Interracial Chatroom Surprise Ch. 02Interracial Chatroom Surprise Ch. 02


Over the next few days I made every excuse possible to get out of the house to go to Rick’s place. I just had to have his cock in me. It was just so wonderful. After one of our fuck sessions, I showed him the photo.

“What’s this?”

It was a picture of a good looking woman in her late forties going down on a man around the same age.

“That, my dear Rick, is my mom. “

Rick’s eye’s popped open.

“What? And is that your dad?”

I smiled.

“No, it certainly is not. That’s Lenny, my dad’s business partner. “

“But… how did you get this photo?”

“I told you my mom was bigoted, not frigid. I’ve known she’s been having an affair with Lenny for a long time. I came home early from school a year or so ago and saw them at it through the open door of the spare room. They didn’t see me. It was a Wednesday, and I worked out he came over every Wednesday afternoon. Well, yesterday was Wednesday. “

Rick smiled.

“And you took this photo?”

“With my trusty digital camera. Printed out nicely, don’t you think. “

Rick looked at the photo closely.

“She’s got a hot body, your mom. “

I had to admit he was right. Mom was 48, but she kept in great shape. But she was tiny, barely five feet tall. I was a head taller, so I obviously took after my dad’s side of the family.

Now Rick looked at me suspiciously.

“So why are you showing me this?”

“Ah, now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. We’re going to use it to persuade my mother to fuck you. “

“I don’t like the sound of that. It’s like… well, blackmail. It’s the same as rape. “

I was sure that’s what Rick would say, so I had to use all my powers of persuasion.

“No, no it’s not. If she resists at all, well, you don’t have to do it. I just want you to knock on the front door and give her the photo. There’ll be a message on it that says something like ‘do whatever this man says or this photo will be sent to your husband. ‘ That’s all. “

“That still sounds like blackmail. “

“It’s only blackmail if she resists. And if you do this for me… well, I’ll do something special for you – whatever you want. “

Rick went quiet for a moment. I could see he didn’t like the idea, but the carrot I was dangling in front of him had got him interested. “

“Would you let me do that thing you don’t want to do?”

Oh-oh. Now I was in trouble. I knew right away what Rick was saying. He wanted to fuck my ass.

“Anything but that. I don’t do anal, you know that. And with a cock like yours, I’d get split in half. “

He looked grumpy.

“Well, then it’s no deal. “

And that was the end of the conversation. For the moment. We lay on different sides of the bed, not talking. I was angry because I really wanted him to fuck my mom – I just knew if he did, he would win her over. But I also knew that he was dying to be the first boy to fuck my ass. Then I made my decision.

“Okay. You deliver the photo and the note and see where it leads, and I’ll let you try to fuck my ass. But remember, I said try. If it hurts too much, then you have to stop. “

“Of course baby, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. “

We smiled at each Kadıköy Anal Escort other. We hugged. And yes, we fucked again. Like for the third time that afternoon.

The next day my plan went into action. I normally have a class at 2. 00 in the afternoon. Today I was going to skip it. I walked down the stairs at 1. 30 and called out a quick ‘goodbye’ to my mom, who was in the kitchen, then opened and closed the door – only I didn’t go outside. Instead, I hid behind the curtains in the lounge room with my digital camera. A moment later, right on schedule, there was a knock at the door.

My mom walked out of the kitchen, down the hall and up to the front door. When she opened it, she was confronted by a black man who towered over her. The top of my mom’s head barely reached Rick’s chest. Mom seemed calm and cool; I expected her to be a little rattled just to be in touching distance with a black man.

“Can I help you, young man?”

Rick glanced around, then handed my mother an envelope.

“Delivery. “

My mom took the envelope and went to close the door. Rick stuck out a hand.

“Sorry ma’am, but I’m supposed to wait for a reply. “

My mom looked surprised. She opened the envelope and looked at the photo. She didn’t react at all. I’d almost expected her to faint. Instead, she smiled, and looked up at Rick oddly. She then read the note, which said, “Do whatever this man says. “

She looked Rick up and down with quizzical eyes.

“Is this a joke? Did Lenny send you. “

Then, to my utter shock, she added.

“Have you come from my husband?”

What did that mean? Why would dad send a black man with a photo of my mom giving his best friend and business partner a blowjob? Rick looked just as confused as I was.

“No ma’am, I don’t know your husband or the other man you mentioned. “

My mother looked out the door, as if she expected someone to leap out of the bushes and yell ‘surprise. “

“Well, I guess you’d better come inside. “

Rick stepped into the lounge room as my mother closed the door. I had just enough time to poke my head out from behind the curtains and catch his eye before my mother walked into the room.

“So, I’m supposed to do anything you say, am I? Well, what do you want me to do?”

I couldn’t believe how calm my mother was. I thought by now she’d be a screaming, trembling wreck. Rick looked surprised as well, and nervous too. He looked at the curtain where I was hidden, then at my mom, before going to the next stage of the plan.

“I’d like you to take your clothes off please, ma’am. “

My mom smiled. Something wasn’t right here. Why would she smile?

“My clothes? Well, since you asked so politely. “

And without a moment’s hesitation, she started undressing. Within a few seconds she was standing totally naked in front of Rick. Even at 48, her breasts were still firm and round, but when I looked down her body I was in for a shock – my mom had a shaved pussy. Well, we all know our parents have a sex life – we wouldn’t get born otherwise – and I knew my mom was even having an affair. But to see my own mother with a shaved pussy was something I wasn’t prepared Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort for. Even I hadn’t shaved my pussy, yet my mom was standing there with a totally bald cunt. Rick noticed very quickly.

