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He started a pot of decaf coffee which would irritate Jaiden so early in the morning, but he could live with it since it was his fertilizer that got Jenny pregnant. Besides, the pregnant ladies didn’t need caffeine in their diets. The ladies came in for breakfast and were excited to get fresh bagels with the lox, onion, and tomato. When they tasted Dale’s coffee, they closed their eyes and went, “Mmm.” Jaiden took a sip of the coffee and knew instantly it was decaf. This time, he didn’t say a word, he smiled and enjoyed his coffee to the max. Peyton looked and winked because he knew Jaiden wanted the real thing when he drank coffee. Dale smiled back at Peyton. Dale had prepared a grocery list and asked the ladies to mark the items they liked and the brands they preferred. He said he would email the grocery list in tonight and pick it up Thursday at Kroger’s. He also asked them to write down what they liked to eat for breakfast and to make the choices healthy since they would be eating for two and needed to eat healthy for the babies too. After breakfast, the ladies tried to clean the table and wash the dishes and Dale told them to get out of his kitchen and go sit in the den and watch the morning news. He told them it was their turn to rest and take it easy from the things they would normally be doing at home, that the guys would be waiting on them whenever they are in Erie. Marty looked at Jenny and said, “Girl, I’m falling in love with these guys, I could get used to this treatment rather quickly. The other ladies agreed and said let’s enjoy it while it lasts. They all laughed. The brothers finished the cleanup and went into the den and sat down with another cup of coffee. Peyton asked Jenny what she thought about a stroll on the beaches at Lake Erie and lunch at the wharf. The ladies said that sounded like fun, that they had never been to or seen Lake Erie except on television. They went to the beach and as they were walking in the surf, some idiot decided to try and rob the guys and the ladies. He didn’t know Peyton was an extremely proficient, nationally award-winning martial arts expert. The man feigned having a gun and threatened to shoot them. When he said that, Peyton looked at him and said, “you must be some kind of stupid, ignorant dumbass! The guy got more hostile at that point. The ladies were scared, but Jenny told them, “watch this, you are going to enjoy this show!” Peyton walked up as close to the guy as he could get and took the first two fingers on his right hand and sent the guy sailing backward about ten feet. That made the would-be robber angry, so he got up, pulled a knife, and went for Peyton who just stepped aside from the assault and told the guy, you truly are a stupid, ignorant moron! That more than made the would-be robber angry and he went after Peyton with a vengeance. While Jaiden had called the police and they were on the way, Peyton took the guys knife away from him and tossed it to Jaiden, who was about to die laughing. After Peyton took the guys knife, he proceeded to beat the ever-loving crap out of the guy leaving him writhing on the ground in extreme pain. Peyton walked up to the man and told him, “the next time you try to rob four pregnant ladies and four gay guys, consider that one of them may very well stomp your ass and maybe break a few bones in the process.” He made the guy stay on the ground until the police arrived. When the police saw the guys, they said you are the guys who were on the news and did so much for the schools, aren’t you? Peyton replied, “Yes, sir, that would be us.” The officers shook their hands and told them what an honor it was to meet them. Then they asked the obvious question: “what happened?” Jaiden looked at the officers and said, “that ignorant dumbass lying on the ground tried to bluff us and rob us. When Peyton took two fingers and sent him sailing about ten feet backward, he made the mistake of pulling this knife and trying to cut Peyton. That’s when Peyton took the knife away from him, tossed it to me, and put the ignorant a-hole on his ass on the ground. Isn’t that true dumbass? ” Peyton and the ladies told the officers exactly what happened, and Jenny added she had filmed the entire incident with her I-Phone camera. One of the officers, Bobby, viewed the video and told the other officer, Roger, “that’s exactly what happened” as he was about to roll on the ground laughing. Roger smiled as he got the handcuffed perp off the ground and placed him into their patrol car. Bobby gave Jenny his city cell number and asked her to forward him a copy of the video. She did that while he was standing there and Bobby verified it was received and viewable. He said the preliminary hearing would be held at 5 pm today and he would make sure it was the first case heard by telling the judge the ladies were pregnant and needed to go home and rest after their ordeal. Roger told everybody that the presiding judge would be Judge Dan Stanislauski and asked if they had ever heard of him. Jaiden asked Roger if Stanislauski was the tough, so-called hanging judge he had read about. Roger said he was and you all are going to