It Started Online Ch. 04It Started Online Ch. 04


It started online Chapter 4

Thank you for all of your editing help dpga4625 I am in the process of re-editing and re-working my old stories in this series please bear with me as it is a slow process.

******Warning this story contains Foot Fetish themes. ******

I was finishing up my chicken and mushroom alfredo as my wife Grace walked through the door looking tired. She walked past the dinner table and sat on one of the stools at the eat-in counter. She folded her arms and put her head down like she was about to play heads up seven-up. I put a glass of her favorite white wine in front of her.

“You are a life saver.” She rose up just long enough to drink a few big sips of the wine and then laid back down.

“Hard day?” I asked.

“Yes, but can we talk about anything else right now?” She asked.

I put a small salad in front of her. She frowned at me. Grace hates salad but started eating it for something to do. I grabbed a couple of plates and loaded them with chicken and pasta. I handed Grace one plate and joined her at the counter on the other stool. “Come here often? How’s the food?”

Grace raised her head and smiled. “Oh, I come here all the time. The food is great and the cook is a dirty old man.”

“Really? You ever get lucky with him?” I asked.

“Once or twice.” She took a bite of chicken.

“How was he?” I asked.

She leaned closer and gave me a kiss, “Incredible.”

Now she was eating in earnest. I refilled her glass and grabbed myself a beer. “I heard from Lucas today.”

“Oh really? It was so nice to have him here. How is he?” Grace asked.

“Great. I guess he moved to Central City over the weekend.” I informed her.

“Wow, that was fast.” Grace said a little surprised.

“I guess he is going to stay with some friend that already live there, the Stewards.” I pulled up his Facebook page and showed her the pictures he had posted of him and the Stewards.

“They look like a nice couple,” Grace commented.

“He has always had trouble putting down roots.” Robert sighed, “He got moved around so much as a kid. He never lived in the same place until he was with us and then he was only with us for nine months before he left for college.”

“Well hopeful it works out with his company. In any case, he will be closer and so we can see him more.” Grace said finishing her wine.

“So how was your day?” I circled back to her.

“Check please.” Grace said standing up.

“Grace?” I stopped her from leaving.

“Can this wait until after a shower?” She asked.

“Yes, but a short one not one of those, hour-long one you like to take.” I insisted.

I was proud of her. She was only in there for about forty-five minutes before she emerged clean mostly dry but still with a cloud over her head. I had been watching, To catch a Thief. I let it play to serve as background noise.

She came in and sat down on the bed. I began to rub her shoulders. She was tense and I found knots everywhere. I started kissing her neck which always loosens her up. Today it wasn’t working.

She started to watch the move while I went back to her back rub. Eventually she made a decision. “You and Margret have been friends for a really long time, right?”

“Yes, a really long time.” I answered.

Grace sighed. “That is what I was afraid off.”

I turned Grace to face me. “I have known Margret for a very long time but I love you and I am married to you, so if something happened to you at work today then I need to know it.”

“Robert, something happened at work today.” Grace began.

“Did Margret do something wrong. Did she hurt you?” I asked my voice raising in tone with anxiety.

“I’m not sure if it was wrong, and it definitely didn’t hurt.” Grace answered cryptically.

“Grace please. Just tell me what happened.” I insisted.

“Promise you won’t get made, at me or Margret,” Grace insisted.

“I can’t promise that until I know what happened.” I had conversations like this with some of our foster kids more times than I could remember, “Just tell me, please.”

“Well, it has been really slow lately. People are shopping online so much now. It was pretty much just me and Jenny. Margret was staying late. Bill is off golfing or something. Her and Bill are living totally separate lives. You really need to talk to him because she loves him but she can only take so much.”

“I will. I’m far more worried about you right now. What happened?” I asked trying to get her back on topic.

“Jenny was watched the front and Margret and I went over to shoes.” Grace went on. “It was all very innocent. We talked about shoes and she had me try on a few different pairs. Then altındağ escort I helped a couple of customer and Margret asked me to model some shoes for a new layout she was planning. She took me to her office and had me take off my nylons and put on thigh highs. Then she had me put on several pairs of shoes and walk down this little stretch of red carpet.”

