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Incest is truly Best Continued
It is best to read “Incest is Truly Best”, to understand this story.
I’m Jack, 52, 5’ 10, 175 lbs, brown hair, in good shape. I am divorced so many years now, over 20, that I can hardly remember why I even got married to the ex. She was a control freak and very obsessive. It lasted a mere 3 years. No kids, so it was an easy split. I have a small, 3 bedroom home, nothing fancy, but I like it. I do date, but never wanted to be tied down again, so I try to pick women who also do not want any commitments, just fun and sex.

This story though, is about my cousin Sharon, who is 50, and in a bad relationship. Her soon to be ex, is an asshole, who is both a verbal and physical abuser, plus a lazy drunk who couldn’t keep a job if his life depended on it. This is Sharon’s 2nd marriage. She is 5’4, 165 lbs., 38DD, blond hair and the prettiest blue eyes. She has 2 daughters from her first marriage. Lisa, the oldest is 32 and one kid, and Julie, who is 30, married and has one kid as well.

The story picks up from when Jack and Sharon rekindle their love of each other, after the night they finally go all the way and make love, some 35 years after first experimenting with sex, as only cousins do.

After another round of sex, which started on the dining room table, then proceeded to the couch, the two decide they’ll need to pick this up later, because Sharon’s daughters were coming over soon, and they needed to straighten the house up. Clothes were strewn all over the kitchen floor, from the night before, and the bed had to be made, at least in one room.

Lisa and Julie arrived together, without the kids, which in Sharon’s mind, was a blessing. She loved her grandkids, but has no idea how this talk is going to go. They may just accept what Jack and Sharon want to share in, or they may find it disgusting, and have nothing to do with them, in which case, their love affair would go down in flames. But as they talked, before the girls arrived, they would do what was best for the overall family.

Jack offered them a cup of coffee, since it was only 10am, and they happily accepted that. They all then moved out to the deck, and sat at the table, under the umbrella. Julie and Lisa had never been on the deck, as of yet, and gave their approval of how it looked. Julie noted that I had the hot tub cover off, and said she’s like to try it out sometime. I said, anytime you want, you are always welcomed here. Then she spied Sharon’s pipe and said, oh wow Mom, I see you partied a bit last night. Sharon turned a little red faced, but admitted that we did enjoy a little weed last night. Julie giggled and asked, how come you didn’t invite me over then. Sharon just laughed it off. Lisa said, yeah, next time call us, a good high would be a blessing some days.

Sharon then said look, we all have to talk, and the girls could sense that this was serious. Sharon went into detail how she started divorce proceedings against Bill, which the girls were in favor of. Then said that she had to tell them about Jack and her, and what is going on, and asked that they not say a word until she was finished. Sharon then proceeded to tell them about our teen years, and the sexual experimentation that we always did, and everything that went on in her life after their father died, to what happened last night, and how we truly felt for one another. She finished by saying that if they did not accept this, what she and I were going to share, then she would move out and hopefully gain their forgiveness at some point.

For a few moments, neither girl said a word, until Lisa finally spoke up. She asked if her dad had known about this, what we used to do, and Sharon said yes, which was a surprise to me. She said she could never keep that from him. She said Jim understood, but also knew that she was in love with him and nothing would change that. She did say she never told Bill any of this, nor anything about her past life with Jim either. Lisa just nodded her head. Julie asked me if I really did love her mother, which I said I truly did, and always have.

Lisa asked if I could leave the three of them alone for a few minutes. So I got up and left the three of them to talk, and went back inside the house. They were out there talking for a good half an hour. The whole time I was thinking that Sharon would be moving out after today, and what a mistake it was to start something like this. The last thing I want is to draw a wall between Sharon and her daughters.

Julie came in then, and asked me to come outside with her. So I got up, but I could not read anything on her face, it was just her normal look, no red eyes from crying, or a mad look either. Julie is a very pretty young lady, with a great body, but isn’t as endowed as her mom is, in the chest department. Her husband Marc, is a lucky man, and if she is half the sexual being as her mother, then he is truly a lucky man. Lisa is built more like her mom, very chesty, with a little belly, but great legs and ass, and very pretty too.

I walked back out there and sat down. Sharon reached over and grabbed my hand, and squeezed it. Lisa then said, look, you two are definitely old enough to know what you want, and Julie and I want mom happy, and if you are going to be that person who makes her happy, well then we say go for it. She then said that it is not like you are going to make babies, since mom can’t anyways. Lisa then said, please don’t hurt her, she has had enough hurt in her life, and I don’t think she can handle anymore. I promised them I would always take care of her, and them too.

I asked if they had eaten anything yet, and both said no. I said why don’t we go out and grab some lunch, which all three said yes too. When we all got up, each girl came to me and hugged me. Julie asked, while hugging me, if she should call me Daddy now? They all laughed, and I said nah, Jack is fine.

Lunch was fine, and the girls told us all of their summer plans, and each asked if we could free up some time on a weekend, to let the kids stay over. I said that all they had to do is ask, we’ll be here for them. Julie chuckled and said good, Marc and I could use a weekend alone and do nothing but have sex, sex, and more sex. Lisa laughed and said basically the same thing. Sharon goes, well then, I may be adding to my list of grandkids, this time next year. Both girl’s laughed and said, who knows, you just may.

After returning from lunch, the girls said they had to go, only because the guys had the kids all alone, so who knows what trouble they are all in. Both girls hugged us and drove off. In the house, Sharon said, whew, that went better than I thought it would. I asked her what was said, and she said that Lisa asked what people would think., and I told her nothing, for all they know, I am living with my cousin, since I had no place to go. And the only one’s that know jack, are people who come to family functions, so they already know him and would not suspect a thing. She said Julie was all for it, if this is what I want, which it is. They only asked one thing, and that is when their kids spend the night, could she sleep in her bedroom, so they don’t ask questions. I agreed with that too.

Sharon then asked if we could take a drive, out to her friend, Kelly, who lives about 30 minutes away. I said sure. She said she wants to give her the lowdown on everything that has transpired. So she then called Kelly, to make sure she was going to be home, and off we went.

As we drove out there, Sharon asked if it would bother me, if her and Kelly still played once in a while. I said, no, feel free to do whatever you want to do, but if another man is involved, please tell me, and use a rubber with him. She laughed and said, wow, you are open minded aren’t you. I said I was, and would enjoy swinging again, if she wanted to as well. She said that she would consider it at some point, but right now, the only man she wants is me. But she would not be against a 3some with Kelly. She said Kelly is wild in bed, and if you think I get loud, wait until you hear her cumming. And knowing how you like dirty talk, this girl could make a trucker blush, in bed and out. She says what she feels, so be warned, but I love her all the same.

We arrived at Kelly’s place, which is a double wide style trailer, on a piece of land, that is surrounded by farms, so not many people around. When we pulled in, she came out the door to greet us. She had on a bright yellow bikini top and a well worn pair of short, and I mean short, cut off jeans. When she turned around, you could easily see her ass cheeks. Now I pictured her as a bigger woman, but was surprised to see she is about Sharon’s height, 5’4, and weighs about 130. She is 49, according to Sharon, and has a good 34C chest, and a dark tan, so she must lay out a lot.

Sharon made introductions, since I had never met her before now. She is attractive but her face has those pock marks left by a bad case of acne, when she was young, but still doable in my book. She led us through her house, and on to a big deck that was attached to the house. The deck also went out to a above ground pool. Kelly went back inside and brought us all some beer, which was gladly accepted.

Sharon then went on to explain everything to Kelly, basically like she did with the girls. When she was finishing, she said, yeah, and he knows about us too, and is cool with it. Kelly sat there and finally said, well honey, if he makes you happy, then I am happy. Then she looks at me and says, well, if you are that openminded, then may be one day we’ll let you join us for a little fun, because if you fuck as good as you look, I might want to move in with you too. We all started to laugh at that, and Sharon says, no problem in the sex department, he’s the first man to give me a good orgasm since Jim.

Kelly apologized for the way she was dressed and said she thought she had more time before we got there, and was just sunning when we rolled in. I said you look fine, just as you are. The girls then chatted about some other stuff, and I politely sat there and took it all in. As we were getting ready to leave, which was about two hours later, Kelly hugged me and said, please don’t fuck her over, and treat her good, or I may just have to shoot your dead ass. I said no problems there.

On the way home, Sharon asked what I thought of her. I said, well she is opinionated, and loves to gab. Sharon laughed and said, oh yeah, but she has a heart of gold and I love her so just the way she is. She said the girls adore her, and love to come out and visit with her and go swimming. Sharon then reached over and started rubbing my cock, and started to get it hard, which wasn’t all that hard to do. Then she pulled the zipper down, and fished my cock out of its restraints. Slowly she stroked it, and then bent over and started licking it. Her mouth then engulfed it, and made it very hard to concentrate on driving. Luckily, traffic was light. I told her she shouldn’t do that right now, or we may have an accident. She sat up and pouted, but said she could wait until we got home, but continued to stroke it all the way home.

When we got inside the house, I grabbed her, and pulled her towards me, and kissed her hard. My hands roamed her whole body and she moaned in my mouth. She broke the kiss, and said, damn baby, take me to bed and fuck me like a rag doll, I need a hard pounding. We raced to the bedroom, stripping clothes as we went. She jumped on the bed, and I watched as she rolled around because of the waves she made. She looked at me standing there, my cock as hard as a rock, and said, get on the bed and take me now baby. No foreplay, just put that cock in this hot pussy and make it sing.

I goton the bed and told her to please get on her hands and knees. She cooed, oh god yes, I love doggie. Her ass was up and wiggling for me to take her. She leaned her upper body down into the pillows and I shove my cock in. She let out a long gasp and said that’s it baby, give me that hard cock. I started to slam her hard. Sharon said, oh god yes, fuck me all day like this. As we fucked, I licked my finger and started playing with her rosebud. When I did that, she let out a long groan, and said oh yes, fill both my holes lover.

We fucked a good fifteen minutes, with my balls slapping into her clit and our loins banging away. My finger kept the same rhythm as my cock did in her pussy. She let out a loud groan and announced that she was cumming. I could not hold out any more and shot my cum deep inside her. My thoughts were that I need to get in shape, if I am to keep up with this sexual dynamo. My world, this woman loves sex. I am not complaining, but I don’t know if I can fuck like this all the time.

