Subject: It All Started In The Local Park, One Day Before School…. (Gay/Adult-Youth) It All Started In The Local Park, One Day Before School…. What follows is the true story of how I was introduced to M/M sex by much older men as a young teen, how I LOVED it and how to this day I still only play with daddies and mature men. Disclaimer: This story contains purely consensual sex acts between a man and a boy. If this kind of activity is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please close the browser tab now, thank you It all started when I was barely 14, for about a year, my best friend was showing signs of wanting to “experiment”, he insisted we shower together in our shorts or underwear after a swim in his pool. Often he’d remark how he thought I was bigger than him as he stared at my crotch. I was nearly 7″ even then. I liked it, but I didn’t let him know I did. He eventually moved on to suggesting skinnydipping, where he’d often steal my clothes so he could look at my cock. He did this in front of his little brother too. I loved the feeling of them both looking at my cock. I really wanted to play with my friend, honestly, I probably wanted to play with his little brother more. I saw him lick his lips as he looked at my cock, and I still to this day fantasize about doing things differently back then, and seducing him and feeding my cock into his 12 year old mouth, sperming his mouth, him moaning around my pulsating cockhead, seeing cock and cum lust in his eyes. Maybe ill share one recurring fantasy sometime… Anyways, back to his big brother….once on a sleepover, my friend brushed his hand over my cock late at night when he thought I was asleep. I was actually lying there, and hoping he would take my cock out and suck it, and if he had of I would have happily let him. But he didn’t, and in the following months I learned he couldn’t keep a secret, when he shared something I’d told him around school. At that point any idea of trusting him to keep any sex play to himself was gone. But my young cock was horny and I was emptying my balls several times a day imagining feeding my cock and its juices to someone. Early one morning on the way to school, I found the answer, and it put me on a path im still enjoying to this day. Back in those days, everyone smoked, and so it was that we would smoke in the way to school. One morning instead of passing through the local park on the way to school or stopping there for a smoke only, I found I needed to pee. So I walked over to the toilets, and finding them empty, I walked into the cubicle and for some privacy, shut the door. As I closed the door my eyes adjusted to the dim light and that’s when I saw it….the door and walls covered in dirty writing, talking about sucking cocks and cum, and crude pictures of fat hung cocks with ropes of cartoon cum shooting out of them, into wide open mouths , often with speech bubbles with “Tastes so good” or even simply “”Mmmm” or “Yum” written in them. The writing was a mixture of just filthy talk, some writing was personal ads with the guys age and his cock size and what he was looking to do…suck or fuck, or be sucked or fucked, and often had times when they would be there. Sometimes guys had written feedback under the guys “ads”, recommending them for their cock or mouth, saying how they shot a hot load or had a deep throat. (I didnt know what deep throat meant just yet, but it sounded lovely). It was too much for my young cock, which was already primed by thoughts of cock fun and feeding loads to my friend and his younger brother, and I decided to risk being a little late to school, for a quick wank reading all the dirty talk (of which there was still plenty!) cebeci escort So still standing, I dropped my school shorts and wrapped my hand around my already semi hard cock and started to slowly stroke as I kept reading…pacing myself, because I didn’t want to cum before I’d read every filthy word on those walls. I was reading a few lines on how good some was saying another guys cock felt in his mouth when I heard a voice break the spell and masturbation trance I’d slipped into too, where I was focusing only on my cock, and the writing on the walls that was feeding my lust, and making my balls rapidly firm up as they filled. “Do you need help in there?” There it was a second time, I hadn’t imagined it…. It could only mean one thing, that whoever the voice belonged to knew I was stroking my cock…id later learn the trick of looking on the floor for shadows of guys stroking their cocks I was initially stunned and my first thought was to pull up my pants and leave as quickly as possible. But I had a problem, I was deep in lust with what id been reading, and needed to cum…needed release. After 30 seconds more deliberation, I thought “fuck it, what the worst that can happen? Someone strokes your cock and makes you cum?” …I’d read worse/better things on the walls, and I wasn’t put off by any