love him. So far, we are going to charge this guy with 8 counts of criminal attempt robbery with a weapon, and 8 felony counts of felonious assault. Felonious assault of a pregnant woman in Pennsylvania is also a felony, but I am going to wait until we are before the judge to tell him the ladies are pregnant. You are truly going to love the judge’s reaction when I tell him that! And by the way, you didn’t hear it from me that he is a gay man married to his partner. When they got to court a little before 5, Roger and Bobby had them sit on the second row since nobody is allowed to sit on the front row. “ALL RISE.” The judge entered the courtroom promptly at 5 pm and had everybody be seated. He looked at the Clerk and said, “Call the first case.” “The Court calls the case of State of Pennsylvania versus Caleb Ronkowski.” The judge told the deputies to bring the defendant forward. Officers Betterman and Standridge, please state for the Court the facts of this case.” “Judge, with the Court’s permission, this incident was filmed and we would like to show that video to the Court.” “Permission granted.” When the judge saw the defendant approach and try to rob the four men and four women, he broke into a grin from ear to ear. Would the witnesses in this case please come forward and identify yourselves to the Court?” “Your Honor, my name is Jaiden Riley-Reynolds. Your Honor, I am Peyton Riley-Reynolds. Your Honor, my name is Dale Jacobs-Anderson. Your Honor, I am Charles Jacobs-Anderson. The ladies stepped forward and identified themselves and Officer Betterman advised the judge that the women were pregnant surrogate moms for the gentlemen standing before the Court. When the officers sitting in their section of the courtroom heard the names of the witnesses and that the women were pregnant, they did everything they could to stifle their laughs because they knew what was coming down the pike. When the judge heard the ladies were pregnant, he turned redder in the face than anybody had ever seen him. He looked at the defendant and said, “Mr. Ronkowski, you stand before the court having been charged with 8 counts of Criminal Attempt Robbery with a Weapon, and 8 Counts of Aggravated Assault. Since Pennsylvania law also makes attempted Armed Robbery with a Weapon against a pregnant female a felony offense, the Court is adding 4 counts of Criminal Attempt Armed Robbery with a Weapon against a Pregnant Female. The penalty for Criminal Attempt Armed Robbery with a Weapon is 10 to 20 mezitli escort years in the State Penitentiary and Aggravated Assault with a Weapon carries a penalty of 15 to 40 years in the State Penitentiary. Additionally, Criminal Attempted Robbery with a Weapon of a Pregnant Female carries a mandatory penalty of 15 years in the State Penitentiary. Judge: “In light of the evidence presented against you in this courtroom today, how do you plead to the charges as outlined against you?” Defendant: “Your Honor, I plead guilty to all charges and throw myself at the mercy of the court.” Judge: Madam Public Defender, have you explained the Defendant’s Constitutional rights to him?” Public Defender: “I have, your Honor.” Judge: “Madam Public Defender, does your client understand his Constitutional rights?” Public Defender: “He does, your Honor.” Judge: “Mr. Ronkowski, I am about to ask the State’s Attorney for his recommendation in this case. You need to understand that I may follow the State’s Attorney’s recommendation or I may reject it and sentence you as the Court deems fit. You may address the Court before you are sentenced or you may choose to remain silent under your 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination. You may consult with your attorney as to whether or not you wish to address the Court before sentencing. You may also withdraw your guilty plea before the Court sentences you and request a Bench Trial where the Court will hear the facts of your case and render a verdict or you may choose to have a Trial by Jury where members of the jury will decide your fate and the Court will sentence you accordingly. Do you understand your rights as they have been explained to you by the Court? Defendant: I do, your Honor. Judge: Do you understand that if you plead guilty, you will be giving up your right to appeal? Defendant: I do your Honor. (Defense counsel begins a silent conversation with the Defendant before the State’s Attorney tenders the State’s position in the case).” Court: Will the State’s Attorney advise the Court of the State’s recommendation in this case. State’s Attorney: The State recommends that the Defendant be allowed to plead guilty to 4 counts on each offense before the Court and that the remaining 4 counts on each case be dead-docketed. Court: “Madam Clerk, does the Defendant have a criminal record?” Clerk: “Your Honor, the Defendant has 6 prior felony offenses of Robbery with a Weapon, 2 counts; Rape in the First Degree 3 counts; Aggravated Assault, 4 counts; Felony Theft by Taking, 5 counts; and Felony Battery, 6 counts.” Judge: “Mr. Ronkowski, based on your criminal record, the Court does not intend to follow the State’s recommendation in this case. Do you wish to proceed with sentencing