Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 6Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 6


Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 6A tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter Six – Party Time*******?Following Martin’s launch of his ‘discovery’ and the exhibitions of photographs he had compiled Jacqui attained an almost celebrity status within the ‘Erotic Society of America’. For sure, it may have been a private and discrete group that was mainly unknown to the outside world but, no matter, for these associates and lovers of erotic art Jacqui, known affectionately as ‘Martin’s Nude’, would become a desirable addition to any guest list for the events and gatherings that those within the group organised.Martin decided that he would hold ‘The Nude’s Presentation Party’ when he would be able to present, in person, to the society and all of his local associates who were lovers of erotic art his model who had featured in his most recent exhibition. He told us that he intended for Jacqui to be the guest of honour and that once he had set a date that he would be sending out invitations..We received ours in the mail a couple of days later and they were definitely not your standard ‘you are invited to a party’ invitations for they stipulated that it would be a ‘black tie’ event, Tuxedos for men; long frocks for women and the envelope included a nude photo of Jacqui with a note that entertainment of an unspecified nature would be provided by his new model. We speculated as to what that was hinting!Her initial reaction was that she wasn’t too keen on the idea of presenting herself completely nude to Martin’s male and female friends and associates given that it was quite some time since she had done anything like this. However, it had never occurred to Martin that she might decline the invitation and indeed, it was a measure of his confidence and an indication of his hold over her when she took the call from him, relented and simply stated, “I’d love to do something like this again. This really sounds like a fun thing.”On the day of the party, Martin had arranged for a car to pick us up late in the afternoon and we were off to his Brownstone in New York City. On the way we didn’t say too much but I could see that Jacqui had already entered that dreamy, almost trance like, look she gets whenever in anticipation of a sexual adventure and by the time we arrived at Martin’s house she was in complete ‘Heidi-mode’ and quite ready for the party.As we went through the front door I got my first shock of the evening when she reached behind and pulled at the zipper of her dress and within 10 seconds had stepped out of it so that she was totally naked. I hadn’t realised that when Martin had made that call to her that he had stipulated that her invitation had the requirement for her to get naked whenever she was in his presence. Unbeknown to me she had been sitting alongside me in the car with nothing on beneath the sundress she had chosen to wear. She told me later that she had figured the easiest and fastest way to get naked so quickly was to wear only a dress to comply with Martin’s directive on this subject.After we arrived, Martin informed us that his girlfriend Elizabeth would take charge of getting Heidi ready for the presentation and that he had arranged for me to be taken on some sightseeing in the city to keep me occupied while final preparations were going on. I thought this to be a bit odd and it became even more confusing when Martin asked me not to make a big deal of the fact I was ‘Heidi’s husband’ and that when I returned from my sightseeing trip to act as if I had never met her before. He said, “… some of the guests will figure it out soon enough, but by that time they will be more comfortable with you.”So odd; so Martin, so I left her to the mercies of Elizabeth thinking, “What’s going to take so long and what’s so hard about getting a woman ready to be naked?”Silly me! It turned out that they needed time for they had hairdresser to do her hair after Elizabeth had given her a bubble bath and that they both saw to it that she was properly perfumed before they got her into an ‘outfit’ for the evening.It was a few hours later after my sightseeing tour (which I wasn’t too interested in as all I could think about was what might be going on back at Martin’s place as she was being readied for the presentation) that I was returned to the house. What a treat awaited me.I rang the doorbell, the door opened and there was Martin in his Tuxedo with Heidi on his arm wearing an outfit they had selected for her to wear. Heels, thigh-high stockings, long gloves, and jewellery! That was it! She looked fabulous; gorgeous; great; fetching, …think of any positive adjective you wish!Martin held out his hand and said in a deadpan voice, “hello, so glad you could come this evening ….” and then turned to introduce me to the gorgeous lady holding his arm, ” …. this is my fabulous Nude, Heidi.” Keeping up with the deception and the playacting he then introduced me to her by saying, “… this is my very good friend Dale”.She shook my hand and said with a twinkle in her eye, “So pleased to meet you but, I’m sorry I did not catch your name”.I played along and replied, “Dale”.”Oh, how nice. My very best friend is named Dale, so