As we let our orgasms subside, I fell off to the side of her. She flattened out and laid next to me, panting heavily. She finally spoke and said that what we did was amazing, especially my finger in her ass. She said that may be next time, use a toy in it, to get it used to a bigger shape, so one day soon, my cock can enter, because I really want to feel you in me there. She chuckled and said that Kelly loves anal and said once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

I asked what fantasies she has, and wants to make reality. She thought for a moment before she spoke. Well two have been played out already. One is making love to you, and my other was having sex with a woman. I smiled and said, I wish I could have been there for the first time with a woman, but you were always my ultimate fantasy. She kissed me when I said that, then said, well, it is not a fantasy any longer, and hopefully goes on for many years to come.

I asked if she ever had done a 3some and she said yes. Her and Kelly, and a guy she had been dating back then. I asked how she liked it and she said it was fun, but would love to do that with me as the male partner in it. She said she would like to try a MFM 3some at some point, if I was cool with that. I said that I could be persuaded, if it was a guy we both liked and could trust. She asked if I was ever involved with a MFM 3some and I said yes. A few years back, I joined a web site that was for people who liked swapping, but some members enjoyed the various 3somes. I met with one couple on a few occasions for a 3some.

She asked me if I enjoyed it, and I said that I did, very much so. I said I really enjoyed watching them fuck, but usually that was towards then end of the night. They were a kinky couple to tell the truth, and they enjoyed smoking too, and one 2 occasions, introduced me to coke. She loved being tied up, and really got in to DP. Sharon asked what DP was, so I explained about double penetration. She smiled and said now that sounds like fun. I told her that most of the time, it was pleasuring her. One of us could be eating her, while the other fucked her at the same time. She asked how did you do that, and I said, in the 69 position, with her on top. She then said, so you would be licking her, while her husbands cock was right there? I said yep. She asked if I ever licked it too, and I said that I did. I told her we used to film what we did too, but those are kept private for their viewing pleasure. Sharon laughed, then said, oh damn, that would be hot to watch. She asked if I enjoyed coke, an di said well, it’s a different type of high, but it does enhance the sexual experience. Sharon said that Kelly does it once in a while, but that she never did.

I felt her pussy then, and noticed it was on fire, and asked, is this conversation turning you on? She said yes it is, as she reached over and stroked me, which for some reason, was still half hard. She laughed and said, hmmm, seems like you are turned on too, so may be we have to take care of each other. I said keep stroking baby, and you’ll get your wish. She giggled and said, I plan on. She said, you know what is so cool about being older, it take so much longer to cum, not like when we are in our teens or 20’s. I’ll take this way over that any day.

I nudged her shoulder, so she would roll on her back, and moved between her legs. She grabbed my cock, which was almost hard now, and put the head right in her hot little hole. I pushed in and then started sucking her nipple. She groaned out, oh yeah baby, that’s it. I then asked her, if another man was here right now, would you suck his cock as I fucked you. She moaned oh yes, take him deep in my mouth. I kept up the dirty questions, like, would you like to 69 with me, and have his cock buried deep in your pussy? She said god damn, you are making me so hot, and yes. I asked her if he could cum in her mouth, and she said, yes. I asked her if she would then share that hot load with me. She yelled out, you fucker, I am cumminggggggggggggggggg, and cum she did. I wasn’t even close to cumming yet. So I kept pumping away in her.

After a few more minutes, I knew I had to cum left to give her, and stopped. She asked why did I stop, and I said that I think I am all cummed out for now. She giggled and said that is ok, because she needs a break too. She said as I was asking questions, all she could see is me fucking her, and another cock in her mouth, and it got her so turned on. She asked me if I would suck a cock with her, because right now, that would be so hot to do. I looked at her, and finally said yeah, why not.

She licked her lips and said, wow, now that would be awesome to try, but, I think we need to explore with just us for the time being. We have fucked so much these last 24 hours, but we have so much to learn about each other, in bed and out. I agreed with her. She kissed me and said, lets get something to eat, you really worked an appetite up on me. So I got off the bed, and started putting clothes on, and she said, screw that, let’s just stay naked for now, I really love the feeling of being naked with you.

After dinner, we just chilled out on the couch watching some shows, cuddled together on the couch. Sharon said she never felt so comfortable and loved, as she does now. I said I know how she feels, and attribute that to being with our first loves, which we really were. A little after 10pm, she said let’s go to bed, because she was tired and needed some much needed rest, after this emotional, and physical weekend. Off to bed we went, where we cuddled in each others arms and fell asleep.

I usually get up at 6am for work, and have noticed that Sharon was usually up a little after me. This morning though, I awoke at 5am and could not fall back to sleep. Sharon was resting peacefully, but had no covers on her, and one leg was going one way, and her other spread out the other, giving a gorgeous shot of her pussy. I couldn’t resist this and got between her legs, and started licking. It did not take long before I heard a soft moan, then a good morning from here. I repeated what she said yesterday as she woke me up, by saying, yes, it is a good morning.

Needless to say, we made love for the next 45 minutes, with many of the minutes with my tongue buried in her snatch, making her cum twice. Then a nice slow fuck, topped off by us both cumming. We then showered together, and got ready for work. She left before me, and kissed me good bye and we both said I love you’s.

That’s how are life started to become. Most days we would make love in the morning, and then again 3 or 4 times a week, after dinner, then at night, just cuddle in bed. Sharon said she loves the morning sex, she feels she is horniest then. So we now set the alarm for 5am, and even if we don’t make love, we do lots of kissing and fondling.

About three weeks into our new life, I got home before Sharon. Now usually, as soon as we are home, we get naked and stay that way, unless we know we are having visitors. This one afternoon, as I said, I was home before Sharon, and was naked. I was sitting on the couch, and the door opened, and in walked Julie. I stood up, thinking it was Sharon, and when I turned and saw it was Julie, I just froze. Julie, laughed and said, damn cuz, I can see why mom loves you, nice package, and I love the shaved look. I was tongued tied, and finally regained my senses, and retreated to the bedroom to put on clothes.

When I came back out, Julie said, well damn, you didn’t have to get dressed on my account, I liked the view. I apologized to her, and she said why? I said I don’t know, but your mom probably will be embarrassed for me, and laughed. She said oh hell, her and Marc were always naked when they were at home, until she had her kid, now that has stopped, but misses it dearly, because we had some hot sex all the time, but it is good to know that we can do that again when the kids are gone out of the house.

Sharon showed up a few minutes later and said, oh shit, I forgot to text you that Julie was coming over, because we are going shopping. I said that’s ok, and Julie laughed. Sharon looked at us both, then realized I was naked when Julie came in. She burst out laughing and asked, did my daughter get an eyeful sweetie? Julie said oh yeah, and nice package too mom, bet you enjoy that a lot. Sharon said oh yeah, as often as I can.

The following Saturday, I was invited to a golf outing, and would not be back until 8 or 9 that night. Sharon said go, have some fun, I’ll be fine. That Saturday morning, I tried to get her in bed, as was usual, but she said no, let’s save it for tonight, I really want to be a bad girl tonight. I said ok, if that’s what you want. I left later that early afternoon for the golf outing. I asked, before I left, what plans she had. She said not much. She may lay out and then putz around the house. I said, well have fun, but think of me a few times, and she said, constantly lover.

During the outing, she would text me to see how I was, and I would answer, missing you bigtime. About 4pm, she sent a selfie picture of her laying out naked on the deck. Damn, that girl loves to tease. Which is what I responded with. She responded back, wait until later baby.

It was now around 7pm, and we were finishing up the dinner, that was after the outing. I got another text. This time, Sharon was on the bed, with her nipple in her mouth, with a text remark saying her tits need my lovin. Then about 5 minutes later, another picture text. This time, it was her legs spread, and her blue dildo, about half way in. She said, come pull this out with your teeth, then lick the juices off, and then fuck me hard with your big cock. I wrote back, my aren’t we slutty tonight, and yes, I would love too. She responded by saying she is extremely horny tonight, and very slutty too, so get your ass home soon. I responded that I will be leaving in 5 minutes. She responded back by saying, strip in the front room, then come to bed.

On the drive home, all I could think about was how horny she was making me. She even looked better than when she first moved in too. She has been on a diet, because she thought she was fat. A little chubby yes, but not fat, but the diet and taking a walk every night, which I join with her too, has helped her shed 15 pounds. She wants to get down to 130, so she is half way there, and looks incredible.

I arrived at the house, 20 minutes later, went inside, and strip, as instructed. I went to the fridge and got out 2 cold bottles of water, so we didn’t have to leave the bed, and padded my way back to our bedroom. The room was not dark, but had many candles lit, that I could see burning, as I made my way down the hallway. She was going all out for tonight, so maybe tonight would be my maiden voyage into her lovely ass.

As I entered the room, I froze. There laying with her legs spread was Sharon, with her dildo, deep inside her, but what made me freeze was Kelly, also naked, laying next to her, legs spread and a dildo in her pussy. Sharon said, surprise honey, come join us, we’re in need of a good cock tonight. She patted the bed and said come sit. Kelly said, well hi sailor, feel like some fun tonight. I nodded my head yes, and said I’ll do my best to please you beautiful ladies. Kelly said, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Sharon turned on her side and reached into the drawer, of the nightstand, next to the bed, and pulled out a plate. On the plate was 3 rows of powder, which I knew was coke. She looked at me and said, I really wanted to try this with you, and Kelly was good enough to bring some, are you ok with this? I said sure, but not something I want to do all the time, way too expensive. Kelly asked how I usually react to it. I said, I get extremely horny, stay hard for hours, and won’t cum for a long time, and can make me want to fuck hard all the time. Kelly said, well, then, I guess he can stay, because I could use a good hard fucking.

Sharon then leaned over and kissed Kelly passionately. As they kissed, I grabbed Sharon’s escort bayan toy and started moving it in and out of her. She broke the kiss and said, take it out lover, with your mouth. So I moved down and pulled it out far enough, so I could grip it with my lips, and pulled it out slowly. Both girls moaned, as they watched. Then I took hold of it and started licking up and down, all sides of it, then placed it in my mouth, like I was giving it a blow job. Kelly said, hot damn, that is so fucking hot, I bet you would be a natural with a real cock. I said, don’t know, no real cock here but mine. The girls then giggled. Then I got down between Kelly’s legs. Now Kelly is attractive, but as I said, she has pock marks left from a bad case of acne, but all in all, still attractive and someone I would date, if single. Her body isn’t as toned as a 30 year olds, but still is pretty hot, with nice size tits and big, dark areola’s and long nipples, that Sharon was now sucking on. Her pussy is shaved too, and she has a belly button ring and a clit ring.