in this case or do you wish to go to trial? Defendant: Your Honor, based on the advice of my attorney, I wish to proceed with sentencing.” Court: Mr. Ronkowski, you have entered a guilty plea to 8 counts of Criminal Attempt Armed Robbery with a Weapon, 8 counts of Aggravated Assault, and 4 counts of Aggravated assault of a Pregnant Female with a Weapon. It is the sentence of the Court, that on the 8 counts of Criminal Attempt Armed Robbery with a weapon that you be sentenced to 20 years on each count to be served in the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary, each count consecutive to the other; that on the 8 counts of Aggravated Assault with a Weapon that you be sentenced to 40 years to be served in the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary, each count to be served consecutive to the other, and further, on the offense of Aggravated assault of a Pregnant Female that you be sentenced to 15 years to serve in the Pennsylvania State Prison with each count consecutive to all other offenses and counts. Mr. Ronkowski you will serve a mandatory term of 540 years in the Pennsylvania Prison System. You must serve 85 percent of your sentence before you are eligible for parole. That is the sentence of the court. As the brothers and their surrogate moms were leaving the court, they were stopped in the hallway of the courthouse and told the judge would like to speak with them in his chambers. The brothers and the ladies were shown to his chambers and sat at a large table until the Judge came in. “Guys, I wanted to speak with you about the sentencing I was forced to hand down today. I know it was unusually harsh, but I was forced by emphatic laws to met out those sentences. Plus, I have heard so much about you that I wanted to meet you. It is such an honor to me to meet young men such as your selves and you young ladies who have given your selfless acts for Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley. Meeting you under today’s circumstances breaks my heart because of what you experienced earlier today.” “Judge, thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your concerns more than you know.” “Guys, there has to be something that can be done to prevent young men and women from getting to the place where Ronkowski wound up today. This falls within Mom’s area of expertise as an Environmental Engineer, so I will talk to her tonight to see what she has to say.” As everybody was sitting in the den having a cup of coffee and discussing the day’s events, Jaiden came into the den and said he had spoken with his Mom and she told him that four chapters in the advanced studies textbook she had written covered the topic of his concern and should be of help in trying to formulate a program to help at-risk youth before they wind up in the prison system. He said he was going to the library to check out the book tomorrow morning. The first thing that was recommended was determining where the area of most risk existed. The second thing mentioned was identifying those most at risk of winding up in prison. Thirdly, existing programs designed to work with the at-risk individuals needed to be identified, and if there were no such programs available, those programs needed to be formulated and put into practice. Fourthly, a pre-trial/pre-sentence diversion program needed to be put in place to deal with the at-risk individuals before a guilty plea is entered and any sentence is implemented by the Courts. The final step would be to have a system to follow up on treatment to ensure individuals referred to the program were attending as directed by the Courts and that they were progressing in treatment. Dale and Charley would be instrumental in establishing such a program given their interests and their course of study. Jaiden and Peyton’s expertise with stress control would bring up the flanks of the program. The guys spent a week determining the services that already were available and what services would need to be added to make the program effective. Jaiden and Peyton would design the exercise component of the program. The first thing that would be essential would be a full psychiatric/psychological evaluation to include the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory to determine if the program candidate was a good fit for court referral. Secondly, a Rorschach test would need to be administered to determine what the candidate did or did not know about himself or herself or if the candidate was purposely omitting relevant facts about himself or herself, and the degree of pathology within the individual. Those services were currently available from the county mental health agency. The one facet left is the exercise component and how it should be formulated and instituted. One of the things Jaiden and Peyton decided was necessary was the program used by the youth boot camp programs. That would include the need to determine discipline problems within certain populations that result in an individual’s disregard for authority, showing disdain for school authorities and lack of progress and self-motivation within the individual’s age group and grade level; and, recorded disturbances with law enforcement