of them but the mention of fucking (to this day im still only interested in oral). I thought it would be fairly safe at this time of day…. I decided to open the door Standing there was a man in his early 60’s. He said “I was just wondering if you needed any help in there?” We both knew what he meant “Yes”, I said, “I think I would like that. But im nervous” He said, “Don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about, I’ll only do what you agree to and I’ll ask you before I do anything” “Okay” I said, “That sounds good, I don’t have any sexual experience besides wanking myself, is that OK? “That’s fine, I love showing boys how men and boys can have so much fun together”, he said I asked, “How did you know I might be interested?” “Well I sometimes park here in the mornings to meet other guys, and I saw you come along, and when you went into the toilet, and stayed there for more than 5 minutes, I thought you might be enjoying the writing and drawings ion the walls. Then I saw the shadow of you wanking your cock under the door, and thought I’d see if you wanted some help…I know what its like to have a hard cock and feeling the need to cum, I thought you might want to feel what it was like to have a man help show you some new things” He sat down and then asked if it was okay if he touched my cock “Yes”, I said, “I think that would be nice” And so for the first time someone other than me touched my cock. It felt lovely. He started a very slow stroke on it, breathing sharply in as he did it, like he was loving what he was seeing and feeling. Within a minute or two the sharp intake of breath was replaced with a quiet moan as my cock straightened out to its near full 7″, and he felt my cock harden in his gentle grip. My foreskin was now wet with precum, and making that wet squelching sound as it moved over my cockhead. He seemed to be fascinated by my cockhead, as every now and then when my foreskin was retracted he would look around my cockhead from different sides, He seemed to like looking at the underside especially (to this day I have a fixation with the underside of a cockhead myself, probably thanks to this- I sometimes spend hours dreaming of licking under the cockhead, coaxing precum to ooze out, down the cockhead and onto my tongue which is swirling underneath). The stroking carried on, but slowly, çeşme escort as it seemed he didn’t want it to end, and I sure as hell didn’t. It’s one thing to stroke your cock, but it’s something else to be stroked by someone else, and someone else who had many more years than I did in stroking not only their cock, but no doubt many others. It was lovely, I was in pure bliss as this lovely older man did what he said he would do, a) help me out and b) show me just how much fun a man and a boy could have together. Just as I was sure that this was going to go on forever, and that I really didn’t need to go to school today, I’d just stay and play with this lovely man, he spoke up, breaking the spell I was under once again… “Would you like to try something else?, he said “Like what?”, I replied…I was hoping it wasn’t fucking. that would be a show stopper, and I was prepared to be disappointed “Would you like me to put your cock in my mouth, it’s called a blowjob or headjob, or sucking cock. It feels amazing, and I’d love to be the first to suck your wonderful young cock”, he explained I was very much pleased he didn’t suggest fucking, and I think he knew what my answer was before I even spoke, as my cock throbbed in his hand “Yes, please, I think I would love that, I’ve fantasized about having that done for a while”, I said, “I thought my friend was going to be the first, but I found out he couldn’t keep secrets, and I was worried about it getting out and around school, so I stopped showing any interest in perhaps playing with him” He moaned, loudly, and without any further delay, put my cock close to his mouth, first tapping my cockhead on his outstretched tongue, which was soaking wet, I think he was drooling by this point! Next he held my cock steady and swirled his tongue around the head, tracing it around the cockhead, dabbling at my piss slit, and then continuing around the spongy helmet. Then he got the tip of his tongue underneath the ridge of my cockhead and slowly swirled it around that, when he hit the underside, he stopped and diddled his tongue there, which felt amazing (did I I mention to this day I have a fixation about the underside of a nice fat cockhead?) With my cockhead now shiny and dripping with his saliva, he moved on to do what only 2 (out of maybe 5) guys have ever done properly/well and started to work on my foreskin. First he pulled it back over my cockhead, and put his tongue in between my cockhead and foreskin, then swirled his tongue around my cockhead again. It was indescribable to someone who only 10 minutes earlier had zero sexual experience. The next bit was really the part very few can do