“What kind of shoes?” I asked.

“All kinds, flats, sneakers, heels and these really nice leather boots that went all the way up my calf. Robert, are you listening?” Grace asked.

I had started to day dream about my wife’s sexy legs. I knew how smooth they were as I insisted that I be allowed to shave them for her. Grace had always hated shaving her legs so when I had proposed the idea she readily agreed. I was lost thinking about her walking around in all those different shoes when she elbowed me, bringing me back to reality.

“Yes, dear. Margret was having you model different shoes, right? I would very much like to see you in those boots.” I answered with a smile.

“Anyway. The next few hours kind of went by in a blur. She kept having me try on pair after pair. And not just shoes. Stockings and leg warmers, ankle bracelets and toe rings too. At one point I noticed she wasn’t taking pictures anymore. Thus, I began to question her true motives. Finally, I said I need to check on Jenny and take a breather. You should have seen the look on her face.” Grace laid down and looked at the ceiling.

“Dejected?” I asked.

“Devastated.” Grace went on. “Jenny was fine. I did help a few people and put off facing Margret again. I went back to Margret’s office. When I got back to her office, I found her looking at the pictures on her camera. She stood up quickly and I couldn’t be sure but I think she was touching herself.”

“I can understand that. I touch myself think of your feet sometimes. Of course, I touch myself thing about other parts of you too, so I am not sure if that helps.” I admitted.

“A little. But you’re my husband. She’s, my boss. How much do you touch yourself, thinking about my feet?” Grace asked propping herself on her elbow. Then continued before I could answer, “Anyway, I didn’t want to make waves, especially with my boss and your friend so I said that my feet hurt from trying on all the shoes, which was the truth they kind of did hurt and that we need to call it a day. She apologized profusely and said let me make it up to you. She had me sit on her desk and she started rubbing my feet.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah, I kind of did. Not as much as you but…” She slapped me lightly on the arm, “Stop distracting me. Then she got this great idea. She closed the store early and took Jenny and I for pedicures.”

“That was nice of her.” I said.

Grace laid back down and started talking to the ceiling again. “It was. So, Margret knew the owner of the nail salon and they were shorthanded so Margret offered to do my feet. I thought it would tickle or something but it didn’t. I looked down at her every once in a while, and she was gazing at my feet yearningly. I think she was on the verge of licking then.”

“How did that make you feel?” I asked.

“Confused, but I have to admit Robert, it turned me on to have her sitting there staring at my feet. Then she started to rub them with this little brush and I was in heaven.” Then she did Jenny’s feet and I got a little up set like I was jealous or something. So now I don’t know what to do. I like Margret a lot but today felt weird.”

I said nothing. I just looked at my wife thinking.

“Robert.” She asked. “Robert, please say something.”

She started sniffling and I hugged her from behind. “I feel so terrible. I feel like I have cheated on you or something. I mean we have done some pretty naughty things but we always did them together. I never thought about doing them with another person.”

I just said, “shush,” and rocked her. “It’s ok.”

“No, its not.” She argued.

“Yes, it is. Let’s recap. Margret has a foot fetish. I knew that. I should have told you. I have noticed her checking out your legs when we go over there for dinner but I never thought anything of it, because she does that to everyone. In a way some of this is my fault. And as far as thinking about someone else “that way,” I do that all the time.” I reassured her.

“Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly don’t count Robert. They’re dead. Margret is right here.” Grace pointed out.

“What about Sandra Bullock? She’s not dead.” I asked.

Grace laughed “That would count.”

Grace hugged me. “You are the best husband ever.” We held each other for several minutes. Then she looked at ankara anal yapan escort me and asked, “Really, Sandra Bullock?”

“Ever since I saw her in Demolition Man. She was wearing those knee-high boots. Then she kicked that guy’s ass, and I was hooked.” I explained.

