Inhibitions, NoneInhibitions, None


It was late in the morning when Lee sat up and felt the cum drool from his anus. His cock grew hard as his thoughts dwelt on the previous evening. Wow! What a night he thought to himself as he slid over the soft black satin sheets. The large love nest glowed in the warm sunlight that poured into the room through huge patio windows. Lee stood up and let the sunlight warm his body. He stretched and yawned before he walked to the patio door. When he looked through the door the most beautiful scene he had ever experienced was before him. The patio faced east and was perched over a deep ravine. At the end of the ravine was a deep blue lake. The surface of the lake shimmered like millions of glass crystals. All the colors of the rainbow beamed off mersin escort the surface of the water. Lee slid the door open and walked through. There she stood. A goddess of wondrous pleasures and she knew it. Clara had posed herself at the edge of the patio. She could feel the desire from the lustful eyes that were traveling over her captivating body. His eyes followed her long black hair that hung in a long black braid that hung to her lower back. He read her body and followed the depth of her curves like a map to the most amazing treasure. Clara bent forward and spread her legs. Then arched her back to expose just enough of her dripping lips as an invitation. Her curvy hips and thighs glowed in the sunlight while deeper mersin escort bayan curves cast shadows that concealed another kind of beauty. She held her strong hips and legs firm like that of an experienced filly telling her mate that she is ready. Clara was ware of the insatiable desires of her inexperienced partner as she waited for him. The primitive and wild desire that brings even the most wild stallions to the point of insanity. His penis was throbbing and twitched with arousal with every step. He grasped her hips and rest his twitching cock head near her dripping wet cunt and waited. “I think we are beyond asking permission honey,” She said just before she thrust backwards and swallowed his shaft with one escort mersin continuous thrust. Lee remained motionless and held Clara’s hips as waves of pleasure surged from the tip of his shaft and through his entire body. Her searing hot grip held his cock. Clara trembled as she let the primal forces of ecstasy flood her body. Lee started with long and deep thrusts. Her hot contractions pulled his thick member deep inside her wet hole. Clara moaned with each long motion. She felt his thick head pass over her spot with each pass. Her whole body trembled and an animal like desire overcame her. Her vagina became like a vise and contracted and pulled on the meat inside her. Lee held his hips tight and ground his pole deep inside her cunt. The fast surging grips of her cunt sent fluttering waves of pleasure through his penis. He shuddered as each wave ripped through him. Lee bent over Clara’s back and reached around her waist to pull himself deeper inside her. He tried not to release his load but she was too much.

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