properly, he started to nibble on the top of my foreskin, so gently but working the nerve endings there to make my cock even harder, and throb noticeably. For the next 5 minutes he alternated between swirling his tongue around my cockhead between my foreskin and cockhead, nibbling the tip of my foreskin, and then gently teasing the foreskin away from my cockhead, only to let it go and then start over, tongue under the foreskin again. If it ended there it still would probably have rated as the most instructional session of all time. But he wasn’t done. Later I would learn this was considered foreplay to other things for some people, who liked to fuck, but to him there was foreplay to foreplay, and he was just about to get on to the main show, and properly suck my young cock. The next thing I knew my cock was in deeper than my cockhead, in fact, in one movement, he had taken all of me down to my young , and quickly firming, balls. After holding there a few seconds, during which I could feel cim cif yapan escort his tongue massaging the underside of my shaft, he pulled off me until his tongue was flicking at my cockhead, dabbing at my piss slit. The next time he took me fully in his mouth, he slid down my shaft slowly as he looked up at me, with a look of both lust and thanks in his eyes that I can still conjure up in my memory even today. As much as I felt he was doing me a lovely favour, he wanted me to know just how grateful and privileged he felt to me giving him access to my young cock, and for him to be the first to show me such lovely things. He continued to slowly suck me, both of us I think so enjoying it that we didn’t want it to end, but a few minutes more of his attentions and I could hold back the growing sensation in my cock. I knew I getting close to cumming. “I’m getting close”, I said as I warned him, expecting him to take me out of his mouth and stroke me the rest of the way, at that point I really still couldn’t conceive that anyone wanted to eat sperm. What he did next can still make my instantly harden up to this day, he merely looked into my eyes again and groaned with lust. I knew I was going to finish in his mouth, and I knew it was going to be sooner than it was only moments ago, because of the way he let me know he wanted it.. As I moaned out my cum, I felt the first jets of cum erupt out of me, and I could feel his tongue working away at the underside of my cockhead, and him gently taking my cock in deep in his mouth, and slowly out again, that lovely man was milking my young balls for every drop he could get… I was near the point of collapse from the sheer ecstasy, I distinctly remember (like everything else from this day) putting my hand on his shoulder, and him steading me by my waist as I got a worse case of jelly legs… As it passed and I regained my sense, this lovely man tended to my spent cock, gently, as he obviously knew how to treat an uncut cock, and he gently sucked my cock into his mouth to clean the shaft, and then took his time and extra care swirling the last of my sperm from my cockhead, lastly he licked and sucked my foreskin clean. He helped me pull my shorts up and put myself back together before asking if I had had fun (even thought I suspect he knew it was a rhetorical question). “Did you enjoy that?”, he said “Oh my god yes, that was lovely, so amazing, thank you so much” I replied He said, “I had so much fun and wanted to say thank you to you for trusting me and giving me the pleasure of sucking your young cock, and being the first, you have a great cock” “I really thought you would take me out of your mouth before i came”, I said “Who wouldn’t want to taste your young sperm?”, he replied, “Would you like to do it again sometime?” “I would fucking love it, just tell me when”, I said The next week we met again and it was even better than the first time. Soon the writing on the walls included dates and times he left for “the lad in the green shorts” (I became part of the dirty talk on the walls)…as I always wore my favourite green shorts to the park. Not just so he could spot me, but because I wanted any other older men who liked boycock to know who the writing on the wall was about…..i was hooked on older men who enjoyed younger and cock, i didnt want to make it hard for them to find me 🙂 We didn’t ever swap names, my first lovely older man, for safety But he was my first, and he was the one who from that day forward put me on the path of ONLY playing with older men throughout my life. I would go on to meet him many many times, and have a few adventures with him and a couple of his mates. If you want to hear further adventures with this man and one of his friends in particular only a few weeks after our first encounter, or other tales from my youth, at times actively hunting older boycock lovers, or what im doing now (hint: i hunt older hung cock to suck!), let me know

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