Insatiable at Work Ch. 28Insatiable at Work Ch. 28



Considering how long it took for his fears to subside, Brian quickly became more than comfortable with bisexuality. He wanted to explore every aspect of his preferred role, as a bottom. His dick-cravings grew to become insatiable…and Thunderdome Threesome Nights got even more exciting.


Bryan and I both grew up playing hockey as teenagers and enjoyed playing in a city league. It was early in the season, but we wanted to practice a bit longer. The coach wasn’t going to say no to any added practice and reminded us to turn off the lights, on the way out. The rink was completely empty, so the extra half hour of drills came easy. We were finishing up and I was fucking around; I came up behind him with a stick between my legs, sticking out like a big three-foot dick.

When I poked him in the ass with it; he turned and grinned, “Looks like we’re both ready for some chill time…that was a fucking workout.”

“It was…I think Sean and Jordan are seriously skilled…and hard to keep up with. But you’re right; let’s chill out. Maybe work on some other things?”

When my lips touched his neck, he threw off his gloves and went for my pants. As he pulled them down, he dropped to his knees. My pants were down around my skates, exposing my legs to the chilled air of the rink.

He pulled the stiffening dick from the confines of my jock. Pushing the elastic band down under the balls, my whole body shuddered as his warm hand grabbed hold of my dick. Wasting no time, he shoved it in his mouth, wrapping his lips around the head. I let out a groan as he went to work, rapidly stroking the shaft with his lips.

He rocked his head, back and forth, as it pumped in and out of his mouth. Pulling off, he kissed the shaft top to bottom, before devouring it again. My hands held his head tight, while I pumped my hips, and his lips slid over the rock-hard flesh.

“Dude…mmmmm…fuckin’ suck that dick…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…like that…fuck!”

We both moaned, as the pace quickened, and his hands groped at my ass; I love it when he sinks his fingers into my cheeks…there’s something intense or passionate about it.

He pulled off and grinned, “I always like when you fuck my mouth, but this uniform is gonna make me fuckin’ shoot…its fuckin’ hot!”

“Dude, it is…it’s sexy as fuck! I need more of that hockey player mouth…suck me,” and I gently gripped his head to push back through his lips.

“Mmmmmm…mm…mm…mm…mm…Bryan…s…suck…suck that dick…yeah…yeah!”

My head fell back, as I pumped into the ecstasy, his mouth offered. I was nearing my limit, though; he was spot-on…this hockey player thing was crazy hot and I nearly lost control. My needs were animal…I wanted to drive my dick down his throat and drain my balls. I think the only thing that tempered my raging need was Bryan; I knew he wanted more than just a blowjob.

He abruptly pulled away, confirming my thought, “Rob, I need you to fuck me…I need it, bad.”

“You don’t think a face-fuck’s gonna do the trick?”

“I love it but…no. I really need you to fuck me. It’s gonna hurt, but I have lotion in my locker…I think.”

I ran things through my head, thinking we could do it in the locker room…but fucking a hunky hockey player on the ice was nothing but fantasy…a serious fucking fantasy.

Pulling up my pants and racing for the locker room, “Stay put…I’ll get it. Don’t move.”

He sounded anxious, “Dude…get back fast!”

I shouted, “Yeah…just get those pants down!”

As I raced across the darkened half of the arena, I heard, “Oh…I’ll be ready…move your ass!”

I returned to find him, grinning at the edge of the rink; I spun him around and pushed him back against the boards. His pants and jock were down around his skates and nişantaşı escort he raised his ass for me. I kissed it with a slap over each cheek and he moaned, spreading his legs, as far as he could.

I stroked lotion over my dick and pushed some inside, “Mmmmmm…yeah…fuck me, Rob…fuck me with that big dick.”

Even though I was rock-hard and ready, I held back and listened.

“Rob, I can’t tell you how much I need it…been horny as shit since we hit the ice. The locker room’s almost too much.”

“Checkin’ out the competition? Jordan’s got a big dick…doesn’t he?” I humped the shaft between his cheeks and slapped it hard over each side.

He laughed, “Yeah…there is a lot of scenery in there, but you’re my obsession…and that dick defines obsession.”

With his admission, I could hardly wait; the thought of taking his hockey-player ass was overwhelming. I pressed forward, just putting the head inside; I love to watch his tightness strain for the head and then snap tight around the shaft, after it passes through.

“Dude, this’s amazing…fucking amazing…your hockey-player ass’s sweet! Mmmmm…and you realize it’s an obsession, for me and Tara?”

“Yeah, dude…I know how it is.” He laughed, “I’m just some hot ass, but my looks and magnetism keep you both coming back.”