I’ll be able to easily remember you among all these kaçak iddaa people I’m meeting tonight”.I thought, “Cute. Real cute”!There must have been 8 or 9 people there already and I mingled and shared pleasantries up until everyone had arrived which made for about 20 people at the party in addition to Martin, Elizabeth, Heidi and me. It was quite the experience and a real turn on to be standing there with everyone dressed in dinner jackets or cocktail dresses, except for Heidi who was standing there stark naked except for stockings and gloves which Martin and his friends referred to as her ‘formal Nude evening wear’. It was obvious to me (and equally pleasing) that she was quite comfortable with the situation!The guests were a rather sophisticated and ‘artsy’ group, all in involved in some way other with art, music, show business, fashion industry, etc. It was also a very ‘classy’ setting for Martin had employed a harpist to provide background music and whenever she took a break, classical music on the sound system took over. The mood was all very relaxed and somehow it all seemed to fit very well with the fact that my naked wife was the centre of attention in of all this. My initial reaction on being included in this esoteric company was that this was going to be a rather long night for an environmental engineer (aka ‘me’!) since I had nothing in common with the other guests and in addition they all seemed to know each other. As it turned out, many of these people were very interested in environmental issues, particularly the subject of water supply for NYC, so contrary to my first impressions I became a rather popular person to talk to albeit that everyone would be keeping half an eye on Heidi while we were in conversation. It was a real turn on to be having a really good discussion with someone about water issues and to then turn around and see my lovely wife naked and speaking with a group of people seemingly oblivious to the fact she was the only naked person in the room; it was great!However, something that I was unaware of when Jacqui had been on the call with Martin was that he had told her that there would be a specific ‘Code of Conduct’ to be followed at the presentation party. She hadn’t shared that with me beforehand so it was something of a shock when after the party had got underway to find out the direction where we going. I was confused when Martin sent over his girlfriend Elizabeth who whispered in my ear that a number of guests had noticed that I had not yet complied with ‘the protocol’.I basically responded to her with something like, “what in the world is that?”Martin must have seen saw the bewildered look on my face and he came over and enlightened me about the ‘protocol’ as to what would be happening.He explained that the protocol was something as follows. If a woman is gracious enough to show herself off Nude the least a guest can do is show her that it is very much appreciated that she has done so. The proper way to do this at a presentation party is for the guest to take her into the ‘Viewing Room’ where she may be asked to really put her ‘assets’ on display for further appreciation and invite the guest to compliment her. It was then that I understood where Heidi had been frequently disappearing to and explained the reason for her now being distinctly damp between the thighs, her exhibitionist juices were in full flow!Elizabeth then pointed out that just about everyone else had done this except a few other people and me. Elizabeth then intercepted and introduced me to one of the other men, John, and suggested we might both want to take Heidi into the Viewing Room and to express our appreciation to her. Very simply, we did just as Elizabeth suggested and located her on the other side of the room talking to a couple. The couple were quite gracious about our intrusion and understood fully the demands of the protocol which allowed us to take Heidi into the room where John proceeded to ask her to assume various poses such as getting on all fours on a low table, pointing her ass in the air, etc. It was obvious my wife had become quite conversant with such commands from the previous visits she had made to the room without my knowledge and seemed to have no problem complying with John’s commands. Indeed, I think she was quite enjoying the situation.At one point John asked her to sit in a recliner chair and to spread her legs up over the arms of the chair. By this time I had got the idea of what happens here and at this point saw an opportunity to ‘get even’ with her for the little stunt she pulled when I had arrived at the party, that is, pretending not to know my name.Heidi quickly complied with his request and really looked scrumptious. However, I said to John, “Hmm, for my first time of viewing this lady, I don’t think that is a very wide spread ….” then looking Heidi right in the eyes said, “…. Can you spread your legs a bit wider?” She shot me one of those ‘if looks could kill’ looks but she complied and did spread her legs a bit wider.I think we both felt we were now ‘even’ in the one-upsmanship department!John and I were the last of the guests to take of advantage of the Viewing room and when we three rejoined the others in the lounge Martin made an announcement kaçak bahis that the time had come for Heidi to be formally