I repeated the process on Kelly’s toy, as I had done to Sharon’s. I then moved back between Sharon’s legs and dove in, sucking and licking her pussy with reckless abandon . As I was eating, I saw Kelly straddle Sharon’s head and brought her pussy down to my lover’s face, so all three of us were in the act now. It didn’t take long before Sharon started to cum, and this time she squirted, which she has only done one other time. I drank as much as I could. Even with a mouthful of pussy, I could hear here screaming that she was cumming. Kelly was cheering her on, telling her to cum hard baby.

Kelly then dismounted from Sharon, and laid back and rested a second. I moved in between the two ladies, as Sharon was coming down from her orgasm. Kelly leaned in and started licking my face, and said, mmmmmmmm, now that taste good. I leaned over and kissed Sharon, then licked around her mouth, and said, Kelly, you taste very good. She laughed and said, wait until you get that pussy on your mouth. Sharon then told me to lay back, and she moved down so she was between my legs now, and started sucking my cock.

As Sharon sucked me, Kelly straddled my face, and said, now sweetie, taste my hot twat, I’m sure you will approve. As I ate Kelly, exploring every facet of her lips, ass ,and clit, Sharon was sucking me good. Then I felt another tongue on my cock, although I couldn’t see a thing, so figured they were both down there sucking and licking. I was in heaven at this point. About 5 minutes later, I must have done a good job eating because Kelly’s body stiffened up and started to cum, which she let everyone in the neighborhood know that she was.

Sharon then said oh fuck, I need that cock in me, and went and straddled me and sunk her pussy right down on it. She then leaned down and kissed me and told me that she loved me. I told her I loved her too. Kelly, still panting, said, hey, what about me. I said I love you too Kelly, as did Sharon, and then they kissed. Sharon rode me for a few minutes and then said, oh Christ, where’s my manners, our guest should be enjoying this cock. She got off and told Kelly to climb aboard.

Kelly then got on me and slowly inserted my cock in her. She said, damn girlfriend, you better never let this one go. Fuck his cock is so nice and feels so good. No wonder you two fuck all the time. Sharon was right, Kelly does like talking dirty. As we fucked, Sharon would lean over and suck Kelly’s nipple and rub her clit, then she would come back to me and kiss me. Kelly was pretty tight too, and I could feel her clit ring rubbing against my cock as she moved around. I was feeling fantastic, but no where near ready to cum yet. Sharon then got on my face and rode my tongue, and I know those two were kissing a great deal.

The girls last over fifteen minutes doing this before they came again. I have no idea how they could cum this much, but who am I to complain. Both girls then dismounted me, breathing heavily and laid on either side of me. We all took a big swig of water, with Sharon and I sharing a bottle. Then Sharon said, you ready to fuck me good and hard big boy? I said your wish is my command me lady.

I got between her legs, grabbed them, and placed then over my shoulders, and put my cock inside her. I wasted no time in starting to bang her. The whole time she was crying out, that’s it baby, give me that big cock, fuck me hard. Kelly just laid back and watched, while rubbing her clit as we fucked. After about 5 minutes of hard pounding, she told me to give her a rest and now pound the hell out of Kelly.

I moved between Kelly’s spread legs now, and positioned her like Sharon, and jammed my cock in. She said, oh fuck, give it to me baby, fuck that hot cunt. We fucked hard, with Kelly moaning and thrashing about, telling me to fuck her harder, over and over. Sharon was playing with her pussy as we fucked. Not sure how long we fucked, but I could finally feel my cum ready to be released, and let them know. Sharon moved her head next to Kellys and told me when I was ready, pull out, and shoot itin their mouth’s.

I said well get ready, and moved out of Kelly and moved up towards their heads, which were now touching, with mouth’s open and tongues out. My first shot was a direct hit in Sharon’s mouth, and the second spurt went mostly in Kelly’s. I kept shoot cum in both of their mouth’s, or on their faces. When I was finally done, the girls started kissing each other, exchanging cum. I joined them in the kissing, and all three of us exchanged cum. When we were done, Kelly said, fuck, that’s a first for her. No guy she’s ever been with would snowball, how fucking hot is that.

We all decided we needed to take a break then, and the girls got up and went to the bathroom. I heard them giggling, as they came back to the bedroom. I asked where Kelly’s car was, and Sharon said it was down the street, about six house down, so you wouldn’t even think about it. She was right, I didn’t notice it at all. Then Kelly got the plate out, and formed three more smaller lines, and asked if we were cool with a little more, and both of us said sure. As we laid on the bed, I asked what time did you girls start playing, and Sharon said when we started sending you the pics.

So, Sharon said, are you ready for a treat? I said, what, this wasn’t a treat, having sex with two beautiful, sexy, extremely horny ladies? They both laughed and in unison, said no baby, just wait. Kelly then reached over on the other side of the bed, and pulled up a strap on dildo. It was about 6 inches long and about the same girth that I am. Kelly said they used it before I came home, to help get Sharon ready.

I sat there thinking about what get Sharon ready meant. Kelly put the toy on, which was flesh colored, and lay down on the bed. Sharon got off the bed and went to the other nightstand and got out the KY lube. She then got back on the bed, and straddle Kelly, who helped hold the toy up so it would go into Sharon’s pussy. Sharon then handed me the lube and said, honey lube my ass up, and your cock. I want you both in me tonight and I definitely want you to be the first and only cock to fuck my ass, no man will ever have this experience.

I lubed my cock and her ass up. Kelly said that it should be fine, since they used it earlier, so she should be stretched enough to handle my cock. I went real slow as I entered her ass. Inch by inch I went, letting Sharon get accustom to my dick. I was half way there and she groan out, oh my god, this feels so fucking good, please put it all in soon. I went a little faster and with each push, she moaned louder.

Once I was in all the way, Sharon said, my god I feel so full, with Kelly and you in me like this. Kelly laughed and said, yeah, two cocks is even better, especially when they cum in you too. Then Sharon said, Jack, fuck me slow to start. So I did, pulling out slowly then back in. Sharon was loving every second of this and then told me to go faster. At first it was hard to get the rhythm going with Kelly, but we finally did, and about 5 minutes later, Sharon exploded in orgasm. Her whole body shook as she came. It was a good minute before she could move, but when she did, she rolled off of Kelly, and my cock popped out.

Sharon laid there for a few minutes, panting away, then she asked Kelly for the strap-on, and said it’s your turn now. Kelly asked if she was ok, and Sharon said, oh god yes, but that orgasm was so intense.

Kelly removed the strap-on and handed it to Sharon, who fumbled with it for a minute, but finally got it on and laid down. Kelly straddled her waist, and helped guide the toy inside her. Those two were also kissing now, so I let them have some time to play.

Kelly then looked back at me and asked if I was going to watch or stick my cock in her ass. So I moved between their legs, and lubed up my cock and her ass, and then slowly inserted the head in her puckered ass. Kelly’s hole was quite accepting to my cock, and told me don’t worry baby, I can take you. Kelly then dictated the action by telling me to pull out as she went down on Sharon and push in as she went up on the toy.

We got a nice rhythm going to after a minute or so. Kelly was moaning out a lot now, asking us to fuck her harder. We fucked for almost ten minutes and I was getting close to cumming, and so was Kelly. Sharon had already cummed during this time. The girls were definitely into each other, with plenty of kissing and I know one time, Sharon was sucking her nipples.

I could feel my balls starting to climb up and in need of release, so I told the girls I was going to cum. Kelly yelled out to cum you fucker, fill my ass with your hot cum. I let out a loud moan and started shooting my cum in her ass, and when I did, a few seconds later Kelly came hard.

All three of us were panting hard now, as I popped my dick out of her ass. Kelly was laying on top of Sharon kissing her passionately. Sharon’s hands were holding Kelly’s ass now as they kissed. Sharon and Kelly finally broke from their kiss, with Sharon telling her what a slut she is. Kelly said, I know, but you still love me. They both laughed and then hugged.

It was now after midnight, and I was spent, and the girls said they were too. We all drank some water, did the bathroom thing, then crawled in bed, with Sharon in the middle, facing Kelly, and me spooned up to Sharon. We all talked how fantastic it was tonight and said we must do this again real soon.

I awoke close to 8am, and looked at the girls. They were still sleeping, with both of them laying on top of the sheets, legs slightly spread, which was an awesome sight to see. I went to the bathroom, then went down to the kitchen and made us coffee. I already knew Kelly likes hers black, and I fixed mine and Sharon’s up, and took the coffee to the bedroom, along with some aspirin, in case someone needed it.

When I walked back to the bedroom, I met Sharon in the hall, just coming out of the bathroom. She saw the coffee and aspirin and said, oh god yes, you read my mind, I could use both. She got on the bed, and sat indian style, and I handed her coffee and two aspirin. Kelly got up and went to relieve herself too, and then sat on the bed like Sharon. I gave her the black coffee and she said oh thank you. She laughed and said, what service, coffee in bed, served by a hot naked guy, and chuckled. Sharon said, he does this every weekend so far.

I finally sat with them on the bed. Kelly thanked us both for a fabulous time last night. Sharon said it was fantastic, except for this headache now, and a little ass ache, but well worth it. Kelly asked us if this was our first 3some. I said it was that was with two women, and Sharon said it was her first, but hopefully, many more to come. Kelly said she has had both, and also a few 4somes. Sharon said that before Jim passed, they had a couple of 4somes with 2 different couples, but nothing like we did last night.

Kelly asked what my 3some was and I said it was with a buddy and his then girlfriend. She was more of a sex buddy, than anything. I also said I have been involved with a couple once as a 3some and also a few group settings, that they held at their place. Kelly laughed and said, oh wow, a bunch of naked people fucking, that had to be awesome.