He laughed louder when I responded, “You got that right…yer just ass to both of us. Ready for some cock?”

“Fuck yeah! Fuck me!”

I grabbed hold of the smooth, muscled cheeks, and pushed deeper. Once I hit the eight-inch mark, I held it there. The intense warmth that bathed my cock is like nothing else, you can imagine; and it only gets better when he works it, squeezing…and gripping even tighter. There’s a reason it’s called man-pussy, and Bryan’s tight, little ass is the best.

“So good…so good, Robbie…feels so good…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me!”

When I started to pump with long, sensual strokes, his hunger took over and I felt him pushing against me. Long, begging moans escaped his lips and faded into the vast arena. His hand grabbed for his big erection and started jerking wildly, “Fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…mm…mm…mm…mm…yeah! Rob, fuck me…fuck me…fuck…me…with that big…big hockey dick…yeah…big hockey dick.!”

Almost fucking him in two, my heaving, muscled body slapped over his ass. “Yeah…yeah…yeah…fuckin’ take it…take all that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah!”

In the heat of our fucking, the only thing keeping him upright was the hold he had on the boards. I could see his steamy breath, and his moans only got louder, echoing over the vast, darkened ice. “Mmmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…it’s so good, Rob…oh Rob…so good feels…so good!”

As his fist jacked harder and faster, I slammed forward, over and over, pushing him into the boards. I gripped his hips and rammed it deep; his hips bucked wildly, syncing with mine to bury my dick, as deep as possible.

The long, forceful thrusts, deep into his belly, kept him screaming, “Rob, fuck me hard…that’s sooooo good…fuck me…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…fuckin’ use my ass…use it! Oh Rob, that’s it…what I need…good…hard…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck that hockey-player…uhhhh…uhhhh…tight ass…own it…own it! Yeah, fuck me…fuck me!”

He was jerking wildly toward release and I only got in 5 or 6 more strokes, before he screamed and shot all over the wood. I watched his orgasm play out in successive waves and kept pumping till he came down from the intensity. “Fuckkk…fuckkk…fuckkk…cummin’…cummin’ hard…yeah…yeah!”

I felt seed starting to churn in my balls, but I continued the steady assault, hammering his ass. He had no sooner come down from orgasm, before he sensed where I was with mine. He quickly recovered and went back kağıthane escort to riding me with his ass, meeting each hard, pummeling thrust.

Surrendering to the pleasure of a big dick, he groaned, “Mmmmmm…Rob! That’s it…yeah…fuck me…fuck me…gimme that load! Fuckin’ gimme that load!”

When I couldn’t last any longer, I buried the entire shaft, “Fuck…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…cum…cum’s gonna fill yer ass…fill yer ass full! Fuck!” I loaded his smokin’ hot ass with intense heat; after several big strands, my ass clenched as I tried to pump and shove it deeper. When I finally pulled from his ass, I stroked the final drops over the ice.

I hugged his warm body, resting my chin on his shoulder and catching my breath. With all the exposed skin, I quickly realized we were both freezing. “Dude that was fucking hot, but we need to get into a hot shower. What do you think?”

I grabbed for my pants, when he turned and smiled, “Fuck! You got that right…hockey sex is fucking amazing. Race’ya to those showers!”

Cum was just starting to trickle out, so it was little disappointing to see him pull the pants up and scoop up his gloves.

As we skated to the locker room, I turned back to look at the arena. I thought about what had just happened; Brian and I just had some of the hottest…most memorable sex. I thought we needed to do this more often…maybe every week, if we could pull it off.

We quickly pulled off skates and stripped off our uniforms. I was sitting on the bench and pulling him closer. His dick was in that rubber state, where it’s half hard. It stood out from that sexy, lean body, arching downward, in a wide arc. I took the helmet-crowned shaft into my mouth and my hand cupped his scrotum; it was contracted from the cold and formed a big, tight ball in my palm.

He moaned, “Fuck…Rob…fuck…that’s good…mm…mm…mmmmm.” He grinned, “Yeah…I hear…mmm…I hear…sex in locker rooms can be hot, too.”

I pulled off, “I’ve heard that, too and I think we’re finding that out. Let’s get in the shower for the full locker room experience.”

I slipped off my socks and followed him to the showers. His ass, flexing from side to side, had me drooling. He was one, hot hockey player…athlete…friend…lover…he had an incredible body.

