about 8 inches (20 cm) long and perhaps thicker than average. “No, it’s a lovely big cock. I’m sure I can manage it,” replied Jamie. He moved closer, knelt down in front of Jim and wrapped a hand around it. He sniffed and could detect a very faint smell of sweat and piss. He smiled and looked up at Jim before taking it into his mouth. Out of the corner of his eyes, Jamie could see David pushing his briefs down. His cock was only semi-hard but it would soon grow to match Jim’s in size. As Jamie bobbed up and down on Jim’s cock he waved at David to come closer. David stood next to Jim and Jamie quickly moved to take the new cock into his mouth. David gasped and was soon fully erect as he watched Jamie in action. Then he turned to smile at Jim and the two men kissed. Jamie moved back to Jim’s cock for a few minutes and then back to David’s. Finally he sat back and asked, “Ready to fuck me now?” “We’re ready but I’m not sure you are,” replied Jim. “Let’s put that right, David.” The two men knelt beside Jamie and began running their hands all over his body. They planted brief kisses on his lips while their hands pinched his nipples, squeezed his leaking cock, tugged at his balls and caressed his buttocks. “I’m really horny now,” Jamie announced. “I need your cocks in me.” He moved onto his hands and knees as he added, “One at each end.” David fetched a tube of KY jelly from his rucksack and tossed it to Jim who wasted no time on greasing up his cock and applying some to Jamie’s twitching hole. David meantime shoved his cock back in Jamie’s mouth. After finger-fucking Jamie’s hole for a couple of minutes, Jim lined his cockhead up and then pushed in. Jamie moaned around the cock in his mouth as Jim’s cock entered him in one steady push. Then, holding onto to Jamie’s waist, Jim began to fuck the boy with long, slow thrusts. “That looks hot,” said David. “But I think you should fuck the little slut harder.” Jim chuckled. “You were reluctant to get involved with him only a short time ago,” he said as his thrusts became faster. “Well if we’re going to get in trouble over it, we might as well enjoy ourselves,” responded David. “And besides, he obviously loves getting fucked.” Jim nodded his agreement and grinned. Sweat dripped from him onto Jamie’s body as he pounded into the tight hole. Jamie could feel his orgasm approach. He found it a thrill to be having sex with two strangers in a field not far from home. “I’m cumming!” Jim suddenly cried and then izmit sınırsız escort he began spunking off inside Jamie. “I can’t wait for sloppy seconds,” said David. He grinned at his mate who was still on a high. It took a couple of minutes but then Jim pulled out and said, “He’s all yours.” When David took his cock from the boy’s mouth, Jamie turned to Jim and said, “Let me suck on your cock again.” “But it’s just been�” Jim was interrupted. “He wants to suck your slimy cock. Give it to him,” said David. Then he rammed his cock inside Jamie’s arse in one sudden thrust. Jamie screamed and then said, “Yes, fuck me hard!” David did as Jamie wanted and Jim fed him his cock. Once again Jamie was sucking cock while being fucked hard and he was back close to the edge. David had been fucking Jamie for less than two minutes when he felt the boy’s arse muscles clamping on his cock. “He’s cumming without touching his cock�just from being fucked,” David told Jim with surprise. “As you said, he loves being fucked.” Jim smiled. David’s thrusts became faster and even more forceful. Then he gasped and cried, “Take my load!” as he fired blast after blast of cum deep inside Jamie’s arse. Jim bent forward and held onto David’s shoulders as he kissed him passionately. After a few moments David and Jim took their cocks from Jamie. “Are you okay, son?” Jim asked. “Yeah, that was great.” Jamie grinned at the two men. “Thanks, guys.” David tossed his t-shirt at Jamie. “Wipe yourself down with that.” “Thanks. Oh, do you know what time it is?” said Jamie. Jim told him and Jamie responded, “Gosh, I’d better get home.” As he dressed, he asked, “Will you be leaving early tomorrow?” “Yeah, we plan to head towards Nice before seven. We’ll stop for coffee and something for breakfast on the way,” replied Jim. “I probably won’t see you again then. Enjoy your holiday.” With that, Jamie waved goodbye and dashed home. *** Getting ready for bed that night, Jamie told his uncle about going back to the two men camping in the field. “They really enjoyed the pie and then I had sex with them. They both fucked me and it was great.” Jamie smiled as he recalled the hot session. “What?” George’s expression changed to one of annoyance. “I have warned you before that it’s risky to have sex with strangers.” “But�” “No buts. You must never have sex with strangers again.” George sat on a chair and waved Jamie to him. “Get your naked butt over my knees for a walloping.” Jamie could see that his uncle was serious. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think�” “That’s the problem. You need to think of the consequences and not just about getting off. Over my knees,” ordered George. Jamie bent over as instructed and soon felt his uncle’s large hand on his buttocks. Then the hand was raised and brought down sharply, bringing a gasp from Jamie. “You must not�” *spank* “have sex�” *spank* “with strangers,” said George. Ten hard spanks followed, with Jamie whimpering after the fourth one. His buns were a deep red by the time George had finished. “I hope you have learned your lesson,” George said as he helped Jamie to his feet. Jamie’s eyes were wet but no tears were falling. “Yes, Uncle George. I won’t do anything stupid like that again.” George opened his arms and hugged his nephew. “I’m pleased to hear that. “I’d never forgive myself if anything bad happened to you. I don’t know what I’d tell your parents.” “Sorry, Uncle George,” Jamie whispered into the man’s ear. George held Jamie in front of him and looked him in the eyes. “I love you, Jamie. I know you get horny at times but you can always come to me if you need relief. Anyway, get into bed and I’ll join you in a few minutes.” Jamie nodded, kissed his uncle’s cheeks and got into bed. “It’s your birthday soon. We’ll need to plan what to do for that,” George said as he returned from the bathroom a short time later. However Jamie was already asleep.

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