authorities. The program formulated would need to address the individual’s self-confidence, sense of self-worth, and the conquering of personal fears. The psychological programs are already in place in Erie County. The Court only needs to force the use thereof. Wilderness programs that can take place within the mountainous areas of Erie County, as well as water programs, would need to be instituted by the county and enforced by the Courts. Those programs already exist and the county needs only to determine which program is and has been most successful and reimplement and use that program. The brothers wrote up their recommendations and submitted them to Judge Stanislauski. He called the guys to thank them for looking into what needed to be done, for determining the resources already available, and their ideas on how to implement the needed programs in association with resources that are already available. Judge Stanislauski pulled together a committee to bring the brother’s ideas to fruition and he assigned that responsibility to the Erie County Recreation Department and the Erie County Mental Health Board. The judge set a six -month deadline for the programs to be finalized and put into year-round use for the Courts. The brothers have done it again for the benefit of their new home county! Since the ladies have just over a month to remain in Erie before going home for their pregnancies to be monitored by their physicians, the brothers have decided to keep them busy seeing the local sites and enjoying the mountainous scenery and resources. Tomorrow, the ladies would be treated to massages pozcu escort at Erie’s premier massage studio. Afterward, they would be taken to the country club for a gourmet dinner. They would then go to the overlook to see the harbor lights and relax before spending the rest of the evening at home relaxing. The day after, they would be going to see the area’s most beautiful and historic waterfalls and to take a light stroll along the cool mountain trails followed by lunch at the wharf’s finest restaurant. To cap off the evening, they would take a sunset cruise around Lake Erie on the Lady Princes. Wednesday, the ladies would be treated to a tour of the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier in the morning and a tour of the Creekside Botanical Garden in the afternoon. Lunch would be at The Cork 1794 and dinner at the Bayfront Restaurant on the harbor, one of the most beautiful nightspots in Erie. Since Marty loves lighthouses, Thursday would be the day for touring all the lighthouses around the shores of Lake Erie. Friday would be a day of rest before prayer services at the temple, and Saturday morning would be Shabbat services before lunch at the country club. Sunday would be ladies’ choice. Monday, Charley and Dale would take the ladies to see the beautiful, historic buildings at Penn State � Erie in the morning and that afternoon they would take the ladies to see LECOM and experience lunch at the LECOM cafeteria and to meet Peyton’s and Jenny’s Dad’s childhood friend, Professor Andy. After those activities, the guys were going to let the ladies plan what they wanted to do and then make it happen for them. Tonight, Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charlie were going to have some intimate time they had been missing so badly over the past month. When the guys awoke Tuesday morning, they had breakfast with the brothers and the ladies. After breakfast, Jaiden checked his emails and found an email from England he received from a guy named Jaiden Reynolds. He found it interesting that the person who wrote to him about all the good that he helped bring about for US school systems was also Jewish. He called his Mom during her lunch break and asked if they had any relatives in England from his Dad’s side of the family. That is when he found out his Dad’s family originally came from the UK and that there was still any number of relatives from his Dad’s family who are still living in the UK. Jaiden wrote back to the person and asked some family questions and discovered he was related to the individual who shared his name. In fact, he discovered his grandfather had not been so innocent before he immigrated to the US. The two Jaidens were second cousins once removed. They struck up a conversation and the two are going to try to meet in London after the babies arrive and are at least a year old. That time will also coincide with the completion of Jaiden and Peyton’s residency before they open their medical practices. Incidentally, the British Jaiden, to say the least, is also gay and in a same-sex marriage. Interesting. “Peyton, if the British Jaiden’s mate is named Peyton with whatever spelling, that is going to weird me out.” “Same here, love. That would be strange to know.” “Jaiden. If we can get the concept for the Mountainous Outward-Bound Program down on paper and get it to Judge Stanislauski by Friday, he can get it to Helen Peterson and have the Department of Family and Children’s Services and the Juvenile Probation Department to finalize the program and put it into effect within the next three months. Then maybe, just maybe, so many minority youth and youth, in