Kelly asked if I had another cousin I could hook her up with, and both Sharon and I said no, at least not living in the area, and the one we have, is not someone we’d set you up with. Kind of an asshole, if you get our meaning. Kelly goes damn, I’d love to find a half way decent looking lover, who could handle this lifestyle. I told her I may have just the guy, and told her about my buddy Troy, the guy I had the 3some with. Kelly asked if that’s the guy, who’s dick I sucked and licked, and I said yes. She said, well fuck, set us up, I’ll rock his world. Sharon asked Kelly about her current man she was seeing, and Kelly said, oh him, he is just a fuck buddy, and is out of town a lot, plus I don’t think he’s go for this stuff.

Kelly asked me to describe him, and I said wait a second, I can do even better. I went and got my laptop, and booted it up. Then I pulled out one of those USB sticks and plugged it in. I clicked on the one file I knew was Troy. It showed him fucking his then girlfriend Ginger, who was ok looking, but was definitely meaty. Sharon asked who was holding the camera, and I just smiled. She laughed and said, you pervert you. Then I clicked on another file that showed Ginger on all fours, sucking Troy’s cock, and also someone fucking her from behind.

Sharon laughed, and said wow, a man who can do two things at once. Kelly was studying Troy’s face and features and said, damn, he could fuck me anytime, damn he’s cute. I told her he was 47, so you’d be a cougar to him, and we all laughed. As we watched, my cock was starting to grow. Kelly noticed it and asked if this was turning me on? Sharon laughed, and said, a gust of wind will make him hard. I said nah, but reliving this is helping, plus sitting here with two fabulous looking, naked ladies is definitely helping out.

Sharon said, well, no one should waste a hard cock, but I really can’t do it right now, so I will get breakfast going and you two fuck. I looked at her, and she said, why not, it’s not like you two haven’t done it, and I know she is not going to steal you away from me, plus I do get turned on by you two fucking. Kelly then said, Honey, are you sure, and Sharon said please, enjoy, but don’t take all morning, I am getting hungry.

Sharon got up and padded down the hall. Kelly laid back on the bed, spread her legs wide, and said, well, you heard your woman, come stick that gorgeous dick in this pussy and fuck me big boy. I was about to go down on her, when she said no, don’t eat me, please just fuck me this morning, I am getting hungry too. So fuck we did. We started slow, but started picking up steam, with my cock plowing into her. She was moaning a great deal, and so was i. About 5 minutes into this, I rolled us over, so she was on top, and let her take control. She looked down at me and told me this was her favorite way.

She wasted no time in grinding on my cock, then doing circles with her hips. She kept telling me she just loves my size and said that Sharon was a fool for not fucking me all those years ago. She fucked me more, I sat up and sucked on her hard nipples. She said, oh fuck yes, bite those nipples baby. She was really getting into it now, saying how she loves fucking in the morning. Then as we fucked, she asked me if I enjoyed sucking Troy’s cock, and I said yes. She said to make sure I take a pic of her naked, to show him. He might as well see what he may get, if they click. Then she leaned down and said, make me cum lover, and started kissing me passionately, with our tongues dancing with each other. A few minutes more, I let out a loud roar and started cumming. Kelly followed right behind me, and started cumming too.

We laid there for like 5 minutes, until Kelly finally got off of me, and said, come on, let’s go eat, I am famished now. We both got out of bed, and made our way to the kitchen. Sharon already had the bacon down, and hash browns, and was working on the omelets. Sharon said, well, you two could have awakened the dead, as loud as you were. I went up and hugged from behind and kissed her neck, and told her I love you baby. She turned and hugged me back and asked if I saved some for her later, and I said, of course.

We sat around and ate breakfast, and Kelly said that this was different, eating nude. Sharon said that this is an every day occurrence here. Kelly just went, mmmmmmmmm, I’ll need to pop in more over here. Sharon told her she is welcome here anytime, just show up, who knows what can happen.

I told the girls to go shower and I would take care of the clean up. So off they went to shower. By the time I was done, they still weren’t out of the shower. One can only imagine what they were doing together.

Before Kelly got dressed, I had her stand there and let me take a few shots of her naked, then had her do some poses on the bed. One she was laying with her legs spread wide, and was playing with her clit. She said he is not to see that, unless he is truly interested. I agreed to her terms. She then got dressed and I took a few of her dressed. Kelly then got ready to leave, and by the front door, gave me a hug and a long kiss, and thanked me for a wonderful time. Sharon and her hugged and kissed passionately too, and told each other they loved one another, and then Kelly left.

Sharon and I made our way back to the bedroom, so we could get some clothes on, since her kids were coming over in a bit, to have lunch and visit. Sharon looked at me and asked if I liked the surprise last night. I told her it was fantastic and loved every second of it. She said good, because she did too and was hoping I liked it. She hugged me and said, look, I know we are now a couple, and maybe people wouldn’t accept what we do, but I am going to love life my way, and hopefully, you will always be my partner, and fully accept me for who I am. I told her that what we do is our business, and no one elses, and if the kids are ok with our life, then that’s all that matters.

I told her I would never cheat on her, and really have no reason too. You will be the only woman I make love too, and you have all of my love, no matter what. She kissed me, and said, well, that goes for me too, and if Kelly and I play, it will be with your knowledge, and hopefully, your blessing. I said, you never need my blessing for that, with her. She kissed me again, and giggled, and said, damn, I wish my head didn’t hurt, or we’d be on that bed fucking right now. I laughed and said, no problem babe, we can make love later.

The kids showed up around noon. Lisa, and her husband John, and there 8 year old daughter Krissy. Julie, Marc, and their 6 year old son Jimmy came right after them. Sharon had told the girls, to bring swim suits, if any of them wanted to go in the hot tub. I decided we should cook burgers and hot dogs, and all agreed. Both girls were in shorts, and halter tops. Lisa’s was pretty conservative in her dress, but Julie had on very short shorts, and a white halter top, that barely hid her assets. The kids had shorts and t-shirts over their swim wear.

The guys stood over by me, as I cooked. The girls were inside getting stuff ready. The kids asked if they could go in the tub, and I said sure, have fun. Marc yelled out to them both, hey, don’t either of you pee in that tub, and we all laughed.

We all ate and had a nice visit. After lunch, the kids went back in the tub, and so did Marc and Julie, who was now wearing a black bikini, which really did nothing to hide her gorgeous body. John and Lisa, just stayed with us and talked, while the other’s played in the tub.

Julie and Marc got out of tub after about 20 minutes and said that thing is fantastic. Julie then said, Jack, you should get a pool. I told her I never saw a need for one before, but would consider it now. Julie looked at her mom and said, whoo hoooo, some naked pool parties. Sharon blushed and told her to hush. Lisa said, Julie, is your mind always on sex? Julie said no, just most of the time.

The kids got out of the pool and went inside to change out of their wet clothes. About 5 minutes later, Krissy came out holding one of Sharon’s dildo’s and asked what this thing is. Julie damn near spit her drink out, and the guys just looked at us, and started laughing. Sharon kept quite calm and said, it was a back massager. Krissy just said weird, but it looks like daddy’s thingy. I tried real hard not to laugh, but couldn’t stifle it. This made everyone else start to laugh. Julie looked at John and said, wow, Lisa is a lucky woman then too. Lisa just rolled her eyes. But giggled a little. Lisa told Krissy to go put it back wherever she found it, which was on our bed. Julie said, damn, you two are quite the kinky couple aren’t you. Sharon just told her to hush up.

They all left finally around 5 that evening. Sharon and I were quite tired too. Sharon looked at me, after they left and said, damn, I was so embarrassed when Krissy brought that toy out. I laughed and told her, someday she’ll figure out what its used for. Sharon agreed and laughed. She did asked if I noticed how close the two kids are, and I said yes. I told her it brought back many a memory of us at that age and older. She laughed and said, yeah, she was thinking the same.

I said, let’s go get some ice cream, which she liked the idea of. There was a little stand a mile away from us. We sat at the picnic table and ate our cones, I asked her what she thought about getting a pool, and she loved the idea, if we could afford it. I said I don’t see that as a problem. The house is paid for, and I have no bills. She said that we have never discussed money before. I told her that money is not an issue with us. What is mine, is now yours. She said Jack, that is sweet, but I want to contribute too, I make a hell of a lot less than you. I said, so, does it matter? We can go open a joint account, and put paychecks into it, just like a normal married couple. I said we’ll be fine, and money should never interfere with our lives. I truly want us like a normal couple, if you do too. She said that she wanted that too. I said, ok then, that’s settled, let’s go tomorrow and see about a pool.

We went home and decided to go to the bedroom and watch TV, instead of the couch. Wasn’t long before we made slow passionate love with one another. As we were going at it, she said, this is perfect, and last night was simply fun, and I enjoyed every second of it, but this is the best. We both came after about 15 minutes of love making.

We both started laughing then, when we thought about the toy and Krissy. Sharon said she couldn’t wait to tell Kelly about it. I told her I was going to approach Troy about Kelly, tomorrow, and get a pulse on how he would feel about meeting her. Sharon thought that was a good idea, but maybe hold off on the nudie shots just yet. I asked her, since she has met Troy, whether she would like a 3some with him, before he gets together with Kelly. She said nah, let’s see if we can match them up, then do a 4some, if all agree.

The next day, we did go pool shopping, and picked out a nice 15” x 30” above ground pool with a deck that goes all around it, for about 4 grand. I already had the 6’ privacy fence for the back yard, so need not worry about that. The pool place said they could install it the following week, and would take two days, because of the deck. I told Sharon about me showing Troy Kelly’s picture, the dressed one, and he was quite interested. I gave him her number and he was going to call her. I didn’t lie to him and said that we had a 3some with her. He said, no fucking way, and I said yes. He said great, I like an open minded woman. Sharon said, cool, let’s see how this plays out.

The next day, when Sharon came home, she said that Kelly called her at work and told her Troy called and they talked for over two hours on the phone, and they are going out to dinner this Friday. I said, wow, he never said a word to me, but that’s cool. He probably wants to see how it goes before he says anything.

The rest of the week went as it has been, us making a life for ourselves, like any married couple. Made love almost every single day too. That Sunday, Sharon called Kelly, since she did not hear from her at all on Saturday. They talked for almost an hour, and when she finally got off the phone, she told me that those two went out Friday to dinner, to a fancy restaurant in the Flats, and hung out down there, then went back to her place and just made out a little. Then she had kocaeli escort bayan him over for dinner, last night, and then went skinny dipping in her pool. She said they fucked until 2am and then again this morning. I said damn, they work fast. Sharon said that Kelly is smitten right now, but see’s lots of potential there for them.

