Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 153


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Greg Patrick


“Boone Memorial Hospital, how may I direct your call?”


“Good morning, this is Dr. Jaiden Riley-Reynolds. May I please speak with Dr. Peter Andrews in the ER?” “One moment, please, Dr. Riley-Reynolds.”


“This is Dr. Andrews.” “Peter, Jaiden here; how are you today.” I am doing well, thank you, and I hope you are doing the same.” “I am, thank you.


“I had you and Leon on my mind and couldn”t seem to distract myself, so I wanted to call and make sure y”all are OK.”

“Jaiden, we are, but Leon has had a winter cold that has kicked his butt, so I have given him extra space to keep him from getting stressed out. He studies his ass off for school, and so far, he has a 4.0 GPA, and he intends to keep that up even if it kills him; I can”t get him to relax on that issue.” “Peter, Leon will back off when and if the pressure starts getting to him, so don”t worry about it if he doesn”t have blood pressure and anxiety.”


“He doesn”t seem to that I”ve picked up on, but that does give me an idea.” “And that is, Peter? “I”ll check his BP to make sure it isn”t elevated; I should have done that already. As for having anxiety, I don”t think there”s a hint of that; Leon is constantly singing and humming while studying.”


“Dang, he may be more kin to Peyton than we knew; that”s precisely what Peyton does when he”s enjoying hitting the books. Are you enjoying working in the ER?”


“Jaiden, I”m more than enjoying working here. I have laughed more since being here than I ever have. Yesterday, the ambulance brought in a case where I thought the person was dead. But, when I pulled the cover back in the exam room, it wasn”t an obese person like I thought; it was a couple who got stuck together while having sex in the park near Appalachian State.”


“I had to excuse myself and go to the conference room until I could stop laughing.” “How did you solve the problem, Peter?”


“I got a 50 CC syringe and a six-inch needle out of the cabinet, assembled the kit, and let him see it. When I did, he asked what I was going to do with the needle, so I told him I had to stick the needle in his penis and run it up inside him and remove the blood in the penis so it would deflate.” “And?”


“Jaiden, he fainted dead to the world. When that happened, he naturally deflated, and I could get him out of the woman.”


“Just as I got the couple separated, his wife walked into the ER asking what was wrong with her husband. Talk about funny as hell when he had to tell her what happened; I haven”t stopped laughing since yesterday.”


“That”s not all; a boy from the college came in with a fractured penis he got when his girlfriend tried to grind him down to a nub. Insurance called and wanted to know how he got a broken dick and about the surgery he had to have. When I told them the story, the lady on the phone apologized for having asked that question. I lost it the way she apologized, and she did too. It”s one thing after another like that with the college students.”


“Peter, it sounds like you are having so much fun that you may not want to join us in Erie in June.” “No, I”ll be there; I miss working with the children and seeing their and their parent”s faces when the good things happen.” “True; Peyton and I feel the same way.”


“We were called into the CEO”s office over some letters he had received about us and our patient interactions � 75 to be exact. They are all getting transfers to Erie, so we can continue to be their doctors. Most of them are patients on whom you and Richard did the workups and made admissions to St. Jude”s. They want to keep the treatment team for their children.”


“You”ve got to be kidding!” “You”d think, Peter, but I”m not. They already have appointments starting mid-June through the first of July, so once we all get to Erie, we”re going to have to hit the ground running.”


“Talking about the move to Erie, Jaiden, Leon, and I have discussed keeping the house here and building a home in Erie to keep the place here as a vacation spot for the family. Seth loves it here, and the idea of him not being able to come back and see his animal buddies growing up doesn”t sit well with Leon, or with me either, for that matter.”


“That”s really nice of you two to feel that way. I know Dad likes the house and its area � especially the wildlife. Mom likes the idea of visiting there, and they”re still talking about selling the farm and moving to Erie when Seth finishes vet school.”


“Jaiden, what are they going to do with Peyton?” “My Jaiden or the jackass?” “I thought they were one and the same.” “I am not going to go there, Peter, and say they are…but!” “Peyton must be standing next to you.” “How did you guess?” “Oh, just a feeling I had the way you said that.”