presented to the party. He came over to us and led Heidi by the hand to a small dais that was set to one side of the room. She stood on it with all of her magnificent naked charms so prettily displayed and Martin then began his little speech of how he had discovered her; how she was the most co-operative and pleasing nude model he had worked with; how she was so compliant to his demands and had given him so much pleasure. (This last comment seemed to me to be heavy on innuendo but perhaps that interpretation was due to way my mind worked!).His speech came to an end and he asked my blushing wife to give a pirouette, a twirl, on the dais which she did to a appreciative round of applause from the guests, there were even a few shouts of ‘bravo’ thrown in which made her blush even deeper.I thought that was the end of the ‘speeches’ but, no, it was my turn to be embarrassed. Martin called me over and introduced and identified me as ‘the Nude’s husband’ and said that they should all show their appreciation for my allowing my treasure to be shared. Again, applause and a few whistles. So much for preserving my anonymity.”Time to eat …” was his next announcement “… and Heidi will be showing off some of her other skills when we get to serving the dessert!”It was an odd statement to make but knowing Martin and his quirky way of thinking I knew that something must have been cooked up between them.The food was readily available on tables along one side of the room waiting for us to help ourselves, buffet fashion, and to the background sound of the harpist plucking her tunes we all stood and nibbled away at the most delicious savoury dishes.I don’t know how long we had been nibbling and chatting when Martin clapped his hands to get our attention and said that he thought that we had completed the ‘first course’. Nobody objected and he once again took Heidi by the hand and led her out of the room. A few moments later he returned pushing a specially built dessert cart on which Heidi was kneeling on all fours with her legs spread wide and her derriere pointing nicely in the air. Beneath her was the tray which was covered with all manner of pastries, cakes and sweet things but none looked sweeter than her exposed cunt which we guests had to reach under to get to the dishes beneath. Everyone took great care and time in choosing and I could see that Heidi was flushed with rising excitement as she felt hands and arms brushing against her pussy and ass. The evening was definitely warming up.It was what happened next that really drove me wild.Martin was now in full flow and dominating the conversations in the room, which was not difficult for he was explaining his methods of getting his models to comply with his demands at their shooting sessions.Heidi was still knelt on the cart as he said that he had never seen a woman whose ass responded so delightfully to a properly administered spanking. I was taken aback to hear this for I thought that this was something that was just a fantasy between Heidi and me, to be spanked, not something that she had clearly indulged in with someone else. My shock was overtaken by a rising feeling of arousal as I pictured the scene.I didn’t have much longer to rely on my imagination for he then declared that he wanted everyone to see just how well she responds to such a spanking. He looked at me and seeing me make no protest he then proceeded to display his ‘Triumvirate’ of paddles, as he called them, that he said he had tailor-made to, “… fit this delightful derriere”.Heidi was completely subservient as he began to give a few tender strokes that bought a rose blush in her cheeks. He looked around at the watching crowd and said, “now do you really want to see Heidi’s ass dance?”My cock was tenting my pants as he held back for a moment more before giving her a more forceful whack across her cheeks. From my viewpoint I could see that her pussy was beginning to dribble and with each subsequent blow it was clear she was becoming more and more aroused. She seemed to be totally oblivious of her situation as she hung her head with her eyes closed but each touch of the paddle caused her to whimper her appreciation at being treated so. Finally Martin raised the paddle and held back for a few moments before bringing it down to give her firstly a slight touch on what she later confessed to me was her ‘sweet spot’; he then repeated with second more forceful whack and she responded by having a massive orgasm, much to the delight of the watching audience.Martin held the paddle aloft and turning to the room he jokingly declared, “Am I the ‘ass master’ or what?!” The guests cheered and then cheered even louder when he then congratulated me for having such a wonderful wife that clearly I was willing to share for the pleasure of others.I wasn’t too sure if that was my interpretation of the situation but I got the definite impression that the guests had been expecting this to happen and an integral part of their behaviour within the society. I had a lot to learn.Martin had a large number of Heidi’s photos on display and at one point in the evening I overheard a rather interesting illegal bahis conversation between Heidi, Elizabeth and several of the other women guests plus the harpist who had taken a break from her own performance. The exchange went