Troy told me on Monday how the weekend went and said, damn, she is one hot lady, and just hopes he doesn’t blow it with her. I told him, just relax, be yourself and treat her like the only woman in your life, because she wants that. He laughed and said, my god, does that woman like sex, she is going to wear me out. He said he could have stayed all day there yesterday and did nothing but fuck, but he had to go to his sisters for an engagement he already committed too. I asked him if he manscaped, and he said no. I said you better, she likes the look.

The pool was installed on that Tuesday and Wednesday. I paid a little extra and had a heater included. So Wednesday night, we christened the pool, after dinner. It was a bit chilly, but not as bad as it could have been, until it got up to temp by way of the sun. Sharon said she never did it in a pool before. I said, well, come here baby. She swam to me, grabbed my cock and stroked me hard. She then put her arms around my neck, and I picked her up, so she could wrap her legs around me. She guided my cock inside her, and then kissed me. She looked at me and asked, do you like the weight I have lost, and I said yes, you look fantastic, and very sexy. She giggled and said good, I am going for sexy but right now, fuck me please. And fuck we did. She asked me when we were done, how I would feel about her getting her clit pierced? I told her if she wanted to, by all means, you never need my permission.

That Thursday, she went over to Kelly’s and Kelly had her one girlfriend come over, who did her piercing. Later when she came home, she modeled the gold stud for me, and said it wasn’t too painful, a lot less than she thought it would be, but said it feels weird, but really good, because it keeps rubbing her clit. She said Kelly said, her orgasms would be a lot more intense too, but that night, she asked me not to touch her because it was still a little sore, so we just cuddled in bed.

That Saturday, we invited the kids over for a swim party, which really excited them. They showed up about 3pm and the little kids had a blast, although both needed those water wings, because neither had learned how to swim yet. Lisa and John were enjoying the pool as well. Lisa was in a blue one piece, with a high French cut leg opening. She looked good, but as long as I have known her, she has been quite modest about her appearance.

Her sister Julie, on the other hand, had on a thong bikini, which hid next to nothing. It was a deep red color, and had triangle pieces that barely covered her nipples, and a small triangle piece that covered her pussy, which I believe is shaved, just like her mom’s. She looked hot too. Sharon was wearing a Kelly green bikini, but not a thong style, though she did buy one, but did not think it was appropriate to wear with grandkids around. She just bought them this past week, basically showing off her new body she has worked hard to get. She is now down to 135 pounds, and says she wants just to lose 10 more and she would be satisfied. I am satisfied where she is now and told her so, but you know women.

About an hour into the party, I got up to get the guys some beers, and Julie asked if she could make some margarita’s, and I said sure. So she followed me into the kitchen. I told her where everything was to fix them up, and she proceeded to get stuff out, and when she went into the fridge, she bent over, and where I was at, standing behind the island, I had a perfect view of her ass, and her pussy lips, that were kind of exposed. She stood back up, and looked over her shoulder and asked if I liked the view. I did not lie and said, hell yes, you have a gorgeous body.

She giggled and said, well yours is pretty good too. She then surprised me and said Sharon was looking pretty hot too and if she wasn’t her mother, she’d love hooking up with her. I stood there with my mouth a gaped. She laughed, and said, what? If you couldn’t tell Jack, I am bi, and I said, I kind of had a feeling you were. She laughed and said she knows mom is bi too. I said how do you know. She said a few years back, she was to meet mom over at Kelly’s and they came out of the bedroom with just robes on, because I showed up a bit early. I didn’t say anything, but then Julie said, oh hell, you know it too and have probably played together.

I still didn’t answer to her. She said look, Marc and I swing too, we have for the last two years and love it, and I know Marc thinks my mom is totally hot, especially now. We both like older couples, who know how to do it, and don’t come with baggage or drama. I was speechless, that my little cousin was telling me all of this. Then she came around the island, and at first, place her hand on my arm and stroked it, she said, and since we are such a close knit family, meaning Sharon and I, why not have some fun sometime, and then reached down and squeezed my cock, which was now starting to rise.

Just then, the sliding glass doors opened, and in walked Sharon. She asked what the hell was taking us so long, and I said that Julie was almost finished. Sharon said she had to pee, and I said I’ll walk with you and go after you. As we walked away, Julie said, mom, you look damn fine in the bikini, and then walked outside. Sharon looked at me with a puzzled look. I said, I’ll tell you later.

Later, after we cooked out and rested a bit, most everyone was back in the pool, except Marc and I. Now I had been watching Marc, ever since Julie made her statements, from before. Marc did like being around Sharon, they both did some splashing and goofing around in the pool together. Hell, one time, Julie swam under water and grabbed my cock again. Then when we exited the pool, she was in front of me, and wiggled her ass, as she went up the ladder. So I gave her ass a little slap. She looked back at me, and said, oh daddy, spank me some more. I just shook my head.

I asked Marc, if John was always this quiet, and he said yes, as far back as he could remember. He said Lisa wears the pants in that family. He laughed, and said, I bet he is told when he is allowed to fuck her, and that’s it. I chuckled, and said, yeah, I could see that, poor son of bitch. Marc then said, I gotta tell you Jack, Sharon is looking really great nowadays, and this is the happiest I have ever seen her. Cousins or not, you are the right man for her. He chuckled and said, no offence meant, but I’d do her in a heartbeat. I said, none taken. He then said, and her friend Kelly is also pretty hot and would love doing it with her once or twice. I said, really? He said hell yeah, she has a tight body, just meant for fucking.

Then he leaned over and said, not sure if I should tell you this, but Sharon and Kelly play together. Julie caught them coming out of Kelly’s bedroom in just robes, because she showed up early for going somewhere together. He said that Julie told him that her mom got all flustered, but Kelly acted cool about it. Marc said he thought that it was awesome that she is. He looked at me then and said, you already knew huh? I said between us, and he said yeah, man code, I said yeah I knew and we 3 played few weekends ago.

Marc said that he and Julie swing too. Started two years ago with her best friend and husband, Amy and Tom. He said that is was ok with them, but Amy can be a little bitch at times, if she isn’t getting all the attention. Both girls are bi too. I wanted to tell him that Julie already told me this stuff, but figured she should tell him, not me. In my mind, I could see Marc and Sharon fucking and me fucking Julie.

Marc said they have branched out a little, and like spending those times with older couples, who have their shit together, with no drama. I told him we haven’t done it with another couple, but might soon, because Kelly is dating a guy now, who I know is open to that lifestyle.

Marc laughed and said, hell, let us know when, we’ll come join you guys. I laughed and said, oh yeah, Sharon would just love to see her daughter fucking us I bet. Marc shrugged his shoulders and said, who knows, she just may. We then changed the subject and started bullshitting about other stuff of interest, as we watched all the kids play in the pool.
It was around 9:30, when everyone left, with Lisa, John, and Krissy leaving first. Then about 10 minutes later, Julie, Marc, and Jimmy said their goodbyes. I watched as Marc gave Sharon a big hug and kissed her on the lips, with the kiss lingering for longer than a son in law should. Julie, hugged me tight and kissed me too, and whispered in my ear, one day daddy. Julie then hugged her mom tight and kissed her lips too, and off they went.

Sharon and I closed up the patio umbrella and I turned off the outdoor lights, and then closed up the house. Sharon said, lets go to bed, I am really horny right now. We walked fast to the bedroom. Once inside, she started to untie her bikini top, and I said, wait, let me have the pleasure. I untied the top string, then the lower one, and let her top slip to the floor. I gently sucked in one nipple, then the other, which grew a loud moan from her. Then I went to my knees, and with my lips and teeth, got a hold of her bottoms, and pulled them off of her, which now laid at her feet. Then my hands reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her in and I kissed her pussy.

Sharon moaned out, yesssssssss, lick my pussy, I so need to cum. I guided her back to the bed, and she got on. I stripped off my trunks, and she licked her lips when she saw my hard cock. I got right between her legs and dove in. I did not tease tonight, I started licking inside her lips, trying to avoid her clit, since I didn’t know how sensitive it was. Sharon was pushing her hips all around, thrashing about, moaning a great deal. Then I started fingering her, and licking her snatch. She kept saying, oh fuck yes baby, eat me, eat my cunt. I think the margarita’s really loosened her up tonight, because she usually does not use the cunt word too much.

As I rubbed her rough spot, and licked, she put her hand down by her clit, and spread the folds back, exposing it to me. My tongue went to work on it, and that was it, she really started thrashing about, and her legs clamped around my head, and she let out a loud groan and said, oh fuck, baby, I am going to cum. She raised her hips up off the bed, and started squirting. I have never seen her squirt like this, and I tried my best to catch it all. Then her hips came back down, and her legs fell to the bed and she laid there motionless.

After a few moments, she said, oh my god, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I said, it tasted great too. She giggled and said, looks like we have to change sheets. I said later, for I am not done yet. She said, you better not be. I crawled up on top of her, and with her hand on my cock, she guided me in. It slipped in, with out any trouble, she was so lubricated.

She looked at me and said, damn, I have wanted this all day baby. I told her I couldn’t go another minute without being in her, and that I loved her. She said I love you too honey, but tonight I want raw, intense sex, we’ll make love in the morning. I kissed her and then said, I’m with you babe.

I asked what made her so horny. She said it was a combination of things. One, we haven’t done it yet with her new accessory in. Then she said, remember when we were playing war, and I was on top of Marc’s shoulders? I said yes, I had Julie on my shoulders. She said all the movement we were doing was having my post rub my clit the whole time. I thought I was going to cum the one time, and then when Marc grabbed my ass to steady me, it turned me on even more. I chuckled and said oh yeah? She said, yeah, and I know that sounds bad, but it did turn me. I said well here’s a news flash. Marc thinks you are super hot and would love to do you. She froze, then said no way. I said oh yes, he said he thinks you are the hottest older woman he knows. He also wants to do Kelly. He thinks Kelly would be dynamite in bed.