“Well, I have to run, the ambulance is bringing in some wreck victims, so it”s fixing to get busy here. I”ll call you and Peyton tomorrow while I am off.” “OK, bro, get some rest in the morning before you call.” `I will, Jaiden; later.”


Peyton asked Jaiden how Leon and Peter were doing, and Jaiden told him how well Leon was doing in school and about the cases Peter had mentioned. The ward secretary choked on the coffee she was drinking when she heard the story and got Peyton and Jaiden tickled. She looked at Jaiden and said, “Dr. Jaiden, are you serious?” “Yes, mam, I sure am.” “Ya think we are working in the wrong place?” “Humor-wise, yes; satisfaction-wise, no. But you have to admit, life in Boone isn”t boring!”


Peyton and Jaiden met Richard, Dale, and Charley in the hospital cafeteria for lunch. When Jaiden told the three about his conversation with Peter, they howled.


Later that afternoon, Peyton saw Dale and Charley talking with a couple of their fellow engineers who were doubled over laughing. He thought perhaps Charley had told them about the co-joined man, his concubine, and the student whose girlfriend broke his mezitli escort penis.


When Peyton and Jaiden got home, Peyton asked Charley if that was what his co-workers were laughing about, and Charley said yes, that the stories were their stress breakers for the day.


Ginny and Granny had the children outside playing when their dads got home, so the dads had a short break to relax for a few minutes. When the ladies brought the children inside, Jaiden thought they would be mauled by children wanting to play, but they climbed onto the couch and cuddled up to their dads; that is all but Nathan Robert, who went to the bookcase, pulled out a book, climbed into the chair by the doors, and began reading the book out loud.


The dads looked at each other as if to ask, “what the heck, when did Nathan Robert start doing this?” That was the point where Granny told them he did the same thing after lunch before heading upstairs to take his nap. Charley wondered out loud if the dads had discovered which child would prove to be the most studious. Peyton spoke up and said it would be interesting to see how quickly the other children followed suit.


That evening, Jenny called Peyton to see how things were going, and he told her what Nathan Robert had done. Jenny reminded Peyton he, too, had started reading independently at that age. When Jaiden talked with his mom, she said, “like father, like son.”


“Jaiden, you did the same thing at the same age. So that was one thing your Dad got to see, and he was so proud of you.” “Mom, you never mentioned that I did that!” “Jaiden, you know I never crowded your mind with things you didn”t need to focus on too early.” “I have to admit, Mom, you really didn”t.”


“Jaiden, do you remember Einstein saying he didn”t memorize anything he didn”t have to, especially when he could look the information up in a book?” “Yes, mam.” “Well, my thought was I hoped you”d be the same way, and you are � for the most part.”


“What do you mean by `the most part,” Mom?” “Do you have to look up medication before you prescribe it, or what is going on with a specific patient or one of your sons?” “No, Man.” “Then there you go, son.” “OK, I admit, I understand.” “Smart man, son; I knew Ginny, and I didn”t raise a dummy.”


“Jaiden, what are you and Peyton going to do tonight?” “If the children go to bed early, I think we”ll have about three hours of raucous sex, sit by the bedroom window afterward, smoke a cigarette, and blow the smoke out the window.” “Son, I know you better than that. You may fan smoke out the bedroom window, but it won”t be from smoking cigarettes!”


“May I speak to Peyton for a minute?” “Yes, mam, hold on a second. Hey, babe, mom wants to speak to you for a moment.” “Hi, Mom, what”s up?” “Not much; I just wanted to see if you would do a favor for me.” “What”s the favor?” “Kiss Jaiden for me! Bye.” With that, Jaiden”s mom hung up the phone.


“Damn, she”s done it again!” “Done what, Peyton?” “She asked me to kiss you for her, and you know what that is going to lead to.” “Yeah, I do. Since we have to work in the morning, hold that thought until Friday night!”