general, will stop committing crimes and start devoting their crime planning time to activities that will make them successful, contributing members of society somewhere down the road.” “Peyton, wouldn’t it be awesome if the concept would develop into something that truly made that difference in someone’s life?” Today, the brothers would be taking the ladies to see several of the beautiful waterfalls the brothers loved and enjoyed sitting by. While it will involve some walking, it would be light walking that was recommended by Dr. Schrader. The final thing for the day would be at the overlook to see the sunset over Lake Erie. The ladies had seen the harbor lights at night, but they hadn’t seen the sunset over the harbor. Jaiden put lounge chairs in the Lincolns so the ladies would be comfortable sitting outside the car so they could experience the full effects of the sunset. They found a gourmet sandwich shop just inside Erie’s city limits and they would be taking the ladies there for lunch. The Garden of Eden Bistro was everything the ratings said it was and everybody raved over the food. The problem now is how Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charlie could keep surprising the ladies with the best of the best. The challenge was on! Tonight was forecast to be extremely clear over the lake, so the sunset should be more beautiful than usual. They got to the overlook, put the chairs out, got the large thermos of coffee out, and drank coffee, decaf of course, and spent some quality time talking to each other about how they felt, how happy they were, and how blessed they all felt to have each other’s love and appreciation in what they were doing for each other. Marty leaned over toward Jenny and said, “Girl, I have to say, your brother sure does know how to pick’em.” Peyton heard her and blushed so badly that Jenny started laughing. Jaiden turned around just in time to see Peyton blushing. Jaiden looked at him and said, Peyton, you are so cute when you blush like that and it makes me love you even more because it enforces for me the beauty of the person you truly are.” The sun began to set over the lake and the hues of colors were resplendent in their beauty. Dale broke out Peyton’s and Jaiden’s camera and took some awesome pictures that would go into an album for each lady to show their families what they did while in Erie. Waterfalls, a sunset cruise, sitting under the stars and seeing the harbor lights at night, the beautiful sunsets, it has turned out to be such a loving and beautiful experience for everybody. When everybody got home, there was a message for Jaiden, Peyton, and Jenny to see Dr. Schrader at 9 a.m. in the morning. Nothing was said why he wanted to see them, just that he did. Everybody got up early for breakfast before Jenny, Peyton, and Jaiden had to head to Dr. Schrader’s office. When they got to the doctor’s office, the nurse told them to have a seat that Dr. Schrader would be with them in about 15 minutes, that he was finalizing his reading of the ultrasounds Jenny had at the end of last week. When the three were finally ushered into Dr. Schrader’s office, he looked at them rather seriously and told them to have a seat. Jaiden, Jenny, Peyton, there is no use in beating around the bush about what I found in Jenny’s ultrasound. Tears formed in Jenny’s and Jaiden’s eyes thinking something bad was happening. That is when Dr. Schrader looked at Jaiden and Peyton and asked if they had the space to add a room onto their house. When Dr. Schrader said that, Jaiden came close to peeing himself. Jenny asked, “Doc, what do you mean?” “Jenny there is an event that had occurred in your pregnancy and how you perceive it can only be good, at least to me. You will need to call each of your parents and let them know the new development because it is going to be necessary that you add a room to your house.” “Jenny, an ovum split and you are pregnant with triplets. Jaiden you have fathered triplets and with the children Peyton has fathered, you will have five babies between you two. Congratulations, my friends, I couldn’t be happier for the three of you. Jaiden was so stunned that he couldn’t blink his eyes, move any part of his body, couldn’t talk. What he could do he did: he let a tear escape his eyes. Peyton got a quizzical look on his face and told Jenny to look at him. He studied her face for a moment and then said, Oh no!” Jaiden asked, “Peyton, what do you mean by saying oh no?” Jaiden, there are going to be three Jaiden’s in the house. Jenny is going to have triplet boys.” “Peyton, are you sure?” “Positive, hubby. I haven’t missed a call yet and you know that, and so do you, Jenny.” Dr. Schrader told them they would certainly know by the first of next month. When they got home, Jaiden called his Mom’s office and asked Becky if she could get his Mom in her office, make her sit down, and then get her on the phone. Becky, whatever, you do, don’t leave her alone until we hang up!” Becky went and got Jaiden’s Mom and took her to her office and had her sit down. She then told Dr. Reynolds that Jaiden was on the phone and wanted her sitting down when he talked to her. Dr. Mom picked up the phone and