“You have a very nice body, ma’am. “

My mother shook her head, almost laughing.

“You have to tell me, who put you up to this? It was my husband, wasn’t it?”

Rick stayed firm to our plan.

“I don’t know the gentleman ma’am. “

Mom shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay, whatever you say. What next? Are you going to show me what you’ve got bulging in your pants?”

Again, I wondered if black people blushed. Rick sure looked uncomfortable. This wasn’t at all how we expected things to pan out.

“Yes, that was the general idea. “

And with that, Rick undid his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. He kicked them off, then lifted his t-shirt over his chest and threw it aside. He was now standing in just his boxer shorts. Mom crossed her arms and looked him up and down.

“You are a big boy, aren’t you? Now let’s see how big the important part of you is. “

She reached forward and grabbed the two sides of Rick’s boxers. Rick almost jumped with surprise. After the way I had described my mom, this was the last thing he had expected. Then, in one quick move, she pulled Rick’s boxers down to his knees. His nine inches sprung to attention. My mom’s eyes shot wide open.

“Oh my, that is beautiful. “

Beautiful? My mom describing a black man’s cock as beautiful? Something wasn’t right here. Or else I had totally misunderstood my mom. A moment later, I began to realise just how much I had misunderstood her. She was standing in front of Rick, the top of her head at the height of his nipples, when she got down onto her knees and took his cock in her hands.

“Oh my. You know, it has been so, so long. So long. And I’ve missed it so much. Please, young man, can I suck your big black cock?”

And without waiting for a reply, she took Rick’s cock in her mouth. I was so amazed to see his cock slide so easily down her throat that I almost forgot to start taking photos. Rick groaned. How could my tiny mom take so much meat so easily?

“Mmmmmmmm… you have a delicious cock young man, and I’m sure your cum is just as delicious, but I can’t wait any longer. Will you please fuck me?”

So much for Rick raping my mom – it was more like she was raping him. She pushed him onto the carpet, laying him flat on his back, then put one foot either side of his hips. I watched amazed as she slowly lowered herself down on his cock, which stood erect below her like a giant flagpole. Her back was to me, but I could see her face in a mirror on the wall in front of her, and whe had an expression of pure joy as she took Rick’s cock inside her an inch at a time. I heard Rick groan as she slid all the way down, taking his entire nine inches in one easy movement. And then she slowly raised her hips again. It was so erotic to watch her expertly slide Rick’s monster in and our of her cunt that, without realising it, I had started to finger myself. Pussy juice was pouring down my legs.

“Oh young man, your cock is so perfect. It has Kadıköy Zenci Escort been so long since I’ve had such a perfect black cock in me… so, so, so long… mmmmmmmmmm. “

Rick started thrusting up to meet mom’s descending hips, both going faster and faster. I could see pussy juice squeezing out of my mom’s cunt. She was moaning low and deep, her eyes closed, in heaven. Then she did something that totally shocked me. She started sliding a finger into her ass. Using her own pussy juice as a lubricant, she slid in a second finger, then a third. And through it all, she kept moaning.

I was ramming my fingers up my cunt harder and harder, hardly believing what I was seeing, when my disbelief was pushed to the limits.

My mom lifted herself all the way off Rick’s cock. For a moment I could see it standing there, a huge black rod suspended between my mother’s raised legs, and then watched in amazement as my mom began to slide her hips down – with Rick’s monster disappearing into her freshly lubricated ass.

It looked impossible. My mother’s tiny hips, her tiny asshole, pushing down on Rick’s massive cock. And yet… somehow, it was sliding in. My mom’s asshole was having no difficulty at all taking a cock that I could hardly fit into my cunt! How could this be? Rick started thrusting harder and harder, until the entire nine inches disappeared inside my mom. And mom started pounding faster and faster down on to Rick. And she wasn’t moaning softly anymore. Suddenly she was screaming – screaming with pleasure, urging Rick to fuck her harder.

“Fuck my ass… that’s it. Fuck me harder… harder. Come on, give me every inch, every single inch…. OOOOHHHHHH…. YESSSSSSS”

She was cumming. And so was I. My jeans and nickers were down to my knees now, and I kicked them off. I pulled my top and bra off. I wanted to feel the air against my naked body. And I wanted to feel Rick’s cock in my mouth, in my cunt… and after watching my mom… I wanted it in my ass! I had even rammed a finger up my ass, something I’d never done before, as I watched my mom give Rick the works. Rick was pounding into her ass, moments from cumming, when she lifted her hips up high and pulled his cock from her ass. In one quick movement, she spun around and pushed her dripping cunt onto his face and took his cock back in her mouth. Rick started shaking like a rag doll as my mom took his cock all the way down her throat. With his mouth full of dripping cunt, he suddenly exploded.


Cum burst out the edges of my mom’s lips, but she just pushed his cock further down her throat to make sure she got every drop. But suddenly my mom stopped. She had heard another scream – someone else cumming. Behind the curtain.


It was me. I had pushed the digital camera up my cunt (fortunately it had nicely rounded edges) and was cumming uncontrollably. I fell out from behind the curtains, onto the carpet, ramming the camera in and out of my cunt while three fingers forced their way up my ass.


I looked up. My mom was looking at me, a look of total shock on her face, Rick’s rock hard black cock in her hand, cum dribbling from her mouth.

I slumped into a heap. The camera slid from my cunt onto the carpet, glistening with my cum and pussy juice. I blushed.

“Hi mom. “


In the third and final instalment, Becky finds out about her mom’s teenage secret.

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