“You realize we have to get up on Saturday morning and go to temple services.” “Dang, that”s true; however, we can sit in the back of the synagogue and nap if we have to.” “That might not be a good idea, babe. You know we both tend to snore a bit when we nap if we are tired.” “Party pooper!”


“Don”t worry, Sweetheart, we”ll figure something out.” “Damn straight, Babe, and it is going to be some kind of good when it gets started.” “You know it!”


When Jaiden and Peyton went to bed, Peyton stood in the light of the moon and asked, “Jaiden, would you please hold me for a while?” Jaiden slipped his briefs off, walked to Peyton and slid his briefs off him, picked him up, and laid him on the left side of the bed. Then he lay to the right of Peyton, put his left arm under Peyton”s neck, and rubbed the side of his head as they lay there, skin to skin.


Peyton didn”t say a word, but he smiled sweetly and gave Jaiden soft pecks on his lips as he stroked Jaiden”s hair. Just before they fell asleep. Peyton looked at Jaiden with misty eyes and said, “Jaiden, I love you so much, and the way you love me back puts me on top of the moon.” “Same here, Babe. I feel complete because of you.”


The next morning the dads had an unusual day off. When Jaiden had brushed his teeth and Peyton had done the same, he gave Peyton a long, lingering kiss. Then, since they were still naked, Jaiden and Peyton ran their hands all over each other.


Then Jaiden looked at Peyton and asked, “Do you smell what I smell?” “I think so; are you smelling banana macadamia nut waffles and turkey bacon?” “Yep, Ginny and Granny must have come over early.”


The guys got dressed and headed to the kitchen, and it wasn”t Granny and Ginny; it was Dale and Charley. “Dale, you guys didn”t have to work today?” “No, the big bosses had a meeting with the hospital execs, so they gave everybody the day off. But, since you and Peyton were off too, I thought we”d have something for breakfast that we haven”t had for a while.”


“I called Ginny and Granny and told them to take some time to have breakfast with their husbands and drink a cup of coffee while they read the newspaper. They”ll be here at 10.” “Dale, you always make us smile and give us reasons to love the two of you more than ever!” “We love you and Peyton, too, Jaiden.”


The dads ate a hearty breakfast, and they prepared waffles and bacon for the children before they got them up and ready to eat. Then, when they got the children out of bed and took care of their morning routine, they walked them to the dining room for breakfast. By the way the children inhaled the waffles and bacon, one would think they hadn”t eaten in a week.


After breakfast, the dads got the children dressed and let them go outside to play since the weather was nicely Spring-like. Then, they sat on the deck and had another cup of coffee as they watched their babies.


“Guys!” “Yes, Charley?” “Look at the children; we need to call the clothiers and order them some new clothes. Seems to me their pants are too short and look too tight.” Peyton replied, “Charley, you”re right. Did you check their feet in their shoes this morning?” “No, but I think we both need to check their feet, given how much they seem to have outgrown their clothes.” “Jaiden spoke up and said, “When I got the boys underpants on them this morning, I thought they looked a little snug, so we probably need to check everything in their wardrobe.”


When the dads checked their children”s clothes and shoes, they appeared to have undergone a tremendous growth spurt because everything they had to wear was too small. Jaiden made a few calls and told the dads that the new clothes and footwear would be in by the end of the week.


The strange thing was that Richard Pugh, the Ford dealer in Erie, called to see if the children needed new Ford merch: coats, pants, jackets, and hats. Jaiden said they had outgrown everything, and updated clothes had been ordered that morning, so Mr. Pugh said he”d call Ford back and let them know.


At the end of pozcu escort the week, UPS delivered several large boxes from Ford with everything the children could possibly need or want. The old clothes went to the clothing bank at Ginny”s and Granny”s church, and new clothing went into the children”s drawers and closets. Saturday morning, the children wore their new Ford clothing, describing them as Lincoln Babies, to the temple, and did they look sharp!


When the babies walked into the temple”s nursery, Mrs. Edleman said, “My, how nice my babies look this morning, ten future doctors dressed handsomely. And little Alaina Noelle, how beautiful!” “Thank you, Mrs. Edleman; those little suits came from Ford yesterday, and the children almost had a fit to wear them.” “Yes, I can see why, Dr. Jaiden.”


