In the ShowerIn the Shower


The sun has been shining from a blue sky all day, bright, intense, and hot. She’s my flatmate, and I had spent much of that day sitting in the sunlight, reading, and trying as hard as possible to catch glimpses of her skin. She wasn’t dressed well for that sort of furtive voyeurism. The curve of her breasts under cotton was certainly alluring, but after a day of that I wanted to see more. And although the outline of her arse through denim was lovely… Well. Jeans shouldn’t be allowed on a day like this. A summer dress would be a better solution, straps over bare shoulders, naked thighs. The possibility of a gentle breeze lifting the dress slightly.

Finally the heat of the day begins to change to the cool of evening, and I say:

“It’s getting a bit cold, let’s go inside.”


I walk behind her, close the door. Once we’re inside:

“Like a drink.”


How am I going to get my mind off her body? It’s impossible to have a conversation with her when I so desperately want to fuck her. I need a wank, just to clear my head. I suppose if I…

“I think I’ll just have a quick shower…”


So I walk nonchalantly to the bathroom. No lock on the door, another job yet to be addressed. Water on. Clothes off. I step into the steam, lean against the cold tiles, and close my eyes. A mental picture of her, wearing the summer dress that seemed more appropriate for the weather. I see her lift the skirt higher, smiling. A satin triangle obscures her pussy, and she runs a finger over the fabric…

There’s a knock on the bathroom door. Cock in hand, I freeze, heart beating hard. And in a tone of voice that I’m sure has ‘caught wanking’ written all over it, I say;

“Yes?” I hold my breath waiting for an answer

“Um.. can I come in?”


“What? Er… I’m in the shower.”

“I know that, that’s OK.”


“..Go on, I don’t mind.”

“Um, OK then.” I say.

The door clicks open, and I hope that the steamy walls of the shower cubicle hide my hard on.

“I was just wondering…”

I hear something. It sounds alot like clothes coming off, but of course that would be impossible.

“..If I could…”

The sound of bare feet on the tiled floor is unmistakable.

The door to the cubicle opens, and she’s standing in a cloud of steam, naked. I’ve never seen her naked before, and the reality easily keeps pace with my imagination. The freckles on her face continue down her neck to her lovely smallish breasts, and her pink nipples are hard. She’s smiling broadly, too.

“You seemed to be taking a while, and I thought that maybe you were having a quick wank. It’s been a lovely day and summer always makes me horny. So I was sitting there, dying for a wank too, and thinking what a waste a situation like that is. And… so, here I am.”

She steps into the shower, slips her arms around my waist, and pulls me close to her.

“That feels alot like a hard cock, right there” she says, and kisses me. The water runs off my face, and into our mouths as I break from the kiss and begin to lick and kiss her cheeks. She turns around, suddenly bold, pushing her arse towards me.

“Fuck almanbahis me.”

I grab her little tits, and try to aim for her cunt. But my cock bounces up and pushes against her arsehole instead.

“Oh babe, you can fuck me in the arse later, but you had better make me come first.”

“Deal” I say. “And in that case, you’d better turn around again.”

She does, and I slide my body down, my back against the warm glass. Water pours down over her body and over her cunt as she pushes her hips forward into my face. Her pubic hair is hardly there, trimmed to a neat triangle above her shining pink lips. I push my tongue between them, tasting her. She’s delicious, spicy and hot. Hands on her arse cheeks, I pull her closer, pushing my tongue in as far as I can stretch. Her taste is sticky, so deep inside her. I try to move my tongue in and out, but it just seems to slip around over her cunt. I pop it back inside, and she starts to moan deeply.

“Fuck yes, fuck me with your tongue!”

Trying to figure it out, I extend my tongue as far as I can. Her taste is all around me as I slip my tongue in and out between lips. Her cute little triangle tickles my nose, and I move a fingertip close to her back entrance.

“Oh god, yes. Finger my arse..”

I push my finger gently, and it slips inside.

“Oh god…harder…”

So I go to work on her with as much energy as I can. My finger in her arse replaced my two, thrusting into her dark secret hole, and face running with her juices and water from the shower as my tongue moves into and out of her. She starts to shake, her hips quivering and trusting back and forth. She loves both sides, tongue in cunt and fingers in arse. She’s pushing back against my fingers with just as much vigour as she’s pushing forwards, into my face. With each movement she drives deeper, and breathes louder. Her breaths become gasps, and then squeals. From between them she pants,








But I don’t have to, and with a cry she comes. Between breaths again,

“Jesus christ…”

“You’re a…”

“Ficking dirty…”


“Aren’t you!”

She looks down at my wet dishevelled hair, “Bet your tongue is tired.” she grins.

“Uh-huh.” I say, sitting in the floor of the shower and looking up at her shining cunt lips and her smiling face.

“Well sweetie, it’s time for your little reward, Stand up baby.”

She’s sure loving this.

She turns around, and spreads her long and slender legs, and pulls her arse cheeks apart, revealing her arsehole. I kiss it as I stand, running my tongue up over it.

“Mmmm that’s nice darling, now soap me up and fuck my arse.”

So I lean back against the glass again, and soap in hand I start to lubricate her hole, and she groans as I push my finger inside her;

“Urghhh… that’s it baby. Your finger feels good. But it’s not enough, give me your cock.” her voice is a command, she knows what she wants, and she wants it from me.

and so I drop the soap and pull her hips backward towards me. I stop as my cock touches her arse, and I tell her, “Push back against me.” almanbahis yeni giriş She tries, pushing hard, and the head of my cock slips slowly inside her. “Ow ow… fucking hell…” she gasps.