Once I got into the shower, I quickly worked soap over my dick, to get it ass-free. He ran his fingers through his hair and stood under the water…watching me. I started licking all over his body. His body was such a turn-on, I wanted to lick every inch. He was so hot, with that fair skin; it was classically sculpted like marble, over a lean, muscular frame. With the exception of his pubes, he has very little hair on his body; he has a dusting over his legs and a narrow strip, over his belly button. With my hands, I followed his legs up to that precious, rounded ass…strands of water ran down over the plump cheeks. I guess I just enjoyed watching the water trickle over his body, especially when it hit his dick. It was staring right at me and I gave it a long, sensuous lick from base to tip. Jutting from his body, it was stiffening and rapidly becoming more upright. With the water running over the shaft, he pushed it down and water streamed from the tip…I dropped to my knees.

Swollen, throbbing male flesh, there’s something very special when you feel it pulsing in your lips. I licked every inch, while he rubbed his hands over my shoulders and chest. He moaned, “Oh god…yeah…that’s so good! Let me do you…mm…mm…mm…let me do you…I need that dick.” He grinned, “My ass got some…mmmmm…now, my tongue needs some.”

As much as I was enjoying his dick, I’m not turning that down. “I think those rumors about locker rooms are true.” My dick was hard as fuck and just begging to be worshipped.

He bent down, looked up and, while holding osmanbey escort my gaze, licked it slowly. Then sliding his lips down the shaft, he was exploring all the incredible sensations a cock could bring to his mouth. After coming to the tip and licking the head, he looked up, “You love that don’t ya?”

“Mmmm…fuck yeah!”

“Stick out your tongue…way out.” I slapped the deep, purple head over his tongue a few times, before pushing through his lips. He pressed them tight around shaft, and thrust his head forward, taxing his throat.

He paused to hold it deep in his mouth; feeling that throbbing hardness, only escalated his appetite…and needs. Slowly bobbing, keeping just the head in his mouth, I felt him lapping at the slit and savoring musky drops.

He alternated, licking the shaft, working the head and face-fucking, before I took hold of his head and pumped deeper. I humped the rock-hard flesh through his lips and watched them ripple over the veined shaft. With each opportunity, his tongue would dance over the head. I fucked hard, pushing deeper to poke his throat. He gurgled around the girth, “Guhhhh…gu…gu…gu…gu…g…g…g…uhhhh…uhhhh.”

When I pulled out, I teased a little more, “You like locker room sex…and hockey-player cock?”

He gazed up into my eyes and struggled to catch his breath, “Fuck yeah…mmmmm…I need more of that hockey-player cock…fuck my mouth…dude, fuck it more!”

I stuffed it back in and pumped the head against his throat. As I fucked with increasing intensity, I stroked my hand over his muscled chest, teasing his nipples. The harder I fucked, the more he moaned into the solid flesh, filling his mouth.

I closed my eyes, when I felt my body moving, closer and closer, to orgasm. I laid my head back to feel the warm water on my face and focus on the pleasure flowing through my body. My muscles began to tighten, and my hips pumped erratically, forcing cock deep into his mouth.

When my body started to shudder, the waves of pleasure forced echoing moans, “Bryan…Bry…an…fuck…fuck…fuck!”

He grabbed at my hips and held tight, keeping his lips tight around his obsession. When I opened my eyes to watch the release, I caught his focused expression of lust and intensity. It seemed to express way more than sex. When he felt my dick swell and empty its seed, it was like the sensual connection, satisfaction, happiness and lust all came together. As the orgasm passed, he captured the last few drops. Swirling it around his mouth, we both celebrated the incredible moment we shared.

He laughed, “The next time you stay at our place, bring the uniform…and both sticks…especially that one. Tara and I can share our mutual obsession and you can share me.”

“Excuse me, but I have to say it…maybe we can hat trick your wife!”

We high-fived like stereotypical teenage boys, “Yeah dude…both of us can hat trick her pussy…she’ll love it!”

“But I should abstain for a few days to pull that off…I’m not as young as you are.”

“Don’t give me that…I’ve seen you drop four loads, before.”

“Yeah…I guess so.”


When the next Thunderdome Threesome Night came around, we surprised Tara with two hot, hockey players and she didn’t waste any time in undressing either of us. It was like she was ripping the paper off birthday gifts (a couple very willing…very horny birthday gifts).

The hat trick was successful, but she was a little sore. We knew she was very satisfied with the hockey-player experience, because she couldn’t stop talking about it and invited herself to the next practice. I remember her grinning and saying something geeky, “Hockey’s way better, if you got a couple big sticks to play with!”

Because Tara wanted more hockey-player…and honestly, I couldn’t wait to bend them both over the boards, our threesome rendezvous happened after practice, the following Thursday. Tara smoked a Blackhawk jersey and tight jeans and the husband and wife asses, side by side, proved to be even more memorable than the first time with Bryan.

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