“Mrs. Edleman, you wouldn”t believe how hard they are to dry after you wash them; it took us half the night to get them dry. Let”s hope they stay clean today � at least fairly so!”


Charley told the dads he”d like to do something different for lunch today when the temple services were over. So they all tried to think of something different they thought the children would like.


Peyton said he heard some people talking about how good a place near the hospital called McEwen”s was and said they had food the children would probably like. Dale mentioned that some of the guys on his crew had eaten there and said the food was over the top, so the dads voted to go there for lunch.


When they got to the restaurant, they discovered that the prices weren”t cheap, but they also weren”t as expensive as other places they had eaten in Memphis. Peyton and Jaiden ordered Grilled Atlantic Salmon with a miso and pecan glaze. Of course, the vegetable Jaiden ordered was grilled asparagus; Peyton got roasted potato salad.


Dale and Charley ordered the yellowfin tuna with kimchi slaw you love the banana cream pie in this box, and you love the idea of having some on the deck with a cup of coffee while the children are napping.” “That”s true, Charley, but I really do love you, Dale, and the children.” “I know, bro, I was just playing with you.”


The waitress brought Charley something in a bag and winked when she handed it to him. “What”s that, Charley?” “Jaiden, what”s white, sweet and creamy, and delicious on pie?” “Whipped?” “Yep!” “Alright!”


The dads finished off the lunch and pie with a delicious cup of coffee that was almost as good as the coffee Dale makes. Peyton asked what they thought of the food. On a scale of 1 to 10, Jaiden said his was a 15, an opinion Peyton wholeheartedly agreed with.


“What about you, Dale?” “I would agree with your assessment; I definitely want to come back to and try this place again, and I especially want to try the Osso Bucco when they have it. The way they described the braised lamb made it sound over the top.”


A man at the table beside Dale and Charley turned and said, “Pardon me for intruding on your conversation. I just wanted to tell you the Osso Bucco is more than over the top; you really need to try it.” Charley thanked the gentleman and said he would do just that.


“Leon, put your boots and coat on and come with me.” “Where are we going?” “Please, just do what I asked you to do.”


When Leon and Peter walked into the garage, Leon started to get into the car Jaiden and Peyton had given to him, and Peter said, “Not that car, the one in the driveway.” “The one in the driveway?” “Yes.”


Peter opened the garage door, and a new Ford Maverick pickup sat in the driveway. “Wait a minute, Peter, where did this come from?” “I traded my old car in yesterday and picked this up on the way home. It”s a hybrid with a 2.5 4-liter engine which is big enough to do what we need and get me to work or you to school, and it is a good size for Seth when he comes to visit.”


“I have to admit, it is a cute truck, but we didn”t talk about it before you bought it.” “Oops! I”m sorry, I didn”t think about that.” “No, you didn”t, and next time you will.” “Yep, Leon, I will.”


Peter walked to Leon and hugged him as he said, “I am sorry, sweetheart, I just didn”t think; it won”t happen again.”


“Peter, are you finished apologizing?” “Yes, sir.” “Good! Let it go, and let”s go for a ride; I want to see how comfortable this truck is.” “Leon, before we go for the ride, look inside the truck and tell me what you see.”


“It has a bench seat; that”s uncommon nowadays, and it has all the newest electronics, so that”s good.” “What else, Leon.”


“The only other thing that I see is different is the seatbelt in the middle of the seat.” “OK, get in the middle of the seat and fasten the seat belt.”


Leon got into the truck, fastened the seat belt, and Peter got into the driver”s seat, fastened his seatbelt, and turned the key. Leon expected the engine to turn over, but it didn”t. “Why didn”t the truck start, Peter?” “It did, babe; you just can”t hear it running.” “That”s odd, Peter.” “Not for a hybrid truck, it isn”t.”


“Hybrid?” “Yes, and you”ll understand why in a few minutes.” Peter pulled out of their driveway, turned left, and headed up the mountain. The truck went up the hill without a struggle and surprised the young men.