Sharon was shocked by this, but also turned on more, because I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock as a I spoke. I asked, does that turn you on now? She blushed and said, yes, but it is so wrong. I said why? She said I don’t know, but it should be. She then said, I know he is pretty big. I said how do you know. She said afterwards, after I was back into the pool. I lost my footing and backed into him and he was hard and I felt it on my ass. I asked if she liked what she felt, and she said yes damnit.

She asked what I was going to tell her later about. So I said Julie told me that they are swingers and she knows you are bi. She started to say something then said, oh shit, that time at Kelly’s when she came early and saw us in robes. I said uh huh. I then told her that she would love to do Kelly and her. She said no fucking way, and I said oh yeah. I told her how she grabbed my cock in the hosue, just before you came in, and another time in the pool. I even told her that when Julie was on my shoulders, she leaned down and said, too bad I wasn’t facing the other way, so I could lick her pussy right now.

She turned her head, and I said what’s wrong. She didn’t say anything at first, and I started to pull out of her. She said don’t move, but I have a confession. I said what. She said remember when Julie and her went in the house after dinner? I said yeah, so? She said I told her about the clit piercing and she wanted to see it. So we came into the bedroom and I pulled my bottoms down and showed her. She said Julie looked at it, then reached out and touched it. Sharon said she froze, and Julie told her to relax, and that it looked super sexy, especially with a bald pussy. Then she said Julie slip her finger between her lips and rubbed for a second, and I didn’t say a word.

Sharon then said that Julie moved that tiny piece of cloth to the side and showed her, that she also had a clit ring, but hers had a ring and a ball on it, which Julie said is constantly rubbing her clit. She said Julie took her hand and said feel how wet I am, and Sharon said she did the same thing to Julie, as was done to her.

I said sweetie, it is no big deal, it really isn’t, especially for us. I asked her, did it turn you on at all? She said, boy did it. I could have thrown her on the bed and ate her all night. Sharon then said, fuck Jack, we are one fucked up family. I said nah, we are just taking care of the people we love most, who just happen to be family.

She then kissed me and said, please baby, I really need a good fucking now. So we kissed and started fucking, and wasn’t long before I had her legs on my shoulders, pounding her slit. Sharon was yelling out, that’s it baby, Fuck Me Good. I don’t think 5 minutes went by, and Sharon was cumming again, not as intense, but close. I did not stop fucking her though, but let her legs back down, and still attacked her pussy. I asked her if she would like to feel Marc’s big cock filling her hot hole, and she yelled out yes, oh god yes.

Then I rolled us over, so she was on top now. She wasted no time in starting to go up and down on my shaft. She leaned in and asked, would you like to feel Julie’s pussy ride you like this, and I said yes, with you next to me, riding Marc’s cock. Sharon really started humping my cock fast now. I was lightly slapping her ass, and she moaned out, yes baby, fuck me good, I need to cum again. My balls were filling up and I let her know I was ready too, she said great, cum with me, and a minute later we both started to cum. It felt like an hour of cumming, but in reality, it was about a minute.

After that, we were both exhausted and Sharon fell over onto the bed, and we cuddled. She said holy Christ, that was amazing and so dirty, yet exhilarating too. I said that she was fantastic and the best lover I have ever had, or want in life. She said that it felt like I grew as I talked about fucking Marc, and I said, it turns me on, what can I say. She giggled and said it turned her on too and also when she said about fucking Julie, she said she would love to see that. We kissed good night then and fell asleep.

We did make love the next morning, then got up and ate, and ran a bunch of errands. We laid out by the pool the rest of the afternoon and then made love again before supper. About 8 that night, Kelly called. They were on the phone a good 45 minutes, with Sharon every so often calling Kelly a whore or slut, then she asked Kelly to come next Saturday to our house and try out the pool, and definitely bring Troy.

She got off the phone and told me what Kelly was saying. In short, her and Troy are almost inseparable and that they fucked the whole weekend. She looked at me and said, I think we have a love connection there. She asked if it was alright that she invited them over, and I said, of course it is, this is your house too and they are always welcome. I told her that Troy is over the moon for her and he told me that they were together every day this past week and fucked every night. Sharon laughed, and said, she’ll kill him with sex. I said, damn, what a way to go, and pulled her into my arms.

That Wednesday, we both got home from work about the same time. Sharon saw I was stripping out of my clothes and said, stop, Julie is coming over to drop something off, so we’ll need to be decent. I laughed and said, naked is decent. I just put on some shorts and a t-shirt, since it was in the 90’s, like mid-July can be. In fact it may get to 100 this weekend. Sharon came out about 5 minutes later, with a pair of faded cut off, really short jeans on and a halter top. She asked what I thought. I said you looking smoking hot babe. She said she hasn’t worn these since Jim, when she could fit into them. She said she saw them at the bottom of her drawer and couldn’t resist seeing if they fit again.

Julie showed up, and had something for Sharon, from one of those party’s that women have all the time. When Julie, who also, was dressed in cut off jean shorts, and a t-shirt, said, wow mom, you look great, good enough to eat, which made Sharon blush. Julie asked what plans we had this Saturday, and so Sharon told her that Kelly and Troy were coming over to swim. She winked at me and said, oh, that’s cool. You guys better behave, and then left.

After she left, I said see, she wants you baby, but so do I. She said, oh stop, now let’s get going to the store and get what we need for Saturday. As we shopped, I noticed the guys taking long looks at Sharon, probably wishing they could have her. I was surprised that so many younger guys were taking those long looks. As we drove home, I told Sharon how all the guys were checking her out and she just smiled.

That Saturday, Kelly and Troy showed up around 5pm. The girls were in the kitchen and Troy and I went to the deck with beers. We talked a bit and Troy said, thanks, she is one in a million. I said, no problem dude, she is smitten for you too. He said, even if she wasn’t as sexual as she is, I would feel the same, we just click on every cylinder. I said I was glad. I noticed that we needed a refreshment of beer and excused myself.

I went inside and saw the girls talking. I said what’s up. Sharon said, well, Kelly let it slip that you and I are cousins. I said, Oh, oh well, no biggie, we’ll just deal with it. To me, it changes nothing, I still love you and that’s how it is. Sharon kissed me and said, I love you too.

I went back with our beers and said Troy, I should have told you about Sharon, but we felt most people would not understand. He said you don’t need to explain anything to him. If you love her, that’s all that counts, and he hopes it will all work out, and that my secret is safe with him. I said, thanks buddy.

During and after dinner, we had great conversations going, where all of us were involved, mostly talking about houses and yards, and then vacation spots we all want to visit one day. We all agreed, a nice vacation during the winter to the Caribbean would be great. Kelly suggested we all book a cruise for that time, that it would be a blast. I think Sharon and I would enjoy that, but I hoped that Troy and Kelly would still be an item, knowing both of their track records when it came to relationships.

Troy then excused himself, to go get something from the car. After he left, Kelly said she is on cloud 9 with him. She said he is so considerate, and very attentive to any need she has, and not just the bedroom, but he excels in that area. Then Kelly asked if we were up for some playtime in a bit, because they have discussed it and want very much to be play partners with us.

Sharon said she sees no reason why they can’t, that she finds Troy very attractive and fun. Kelly said, whew, I was hoping you’d say that. We had yet to use the pool, and it was still quite hot out too, but with eating and drinking, us guys with beers, and the girls drinking long island ice tea’s, it just felt good to relax and let our food settle.

As Troy was returning, the girls did take off their coverup’s that they were wearing. Sharon was now in this extremely sexy bikini. It was bright pink and the top barely covered her nipples, and the bottom was a thong, and the part covering her pussy, was rectangular shaped, that didn’t hide anything but her lips and clit. Kelly’s was exactly alike, except for it being lime green. God they looked so hot, and my cock was definitely starting to rise.

Troy took notice, as he set down this bag, and said, oh wow, you two look amazing. Kelly told him to take off the shorts he wore over today, and so he did, showing us he was wearing a black thong. Sharon just stared at his crotch, then said oh man, that is sexy as hell. She looked at me and said, Babe, I need to buy you one like that, and I just laughed. Kelly went up to Troy and kissed him, then grabbed his crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze. Troy took off his t-shirt then and sat down. I was wearing standard swim trunks and a T, so I removed the T-shirt. Troy and I are built pretty similar, and since I have seen Troy in all his glory, cock size is about the same, a good 7 inches and enough girth to fill any pussy or mouth nicely, without stretching your partners mouth too much.

Troy then reached into his bag and brought out a Bong and a bag of weed, and got it set up. He needed some water and asked me to go with him to get it. Once in the kitchen, he unpalmed these two blue pills. He said a buddy of his gave him some, a few weeks back, and boy do they work. I asked what they were and he said, Viagra man. Just a half will keep us going half the night, since neither of us have had problems in that department normally. So I said, oh what the hell, and took it.

Once we got back out, he filled the bong with water and weed and we sat around doing some smoke. It was good stuff too. We sat around until the girls said, come on, let’s go swimming. We all then jumped in and started swimming around. The water felt fantastic in this hot air.

Sharon came up to me and put her arms around my neck and said, are you cool with all of this? I said of course baby. I asked her the same and she said oh yes. She said she already knows what Troy’s cum taste like. I asked how, and she said, when we were in the kitchen before, Kelly told me to lick her pussy and taste her. As I did, I could tell she and Troy fucked, just a bit earlier. She said that Kelly told her that her and Troy couldn’t wait until later and got a quick fuck in before coming here. I chuckled and said that those two are made for one another, and Sharon agreed. I told Sharon how absolutely sexy she looks in her outfit and she said thanks and was glad I liked it, then kissed me passionately, which made my cock grow hard. Sharon moaned and said, ohhhhhh, my cock feels very nice and your pussy is quite wet, and not from the pool water.

We looked over at the other two, and they too, were embraced and kissing, and we could see Kelly’s legs around Troy’s waist, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, if he was fucking her. We walked over by them and asked if they were busy. They both looked at us and said, well, kind of, then laughed.

It was starting to become dusk, so I said I was going to light the Tikki Torches that I had placed around the pool deck. I got the lighter and went around and lit them, which gave a soft, and somewhat sensual atmosphere to the pool now. When I came back, I noticed Kelly sitting on the deck now naked, kocaeli escort and my lovely woman between her legs, which were hanging over the side, licking away at her pussy.

