Subject: Into The Woods – Chapter 1 (Gay / Incest) Fiction. (M/b, b/b) To keep this unique archive going please make a donation via : http://donate./donate.html My other stories can be found in the Nifty Prolific Authors listing under “DGG” : fty//prolific.htmldgg INTO THE WOODS – Chapter 1 I’ve always been very close to my brother, Oliver, Ollie for short (although mum hates us using that), he’s 18 months older than me but for all intents and purposes we’ve forever been as close as twins. That is, until recently, something has changed with Ollie, he has become distant and evasive, he keeps disappearing off, not telling me where he’s going, or inviting me along. It’s so not like him that I am beginning to fret. I don’t want to talk to my parents and alarm them or bring them into something which I don’t yet understand. Ollie has just turned 14 and has started puberty (believe me I know; it’s been my job to count his pubes every day since they started arriving). There’s no embarrassment between us; our intimacy goes right back to our infancy. I love being knelt in front of his naked groin in the bathroom or bedroom checking for new pubes. I make the task last much longer than it need be and use any many ploys as possible to hold his willy. It always goes stiff, as does mine. That’s not new to us, we’ve had stiffies in the bath together forever and have always enjoyed washing each other `down there’, especially when it comes to making sure we’re clean under our foreskins. Many times, as I’ve held his stiffy counting pubes, I’ve wanted to kiss him there and take his stiffy in my mouth and suck it. I don’t know where these thoughts have come from, but they are increasing. I haven’t had the courage to tell Ollie yet, but I want to. I’ve never kept a secret from him before. Probably the best time would be when we’re cuddling in bed, which we do a lot. We share a room and have separate beds but love to sleep and cuddle together whenever we can, and it feels best when we’re undressed. Our parents have caught us sleeping together a couple of times but have never said anything. Mostly we are cautious and always make sure that both beds look slept-in even when they weren’t. I’m Owen by the way. At twelve and a half I’m told I look the same age as Ollie, maybe he’s a slower grower than me, or maybe I’m a faster grower than him, who knows, but it adds to the impression that we might be twins. Our emotions are close, and we normally feel what the other is feeling, that’s why I am so concerned. I’m not sure what I sense in him lately, it’s like a cloud of confused messages and senses coming from him. I love him so much that it’s breaking my heart and I am desperate to find out what’s wrong. After a lot of troubled sleepless nights and some soul-searching I’ve decided that I’m going to follow Ollie. The first occasion he made feeble excuses and set off alone, I followed him at a safe distance. He went to the woods at the edge of our town, about 2 miles away from where we live. Keeping my distance, I followed him into the woods; I felt very nervous. He followed a public bridleway for some time and then branched off onto an unmarked track. My nerves were totally on edge. I lost sight of him but slowly followed the track, trying to memorise features on the way, so that I could retreat quickly if need be. Suddenly I was almost upon him. From where I was, (about 50 feet away) I saw him standing with his shorts around his knees and his bare bottom on show. I was flabbergasted. His right hand was in front of him and from my line of sight it looked like his right hand was occupied in playing with his willy. I wondered why he’d come into the woods to do that. Then I saw another figure, a few feet away from him and partially hidden. It was a man, and as far as I could make out, he looked like he was naked. I edged closer, trying to keep myself hidden as I did. Then I could make out the man, he was naked, and he was stroking a big hard penis şişli travesti while staring at Ollie. There were some quiet words passing between them, but I couldn’t make it out. The man stepped toward Ollie, probably to about 4 feet away, but Ollie held up a hand, as if to say, `No Closer’. The man seemed to respect that and didn’t come any nearer, he did however increase the actions of his hand. Suddenly the man seemed to shudder, and I saw something white squirting from his penis toward Ollie. Ollie didn’t move, so the stuff must have hit him, probably in the groin or tummy. Ollie then shuddered, but I could see if anything came from his direction. I realised that my willy was harder than I could ever remember, but I decided that I should get myself away from there as quickly as possible, so I back-tracked along the trail at speed while trying not to trip and end up flat on my face. When I reached the larger path, I picked up even more speed until I was nearly clear of the woods. I nearly collided with a young guy coming toward me. I recognised him, he was an attendant at the local swimming pool, a really friendly guy of about 18 or 19. He held out his arms to calm me and said, “Hi there pal, you look like you’re being chased, are you?” I shook my head `No’ and tried to steady my nerves. He said, “I wouldn’t be surprised, there have been some new faces around here lately.” He continued, “Look its none