As they leveled out going back downhill, there was virtual silence in the truck. Then, finally, Peter reached over and placed his hand on the inside of Leon”s thigh and asked, “Love, do you like sitting closer as we quietly ride through the mountain?” “Actually, I hadn”t thought about it until you asked, but, yes, I do. Being able to cuddle up against you as we ride through the hills is so comfortable; maybe you should have surprised me with this truck sooner.”


The guys came to an overlook somewhat secluded from the road by trees and brush. Leon and Peter undid their seatbelts, and Leon turned and leaned against Peter, who had turned slightly to the right. He held Leon like two lovers who had just met and were sharing a tender moment while overlooking the valley in front of and below them.


The scenery was beautiful, with the snow covering everything. First, Peter kissed the top of Leon”s head and lightly rubbed his chest. Then, slowly, he began rubbing lower and lower on Leon”s chest until he reached his belt.


Peter unbuckled the belt, unsnapped Leon”s zipper, and folded the zipper area of the pants to the side. Leon was sporting a rock-hard erection that Peter was eyeing.


He slid his hand into Leon”s briefs and pushed them slightly down in the front so he could have less encumbered access to what he wanted in his hand.


Peter grabbed Leon”s penis and slowly massaged it up and down, causing Leon to close his eyes and lean his head back on Peter”s shoulder. When Leon started getting close to shooting, he let Peter know.


Peter told Leon to turn and lay flat in the seat. When he did that, Peter tenderly engulfed Leon”s member and began slow movements that were driving Leon mad with passion.


Peter kept up what he was doing until Leon could no longer contain himself and let go of rope after rope of jizz into Peter”s throat.


When Peter had drained every drop escort bayan of love nectar Leon had in his phallus, he got a baby wipe from the glove box in the truck. He cleaned Leon so he wouldn”t be uncomfortable on the ride back up and down the mountain toward home.


Leon looked at Peter with the most loving glance he”d shown his husband since their Hawaiian honeymoon. He saw a bit of cum on Peter”s chin, so he got another wipe and cleaned Peter”s face and then softly kissed his lover and said, “thank you, sweetheart.”


As they were headed toward home, Leon asked, “Peter, can we get another truck in a different color and do this again? This was so erotic and …I don”t know how to say what I think, but I”d really like to feel it again.” “Cutie, we don”t have to get another truck to love on each other again; we just need to keep scouting out secluded spots where nobody can spy on us – even with binoculars.” “Peter, how about while you”re driving, I do this?”


Leon unbuckled and unzipped Peter”s pants, freed his dick, and lowered his lips around it. The love session was intense and made it hard for Peter to control the truck in his highway lane. “Leon, maybe we better continue this closer to home before I get pulled over for weaving.”


“UH UH,” Leon grunted as he pinched a spot near pretty Peter”s perfect peter. With that pinch, Peter exploded into Leon”s throat with the hardest grunt he”d ever let out. “Damn, Leon! Where”d you learn to do that?” “You told me to read more in the library at the university, so I did.” “Geez, whatever you do, don”t stop your research; that was so intense I thought I was going to pass out.”


“Peter, will you please do me a favor?” “What is that, Leon?” “Don”t pass out in this new truck; I haven”t had a chance to drive it.” “You”re crazy, Leon; maybe that”s why I love you so much.” “Nah, you love me so much because I am good in bed, and I make you feel good!”


“You do make me feel good, Leon, but you”re not good in bed.” “What the hell do you mean by saying I”m not good in bed? I thought I more than satisfied you, and I”m always trying to find something new that will spice up our love life.” “True, but you are not good in bed.”


Leon”s eyes teared up as he got upset and quiet � deadly quiet.


“Leon, baby, you aren”t good in bed; you are beyond that. I don”t know if there”s a word or a term to describe how good of a lover you are, but if there is, I someday hope I find it so I can tell you just how awesome you are. I can tell you this: I have never, in my life, been happier with anyone or loved anyone the way I love you � no one; you are the best thing that ever happened to me.”