Troy pushed himself up and out of the pool, and dropped the thong to the ground, and his cock waved stiffly. He sat next to Kelly and started kissing her, and Kelly reached over and started stroking his cock. I jumped back into the pool and came up behind Sharon, and untied her top and removed it, then slid her bottoms off and tossed both onto the deck. I removed my shorts then and threw them by the other suits.

I came up behind Sharon and cupped her big breasts and fondled them, while she kept licking Kelly’s hot pussy. Sharon looked up at Kelly and saw that Troy was there, so she also grabbed Troy’s raging hard on and helped Kelly stroke it. My cock was nestled in between Sharon’s ass crack, but I did not want to overload her senses, so I backed off from her, so she could concentrate on Kelly.

I pushed myself up and out of the pool, then sat on the other side of Kelly, and then leaned in and started sucking her one nipple. As I did this, Troy took the hint and did the other one. This was too much for Kelly, and she started cumming, and cum hard into Sharon’s mouth. Kelly’s body was haking from cumming and said that this was awesome.

After she calmed a bit, she jumped into the pool and told Sharon to take the same spot she had, it was her turn now. I jumped back in and helped Sharon out, and then watched Kelly move between Sharon’s legs. As Kelly started licking, I came behind her and cupped her tits too, like I did Sharon’s, and for my pleasure, Kelly shot her ass back and rubbed it against my ass. She quit for a second and said, that cock is mine in a bit, and went back to eating Sharon.

I got out of the pool again and watched for a bit. Troy was now kneeling next to Sharon’s head and was feeding her his cock. Sharon does love sucking cock, but this got me real turned on. I dried off a bit and then fired up the bong again. As I sat there smoking, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, which made me freeze right there. I tilted my head up and saw Julie looking down at me, smiling. She quietly asked if I was going to share with them. I looked back then and saw Marc standing there watching the action and smiling too.

As you can guess, I was speechless, and Julie said, cat got your tongue Jack? I finally said hi, what brings you two here. At that point, Kelly looked up and saw them both and immediately went stiff. Troy turned and looked then, and quickly pulled his cock away from Sharon’s mouth. Sharon then looked back and said, oh shit. Julie laughed and said, hey, don’t let us stop you, that looked like fun.

Sharon asked what she was doing here, and Julie said they were at a boring BBQ and it was so hot out, they decided to come over and join us swimming, since she knew Kelly was going to be here. Julie then took a big hit of the bong. Sharon started to get up and Julie said stop, just stay there.

With that, Julie took off her summer dress, revealing that she was naked. I asked, do you always go to party’s like that, and she grinned and said no, but they were in the kitchen watching and she took the panties off already. Julie then jumped into the pool and went up to Kelly and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Kelly was very receptive too. Then Julie went to her mom and spread her legs out. Sharon was speechless, but then composed herself enough to tell Julie no, it’s not right. Julie said oh shit, you want me to as much I want to, so let’s just enjoy it.

Julie spread her legs, and dove right in. Kelly climbed out of the pool and sat beside her best friend and leaned in and kissed her. She said something, but I have no idea what was said. I went over to Sharon, figuring she doesn’t know what to say at this point, and frankly, neither did I. I leaned in and kissed her and said babe, just go with it and do what comes natural and most of all enjoy. What goes on here, stays here. Julie was licking all over Sharon as I talked, and it was hard for Sharon to say anything, with her daughter eating her, and Kelly sucking her nipple.

I got up and walked to Marc and said, you might as well strip too, we’re going to be here a while, and take good care of the girls tonight. He wasted no time in stripping, and when I saw his cock, I knew the girls were going to enjoy this. Marc is 6’, maybe 200 lbs, and his cock is at least 8 inches and a little wider than Troy’s and mine.

He walked over to the group. When he was going over, Troy moved over by Kelly and was now feeding his cock to her hungry mouth. Marc knelt down next to his mom in law and she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. Then she pulled it close to her mouth, and started sucking his cock head. Sharon was now moaning a great deal, with Julie eating her, and Sharon eating Marc.

I jumped back in the pool and came up behind Julie, reached around and cupped her breasts and started pinching her nipples, which were already hard as stones. She looked back at me and said, about time someone played with me, then went back to eating Sharon.

As Julie ate Sharon, I took one hand and reached under her and started playing with her pussy. I found her hot hole, which was extremely wet and creamy now and started finger fucking her. As I did this, I watched the others playing. Sharon was trying her best to take all of Marc in her mouth. Kelly was giving a hell of a blow job to Troy and Troy was fingering Kelly. It was absolutely the most erotic scene I have ever seen.

Within a few minutes, I saw Sharon raise her ass off the ground and push it into Julie’s mouth, then said oh fuck, I am cumming. Marc was stroking his cock now, telling Sharon he had to cum. Sharon took him back in her mouth as her orgasm subsided and he shot a load into her waiting mouth. She drank every drop of his cum down. Kelly started cumming now too, not sure if it was because of Troy, or just everyone else getting off then.

Julie turned around and kissed me hard and said here, taste your woman on my lips. We kissed for a good minute, with her hand going to my cock and squeezing it. She moaned, oh god Jack, I really want to fuck you tonight. I looked at her and said, nothing like keeping it in the family, eh cuz? She just laughed and said, oh yeah, nothing wrong with that.

Julie sort of took over now and told her mom to lay a certain way, and then keep her legs spread wide. Then asked Kelly to lay so that her legs were wide apart and her pussy almost touching Sharon’s pussy. Then Julie straddled her mom’s face, in the typical 69 position and lowered it down to Sharon’s face. Sharon must have decided in for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes, because Julie’s face looked like a jolt of lightning hit her, so I knew that Sharon just buried her tongue in her youngest daughter. Julie then leaned down, kissed her mom’s sensitive pussy, then moved on to Kelly’s waiting twat.

We three guys decided to go sit in the chairs, light up the bong, and enjoy the show. The girls were definitely into each other and forgot about us, at this time. Troy said, holy shit Jack, you need to adopt Kelly and me, and keep this all in the family. At this point, I introduced Troy to Marc, saying Troy was my best friend. Marc said hi to Troy and told him he was a very lucky man to have Kelly as his girlfriend, and don’t fuck it up, because she is an awesome woman. Troy agreed and said he had no plans to fuck anything up. I asked Marc if he was cool with all of this, and he nodded. He said, can I be honest Jack, without you getting upset? I said it depends, but go ahead. He said that he has had fantasies about being with Sharon and hopes this doesn’t change anything between them. I said, well, I am not sure how it will be after this night, but your mom in law there, seems to be enjoying it, and who know’s, it may happen again.

Marc nodded again, and then took a hit off of the bong. As we watched Julie going back and forth between both pussies, you could tell all three women were about to explode. About a minute later, Kelly started cumming, followed closely by Julie, and then Sharon. Julie then rolled off of her mom and all three laid there panting.

As they recuperated, I went inside to refresh their drinks, and got one for Julie. When I came back out, the girls were sitting on the ground, in front of the guys, sharing the bong too. I passed out the drinks and took my seat again. Sharon got to her knees and leaned into me and kissed me. I could taste Julie’s cum on her lips, and Julie said, hey jack, I taste pretty good huh? I said not bad, but your mom taste better, and we all laughed.

Sharon then got up, and asked me to come to the kitchen. When we got inside, the first thing she did was kiss me and tell me she loves me more than anything in the world. Then she said, I had no idea they would up like this, but I am glad. I know it is not right, but it feels so right and so good too. I said I know what you mean babe, so just go with it and enjoy it. We might like it so much that we’ll do it again with them, meaning Julie and Marc, for I think it is a given, we’ll be doing it with the other two. Sharon then got out a bowl and tore off some paper and wrote down the guys names. I asked what she was doing. She said, to make it fair, we girls will draw a name, and that’s our first partner, and after that we switch again, but it can’t be your partner at first, that should be saved for the last time. I agreed with her thinking.

We went back out on the deck and told them our plan, and they all agreed. I also said that no one goes home tonight, with all the smoke and drink going on, and they agreed. I held the bowl up and took it to Kelly, who reached in and pulled out Troy’s name. She said shit, but said that’s a good omen babe. We all laughed, and then she reached in again and pulled my name. Next I went to Julie, who pulled Troy’s name. Julie looked at Troy and said, oooh baby, this is gonna be fun. Sharon and Marc were now a couple.

I suggested we retire to the living room, since it may get a bit noisy for the outdoors. They all agreed and we went inside. Troy and Julie got on the couch and 69’d. Sharon and Marc were over on the love seat, with Sharon on her knees sucking his cock again. Kelly and I took the floor and 69’d. I ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow and got her to cum quickly. I was doing my best not to cum yet, so after she came, I suggested we fuck. As Kelly straddled me and sunk down on my cock, I looked over at Marc and Sharon, and he now had Sharon on the love seat, eating her pussy. Troy and Julie were already fucking. Julie is quite loud when she fucks, telling him to fuck her good.

Kelly and I started fucking, with Kelly grinding down on my cock, then leaning down, she kissed me and said that this was fantastic and thinks it’s really good we are playing with Julie and Marc. I said we shall see how your best friend feels in the morning. Kelly said, oh, she’ll be ok, especially if Marc fucks her real good, because I know she’s always had a hankering for him like this.

Julie and Troy were the first to cum while fucking. Julie yelling out, yes, give me that hot load of cum, pump it deep in me Troy, and boy did he. Marc then started shoot inside of Sharon. Sharon was cumming too, telling Marc to cum in her, and keep fucking her. Kelly lost it then, hearing all this, and I could feel her pussy muscles contract around my cock as she let out a low scream, letting us all know she came.

After a good 30 minutes of resting, we now switched partners, and I was with Julie, Sharon with Troy, and Marc with Kelly. Kelly said damn Marc, you have enough left for me, seeing you came twice already. Julie piped up and said, no worries there, he can cum 3 or 4 times a session, if I let him. One of the main reasons I married him, after falling in love with his big ass. Marc laughed and said, you love it babe, and you know it.