I hold my cock there, just the head of it inside her arse, and I lean forward and kiss her neck. Her head is turned to one side, and she’s pressed against the glass. I reach a hand around her, and start to play gently with her clit. “Jesus… that’s nice,” the words almost sighs now, between breaths.

Carefully, and deliberately, she starts to move. First forwards away from me, the head of my cock slips out of her, but her dark hole stays slightly open. She pushes back again, and I enter her again, more easily this time. She pushes some more, and I’m a little deeper, my cock held a little tighter, a little hotter, than before. I keep stroking her clit with a steady gentle rhythm, coaxing more pressure out of her. She moves forward again, and then back. Harder this time. The hot tight walls of her arse grip my cock, squeezing it, holding it. I’m half inside her now, and stroking her faster.

“Fuck me,” she commands.

So I do. I push into her, deeper, and then move back. Now she’s ready, and I move slowly into and out of her. Stretching her, opening her, fucking her arse. A summer daydream come true. She’s silent but for hard deep breaths and grunts when my cock slides into her. I see her lovely arse cheeks part for me, her puckered hole stretched tight, rolling in as I push, and opening as I pull. The heat and pressure is intense, as nothing before. And then she’s talking;

“Fucking hell, so deep. I’ve wanted this so much, your cock, so much. It’s gorgeous, so big, I love it. Fuck me harder, I can take it, fuck my arse hard you bastard.”

So I pull right out, pause, moving my hands to each side of her slim hips, and pull her still-open arsehole towards me, with all my strength. She cries out;

“God! Ow, fuck! It’s too much…”

I stop, but then;

“..Oh my God, don’t stop! Do it again.”

I slide out again, and again before her arsehole winks closed, I slam back into her, as hard as I can, pulling her towards me with both hands, gripping her hips tightly.

“Aaahhhhh,” she cries out, “God yes… yes…I want you to fuck me and come in my arse, fuck my arse hard and come in me…”

So I fuck her, into her, out of her. Pressure builds in me, and its release is like a bright light behind my closed eyes. I cry out, finally, finished. My cock softens inside her.

“Mmmm lovely,” she murmurs.

“You liked that? I didn’t want to hurt you.”

I slip out of her, she turns around, and straightens up.

“My new secret darling, don’t tell anyone. But I fucking love a nice big cock up my arsehole, and now I guess I love that cock being yours.”

“Lucky old me.” I grin.

“Quite. Luckier still, if you like, do want me to suck you off? You reckon you can come again? In my mouth this time?” she tilts her head with the question, unspeakably filthy and adorable.

“I think we should give that a shot.” I say.

“Good, let me wash that lovely big cock of yours now, because I’m going to make you come in my mouth, I want to taste almanbahis giriş you.”

Soap in hand, she lathers me up, it feels delightful. I stare at her nakedness, at her tits, her cunt down below. Her lovely shoulders move as her hands massage my soft cock. She’s gentle, but firm, deliberately letting my soapy cock slip around so its head is smoothly massaged, and soon I begin to harden. She sits down on the cubicle floor and watches as the water washes my lengthening cock clean.

He tongue is long and soft and licks along the length of me, under and around. She sucks me into her mouth and of course I’m hard again. It almost hurts as she licks gently against my glans. Slowly she strokes and sucks. It’s incredible but I want more, and as though reading my mind, she stops, and says; “Come with me.”

My cock flops out of her mouth.

“Where?” I ask, foolishly.

“To the bedroom. I want to 69 you.”

“Hmmm, sounds dreamy.”

We step from the shower cubicle, and grab a towel each from the pile that will one day sit on the shelves that I’ll one day build, I walk behind her to her room, and once inside we drop our towels simultaneously. She hops onto her bed, her small breasts bouncing, and then she lies back with her slender legs spread wide, knees bent. “Right baby, I’m all yours. And I do mean all. You know I’ll do anything, don’t you?”

The alluring emphasis as she pronounces the word ‘anything’ is impossible to ignore

“Well in that case…” I say.

I jump up too, swing my legs over her, and position my cock over her face, she sucks me in greedily, my cock bumps the back of her throat and I lean forwards and down towards her cunt. I dive in, pushing my tongue into her, I reach around and shove a finger up her arse, and I lick and lick and at the same time start to fuck her face. She said ‘anything’ and I’m going to do everything. I’m fucking her face like it’s her cunt, hard and fast, and she’s grinding her cunt up against my lips and teeth. I replace the single finger in the arse with two and then three, and suddenly she jerks her head back and my cock pops out and flops onto her chin. She’s gasping for air, coming so hard she can hardly breathe.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck!” She shouts the words as she comes, I feel her arse twitch and contract around the three fingers I’ve still got inside her, as the orgasm flows through her body, I gently pull them out, and wait for her to finish, for her body to stop shaking underneath mine, and then;

“I thought I was going to get to come in your mouth?” I say, smiling. She grins, too out of breath to talk. She rolls me over, rolls herself over onto her hand and knees, and then lays her head down on my stomach, facing my hard cock. She gently wraps her fingers around its shaft and slowly licks in circles around its head.

I’m not going to last long like this, and I let myself go, not even trying a little bit to hold on, and I start to come almost right away. She moans and slips the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking the come out, the electricity flowing through me, making even the soles of my feet tingle.

“Mmmmm, your come tastes good.” she says, once I’ve finished, and she’s finished licking and sucking the rest of it from the head and the shaft of my cock, once she’s swallowed it all, and even licked the few drops that had landed on my belly, and swallowed those too.

“Let’s do this again sometime,” she grins.

And we do.

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