of my business what you went in there for, so I’m not going to put you on the spot, most of the guys who go in there are regulars and are safe, but just be careful, OK.” I nodded, feeling desperate to get moving. He smiled at me and said, “Maybe I should accompany you if you want to play in there, you’re very young to be doing it alone.” He took a piece of paper from his pocked and wrote this name, `Stu’, and his number on it. He said, “I’m Stuart, or Stu, just call me when you’re ready.” And I rushed away. Once I got to the street, I jogged most of the way home. I thought over and over again about what I had seen, and the things Stuart had said. Clearly the woods are frequented by men who want to do sexy stuff and it looks like Ollie either had become part of that already or was one the way to be I thought again about `Stu’, he had always been so nice to me and Ollie at the pool. I remember him, more than a year ago, caring for me the time I slipped over and hit my head. He held me in his arms and cradled me, while I came back to my senses, I remember it feeling so nice that I didn’t want it to end. I though more about what he said, and I wanted to call him, but I thought I’d wait until I had a better idea of what I wanted to say. Ollie arrived home 20 minutes after me and found me in our room, he said he was going to shower. He stripped off, dumped all of this clothes into the laundry hamper and headed into the bathroom. Once I heard the water running, I checked his clothes, there were wet patches in his briefs, on the front of his shorts and on the bottom edge of his tee shirt. I sniffed them and there was a strange smell coming from them. I don’t know why but I touched my tongue to one of the patches and it tasted a bit salty, slightly bitter. I dropped the clothes back into the hamper and went into the bathroom. I said to Ollie, “Can I join you?”, he relied “Sure, but it’s only going to be a quick one.” I hurriedly stripped and joined him and started washing his back. He turned around and was hard, so was I. I said, “Will you hold me Ollie, I need a hug.” He brought me into his embrace, our stiff dicks mashing together. My face was in his neck and I kissed him there. He moved his head back and looked at me and said, “Are you ok, Owen?” I know there were tears in my eyes, but I don’t know if he could see them. I just said, “I love you Ollie. Lately you’ve been getting further and further away from me; I don’t want to lose you Ollie.” He kissed my cheek and said, “And I love you too Owen, very much, beylikdüzü travesti don’t worry, you won’t lose me, I’m just going through some stuff at the moment, I’m sort of trying to find myself.” We hugged some more, and I loved the feeling of our bodies being in full slippery contact. All too soon though he said that we ought to finish up before the `rents got home. As we dried in the bedroom, I studied his hard penis. He noticed and said, “It feels like it’s getting bigger every day.” I nodded and said, “Yes I think it is, shall we measure it and keep a record?” Smiling he said, “Sure and we’ll do yours too, you’ll probably be catching up with me in no time, I’m sure yours is bigger than mine was at your age.” I rushed to the desk to get a ruler. I knelt in front of him and without hesitation held his hard penis, I felt him taking in a sharp breath. I really liked holding it, then remembered the task at hand. I held the ruler to the top edge and announced, “four and a half inches”, not letting go I stared at his penis and groin, his balls were noticeably hanging lower. His foreskin was nearly all the way back now. He said, “You like my stuff don’t you.” I nodded and he said, “I like it that you like my stuff.” I was elated and kissed his knob. Ollie indicated that we should swap places and he knelt before me. He held my stiff willy and measured it. I loved the feeling of his hand on me, more so than I could remember before. He announced, “three and a half inches, and perfect”. I was disappointed that he didn’t kiss it. Just then we heard the car pull up, so we frantically dressed and were engaged in a computer game before our mother appeared at the door. After pleasantries were over and she went back downstairs, Ollie said, “Thanks Owen”, to which I replied, “What for?” He paused for a bit then said, “For still loving me and for the kisses, especially the last one.” I smiled and nearly cried with joy. I thought the moment was right so I said, “I couldn’t help it, I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I’ve been on pube patrol.” Ollie lent over to me and kissed my lips softly, then said, “It was very special and meant a lot more to me than you can imagine.” That was it, I started blubbing. Ollie quickly closed the door then came back to me and took me in his arms while I sobbed. I wasn’t totally sure why I was crying but it felt like a great relief. He kissed my forehead, my cheek, my lips and held me tight. After some while I had regained my composure and he looked me in the eye and said, “My feelings are in a mess at the moment, but there is one thing that I know I can rely on and that is you. I’ll work it all out in my head eventually. Holding you makes me feel much better, calmer, I’m sorry that I’ve been pushing you away. Stop me and demand a hug now and then, I think I need them too, more