“Peter, you had me scared. I was thinking that I didn”t satisfy you at home, and maybe you weren”t as happy as I hoped you were.” “Leon, please, don”t ever think that. You know if something bothers me, I”ll tell you.” “True, you always have, Peter.” “Yes, and I always will.”


Now, just up the road here, we can make a left and go into Brevard and get some dinner, or we can keep to the right and go home; what would you like to do?”


“Let”s take a left and head to that little restaurant in the alley that we like.” With that, Peter took a left at the road”s divide and headed toward Brevard.


When they got to the restaurant and went inside, it was a bit crowded but somewhat quiet for the number of people there.


They got a booth and sat down, Leon on one side and Peter on the other.


They didn”t hold hands, share a kiss, or anything; they maintained an air of friendship about them to not cause anyone to be upset or mad at two gay guys, let alone two guys in a same-sex marriage.


The waiter got their drink order, delivered their drinks, and then took their food order. He noticed the guys were acting nervous, so he asked if there was a problem, and they quietly explained their situation to him.


To Leon”s and Peter”s surprise, the waiter turned around and loudly said, “May I have your attention, please. These two guys are gay as a three-dollar bill, and they are married to each other; they didn”t sit side by side, hold hands, or share a kiss because they didn”t want to offend any of you.” With that said, the waiter turned and headed for the kitchen.


When he went into the kitchen, two burly guys got up and approached Peter and Leon and loudly said, “so, you two guys are faggots, and you”re married to each other; well, I”ll be, everybody, what a surprise to encounter in the restaurant tonight: two married queers! We”ve got to show them what we think of that, don”t we?”


Peter and Leon were quaking in their boots and were scared to their core. Then, finally, the biggest of the two men said, “get your asses up and come with me!”


Neither of the two lovers wanted any trouble, so they got up and did as the man told them to do: they followed him until he stopped at a table in the middle of everybody. Then the man turned and said, “you (pointing at Peter), kiss him.” “Peter quickly kissed Leon on the cheek.”


The burly man, now identified as Isaac, said, “what the hell was that; I said to kiss the dude.” Trying to avoid trouble, Peter kissed Leon on the mouth but didn”t make a big deal with the kiss. Peter thought he and Leon would be further abused by the crowd and hurt even, but that was not the case.


Isaac turned to the crowd and said, “We have two new queers in the restaurant tonight. Stand up if you want to show these two fags what you think of them.


Peter and Leon were trembling as everyone stood up and began applauding. Peter looked at Leon as they both wondered: what the hell!” That”s when Isaac said, “Guys, I”m horribly sorry if we scared you; the truth is that everybody here tonight is gay. The manager is gay, the waiter is gay, the lady at the register is gay. We meet here every Saturday night, and we”d love to have you join us each week.”


“Here is my card with my phone number on it. Before it was over, Peter and Leon had a sheet of paper with everybody”s name, address, and phone number on it. The tables in the restaurant were rearranged in a family-style setting, with Leon and Peter sitting in the middle.


The waiter started bringing everyone”s dinner to them. When he got to Leon and Peter, he sat Porterhouse steaks, cooked to medium, in front of them. Peter tried to object since they had ordered a sandwich.


The waiter stopped him and said, “Whenever this crowd meets someone new who is gay – and especially married to each other, they always make sure they get the best to eat and feel welcomed � after they scare the hell out of them. By the way, I”m sorry if I upset you with my announcement; I knew what was going to happen when I said what I did.”


“Jeff, you scared the hell out of us. We thought we”d get killed by some mountain folks before we got home tonight.” “If it had been a regular crowd when I made the announcement, that may have been a possibility. But, seeing as you now have everybody”s name and number, make sure to put them into your cell phone and keep them handy at home. Then, if anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, ever gives you a problem around here for being gay, all you have to do is call one person on that list.”


“The entire group will come to your aid, and all I”ll say beyond that is, “God help anyone who threatens you for being gay or being married to each other; they will disappear, and no questions will ever be asked.”





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