“Oh, so it sounds like someone else may have a bit of a foot fetish.” Grace was back to her playful self.

“I am going to have to plead guilty on that.” I admitted.

“So, you don’t think it’s weird?” Grace asked.

“That Margret likes your feet? That you liked her touching your feet? That I like Sandra bollock’s feet? Can you be more specific?” I asked.

“The Margret parts.” Grace answered.

“Like I said I have known Margret for years and in that time, I have become very aware of her fondness for feet. I have to admit I share many of them. I am not nearly as obvious as she is.”

“Obviously.” Grace said to be funny.

“I have never heard of her doing what she did today but like you said Bill has not been giving her the attention she deserves so maybe her desire got the best of her. You have very lovely feet.” I complimented her. “My main concern is how it made you feel. If you liked it, that is one thing. If you didn’t, I will call her right now and tell her to knock it off.”

“My prince charming.” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Please don’t avoid the subject. How did it make you feel?” I asked.

“Can I be honest?” Grace asked.

“You know you can always be honest with me.” I answered.

“When I think of foot fetish, I had this image of guys walking around in high heels or meticulously cleaning a huge collection of fancy shoes That never get worn. I wouldn’t have ever thought of what Margret and I did today as foot fetish but now I see that it was.” She answered.

“Right but you keep avoiding my question. How did it make you feel?”

Grace buried her hands in her face. Then let out a long oh. “I really liked it and to be honest I kind of want her to do it again. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed Margret worshiping my feet and letting her put her hands on my feet. I mean I liked it a lot. Is that, Ok?”

“Of course, it is.” I said my cock beginning to harden. “I guess my question to you is did you like what Margret was doing or that it was Margret doing it.” Grace looked worried. I pressed my hand open palmed to my chest, “I’m good either way as long as I get to watch. Maybe tomorrow you can put on a shoe show for Margret and me.”

“You are such a dirty old man.” She kissed me.

“Yes, but you knew that before you married me so you have no excuse.” I pointed out.

I got up and turned off the TV. I then walked over to the foot of the bed. “What are you doing?”

“Just an experiment.” I said smiling.

I unbuckled her shoe and moved it so it was still on but her heal could easily pop out. “Can you do this?” I motioned with my hands. Grace nodded and started flicking the shoe on and off.

“Margret had me do that with a lot of the heels and flats. It’s kind of fun.” Grace said smiling.

“That is called shoeplay and it really turns me on.” I admitted.

“What other things turn you, foot fanatics on?” Asked Grace as she flicked her shoe onto her big toe and then off.

“I love shaving your legs. Rubbing and washing your feet. I’d love painting your toenails…” I trailed off.

“And?” She asked more pointedly.

“I love to lick your feet in the bath. And kiss them of course.” I admitted. “I have never tried getting a foot job before but I could see how that could be fun.”

I removed her shoe and took a quick sniff. Grace’s feet didn’t sweat and so all I detected was her body wash. I slowly rolled her thigh high stocking down her leg until it was at the very tip of her toe and then I blow her a kiss before I removed the whole thing with a magician’s flourish. Grace clapped and I repeated the process with other leg. I got down on my knees and began to rub her feet. I knew to avoid her soles and stick to the sides and in between her toes. I was there to massage her feet not tickle torture her.

“Ow now that’s a little bit of a different.” Grace said

I looked up from licking her between her big toe and its neighbor. “What’s that?”

“I like the extra strength your hands have,” Said Grace, “But Margret’s hands were a little softer.”

“Which do you like better?” I asked moving onto her middle toe.

Grace looked Sheepish. “Both.”

“Massage Slut.” I joked, very glad to see that she was feeling better.

I finished her left foot and then moved onto her right. I could see that Grace was getting into this. She pulled ankara escort her skirt up and put her hand into her panties. I love Graces toes. They are so cute and the best size from her big toe to her little toe. The are long and narrow which made it so easy for me to stick my tongue in between them. “Oh, Robert that is so nice.” She finally said. “This is going to top of the list of kinky things we.”