something like:Woman: “Lovely photos, Dear, but we don’t see any of you giving the ‘ultimate’ kiss.”Heidi: “What do you mean?”Woman: “Why performing fellatio of course. Among our little group of erotica lovers it is considered to be the epitome of an erotic performance.”Heidi (aka my naive Jacqui) then said, very coyly I might note, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean by fellatio. What is it?”Elizabeth butted in, “Do you know what Cocksucking is?”Heidi answered, “Yes”.To which the 1st Woman asked, “Well, are you a cocksucker?”Heidi nodded and Elizabeth said, “Hmm, but, are you a good cocksucker?”To which she replied with great emphasis, “I AM A VERY GOOD COCKSUCKER.”The harpist who had up to that point not said a word and was not to be outdone, said, “Why don’t you prove it.” before she left the company and went back to her instrument.Martin who was hovering around overheard the last part of the conversation and shared my unspoken intrigue of how Heidi could ‘prove it’. I wasn’t surprised when he looked around and spotted my companion from the Viewing room earlier, “Hey John, come over here. We need you to prove something.”Even though John and I had met earlier Martin re-introduced us and reminded us why we were at the party and it wasn’t just to talk! I knew what was coming next and it was bizarre, here I was standing in a circle of elegantly dressed ladies with their partners close by also formally dressed in DJs and tuxedos and there was my naked wife about to be ordered by our host to suck off one of the guests for our entertainment and amusement.Martin picked up his camera (he always had a camera close to hand) and said to Heidi, “Go on then, prove it. Let us see how good a cocksucker you are.”John stripped, with a little help from Heidi, and after he was naked she knelt in front of him and reached out her hands to cup his balls with one while softly stroking his cock with the other. She sighed with admiration and told him what a great cock he had before leaning forward and licking and kissing the fat glans and saying how great it tasted. She opened her mouth and literally got right down to business and seemingly sucked in his rigid penis whilst still holding his balls.Martin started to take photos and as he did he kept asking her to give him various views of working on John’s cock, with which she complied to every request. It was almost like they were having one of his shooting sessions such was the ‘normality’ of his commands.The only sounds to be heard was a combination of the harpist and her background music, Martin’s camera firing off shot after shot together and above it all, the slurping and sucking noises that Heidi was making as she continued to take John’s impressive length down her throat. After a short while the camera noises stilled and Martin said, “OK, that’s enough. I’ve run out of film.”Heidi reacted to his command with a slight shake of her head and momentarily released John long enough to say, “No way, I’ve only just started,” and she resumed sucking at John’s cock and kept right on going determined to give him the full treatment of bringing him close to orgasm then backing off just enough so he didn’t shoot his load.I knew from experience just what John must be feeling and sympathised when I heard his jokey plaintive cries to Martin telling him to, “.. make her stop, I don’t know much more I can take!”Then the music stopped and the harpist came over and joined the circle so that she might gain a better view; she was just in time to see Heidi who was softly stroking his balls, wanking his cock with her other hand when she at last let John cum in her mouth and clearly was swallowing as much as she could manage.When she was done she turned to the harpist, who had been one of those hassling her as to why there weren’t any fellatio photos of her in Martin’s gallery, and said in her best coquettish voice, “Now do you think I’m a good little cocksucker?”I had to suppress a smile when the woman just glared at her and for want of having the last word made a snarky remark about Heidi being ‘no better than a slave’ before turning on her heel and going back to her harp. Heidi caught my gaze and smiled back at me as she wiped the cum that was dripping from her chin.So ended our most excellent evening. Martin, ever the gentleman, called for a car to take us home and we left with good wishes and congratulations from our fellow guests (and now, new friends) ringing in our ears as we returned to our apartment.The talk in the car was all about what she had been subjected to and how much she had enjoyed being the centre of attention. I, in turn, told her how exciting it had been for me, especially the time before it had been revealed to everyone that I was her husband. I said how proud I was of her performance and we both agreed that we were looking forward to the next society event and our inevitable part of whatever, and wherever, it might be.What I didn’t appreciate at the time the car dropped us at our door and for ‘Heidi’ to have reverted to ‘Jacqui-mode’ was that the party we had just left had planted a seed that was destined to grow and determine a new direction that our lives would be taking.The seed was the Harpist’s remark about being a slave.******?

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