Subject: Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (9) This is a supplement tale In the ‘Me and James O’ story I have on here. I have chatted with his hot guy a few times after inadvertently finding his page on Twitter. Although we have not hooked up. And the more I do chat with him. The more I want James. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. This take is from the betraying roommates view point. And how after the fact he too wants James. And seduces the hairy hunk. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (9) … Jaden lay in his bed after the awesome sex with the hotter than Hell James. The lean sexy hairy guy that he originally met online and decided he didn’t want him. But that was until he saw him up close and the fact that James was supposedly unattainable as he was sort of dating him roommate. It probably made the guy even hotter than he saw him now. The thrill of getting someone that was with someone else. Even if it was his friend and roommate. “I just can’t help it” he said to himself as he lay there “James is fucking awesome” “And he can sure fuck” Yes that fuck James had given him was the best sex he had ever had. Slightly rough and only getting rougher as he went on in the game. And that dick and those big butt slapping balls. Those big beautiful balls so full of that awesome and delicious cum. The best tasting cum he ever had. And he wanted more of it. And he wanted more rough sex from James. So he planned on seducing James again. His desire demanded it. It was some weeks later that this happened. He had bursa escort been biding his time as James and his roommate seemed to be getting serious. He was glad that Oscar was happy. That there was a light in hus eyes because of the hot James. The problem was that Jadens desire was far greater than his friends happiness. He had to have James again. No matter the cost. “I can’t stand it” he said as he watched the two together. “He gets him every day” “But I want James for myself” Then the day of his great and final encounter with the hot James came. He was to have James unfortunately one last time. Not what he wanted, but the situation in which it happened was to indeed end his fun once and for all. The night before Oscar and James had come back from dinner. They were sitting on the couch being obnoxiously cute together. Hands touching and gentle loving kisses as the sat there on the couch of their shared apartment. Just relaxing and watching some television Jaden had come in after a very dull date with someone else. He was horny as nothing really happened. And that was due to his desire for the hot man sitting with his roommate. He had stopped seeing Chad a few weeks back after the awesome encounter with James. He just wasn’t enough man for him anymore. This big hunk if muscle wasn’t James. So he got rid of him. Even though he did like Chad. But he was obsessed with James now. More so than with any guy. “There they are” he huffed with dry sarcasm “The happy couple” He smiled at them as he passed through the room. He didn’t want to see them. Even though James gave him a strange look. Jaden went to him room to read and jerk off. He quickly grabbed his laptop instead. Going to some porn site to watch videos. But then he remembered James’s page from the hook bursa escort bayan up site. “I can watch James” he said to himself “Better than nothing” So he clicked in the link that was still there. James had not deleted the page as someone in a serious relationship might do. Although it did show he hadn’t been in it months. But thankfully it was still there. So Jaden could imagine just by the images and videos that James was there with him. That this hit hairy dude was with him as he played. He looked at the sexy images if James as the made posed and held his dick. So many hot images of the mans dick and those gorgeous balls. He pulled on his hard dick as he looked at the images. James looked spectacular when he posed and flexed his arms. His dick sticking straight out and curving slightly upwards. Those glorious nuts hanging down several inches from his body. “This all should have been mine” he huffed “And mine alone.” “But I fucked up” “But I have to have this stud again” “I want that dick in my ass” “And want to bred by him.” He pondered that lovely hard fucking James would give him. Drilling him with that fantastic cock until the man blew a heavy thick cum load into his ass. Breeding him and making Jaden all his. “Take my dick man” James would say “You fucking pussy whore” “Take all of my dick” Jaden moved from the images to the hot stroke videos that James had. How he would taunt the viewer as he played with his dick through his briefs. Jaden watched as the mans cock grew under the cotton of them. Jaden then watched as the man freed his dick. Talking through what he was doing as he played with his perfect dick. Jaden watched woth eyes wide and hungry as he watched James stroking his dick. His hand moving up and down his dick. James saying how great escort bursa it felt to have his hands in his dick. Hiw he wished someone would be there to suck him off. “Look at him” Jaden said to himself “Look at that fucking awesome dick” He stared wantonly as James reached below his dick. His hand gripping at the hefty balls. Pulling on them and he continued to play with hus hard dick. Saying how full they felt, how he was ready to burst. And how full his balls felt. “Yes. Those big boys do look full” Jaden said “So full of that sweet fucking cum” “I want those big fuckers in my mouth again” “So big and full” Jaden was getting hornier as he watch the video. Hornier as he watch the hot James continued to stroke. Then as james began to say of how he wanted to fuck someone, of how he needed to feel a hole on his dick. Thrusting his dick into his hand as he mimicked fucking. Thus excited Jaden all the more. He wanted to feel dick in his ass. But james was not there to give him the dick in his ass he so needed and desired. So he stopped the video and his jerking for a minute. He then knew what he wanted to do. He needed to find a dildo to shove up his ass while he watched James. And seeing as he didn’t currently have one. He never really has needed one because if how easy it has been for Jaden to get guys. So he got up and headed to his roommates room. Looking through drawers and the closet to find the item he knew he had in there. “I know he has one” he said to himself. “Where the fuck is it?” It took to a few minutes to find it. Luckily his roommate and James were busy elsewhere to know he was in there. “Ah ha!” He almost shouted when he found it. He grabbed the dildo and rushed back into his own room. He grabbed the lube and slathered up the nice sized dildo. At about 7 inches was near the size of James cock. But the smooth fake dick was no were near as beautiful. “Now to fuck myself” he then said… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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