Marc wasted no time sticking his cock in Kelly, who was on the love seat, legs spread wide. Once he was in, Kelly said, oh god damn babe, you are a big boy. Troy was on the couch with Sharon, and she was riding him cowboy style, and fucking him hard. I laid Julie down and went down on her. She said jack, you know there’s cum in me, and I said yeah, so what. She said, oh wow, I love you for sure now. I only ate her for a few minutes, just to get her ready for fucking. I then laid on my back, and asked her if cared to take a ride, and she said, oh Christ yes. She impaled herself on my cock, leaned down and kissed me, then whispered in my ear, oh daddy, does my cunt feel good. I said, yes, you are so tight. She said she has wanted to fuck me since she was 18, and now is doing it.

We all took our time fucking this time. There were plenty of moans and groans, and after about 15 minutes, the girls started telling us to fuck them harder, so being good boys, we happily obliged them. I rolled Julie over and she clamped her legs around my waist, and I started pounding her now. She was yelling out, oh Christ yes, fuck me Jack, Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Julie started cumming then, and I could finally feel my balls tense up and start shooting rope after rope inside her. Her body was convulsing as she came. I could hear the others starting to cum, with Sharon yelling out, fuck Troy, fill me up baby.

I stayed inside Julie another minute, kissing her and holding her close. She whispered in my ear, I love you cuz, and that was fantastic. I told her I loved her too and said she is amazing. She then said, we really need to do this again.

All of us were pretty much spent now, and just laying around talking, as Sharon and I got up and got people water to drink. Julie said, a toast, to the most fantastic night and hopefully many more to come for the 6 of us. Sharon said here here. I was kind of surprised, for I thought this would be a one time deal, but may be not now.

Kelly said you know, if I ever get married again, which may be a strong possibility, I want to do it with just us six and naked, then we all spend the night fucking each other. Julie said that sounded great with her. Troy ask if she had a guy in mind. Kelly looked at him and said, yeah, I believe I do lover, because I have been afraid to say this, but I am falling in love with you. Troy said, well, that’s good to know, because I fell in love with you our first night out. They kissed then.

Julie said you know what sucks, that mom and Jack can’t get married, because they truly belong together. Sharon said that’s ok, we know we love each other deeply and who needs a piece of paper to say it. Kelly said oh bullshit. She told Sharon and I to stand up and face each other. Then she told Julie to stand next to your mom, and Marc, stand next to Jack. Sharon said to Kelly, what crazy thing are you doing bitch. Kelly said oh just shut up.

Kelly told me to take Sharon’s hands and repeat after her. I Jack, take you Sharon, to be my wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, from this day forward, till death do us part. She made Sharon then repeat those words and ask if we will be good to each other for the rest of our lives and we both said I do. Kelly then said, you are now husband and wife, you may kiss the bride, and then fuck her brains out. Sharon and I did kiss, quite a long time, to their clapping. Kelly then said, see, tell me a naked wedding wouldn’t be cool, buti only want us six there for it.

After we laughed and sat back down, I said I think it is time for bed, since it is pretty late. I told them we only have one bedroom with a queen size bed and the other room has 2 twins, for when the kids sleep over. Sharon said that one couple was more than welcome to share our bed, which kind of shocked me, or, she said, they can sleep out here. Julie said, we’ll come stay with you guys, and leave the love birds to some alone time to make love, which we know they are going to do. Kelly laughed and said, oh you know me well. They then padded off to the spare room.

I turned off the lights, after going outside to extinguish the torches and bring in the bong and weed. When I got the bedroom, I joined the three who were already in the bed. Julie was laying on top of Marc, kissing him. Looking at those two, plus Sharon laying there, waiting on me, I could tell my night wasn’t yet finished. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I asked if all were comfy, and everyone said that they were. I mean it is a California King and very good size, but I am not sure 4 adults are going to have lots of room to sleep, have sex, yes, but sleep, who knows.

I then turned off the light and crawled in besides Sharon, who immediately pulled me in to her arms, and then kissed me passionately. We were so lost in our kiss, that we didn’t even know people were right next to us. Then Sharon lie on her back and pulled me on top, grabbed my cock and guided in to her wet slit. Sharon groaned out, mmmmmmmmm, I so missed this. We started fucking a nice slow pace, and next to us, Julie was riding Marc as well.

There was lots of moaning going on in our room now, but very little talk, except for a lot of I love you’s, and oh yes. Marc was first to cum, and hearing that, and our own love making, made Sharon cum. Julie wasn’t far behind in cumming, but nothing like she was earlier with Troy and then me. I finally came for the second time tonight. Sharon and I kissed and held each other tightly, as we wound down from our orgasms.

Julie rolled off of Marc and laid next to Sharon, and I then laid on the opposite side of Sharon. Julie finally spoke, saying this was the best experience she has ever had. Marc said the same thing. Sharon giggled and said, wow, I can’t believe we all did this tonight, but I have to regrets in what happened. Julie said she didn’t either, then said, you know what they say, incest is best. We all chuckled softly, not knowing if Troy and Kelly were sleeping or not. Sharon then said that we all have to talk about this in the morning, because this could get complex. We all then drifted off to sleep.

I heard Marc get up first, and he headed to the john. I got out right after him and left the two ladies sleep. I noticed that they were holding each other as they slept. I went to the kitchen and got the coffee going, and heard Marc come out, so I quietly said I was in here. I then went to the john, and came back. I told Marc I really need to get another bathroom put in. He agreed and said I should do it in the basement, which is still nothing more than a big storage area. He said, you figure out where you want it, and I’ll help you put it in.

Then I asked him his thoughts on last night. He chuckled and said it was a blast. He said we really had no idea that you guys were going to play, we just got bored at our friends party and said, hell with this, let’s go to mom’s and swim, since it was so hot. But once we got in the kitchen and looked out the patio door and saw you guys enjoying more than a swim, I said to Julie, I think we better split. Julie said, no, let’s stay, it might be fun, or just turn into a swim party. He smiled and said, I had no idea she would go down on Sharon. Kelly, yes, but not Sharon. But once that happened, I figured oh well, might as well see where this goes.

Marc said that Julie has had many a fantasy of doing that with both the ladies, and I won’t lie, I have always wanted Sharon. I guess I like that cougar woman, who is older. He said that Kelly is awesome in bed, or in this case, on the love seat, but damn, Troy is in for a treat with her all the time. I just agreed and said I hope this works out for the both of them. Both never got into long term deals, but I do know Troy really wants one.

Just then Troy came out and asked for some coffee. I asked if Kelly was still sleeping, and he said yeah. We sat around and bullshitted about car’s, and houses and normal guy stuff. We heard the toilet flush, so we knew another person was up, but no one ever came out. So we just went back to sitting at the island, drinking coffee, chatting and all the while, naked.

About ten minutes later, we heard some moaning going on. We all looked at each other and said, no way. So we padded back to my bedroom, and as we did, noticed that the room Troy used, was empty. When we got to the doorway and looked in, the three girls were on their sides, in a daisy chain thing, eating each other. It looked so fine, but I tapped the guys on the shoulders and motioned with my head to leave.

We went back into the kitchen and Marc said, shit, we should join them. I said go, if you want too, but I say let’s just leave them be for now, plus, I am starving. The only thing I have eaten in the last 12 hours is pussy, and that don’t fill you up. We all laughed, but they agreed, and said they were hungry too. So while the girls played, I got breakfast going.

About fifteen minutes later, the girls came out to the kitchen, all smiles. Marc asked if they had a good time, and Julie said, you know it, but we are in dire need of coffee and something to eat. I said food is coming up and the coffee is ready. Sharon came over to me, kissed me, and said I really love you. After a bit, I had everything ready to eat and we all sat down and ate, naked of course.

Julie started talking then, saying how great it was last night and hopes we can do this again soon. Sharon looked at her and asked, no regrets? Julie said none from her, then asked Sharon the same. Sharon said, only when it started last night, but after it started, it felt so natural, so no, no regrets. Then Sharon said, But.

The Sharon continued and said, we need some ground rules. Number 1, what we did, or possibly do in the future, stay amongst us 6, and is never ever told to others, especially Lisa, because she just wouldn’t understand. Julie agreed and said, this is what Lisa really needs, to open up some and live life. She said poor John, he’s lucky if he gets it once a month, let alone weekly.

Then Sharon said, if this is to go forward, I think it should be just us 6, and no others involved, and no one on one’s. For some reason, that would feel like cheating. Kelly agreed with that, and so did the others. Julie said that playing with older couples felt so right because you guys all seem laid back, and have no drama, which is something they couldn’t say about the 2 couples they have played with in the past. Sharon then reiterated that no one should say anything outside of this room. All agreed to what she said.

We all then resumed eating and talking normal stuff. Kelly asked if we were still serious about a winter trip to some island. I said I was, and so did Sharon. Julie asked what we were talking about and so I told her our plan. She asked if they could come too. Sharon said yes, but who will watch Jimmy. Marc said she knows his parents would do that. I said, well then, it’s settled, so start saving money. Julie piped in and said, make sure it has a nude beach, I want an all over tan. I said, well, we must have our priorities straight.

After cleaning up, Kelly and Troy said they had to go, because Kelly wanted to go spend some time with her mom and introduce Troy to her. They were like two teens in love right now. Sharon later told me that Kelly has only taken one guy to ever meet her mom, and that ended in divorce.

Marc and Julie then said they better get going, before his parents spoil the hell out of Jimmy. Sharon laughed, and said, that’s our job as grandparents. Julie said, well now that you are unofficially married, that makes you my daddy and laughed. I said, well I guess so, and that means I get to spank you when you are bad. Julie goes, oooohhhhh, I like being spanked, and Marc said, yeah, she really does. I said I kind of figured that. Julie then asked, what should Jimmy call you. I said I have no idea, I guess Jack, since we are cousin’s. Julie said that Jimmy asked her last week, if I was now his grandpa, since grandma was staying here. I winced at that, saying I am too young to be a grandpa. They all laughed but Sharon said, that would sound so sweet to hear.

They gathered their clothes and got dressed. As they were leaving, they kissed and hugged us both, although the kisses were with tongue, and Julie grabbed my cock and said, I can’t wait to have this again. They left then and left Sharon and I to ourselves.

I asked if she had any misgivings, and she said no. She said every one of them feels like family to me, and what we did is an expression of love. She asked if I had any misgivings, and I said no, but we must remember to be very careful when we play and not let others know. She then grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom, pushed me on to the bed, and started sucking my cock, until it was hard. Then she mounted me, and made some of the slowest, sweetest love to me.

Our next encounters as a group, which is getting better with each session.

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