than I realised.” I thought from a moment and said, “You know, Ollie, you can tell me anything, absolutely anything, I will never judge you, you are my best friend, and I will forgive you anything, anything at all. I’m sorry I wasn’t brave enough to tell you that I wanted to kiss you down there, I feared that you might hate me for it.” He kissed my lips again, tenderly, and said, “I could never hate you, and that special kiss was then best gift I’ve ever received.” Just then we heard our mother calling us down for tea. I was itching to be alone again with Ollie, unfortunately he had a Scouts meeting and soon after tea he was gone. I spent most of my time in our bedroom, wondering whether I should say anything about following and what I’d seen in the woods. I couldn’t make up my mind. Then I thought about Stu and what he’d said. I decided to text him. “HI STU, OWEN HERE, YOU SAID I COULD GET IN TOUCH, SO HERE I AM. CAN WE TALK PLEASE?” Almost instantly there was a reply. “SURE, I CAN CALL YOU BACK NOW OR IF YOU WANT, SET UP A TIME/PLACE TO MEET FACE TO FACE” I replied, “I’LL CALL YOU ONCE I CHECK WHAT istanbul travesti THE `RENTS ARE UP TO.” I crept downstairs and saw that my parents were deeply into a movie, I crept back to my room and closed the door firmly. I knew I had more than an hour until Ollie came home from Scouts. I dialled Stu. “Hi Stuart, it’s me.” “Hey buddy, you OK?” “Not really Stu, I’m really bothered about what I saw in the woods today.” I paused a bit too long while I was gathering my thoughts and Stu interjected. “Look pal, I guess it was your first time but don’t get too freaked out about the guys cruising the woods and getting off with each other, it happens all over the place. Most of them are married men with a secret and it’s their only release. Some of us just get a thrill from it.” I replied, “No Stu, it’s not that, although until today I’d never seen a grown man with a stiff willy and squirting his stuff. In a way I found it quite exciting and I got stiff myself. It was something more than that it was about who I saw there, it was someone close to me.” He immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. “Your Dad, was it? No worries matey he’s just human and getting his rocks off.” I stopped him in his tracks, “No it wasn’t him, it was my brother, he stood in front of a naked man with his shorts and pants round his knees while the man squirted his stuff over him. I panicked and ran away but he didn’t see me.” Stu replied, “I remember your brother from the pool, he’s nearly as cute as you and I’m not surprised that guys are wanking off over him, I would too if I had the chance, and with you too. I presumed you were twins, are you?” I replied, “We’re not but were as close as, I love him so much and was so worried about what he was up to that I followed him.” Stu came back with, “I get it, one, you were shocked by getting turned on; two, today was the first time you thought about your brother that way, three; you wanted to be naked with him in the woods, maybe standing next to him while that man wanked his spunk over you both…. Am I close?” I thought a bit, then replied timidly, “I guess you’re right on all those.” Stu came back with, “Hey little fella, don’t be upset by it, your brother is turned on out there, getting his first experiences of sexual stuff with guys, he might think it a bonus if he knew that the same things turned you on.” I wasn’t sure whether to share the next bit and after hesitating I said, “I kissed his willy this afternoon, it was all stiff. He didn’t freak out. He said it was the nicest thing ever.” “Stu replied, “Wow, that’s really sexy and really good news, that’s pretty much a green light, but take it steady, one step at a time.” I surprised myself with what I said next, “I want to watch him again before I talk to him about the woods. I’m a bit scared though, will you come with me?” Stu said, “I’d be thrilled, wild horses wouldn’t stop me, but I have to warn you that I’ll probably be getting my cock out and wanking while we watch, maybe I’ll even get naked, and I’m hoping you will do the same if I do.” What he said had made my will go really stiff again, so I replied, “That sounds really scary, but really exciting, sort of.” Stuart said, “When and where? I’m not working tomorrow.” I thought about it and said, “Ollie has been going off about 3pm most days that he’s not due to be anywhere, I know he’s got nothing planned for tomorrow, how about I call you if he goes? “Great, I’ll be ready” he replied, then “Wear as little as possible, light shorts, light top, no undies. Just think, he might even get off on being watched, you know you get turned on by watching him. Oh yeah, bring some tissues too, it can get messy.” We agreed a place to meet which was just off of the route to the woods and closed our call down. I sat quietly for a moment running things through my head, then went to our computer and fired it up. I planned on doing some school project work but as it was starting up, I thought, `I wonder what Ollie has been looking at’, and for the first time ever I went into the browsing history …… Really, I’d never done it before, I’ve never even thought about it. Ollie looks after the PC, updates, anti-virus and all that stuff. To be continued……

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