said, Jaiden, this is a bit unusual. Is there something wrong with Jenny and the pregnancy?” “Mom, that depends on how you look at things and what has occurred.” “Jaiden, what do you mean by `depending on how you look at things and what has occurred’?” “Mom, can you get the other ladies in your office with you and Becky so I don’t have to say this but one time, because I don’t think I can stop crying and say it twice.” When all the women were in the office, Mom put Jaiden on the speakerphone and let him know she did. “Mom, you were supposed to have four grandchildren. That is no longer the case.” “Jaiden!” “Mom, and ovum split and you will now have five grandchildren.” escort bayan You could have heard Mom’s scream a mile away, and the ladies weren’t any quieter with their reaction. “Jaiden, that is so awesome, I can’t wait to let the Rabbi know and the ladies in Hadassah.” I know you and Peyton will have to change your plans a bit, so have you decided on anything yet.” “Yes, mam, we have. We are going to follow Dr. Schrader’s advice and have a room added on to the house. We have no choice with 9 babies on the way. And that’s providing that after Dr. Schrader finishes reading all the ultrasounds that none of the other ladies has had an ovum to split. Dr. Mom said, “Jaiden, I hope Peyton and Jenny are listening because they are going to love what I am about to say to you.” “Mom, they are listening on the speakerphone.” “Good! Jaiden, I have told you many times before that when you screw up, you screw up to the max, and, apparently, Son, you have done that again.” Everybody howled when Mom said that. The ladies in the office sounded like they were rolling on the floor laughing so hard they couldn’t get a breath. “Mom, you also have said this to me many times before and I am now going to say it to you: “Mom, you are so bad!” “Yes, Jaiden, I know. Isn’t it fun to get to say that?” “Yes, mam, it is and, in this case, it is especially fun. We have to celebrate tonight, so we are going to let the ladies choose where they would like to go to eat.” “Jaiden, make sure it is an awesome place because I am going to put a good bit of funds into your spending account. I’ll talk to Jim about the add-on to the house.” “Mom, as soon as we hang up, Jenny is going to call her Mom and Dad and give them the news, so give us a couple of hours before you call them.” “OK, son, I’ll do that. Text me when it is OK to call Jim and Phyllis.” “I will Mom, and thank you! We love you beyond Mars and back.” “I love you the same, son. Congratulations!” Jenny looked at Peyton and said, “Peyton, I am going to do my crying thing when I call Mom and Dad. You and Jaiden are going to have to stifle your laughs so you don’t give me away.” Peyton looked at Jaiden and said, “Love, get ready1 Mom and Dad are gonna kill us after Jenny does this, but it is going to be so much fun to hear their reaction. We need to do this on the speakerphone so we can record their reaction and let your Mom hear it. Damn, this is going to be so much fun. We finally get to pull one over on Mom and Dad and they can’t get back at us with Andy.” Jaiden broke into a huge grin when Peyton said that. “Orange Beach Veterinary Hospital, this is Phyllis, how may I help you?” “Mom, (sniff, sniff) will you please take a few minutes to talk to me. I need your shoulder and the only way I can get it from here is on the phone, and can you get Dad on the phone because he needs to know what has happened as well.” “Jenny, your crying greatly concerns me. Let me get your Dad on the phone with me.” “Dr. Riley, pick up on line 3 and do it now, please! “OK, Phyllis, I am on the line, what is wrong?” Jenny cut loose with the crying at this point and through heavy sounding sorrow, she said, “Dad, something happened with my pregnancy and it has caused a problem that needs to be fixed.” You could hear Dad choke up as Jaiden and Peyton had a pillow over their mouths because they were laughing so hard, they were crying. “Dad, we saw Dr. Schrader today, and he said we weren’t going to be able to have the babies in the house when they get here.” “Dad said, “Jenny, why the hell not?” “Dad, he said the house wasn’t big enough.” “Not big enough! Why not?” “Dad, Mom, he said we were going to have to find a contractor and modify the house to make it acceptable.” Mom said, Jenny, we don’t understand that. Why does that have to be done? Why is the house all of a sudden not adequate? “Mom, he read the ultrasounds last night and had us report to his office at 9 this morning. That is when he dropped the news on us. Mom, Dad, there was a problem with an ovum and I won’t be having twins.” “WHAT? What happened?” Mom, Dad, and ovum split and I am having triplets and you are going to have five grandchildren instead of four. Mom said, “Jenny I am going to kill you when I get my hands on you. You had your Dad and me scared to death.” “Mom, you should be scared to death. What if it turns out that we get three Peytons on our hands, what are we going to do then?” Dad spoke up and said, “Sweetheart, I will have to buy two more mules and name them Peyton. Then there will be three Peyton the Jackasses in Orange Beach and one in Erie. ” Jaiden and