“This little piggy went to the market.” I said as I sucked on her big toe. “This little pig stayed home,” I moved onto the next toe, “This little piggy had roast beef,” I moved onto the next toe, “This little piggy had none.”

“Do you know what this little piggy did?” I asked, and started to really suck on her little toe.

“He went wee, wee, wee all the way home?” She answered as her eyes rolled back.

I moved down her foot and started to kiss her heel. Grace had a mini orgasm and collapsed back into the pillows behind her. “Ok, Robert I am converted.”

I stood up and walked over to the night stand. I grabbed our bottle of edible massage oil. I put some on my hands. I warmed it up by rubbing my hands together and then began to apply it to Grace’s feet liberally. I then unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers. I used the last of the oil on my male member which was already pretty hard. “Oh, a foot massage and a show.” Grace said in her usual playful tone.

I made sure her feet were spaced slightly apart and then threaded my dick in between her feet. I started moving my dick back and forth. I had never done this before so it was a little awkward at first but then Grace put her heel on the top of her foot and that made it so I didn’t have to keep holding her feet apart. “Does that feel good baby?” Grace asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said getting a little breathless. “That feels really good.”

“Does daddy like his baby girl’s feet rubbing his big, fat dick?” She asked

“Yes baby, daddy likes it a lot.” I answered.

With my arms free I reached for her thighs and found that I could reach all the way up her leg almost to her kitty. She must have surmised what I was trying to do because she bent her knees and scooted her butt closer to me. Then I was able to reach her pussy and decided it was only proper for me to make her pussy feel as good as her feet were making my dick feel. I stuck my forefinger and my index finger in my mouth. Grace licked her lips no doubt knowing why I wanted my fingers wet. Then I plunged them into her honey pot. I normally would have gone slower but Grace pussy was drenched from all the foot play we had done so far. “Oh daddy,” She shouted, “You’re making my girl parts tingle.”

“Oh, baby girl, daddy loves you so much.” I exclaimed.

“And I love daddy’s dick. Is daddy going to put his boy parts in my girl parts.” Grace asked innocent and coy.

“You have made daddy’s boy parts feel very good with all your foot rubbing and I want to make your girl parts feel just as good.” I answered her.

I could wait anymore. If she rubbed my dick much more, I was going to blow my load all over right then and there. I parted her legs and plunged my cock into her waiting cunt. I started our usual routine of me pounding her pussy hard and fast but then I suddenly found her foot in my face. “Open wide,” she said. I took her big toe and the one next to it into my mouth while I continued to fuck her. I loved the vanilla taste of the massage oil and she seemed to love my tongue diving in and out of the space between her two toes.

“Oh yeah. That’s it, daddy. Fuck me good. Eat my tasty feet make me your little foot slut.”

Normally I try to hold back, but in this case, there was no stopping my orgasm. “Oh Grace. You are such a dirtily little girl. Daddy loves you so much.”

“I love you too daddy and from now on you can suck my toes every day after work. Would you like that? Would you like to be my foot father?” She asked.

At the idea of sucking her feet every day from now on my dick erupted inside her pussy filling her with so much of my man batter it leaked out of her. I pulled my cock out as the last of my stream squirted forth. I was just in time to sprinkle a little bit of cum all over her shaved pussy.

I slowly walked around the bed and finally laid down next her in the bed. She crawled over and entangled her legs with mine. Her head rested on my chest. “That was fucking amazing.” Grace said.

“Sorry I came so fast. Did you get a chance to cum?” I asked.

“Ah, like three times.” She responded while tangling her fingers in my salt and pepper chest hair.

We both dozed for a while and finally I had to ask the question. “What do you plan to do with Margret?”

Grace smiled but never opened her eyes. “What would you like me to do with her?”

“Whatever you want sweetheart. I love you. I will be happy as long as I know you are happy.” I responded.

“Thank you. You are the best daddy I could have ever hoped for.” Grace responded and then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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