Peyton cut loose with the laughter at that point. “OK, guys, you got us good and we can’t get back at you by calling Andy. But I promise you this: we are going to find a way to get you. That is certain.” “Sweetheart, you have made our day with this call. We can’t wait to get to keep those babies here, spoil the crap out of them, and then send them home. That is going to be so much fun!” Jenny began laughing hysterically and Peyton said, “Mom, Dad, surely you won’t do that to Jaiden and me. Dad said, “To Jaiden, no. But to you, damn straight we will.” Jaiden laughed so hard he peed himself and he has never done that before. Mom, Dad, may I help you do that to Peyton?” “Jenny, you better believe you can!” Peyton replied, “Mom, you know how you can make Dad miserable when you are mad at him? Dad said, “Peyton, I can assure you she does.” “Well, my dear parents, I can make Jaiden miserable by giving him blue balls.” Dad howled, Jaiden cried, and Jenny and the ladies listening rolled over in laughter. Jaiden, Peyton, I will get with Peggy about adding a large nursery to the house since we saved a fortune thanks to Dr. Schrader. Son’s don’t worry about anything, it will all be OK. I will add one requirement on your part, though, before I talk with Peggy.” “Dad and that requirement would be?” “Jaiden, Peyton, the ladies get to pick the finest, most expensive restaurant they can find and you two have to treat them to dinner there.” “Done, Dad!” “It better be, Son, or I will call Ginny!” “Dad. I promise they will get to do what you said, just don’t call Ginny!” Mom was about to die laughing at Peyton’s exchange with his Dad, and quite frankly, so was Dad, Jaiden, Dale, Charley, and the ladies. “By the way, son, touch�.” When happiness happens in our families, it happens in the biggest of ways. We are so `Blessed’ to have each other. So very `Blessed’. When Jenny hung up, she said that banter made her tired so she was going to bed early. The ladies said they were going to join her since it had been a fun but tiring day. Marty turned around and said, ” By the way, Peyton, we are going to find that enormously expensive restaurant tomorrow and let you know the name and where it is.” Then she and Jenny turned and walked to the bedroom laughing as hard as they could. Peyton got a worried look as he looked at Jaiden and said, “Oh no! Jaiden, Heaven forbid that what I am thinking comes to fruition!” “What is that, Peyton?” “Sweetheart, what is Dale going to do if he winds up with a Jenny?” Jaiden sat on the floor and started laughing so hard his eyes were watering profusely. Dale started crying and went to his room to be consoled by Charley. We heard Dale tell Charley about the Jenny comment and then we heard Charley scream with laughter. When Jaiden stopped laughing, he got off the floor, took Peyton by the hand, and led him to the bedroom, shut and locked the door, and then stripped Peyton as naked as a new-born baby. Then he removed all his clothes. Jaiden then dimmed the lights, flipped a couple of switches, and soft jazz began playing in the bedroom. As the music began, Jaiden walked to Peyton, their oak trees standing majestically, and took Peyton’s hand lifting it to his shoulder as he began slow dancing with the love of his life. Their oak trees began swaying and bumping their trunks together in the light breeze created by the dancing. Peyton laid his head on Jaiden’s chest as they danced for nearly an hour. At that point, Jaiden laid Peyton in the bed and crawled in next to him. As he lay down, he pulled Peyton tightly to him and kissed him on his forehead and then kissed him gently on his lips. He lay there running is fingers through Peyton’s hair and lightly rubbing his face. Jaiden pulled Peyton’s head to his breast holding it there with his hand as he savored the smell of his lover’s hair and his body. He kissed his lover on the top of his head and quietly and lovingly said, “Babe, I love you! “Thank you for letting me love you. You make me so happy; to want to come home; to watch you when you don’t realize I am watching. You have made me a part of the most loving family I have ever known. Because of you and our family, I have been able to let go of years of regret and pain that I thought would never leave my mind, and I have finally become truly happy. Making love to you is so magical, so enjoyable, but when I get to hold you like I am doing now…the feeling I get is amazingly indescribable; It allows my mind to delve into my very being in ways I normally can’t reach, and it is all because I am fortunate enough to love the most amazing person I have ever met. And to have been able to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you…for the first time in my life I finally feel complete as a person.” “To be able to give you children of your bloodline, to me is the most loving thing I could ever do for you, and then you lovingly give me children. I don’t think I could be more blessed. Thank you for loving me that much.” As Jaiden so lovingly held Peyton, they fell asleep. When they awoke the next morning, they were still holding each other in the same loving embrace.

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